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Brave dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He was a brave man.
  2. That is a brave man.
  3. He had to be brave.
  4. She was a brave woman.
  5. She was quite brave now.

  6. His smile made me brave.
  7. The brave nodded and left.
  8. Captain Nye was a brave.
  9. You are brave but stupid.
  10. That was a brave thing.
  11. She put on a brave face.
  12. This is very brave of you.
  13. Try to be brave, my child.
  14. Come here then, brave boy.
  15. This step is a brave at-.

  16. He tried to be brave and.
  17. That was very brave of you.
  18. It was brave of you all.
  19. He’s a strong, brave man.
  20. With what a brave carousel.
  21. There goes a brave woman.
  22. So brave yet recklessly so.
  23. It was a brave thing to do.
  24. My god, that was so brave.
  25. Nobody thought she was brave.

  26. Be brave, he had said.
  27. What you did was very brave.
  28. He is brave for one so small.
  29. My mother told me to be brave.
  30. She did a brave thing for me.
  31. She did a very brave thing.
  32. She seemed brave to Michelle.
  33. He was now brave and knowing.
  34. Indeed, he was a brave kitty.
  35. She was a brave and cautious.
  36. That makes you brave old man.
  37. That was pretty brave of you.
  38. Have no fear, try to be brave.
  39. My mother’s death was brave.
  40. I was very brave, you know.
  41. This was brave, that generous.
  42. She wanted to tell how brave.
  43. It would take a pretty brave.
  44. A brave boy, for one so young.
  45. He says, You are very brave.
  46. You’re a brave woman Mrs.
  47. A fine lad—a brave, like me.
  48. Just hold steady and be brave.
  49. You did a brave thing for.
  50. Did you brave the pouring rain.
  51. The other pup was not so brave.
  52. Declaring brave words here is.
  53. The Cosmos are making me brave.
  54. He is courageous, he is brave;.
  55. She is also a very brave woman.
  56. Dixie was a very brave trooper.
  57. She did not find herself brave.
  58. A brave and tough kid, she was.
  59. I had to admit they were brave.
  60. The brave man is not he who.
  61. You are a brave man and a true.
  62. He was her brave little soldier.
  63. You need to be strong and brave.
  64. And you’re brave too, Zach.
  65. As brave as you are ignorant.
  66. She did not feel brave, indeed.
  67. But he did not brave the ascent.
  68. It may help thee to be a brave.
  69. But those brave times were past.
  70. They were damn lucky…and brave.
  71. It was a very brave thing he did.
  72. Be brave, Tris, he whispers.
  73. The men were brave—very brave.
  74. Surya you are brave to a fault.
  75. And Loki’s not considered brave.
  76. He was a brave and smart warrior.
  77. We are men, brave men and strong.
  78. I feared that it was a brave but.
  79. He was brave, he was good!.
  80. A brave stave that—who calls? Mr.
  81. Brave and pure he took the field;.
  82. With faded ribbons, brave and gay.
  83. Peter suddenly began to feel brave.
  84. He was a brave, but stupid person.
  85. CUNTY KATE: The brave and the fair.
  86. He had to have been one brave SOB.
  87. Brave told me to give this to you.
  88. He was obviously a very brave man.
  89. He taught us to be wise and brave.
  90. He was a brave and exceptional man.
  91. You�re born as the Brave Soldier.
  92. Are you brave (or have you got the.
  93. There were brave men on both sides.
  94. What true, brave friends I have.
  95. Thats very brave of you I must say.
  96. Many brave men and women paid the.
  97. But how brave you are! said he.
  98. A brave and quick-thinking response.
  99. She tried to put a brave face on it.
  100. There's much to praise in brave men.
  1. Braving further truths, he.
  2. Tarmon directed, braving a step.
  3. Braving the troubled states of Europe.
  4. On the town with him, embarrassment she was braving!.
  5. Braving the elements, to endure the creative valour of primordial and.
  6. Huashan all year round, braving the loneliness and cold for his age and.
  7. Glancing behind at the others before braving the unknown, ignoring the.
  8. All the Klingons laughed, a couple of them braving to slap the Admiral on the.
  9. In Vadnagar, I was told that Modi as a child had swum across the lake braving crocodiles!.
  10. She was the wounded deer not hiding in the forest; but bravely braving the interviews of her suffering.
  11. The next day the changelings’ parents started braving the crowd of protesters to come pick up their kids.
  12. Why love the boy in a March field with his kite braving the sky? Because our fingers burn with the hot string singeing our hands.
  13. This has been the fate of at least 10 American whalemen while braving the dangers of the Arctic seas in pursuit of their arduous calling.
  14. Yet Kanadian cheerily braving the winter, the snow and ice welcome to me, Yet a true son either of Maine or of the Granite State, or the.
  15. Marianne sighed out her similar apprehension; and Elinor's heart wrung for the feelings of Edward, while braving his mother's threats, for a woman who could not reward him.
  16. Two years ago, an explorer, braving the war, broke through a rubble wall in the Astrovian caves to discover even more tunnels, some of which connected to the Teekwood ones.
