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Breeze dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. A breeze in the wind.
2. A cool breeze flowed in.
3. Cool breeze in their hair.
4. A cool breeze blew over.
5. Breeze on his face: real.
6. A slight breeze was the.
7. There was a chilly breeze.

8. The sea breeze felt cool.
9. She wanted the breeze back.
10. Sheets billow in the breeze.
11. She was the breeze with a.
12. Biz was a whole new breeze.
13. The night held a cool breeze.
14. In the trees, In the breeze.
15. Maybe the breeze blew wrong.
16. The night breeze was cooling.
17. A slight breeze swayed the.
18. How a cool breeze must feel.
19. That made the breeze to blow.
20. But we'd never seen a breeze.
21. That harmony that the breeze.
22. He was watching as a breeze.
23. There’s a soft cool breeze.
24. That made the breeze to blow!.
25. It whispered, an ocean breeze.
26. A mild breeze blew from shore.
27. From the flowers in the breeze.
28. The warm breeze drifted inside.
29. The breeze was blowing harder.
30. I feel a soft breeze beside me.
31. The breeze was quite refreshing.
32. It was the rustling of the breeze.
33. The breeze sings to us with bells.
34. And the breeze that passes o'er;.
35. It felt like the gentlest breeze.
36. Dylan looked cool as a sea breeze.
37. River-smell, and hear the breeze.
38. Simon shivered in the night breeze.
39. Low moans floated in on the breeze.
40. A warm breeze catches at my hair.
41. I awoke to a sharp and cold breeze.
42. We’re trying to catch the breeze.
43. The night was still with no breeze.
44. The air changed and a cool breeze.
45. He felt the breeze caress his face.
46. The breeze off the sea chilled her.
47. Why? We could use a nice breeze.
48. The scent of jasmine on the breeze;.
49. The soul was swept away in a breeze.
50. Duck feathers moved with the breeze.
51. The breeze lifted her full red hair.
52. A side breeze fondled the tall thing.
53. A small breeze started up around her.
54. A cooling breeze is about to pick up.
55. A breeze started building around her.
56. A gentle breeze stole her smoke away.
57. The quivering caress of a wild breeze.
58. Up here the breeze was stiff and cold.
59. A breeze blew through the trees that.
60. It was hot except for a gentle breeze.
61. The breeze was warm, and the day calm.
62. The morning blew in with a soft breeze.
63. Seemed as calm as a soft spring breeze.
64. Dry grass moving gently with the breeze.
65. The sea breeze was cool and refreshing.
66. A soft breeze turned the powder to snow.
67. I just stopped the breeze, I said.
68. There was no hint of a breeze anywhere.
69. A cool breeze tossed her tousled locks.
70. A breeze blew and Nangong Ping shivered.
71. The moon, the sun, the wind, the breeze.
72. And in the breeze her fair tresses fly!.
73. The material waved in the midday breeze.
74. With a stiff breeze and a full head of.
75. There was a slight breeze off the water.
76. The gentle breeze was refreshing after.
77. As the warm May breeze kicked up, both.
78. And sound, due to the breeze, and smell.
79. A warm, steady breeze buffeted his face.
80. A gentle breeze made the smells bearable.
81. A cold breeze flickered and moved my hair.
82. Kerwan's mushroom houses built of breeze.
83. Holly felt a cold breeze tug at her hair.
84. A cool breeze was blowing in off the sea.
85. Not even a breeze moved through the barn.
86. The stir of a breeze in the sultry night.
87. Her beautiful gown drifted in the breeze.
88. As the breeze caressed his face, he flew.
89. The fresh breeze raised billows in the bay.
90. He walked outside and a breeze blew at him.
91. The crisp breeze felt bitter against his.
92. The waves pushed by a breeze gives a mist.
93. My trip back to the snack room was a breeze.
94. The hem of her dress flapped in the breeze.
95. The tingle melted away and the breeze died.
96. I shivered as a message came on the breeze.
97. The boat sailed swiftly in the stiff breeze.
98. A soft breeze began to blow along the avenue.
99. The breeze blows me bone dry within minutes.
100. A light breeze ruffled the curtains at the.
1. He turned for the exit, breezing back.
2. We started strong, breezing a sub-sixty first lap.
3. Ietana and Imada were breezing thru the training and helping her keep up.
4. I feel the air from the outside breezing in, and it smells like fresh earth and leaves.
5. My eyes take in the contents, but my brain is on slow motion trying to process what I'm seeing when there's a tap on the door followed by Gina breezing in like she's entitled.
6. By this time the faint air had become a complete calm; so that whether or no, the Pequod was now fairly entrapped in the smell, with no hope of escaping except by its breezing up again.
7. I told stories to the baby every night, mostly about Sebastian and how we’d met, and then I’d sing until I fell asleep, my bedroom window open and the cool summer night air breezing in.
