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Breakthrough dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. That is a breakthrough for me.
  2. That’s sort of a breakthrough.
  3. But then a breakthrough happened.
  4. The breakthrough will come, John.
  5. I had a breakthrough on the project.
  6. The Code is not a recent breakthrough.
  7. This could be a scientific breakthrough.
  8. We’re on the verge of a breakthrough.
  9. Keep going until the breakthrough comes forth.
  10. I’ve had a breakthrough with the oxygenator!.
  11. Your breakthrough is closer than you think.
  12. I’ve had a breakthrough on the four murders!.
  13. Eric felt happy because of his modest breakthrough.
  14. Jason’s first book, Breakthrough Secrets to Live.
  15. In fact, I think I’m about to have a breakthrough.
  16. Tommy, too, revelled in the breakthrough with Johnny.
  17. Several weeks went by before any breakthrough occurred.
  18. The best time of a pregnancy is when that breakthrough.
  19. This is one of the reasons why breakthrough inventions.
  20. I use a breakthrough and then a retracement back inside.
  21. And that big breakthrough will never materialize without.
  22. But today we had a nice breakthrough with the public school.
  23. When this happens, you have reached the breakthrough point.
  24. He just began to contend, and eventually got a breakthrough.
  25. Relenza was a breakthrough influenza drug that had great.
  26. We had already made the breakthrough we had been seeking.
  27. After all, who was I to receive such breakthrough concepts?
  28. Thoughts of a Columbo style breakthrough flittered across his.
  29. There was this breakthrough concept that sprouted from a book.
  30. Bidvest uses acquisitions not to achieve breakthrough, but.
  31. But we need a breakthrough and a little luck to help us along.
  32. A real spiritual breakthrough is a life-changing kind of event.
  33. This book is often regarded as David’s breakthrough in fiction.
  34. His breakthrough insights were used to create the following chart.
  35. But it may be a while before you reach a big breakthrough with your.
  36. Then one night, while hiding in a burnt out car, I had a breakthrough.
  37. But it was likely that a real breakthrough would take many more years.
  38. But the real big breakthrough came an hour after the Amar Singh meeting.
  39. With that experience of breakthrough, an audible crackle filled the air.
  40. He hoped it was some breakthrough that had allowed him to scan Curitiba.
  41. Allen hoped for a breakthrough, but Steve refused to talk about what was.
  42. I think I may need to call my shrink to tell her I just had a breakthrough.
  43. Break through the past is happy now, breakthrough now to have a perfect future.
  44. Sim was convinced that Brendan was on the verge of a breakthrough of some kind.
  45. Sexual reproduction was an evolutionary breakthrough in information processing.
  46. The inclusion of our entire force in a compound Link was a crucial breakthrough.
  47. Upon writing this book I started with the intention to help you breakthrough and.
  48. But he could set aside his pride temporarily if it meant any sort of breakthrough.
  49. Demery told Sir James about the breakthrough with regards to the code on the note.
  50. I had made an interesting breakthrough in one of my group therapy sessions at Mayo.
  51. Apparently she had made the breakthrough into clothing options that could bite back.
  52. One thing is certain: Marmite represents a significant breakthrough in odour research.
  53. This current variation of our screening is the most successful breakthrough thus far.
  54. During my stay, I was at the hospital with my dad when our breakthrough finally happened.
  55. Oh?! Have you had a breakthrough then? Found another way for the power to affect him?
  56. For this reason, the famous Brown case in Kansas in 1954 was such an important breakthrough.
  57. Already they were planning to take Max’s medical breakthrough and re-launch it as their own.
  58. Her therapeutic instincts told her he was on the brink of a breakthrough, if she could just hold on.
  59. He told me they’re on the verge of a major breakthrough, so it’s worth a shot—no pun intended.
  60. In fact I know I will have a breakthrough in this investigation soon reassured The Chief Of Police.
  61. These scientists had even announced to the King that they were close to a breakthrough on that matter.
  62. Propecia is being marketed as a medical breakthrough for the reversal of male pattern baldness in the guys.
  63. I’m usually only there anyway when there’s a promotion, a discovery, a breakthrough, that kind of thing.
  64. I could not envision the breakthrough role the Moog synthesizer would play in the music world in the future.
  65. Because there was no such breakthrough here, we may have decided to wait for a stronger breakout confirmation.