  17. I wanted to take them off, but braving the refuse and debris littered streets in my bare feet would be risking my life in a completely different way than meeting my end at the hands of a gang.
  18. As soon as the noise from bomb explosions stopped, Atkins ran to his balcony, which gave him a fantastic view of the old Imperial Forbidden City, braving the cold air of December in his woolen robe.
  19. From polar bears braving icy arctic winters and giant squid in the cold, dark, pressure of ocean depths, to cacti flowering in desert sands; plants and animals have steadily spread to cover much of the planet's surface.
  20. So perfect was the organisation of the society, and so systematic its methods, that there is hardly a case upon record where any man succeeded in braving it with impunity, or in which any of its outrages were traced home to the perpetrators.
  21. A man wise but unlucky! Braving the ice banks of the South Pole, the coral of Oceania, the cannibals of the Pacific, only to perish wretchedly in a train wreck! If that energetic man was able to think about his life in its last seconds, imagine what his final thoughts must have been!.
  22. Braving the wind, the light rain, and the dark skies that continued to appear menacing, they had roamed the grounds as well as the beach in search of treasures conjured from the deep by the tumultuous seas, though many had still preferred the comfort and luxuries of the lobby and its environment where they enjoyed tea or coffee as well as socializing.
  23. At least there was some purity to communism’s promise (granted, purity that didn’t take into account the nature of the human animal), that had made an ideal world seem so possible, particularly with the streets of Managua filled with thousands upon thousands of cheering people, braving the beatings and the bullets of the corrupt system to hear him and other dreamers speak about this new world they would create.
  1. The only other time she braved.
  2. Thus having braved Apollo's rage.
  3. Packing away, he braved a sensitive.
  4. Ictis, of that she was sure, so she braved a question.
  5. Bjorgolf soon roused the company and they braved the path.
  6. These men braved the hardship of long journey and served.
  7. He felt his clothes become instantly heavier as he braved the.
  8. There, Maffitt braved a massive array of projectiles from the.
  9. As we prayed and I braved to venture past the dark veil of fear, I.
  10. But if he braved all the difficulties of getting his bread in some other.
  11. Ailia braved a smile, though without as much confidence as she would have liked.
  12. A good audience braved the storm, and gave interested attention to our message.
  13. She closed her eyes and then opened them again and braved a glance in his direction.
  14. In that capacity women braved stormy seas to save the lives of mariners in distress.
  15. In the interest of getting some protein into my system, I’ve braved the chicken soup tonight.
  16. On occasion, she braved the risk and arrived with a condom of cocaine concealed in her vagina.
  17. When he heard the thunder get continuously louder, he rolled up the kitchen mat and braved the snow outside.
  18. If he braved the matter out, death would unfailingly come upon him, and usually in some strange and unforeseen manner.
  19. I learned about her great-great to the tenth or whatever, that he had braved the depths of Fear Lake to rescue the Talisman.
  20. It repelled some of the attacking humanoids but many more braved the scorching heat of the enchantment to leap into the melee.
  21. A few of his followers have braved being captured by the Roman forces and come to see this atrocity being inflicted on their teacher.
  22. Several kicked me until little Leos braved their wrath, grabbed me by my cloak and dragged me into a ditch where he covered me with his body.
  23. She turned around (making certain not to abandon her rescuer’s envelopment), and with her head resting on Powell’s chest braved the face of the other man.
  24. He did not like to say even to himself that her face was no longer beautiful, but he knew that it was no longer the face for which Michael Furey had braved death.
  25. They braved a decade of cantankerous lock operators and a five year delay in a smelly old desert city in Goblin country when a drought dried up a canal for awhile.
  26. The Soldier reflected for awhile on his great necessities, and, remembering how often he had braved death, he at length consented, and ventured to accept the offer.
  27. Well! what was he, Will Ladislaw, the worse, supposing the truth about that family to be the ugliest? His mother had braved hardship in order to separate herself from it.
  28. In vain Hawkeye called to him to respect the covers; the young Mohican braved the dangerous fire of his enemies, and soon compelled them to a flight as swift as his own headlong speed.
  29. A subsequent USCG helicopter crew braved the storm to rescue Holden who later publicly proclaimed his admiration for Coast Guard personnel and his sorrow about the fate of Helicopter 1471.
  30. All told, perhaps ten thousand people braved the heat to witness just six minutes of racing—six minutes that would shatter the dreams of all but nine of the boys about to take to the water.
  31. At a later period we read of the Phoenicians, the most daring and enterprising of ancient navigators, who braved the dangers of the open sea, and are said by Herodotus to have circumnavigated Africa as early as 604 B.
  32. A few locks of gray mingled with his hair, which was still thick and matted, while his bronzed features and determined glance well suited an old sailor who had braved the heat of the equator and the storms of the tropics.
  33. So named because early explorers having braved the tempests of the plateau and thus sated their appetite for all further adventuring, by the time they reached the coast they sat still awhile, before whispering into their cups a single word.
  34. But no man of the time would have braved the ridicule of looking young at his age, even if he did or thought he did, and none would have dared to confess without shame that he still wept in secret over a rebuff received in the previous century.