8. Breezing low over the waves on his waveglass steed, the fisherman held his chin high as if he could feel his beloved’s fingertips brushing his face in the cold spray of the clashing sea, then he dipped the depleted ray down into the water, cutting through the crests of the storm-ridden surface.
1. The money breezed in.
2. Tre hombres breezed the bank.
3. In breezed the killers, straight for the boss's cave.
4. Steve breezed in, as Irma was prepping a visit to Tony.
5. Before he could answer, Rachel breezed through the door.
6. When Orb breezed by and caught the full measure of the.
7. He breezed past her and said, Put the kettle on, will you.
8. A young cocky hot shot, breezed up to the table, calling out.
9. While they breezed across the massive labyrinth of walls and.
10. Millie breezed past the velvet ropes like she owned the joint.
11. Sure, Charles, she said, and breezed by him in the doorway.
12. Charles stared at her longingly one last time as she breezed by.
13. After Alessandra breezed out, I decided to stay a little longer.
14. When you breezed into my life, I wasn’t sure what had happened.
15. We breezed by boys who peered at the car and cows who were immune.
16. The windows behind Mars gently breezed open, the curtains fluttering.
17. As the leafy miles breezed by, I dried my eyes and gathered my strength.
18. He breezed by Harry's office, stuck his head through the doorway and told him.
19. Valera and Gustav breezed right on in as if they had visited many times before.
20. YUKI WAS AT the bar in MacBain’s when Cindy breezed in, looking like she’d sprouted wings.
21. They will not see us coming, she said as she breezed past me to assume the point position.
22. My brother Theodore had breezed through late in the spring, but she had no idea where he was now.
23. A few minutes later, she breezed into the bedroom, engulfing me with the smell of coconuts and mango.
24. I breezed past Paulie on my way out the door and was about to call Caputo again when I heard the sirens.
25. I tried to imagine what the reaction would be if we breezed up to the police station and told our tale.
26. After lunch he breezed through his presentation, or so he thought, with the quality of his work being beyond doubt.
27. Two days breezed by in following erroneous directions, getting lost in jungles and close encounters with wild animals.
28. The party was in full swing when Tom Thompson breezed through the door, accompanied as always, by Norman and Greatchen.
29. A few moments later, Jesse breezed through the door with Reed following close behind, each carrying a bouquet of flowers.
30. The moment I finished, Sheridan breezed through my door without bothering to knock and waved an envelope beneath my nose.
31. Raf! There you are! Come on, let’s go! I breezed past him out the door, praying he would follow without having to jack him.
32. I’d just finiahed and was standing back to admire my work when Uncle Hobart breezed into the room, clicking his dentures as usual.
33. Achilles breezed in to the senior Maths class, unable to hide a smile that seemed to have been stuck there since the previous evening.
34. Helen blushed bright red and I was left speechless as Beth breezed out of the kitchen like galleon under full sail laughing like hell.
35. So what’s the 411 on you and Vince? A second date already? Lana asked as she breezed into the room and perched on the corner of the bed.
36. He spotted the small note by the fruit bowl, which would have been clearly visible, had it not slipped down as Max breezed through to the kitchen.
37. Having now been baptised in the pursuit of safety deposit boxes he breezed through the second bank, giving Shirl the key she noted down the number and bank as she had with the first key.
38. With Kevin Beecham in his pocket, all bureaucratic resistance melted away, and Chay and his three team members breezed through a series of security doors, collecting more paper-pushers and doctors along the way.
39. They crept up the stairs and breezed into the lounge, standing in a half circle between the television and their surprised hostess who took one look and began to scream, whether at the sight of four large and fit naked men and one nude black woman, or the apparent resurrection of her son, was unclear.
