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Breakout dans une phrase (en anglais)

  2. This is the breakout strategy.
  3. The so called breakout trades.
  4. The breakout is powerful: up 8.
  5. Here’s another way to BREAKOUT.

  6. What’s the best chart breakout?
  7. The next breakout was to the upside.
  8. Let’s focus on the breakout area:.
  9. Or it could attempt another breakout.
  11. The breakout came on an 8% price jump.
  12. A valid breakout may occur on either.
  13. The breakout came on a gap up in price.
  14. This is why breakout trades often fail.
  15. Let’s zoom in on the breakout area:.

  16. The next chart focuses on the breakout:.
  17. Here, the second breakout was successful.
  18. The breakout trader is a patient trader.
  19. The breakout strategy involves two phases.
  20. Should show a strong uptrend or a breakout.
  21. A breakout should be a clearly visible event.
  22. The next chart focuses on the breakout area:.
  23. The next chart zooms in on the breakout area:.
  24. Two months have now passed since the breakout.
  25. Use another indicator to confirm the breakout.

  26. Refers to a momentum breakout trading strategy.
  27. Here is another breakout on a gap up in price:.
  28. The powerful breakout in Marchex is an example.
  29. The second retest came a week after the breakout.
  30. You see above-average volume on the breakout day.
  31. Next, the close-up of the pattern and breakout:.
  32. On its journey from an initial breakout at the $2.
  33. The next example involves another tricky breakout.
  34. The real breakout, in contrast, was unmistakable.
  35. And the next chart zooms in on the breakout area:.
  36. We must not trade just because there is a breakout.
  37. The blue sky breakout: You will favor stocks where.
  38. Note the textbook symmetrical triangle and breakout.
  39. The upper band tag and breakout starts the uptrend.
  40. The breakout was strong: up more than 7% on the day.
  41. Imagine you are looking to pay a breakout above $50.
  42. The stock’s most recent breakout is now at 77 (25.
  43. And, as we saw, you can also BREAKOUT into other 83.
  44. The breakout from the pennant was initially powerful.
  45. Time above the level and volume confirm the breakout.
  46. The price target was hit two days after the breakout.
  47. In my mind, this made the breakout even more powerful.
  48. The breakout was reasonably decisive but soon stalled.
  49. Required: Buy stocks in a strong uptrend or a breakout.
  50. A breakout is inevitable where the two lines converge.
  51. Note that the breakout came on a large gap up in price.
  52. The third is a resistance breakout on the price chart.
  53. If a trader is planning on paying a breakout above $20.
  54. The bullish base breakout: You will favor stocks where.
  55. However, slippage is a fact of life in breakout trades.
  56. Now let’s focus on the breakout using a daily chart:.
  57. This is the first signal that a breakout is in progress.
  58. The breakout was decisive, but the follow-through was not.
  59. Those were trading at about 60 cents before the breakout.
  60. D marks the actual breakout, which failed on this attempt.
  61. The breakout was very decisive – up almost 5% on the day.
  62. We can buy shares upon breakout from this descending flag.
  63. This is another pattern that sets up good breakout trades.
  64. So we chase the breakout, perhaps with a too-big position.
  65. The breakout was decisive and the follow through immediate.
  66. For example, here, the breakout came on a 11% one-day jump.
  67. He knows what a breakout on strong volume supposedly means.
  68. Upon breakout, it is likely to continue the original trend.
  69. Buying all-time highs is trying to capture a breakout trend.
  70. Increase positions upon breakout with continuation signals.
  71. On the other hand, a breakout trade that is paid for at $20.
  72. Or we could have let this breakout go on its way without us.
  73. If there is a false breakout, defined as one that does not.
  74. OBV then gives a buy signal just prior to the base breakout.
  75. The breakout high is the highest price for six months or more.
  76. Note the earnings news led to a breakout on a gap up in price.
  77. An uptrend as expected, including a breakout above resistance.
  78. Some traders will set ratio-based targets for breakout trades.
  79. The stock started to make big gains five weeks after breakout.
  80. It should be difficult to buy a market making a good breakout.
  81. Remember, this is not necessarily a sign of a failed breakout.
  82. The 8% surge made the breakout decisive but the trade riskier.
  83. How should we trade this breakout? Should we trade it at all?
  84. This trade is known as a pb2bo pattern, or pullback to breakout.
  85. This is precisely why conventional breakout systems often fail.
  86. The breakout was clear and gave traders plenty of time to enter.
  87. The last-kiss trade is a specific subset of the breakout trade.
  88. A decisive breakout in early June seemed to confirm the pattern.
  89. What isn’t so clear is whether we should trade this breakout.
  90. The market has made a successful breakout of an important level.
  91. The actual entry is in the consolidation preceding the breakout.
  92. And we should look at set-ups where a breakout may be imminent.
  93. We won’t and don’t have to catch every pattern and breakout.
  94. For most standard breakout systems this would be a losing trade.
  95. If breakout groups are used, each group should report their top.
  96. However, around breakout points, slippage is actually desirable.
  97. Next is the daily chart with a focus on the breakout and retest:.
  98. The pattern completed with a breakout above the second peak (#4).
  99. We check the chart daily and catch the breakout a few days later.
  100. Spotting a pattern and the breakout are only part of trading well.

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