  35. With solemn kindness Sir Thomas addressed her: told her his fears, inquired into her wishes, entreated her to be open and sincere, and assured her that every inconvenience should be braved, and the connexion entirely given up, if she felt herself unhappy in the prospect of it.
  36. Between February and May, the Grand Banks are most infested with ice, and collision therewith is' the most likely explanation of the loss of these steamers, all well manned and in splendid trim, and meeting only the storms which scores of other ships have braved without a scathe.
  37. The dull, muffled conversation of two or three other parties seated about two-thirds the length of the room away from the table, as she estimated, suggested a lack of activity at what should be the heavy traffic time for lunch; clearly most of the guest had braved the pending weather to enjoy the amenities, such as golf, croquet, hunting, and horseback riding, the hotel could offer.
  38. Nancy had seen countless graduation parades and other ceremonial parades during her reservist career but this one meant much more for her and she felt a lump in her throat as Colonel Amin spoke to the proud policewomen: those Afghan women had braved threats of death simply to enroll and were going to have to survive during the next years in a poisoned atmosphere of public disapproval and Taliban wrath, even though they had proven that they deserved much better than that.
  39. In the Revolutionary war how did England stand—how her islands? For several years she was at war with America, with Holland, with Spain, with France, whose fleets in the East and West Indies were often equal, sometimes superior to her own, and an armed neutrality in the North—during this period a French fleet blockaded the Chesapeake, and aided the capture of Cornwallis, and threatened the British islands—but how was this conflict with the world sustained? Were the islands starved during these years? did they fall? No, sir; the British nation braved the storm, and was only conquered by her sons—America was victorious and independent; but Europe retired discomfited.
  40. That the manner in which she treated the dreadful crime committed by her brother and my sister (with whom lay the greater seduction I pretended not to say), but the manner in which she spoke of the crime itself, giving it every reproach but the right; considering its ill consequences only as they were to be braved or overborne by a defiance of decency and impudence in wrong; and last of all, and above all, recommending to us a compliance, a compromise, an acquiescence in the continuance of the sin, on the chance of a marriage which, thinking as I now thought of her brother, should rather be prevented than sought; all this together most grievously convinced me that I had never understood her before, and that, as far as related to mind, it had been the creature of my own imagination, not Miss Crawford, that I had been too apt to dwell on for many months past.
  1. A band of Cossacks braves them.
  2. Dodgers edged the Atlanta Braves.
  3. No-one braves this wild, white surf.
  4. Many times have I seen young braves walk the war.
  5. He would arrive in two weeks with some of his braves.
  6. Those men of Quraish’ braves and heads are but blind:.
  7. He turned back to his tiny television and the Atlanta Braves.
  8. He sees the slaughter of the southern braves confided to him by.
  9. Chief Redthunder sent one of his braves to the fort under a flag of trues.
  10. Later on, I figured that I must have got an LSD induced attack of the braves.
  11. He turned and walked down the line of Braves and stopped in front of the General.
  12. As a result, the great chief's band of braves found it even harder to win the battle.
  13. How about this: Was he a Falcons guy or a Braves guy? Did he like sugar in his coffee?
  14. The braves overruled the agreement made by the chiefs, and white men were driven off the reservation.
  15. The four tribes, the Angles, Saxa's, Normasts and the Braves settled this land, the last living continent.
  16. The great and wise chief thought the idea quite sensible and ordered his braves to do as the ancient one suggested.
  17. The braves were required to visit Elders and request loans in order to pay for the food and expenses of the festivals held in their honor.
  18. It was like the others in external appearance, and even within the difference was trifling between it and those of the poorest of his braves.
  19. Craig Kimbrel (USA) of the Atlanta Braves is the only pitcher to date in Major League history to fan at least half of the batters he faced in a season.
  20. Property will pass away into the limbo of melancholy memories and with it, alas! we will disappear from the face of the earth, we, les braves chevaliers d'industrie.
  21. Then he began, In the long years before any European first set foot upon the trail to this land, a great chief, who was a cunning warrior and man of knowledge, led his braves to attack the treacherous people of dark mountains.
  22. In the years that followed, the city had seen baseball teams variously called the Seattles, the Klondikers, the Rainmakers, the Braves, the Giants, the Rainiers, the Siwashes, the Indians, and, at one unfortunate juncture, the Seattle Clamdiggers.
  23. His caustic remarks provoked a number of (unformed) thoughts in my mind including but not limited to 1) the boundaries separating treasonous statements from free speech 2) plausible grounds calling for his immediate dismissal 3) the appalling lack of character and common sense conspicuously absent among (so-called) Intellectuals and (dis-engaging) parents (refer to John Walker Lindh) who casually dismiss the questionable attitudes and positions adopted by their children while routinely footing the bill for their college tuitions and 4) more recently, a former relief pitcher for the Atlanta Braves (John Rocker) who was sentenced by the court of public opinion to perform community service after making unsavory remarks to a newspaper reporter about Gays and African Americans inconsistent with the (civic) requirements of social and politically correct conventions.
  24. Dodgers edged the Atlanta Braves,.

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