1. Then currents move and breezes blow.
2. And the chill breezes stole up behind.
3. The breezes whipping off the sea were.
4. It breezes past faster than I can read.
5. The cold breezes, still not fully blown out.
6. Summer breezes swept through flowering trees.
7. Zephyrus the god of slight breezes, Fate, and the lady.
8. The cool breezes and scented flowers make this paradise.
9. I created cold spots and breezes where there should be none.
10. Only the sea breezes of an evening cooling the worst of the heat away.
11. The slightest of breezes ruffled his damp hair and moved the long grass.
12. Its waves and breezes brought back too many memories, if not too many regrets.
13. GingerKat's laughter rang in the hall as a chorus of chimes and strong fresh breezes.
14. Doldrums: sea areas straddling the equator consisting of calm water and light breezes.
15. Gentle breezes entered through the windows inviting the curtains to do a little dance.
16. Distracted, she gazed out at the moth fairies fluttering about on the evening breezes.
17. The day was warm and pleasant with the most gentle of breezes wafting by occasionally.
18. It wound thru real forest, beautiful, pleasant and shady, with whispering breezes above.
19. There was beauty to be found, but I preferred the sight of green grass and cool breezes.
20. Thatch-roofed and wind-protected, it allowed Cerdic the breezes and fresh air he craved.
21. If it were not for the westerly breezes, Aralbalikh would be uninhabitable in the summer.
22. But as the breezes freshly swept across her cheeks, she was reminded that she was moving.
23. Which was more than a little odd considering there wasn’t even the slightest of breezes.
24. Breezes of land and love set from living shores to you on the living sea, to you O sailors!.
25. And my laughter appeases, my soul it eases, to float on the breezes of what men call science.
26. White Feathers pointed over the lake at the gentlest of breezes on the water as a 'good sign.
27. I loved sleeping in the shack with the sea breezes wafting through like free spirited visitors.
28. A few purple and yellow field flowers waved in the breezes along with long grass for our animals.
29. The two girls had said it felt safe, a world in a room, a world of sun filled skies and river breezes.
30. Standing in the cave entrance, hidden by shrubbery, she stood naked, the breezes brushing her hair and body.
31. Kay lent against the crenellated stone wall, the cool breezes rising as the sun slipped beneath the horizon.
32. Leaves sprang out on the limbs of trees, and the fresh grass smiled to the touch of the warm southern breezes.
33. Gone were the cool night breezes through the geminate windows, the smells of sweet tea steaming by candle-light.
34. The evening breezes whispered mournfully through the ruined walls, and strewed the faded leaves upon eleven grassy mounds.
35. Spring in Paris is often traversed by harsh and piercing breezes which do not precisely chill but freeze one; these north.
36. Gone were the wild flowers that had swayed in the summer breezes, lending their scents to the comforting smell of the sett.
37. A rotten tree standing could be toppled by the slightest of breezes because its fibers are no longer strong or even intact.
38. Death is merely the dead skin that lies at your periphery, or the air that breezes by your fingertips and across your scalp.
39. During the first three months, the weather had changed constantly; some days were delightful with cool breezes and pleasant.
40. Fresh breezes spread the butterscotch scent of pine, thick in the air on days when neighbors have been cutting wood for winter.
41. We caught some afternoon breezes, and everything was chatty and casual, but all the while, I was checking the couple for tells.
42. She made her way to the front door and slipped outside, letting the cool morning breezes brush over her skin, cooling down her temper.
43. I'd let myself be directed by breezes and winds and any current that caught my attention for two years of the best living I'd ever known.
44. At the touch of memory, everything would unfold into the clear water of the mind, in beautiful blooms, in spring breezes, larger than life.
45. The weather continued to be almost tropically hot, and they felt sorry for anyone who had to work in a city with no sea breezes to cool them.
46. With quite a tumultuous past, Nassau is now celebrated for its mild sun and renowned beaches as well as for its smooth and perfumed breezes.
47. I like how his hand rests on the small of my back, how his fingers interlace with mine, and how his breath breezes across the top of my head.
48. Ingrid could hear the sound of dry bark creaking as the forests’ gigantic trees swayed back and forth under a sky rushing with high breezes.
49. The long shadows of late summer and the freshening breezes coming off the lake made the walk a bit more pleasant than it might have been earlier.
50. Home of cooling trade wind breezes, black sand and magical frangipani and red hibiscus scents, this island was a haven years ago to Irish Catholics.
51. I would rather have spent my spare time riding Jasper out in the cool breezes and visiting with Cal Paluskin up at his snowy Hideaway on the mountain.
52. We did not have A/C because we lived 700 feet above sea level and had huge living room windows facing west from whence steady breezes came during the summer.
53. The smell of the leaves thick in the air; the colors scarlet, golden and orange, and the crispness of the fall breezes all made me look forward to the season.
54. The temperature difference affects the air above it and during the day breezes usually blow from sea to land, at night the wind changes and blows off the land.
55. The vastness of the ocean was a sight she'd never seen before; the unrelenting swells and breezes, the almost living air filled her lungs with every new breath.
56. Fresh breezes, tall trees that ascended into the heavens, rocks that had different gods and spiritual leaders carved into them, and tall statues made of wood and stone.
57. The houses and temples of the city were shades of gray in this light, and above the city were hundreds of still-dull feather banners floating gently in the light breezes.
58. The summer breezes filtered through the moisture exhaled by the leaves of the giant trees absorbing this liquid coolness before transporting it around to cool the hammock.
59. I was oppressed by fatigue and hunger and far too unhappy to enjoy the gentle breezes of evening or the prospect of the sun setting behind the stupendous mountains of Jura.
60. Spring weddings are a favorite choice for couples; spring brings to mind sprouting greenery, flowers blooming, balmy breezes and a sun kissed world that chases away the chill of winter.
