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Bribe dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Some may call this a bribe.
2. And, by using them to bribe.
3. The official wanted his bribe.
4. Have to bribe to be smuggled out.
5. The chief of police takes a bribe.
6. He might bribe his way to more.
7. Don’t bribe him with treats at.

8. What happened to the bribe money?
9. Perhaps the bribe had already been paid.
10. Maybe he could bribe her with some cash!.
11. Okay, guys, this better not be a bribe.
12. Shouldn’t be too hard to bribe one of them.
13. Woe to those who clear the guilty for a bribe.
14. I’m trying to bribe you with a cup of coffee.
15. Keep a few bills handy in case we need to bribe.
16. That's a more potent bribe than the aluminum bead.
17. Let us swear we will never take or receive a bribe.
18. And Nate had been offered a fat bribe, Ralph guessed.
19. We could just bribe the MPs then? That simple?
20. Had to bribe a female constable to adjust it at home.
21. We had to bribe the police with a few cigarettes to.
22. Matthew says that the elders bribe the guards to tell.
23. You have to create what I fondly call an ethical bribe.
24. The bribe Paul was asked to pay was really small potatoes.
25. What if the new boss paid a better bribe to get the job?
26. Mark almost felt that her last words were meant as a bribe.
27. The governor of the province also secretly accepts a bribe.
28. The bribe was dressed up as a consultantship but it was.
29. She slept on the bed of the man who had given her the last bribe.
30. Was it intended for a bribe? He may have another lawsuit pending.
31. But I’ve not much money along with me to bribe these bastards.
32. You eat a gudgeon a day, and you think you bribe God with gudgeon.
33. And he refused when I asked him for a bribe to print this article.
34. Don’t be too prudent not to admit that it was a sort of a bribe.
35. Nine-hundred-thirty-seven Jews managed to bribe their way on board.
36. She came down and brought money with her, trying to bribe me to go.
37. Actually we were able to bribe a few of the guards who work in here.
38. They only had to bribe their upper elite so they would let them do it.
39. And he, a Mick to the core, compounded the problem by offering a bribe.
40. Here was a man whom he knew he could neither bribe, bully, or bulldoze.
41. First he sends you to bribe me, then when that fails he invents a new tax.
42. There were certain irregularities in my record, the accusation of a bribe.
43. She presumed it was to give the parties an opportunity to offer him a bribe.
44. Max! Prissy! Shut up! You want a treat? (She often tries to bribe them.
45. That was clearly a bribe, and large color TVs were also uncommon in ‘72/73.
46. However, funding that bribe meant getting involved with all of the wrong people.
47. Much has been said about ofering great bonuses as part of the bribe to get more.
48. Bribe: Something given in order to distort justice and blind the eyes of the wise.
49. Perhaps he had expected a bribe from Perkin, Wulfric’ s prospective father-in-law.
50. They’ve sort of accused me of trying to blackmail them, soliciting a bribe anyway.
51. In fact transfer of Swan Telecom was the bribe paid for the license given to Reliance.
52. Unfortunately, we are too old to smuggle and too poor to bribe, so we’ll have to move.
53. As in, Special Agent, please tell us about the bribe you can’t prove you didn’t take.
54. Tutolmin, the honourable director of the Foundling, refused outright to accept any bribe.
55. But everywhere the public-house keeper managed to bribe the officials, and was acquitted.
56. In that jungle of corruption, without a bribe even the most upright accounts were rejected.
57. We are hoping to bribe the barnyard animals to be still, the raccoon said, by 146.
58. She knows a Desa who could be the one I'm looking for, but I can find her without the bribe.
59. Only the rich in those countries can bribe the officials to give them the necessary documents.
60. Gregory would require a bribe, of course, though he would undoubtedly call it a lawyer’s fee.
61. I took this as a bribe and I told my father, spirits can't be bought, and he should know that.
62. With the help of his Lego shaped cheesecake as a little bribe, permission was happily granted.
63. It took us a full day to realise the ‘problem’ with our visas; we hadn’t offered a bribe.
64. But the cadet had been sober, and therefore must have wished to bribe him to do something wrong.
65. The letter mentioned that he had found the map and with a judicious bribe was allowed to copy it.
66. Even if I wanted to bribe you, all anyone could prove is that I supplied you stock trading tips.
67. She believes whole CN bribe fiasco was trumped up by their management to get him off their back.
68. He didn’t bribe the judge or influence the jury or intimidate the witnesses, and he avoided a.
69. They’re a gift, not a bribe, Cora, he said, amusement twitching at the corner of his lips.
70. He literally had to threaten and bribe his way around for this to be done; but it was well worth it.
71. The bailiff was not bothering to negotiate an increased bribe – a sure sign that he expected failure.
72. He had set up a bank account for me in the Caribbean, in my name, and he wired the bribe money to it.
73. He had tried to bribe the communications officer at Blackstone, but this time he had been unsuccessful.
74. Admittedly it was only six thirty in the morning and she hoped the bribe of breakfast in bed would work.
75. He explained that with the cognac gone, they would need something else with which to bribe the Russians.
76. The bill has now passed and the Democrats have attained that by using the federal treasury to bribe their.
77. Have you got a hundred pounds? Perhaps you could bribe them to let you in if you’re so bothered about it.
78. They had been discussing both the accusation of the bribe with Israel and the apparent murder of Ken Giles.