  66. Or was it? Officially, it was still a pipe dream and nobody had publicly announced a breakthrough in that domain.
  67. It was really a technological breakthrough, but it was never indepthly studied to find out how or why it happened.
  68. Their breakthrough came when a surveillance officer saw him arriving at the building and then leaving the vehicle.
  69. They don’t think like soldiers! They wouldn’t know what to do with a breakthrough if they could manage one.
  70. It also was the breakthrough that allowed me for the first time to really listen to the Witnesses as poets who knew.
  71. I am convinced that without that breakthrough into the world of speaking, none of those events would have occurred.
  72. In fact IBM didn’t particularly benefit from the breakthrough (anyone could design the hardware), but Microsoft did.
  73. You've got to do it long enough, and strongly enough, and consistently enough, until you feel and get the breakthrough.
  74. I began to analyze both the facts and the holes in the story in the hope that I would arrive at some giant breakthrough.
  75. It was an act of necessity at the time only to be realized later that it had been a military breakthrough in technology.
  76. However, his first major breakthrough came in 1947 when his All My Sons was produced in New York at the Coronet Theater.
  77. What the hell was Red Beard doing in Ohio? We had just made the breakthrough, found out where he was casing his victims.
  78. For someone who just weeks ago had been on the verge of testing the public waters, the night was a tremendous breakthrough.
  79. A breakthrough in this area could spell disaster for the Germans, and under- mine their whole defensive position in the West.
  80. You’ll uncover what it is you’re really investing for, and unleash the power of the best financial breakthrough strategies.
  81. It was a breakthrough volume with a catchy title, a book for the times, an instant hit, and up to now has sold maybe 6,000,000.
  82. Even if they aren’t soldiers, a mass attack against a small portion of such a thin line would result in a quick breakthrough.
  83. I might, David said as he rubbed his chin like a theoretical physicist on the verge of a breakthrough dark-matter hypothesis.
  84. It was a major psychological breakthrough and one I felt certain my shrink would have been very proud of, had she actually been there.
  85. For one they may need the technology reproduced again and secondly, the child may make another breakthrough that they may have use for.
  86. But Rafferty didn't have time to dwell on this news because hard on the heels of the Staff Nurse's revelation came another breakthrough.
  87. The mental health advocates assumed I was having breakthrough symptoms of my bipolar disorder, because that was their medical worldview.
  88. He said you must be innovative to be a consistent winner—be able to develop value-added ideas that will make a fundamental breakthrough.
  89. If only part of what Bill Hibberd theorises holds true, then science could be on the brink of another breakthrough with enormous potential.
  90. But as well as feeling pride in his breakthrough, he was also very worried – and that was obviously the reason he called Steven Warburton.
  91. The Orlandian’s had secretly made a technological breakthrough, which likely meant that they could reach the Haven Worlds for themselves now.
  92. After several attempts, each one of which ended in failure and disappointment, they suddenly achieved the breakthrough they had been aiming for.
  93. And only one of those mutations are ever any kind of breakthrough to evolving an improved species… These mutations are occurring all the time.
  94. So one day we had everyone write down all their problems on a small piece of paper; whatever we needed God to move on and bring breakthrough in.
  95. RRI offers a variety of individual and total-immersion coaching experiences that help individuals and organizations create breakthrough results.
  96. The hi-tech invention myth - "Most successful entrepreneurs start their companies with a breakthrough invention - usually technological in nature".
  97. The IT section of forensics had made a major breakthrough after eventually focussing on Delmage’s laptop which had been found in his hotel room.
  98. This was breakthrough research and they certainly could have held this event without me if I canceled, which everyone involved expected me to do.
  99. Our want of novelty and incessant competition guarantees industries to create the newest scientific breakthrough in specialized sports technologies.
  100. When we look at what is happening in the world today, it is understandable that we might laugh at at the idea of a collective spiritual breakthrough.

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