61. It did still sway with the breezes that drifted up the vang on their way to the next layer of atmosphere atop the city, but if you imagined you were on a ship that didn't worry you as much.
62. Beneath the unclouded and mild azure sky, upon the fair face of the pleasant sea, wafted by the joyous breezes, that great mass of death floats on and on, till lost in infinite perspectives.
63. She loves especially to hear about the dark coasts of South America with their impenetrable walls of trees and offshore breezes full of the stink of rotting kelp and the cries of whelping seals.
64. His unbridled passion hit like a tidal wave; not a hint of fair-weather breezes for his virgin bride, his love centered on the fact that I was Desiree’ of towering wants and needs that must be met and satisfied.
65. In the placid light of day just before the fireflies danced across the darkness, when the dust settled across the dry plains and the shadows grew long, the leaves of the trees stopped fluttering in the warm breezes.
66. The gusts of rain had drenched the front of the vehicle, which was wide open; the breezes of February are not warm; as the fishwife, clad in a low-necked gown, replied to the Spaniard, she shivered, laughed and coughed.
67. The building was quite secluded, above the street traffic which was light at the busiest of time in this part of Shouson Hill, and even in light breezes the branches of the tall slim trees swayed and brushed one another.
68. There is no nook among the rocks, no brookside, no shade beneath the trees that is not haunted by some shepherd telling his woes to the breezes; wherever there is an echo it repeats the name of Leandra; the mountains ring with "Leandra,".
69. Situated in the mountain region of Alabama, with a grand outlook on every side, with fresh breezes from the hills, and with valleys clothed with verdure, it certainly seemed as though a Divine hand guided in the choice of this favored site.
70. The labours I endured were no longer to be alleviated by the bright sun or gentle breezes of spring; all joy was but a mockery which insulted my desolate state and made me feel more painfully that I was not made for the enjoyment of pleasure.
71. The house was built in a square, with a central sunlit courtyard made serene with a bathing pool, fountains, flowers, and sheltering trees; the thick-walled house stayed cool, and funnelled breezes that carried the pleasing scents throughout the rooms.
72. The exaltation which she had described as being producible at will by gazing at a star came now without any determination of hers; she undulated upon the thin notes of the second-hand harp, and their harmonies passed like breezes through her, bringing tears into her eyes.
73. And so the most difficult hours passed for him, at times in the person of a timid prince or a paladin of love, at other times in his own scalded hide of a lover in the middle of forgetting, until the first breezes began to blow and he went to doze in the lounge chairs by the railing.
74. In the mild breezes of the west and of the east the lofty trees wave in different directions their firstclass foliage, the wafty sycamore, the Lebanonian cedar, the exalted planetree, the eugenic eucalyptus and other ornaments of the arboreal world with which that region is thoroughly well supplied.
75. There would be a time for Europe, I thought; all too soon the days would come when I should need a man at my side to put up my easel and carry my paints; when I could not venture more than an hour's journey from a good hotel; when I should need soft breezes and mellow sunshine all day long; then I would take.
76. The first landfall was the tiny island of Jost van Dyke, a speck of land north of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, where they tried to blend in with the fleet of sailboats on bareboat charters filled with idling Americans trading several thousand dollars for a week of sunshine and warm breezes, beach bars and snorkeling.
77. In truth, well nigh the whole of this passage being attended by very prosperous breezes, the Town-Ho had all but certainly arrived in perfect safety at her port without the occurrence of the least fatality, had it not been for the brutal overbearing of Radney, the mate, a Vineyarder, and the bitterly provoked vengeance of Steelkilt, a Lakeman and desperado from Buffalo.
78. It makes one so healthy to live in a garden, so healthy in mind as well as body, and when I say moles and late frosts are my worst enemies, it only shows how I could not now if I tried sit down and brood over my own or my neighbour's sins, and how the breezes in my garden have blown away all those worries and vexations and bitternesses that are the lot of those who live in a crowd.
79. Jean range on the other; and this heat, moreover, which, on account of the aqueous vapours given off by the river and the considerable number of cattle in the fields, which, as you know, exhale much ammonia, that is to say, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen (no, nitrogen and hydrogen alone), and which sucking up into itself the humus from the ground, mixing together all those different emanations, unites them into a stack, so to say, and combining with the electricity diffused through the atmosphere, when there is any, might in the long run, as in tropical countries, engender insalubrious miasmata—this heat, I say, finds itself perfectly tempered on the side whence it comes, or rather whence it should come—that is to say, the southern side—by the south-eastern winds, which, having cooled themselves passing over the Seine, reach us sometimes all at once like breezes from Russia.
80. Of warm breezes of truth,.
81. It billows aloft in the breezes,.
82. And healthy uplands with herby-perfumed breezes,.
83. As I inhale the impalpable breezes that set in upon me,.
84. Fresh breezes toss the branches green, the chill of dusk is past,.

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