79. Even if he had to fake their engagement and bribe her into giving a positive response, then so it had to be.
80. They would have tried to bribe me and I would have sent them away, he explained, except Pam was there.
81. Emma wanted to bribe her servant with a present, but it would be better to find some safe house at Yonville.
82. He then looked at the comment or accusation made on The Network about Jack South and the Israelis and a bribe.
83. The moment you pay a bribe (relaxing your standards) you opened yourself to continuous blackmail in the future.
84. They would drop as many names as they could, and when that did not work, they would outright threaten or bribe.
85. She hated calls of the formal sort, and never made any till Amy compelled her with a bargain, bribe, or promise.
86. One band member discovered that money talks in an industry strapped for cash, and a bribe was entirely possible.
87. Trent wanted to just cut across to the coast and bribe passage out, as opposed to a longer journey to the south.
88. With as much discretion as I can manage without being ambiguous, I turn the conversation to the topic of a bribe.
89. The younger ones will smuggle, the older ones will bribe officials to miss the most valuable parts of their goods.
90. She would escape or hang rather than share in what was left of her spoils in another failed bribe for his silence.
91. Wealthy individuals who wanted a seat in the Senate could bribe members of the state legislatures to vote for them.
92. When she saw people's grades, she would know who was smart and who wasn't, and who she could bribe into helping her.
93. I have others to do my bidding that I don’t have to bribe, that would be more effective than you have proven to be.
94. He was convicted on charges, among others, of soliciting a bribe on Zuma’s behalf from Arms Deal beneficiary Thales.
95. I was able to arrange the seats despite the fact that it was a freight train, by giving a bribe to the station manager.
96. She closed the letter and saw the check that came with it, the doctor looked shocked, is he trying to bribe you?
97. Tell me, you impostor, have you got much by it? Did you need a big bribe to consent? I wouldn't have given you a farthing.
98. The only way out was to save enough credits to bribe an official, but a Roller would never be able to earn enough to do that.
99. And meanwhile, the sharia lets the rich and the powerful get away with murder even, albeit through the bribe route of blood-money.
100. Your first mistake is that you should have called us and given up your bribe money, as a good patriot to the confederation would have.
1. It felt as if he was bribing me.
2. I think Therese has discovered a bribing tool.
3. Shire-buildings without Leave, and Bribing Guards with Food.
4. The next morning after a lot of arguing and bribing, we hitched a.
5. Bribing has been renamed as lobbying but it still serves the same purpose.
6. He’s bribing fake witnesses to support his story about what happened with Miss K.
7. That meant bribing port officials and that was dangerous unless you knew who was taking bribes.
8. I’m sorry my asking, but if he wasn’t bribing you with those checks what was he doing?
9. Johnson narrowly avoided being impeached by bribing senators, with both money and the promise of offices.
10. Least of all had he dreamed that Annalise would so soon need more bribing; for that was clearly the only thing to do.
11. Here is an attempt to extend French influence by bribing a select class of our merchants; granting favors to favorites.
12. She rode last summer a few times because Jen had pleaded with her and then stooped to bribing, but a year is a long time.
13. The mine had corrupted his judgment by making him sick of bribing and intriguing merely to have his work left alone from day to day.
14. So, by bribing a few folk in Fjordane who loved silver more than their king, Njal and Gunvald managed to get groups of their men to Eid.
15. She thought of bribing the woman, but she didn’t have any money to show her, and she was unlikely to accept a promise of funds later.
16. After all, if there had been one pirate ship, there could well be others still hiding around the Main Asteroid Belt and bribing people into silence.
17. The rabbits and birds had even collected the bribing materials, all but those that had to be gathered at the last minute, to be fresh, as they had promised.
18. I wasn’t bribing the donor if that’s what you’re implying, but what interests me is what she tells me, she’s also lost a son, anyways she’s right.
19. When she got to eighteen, they secretly married in a civil ceremony, bribing the clerk to keep it a secret, and he visited her once a week on Sunday afternoons!.
20. Campbell said it seemed to him something like bribing the members to obtain votes, to talk about lengthening the time so as to accommodate the greatest number of members.
21. However, upon bribing one of the sergeants, Nekhludoff was permitted to come near the cars, the sergeant asking him to do his errand so that the captain would not see him.
22. Being a lawyer, he planned to acquire the shop, which was government owned, without bribing the officials in charge thus leaving me exposed to retaliatory legal moves from their side.
23. Of course, bribing is dishonest even in such a case, but I can't undertake to judge about it, because if Ivan and Katya commissioned me to act for you, I know I should go and give bribes.
24. The political entrepreneurs favored subsidized monopolies and federal aid, and in the steamship industry their actions led to price-fixing, technological stagnation, and the bribing of competitors and politicians.
25. The meaning of Caprivi's speech, translated into simple language, is this, that money was not needed for counteracting the foreign enemies, but for bribing the under-officers, so as to make them willing to act against the oppressed labouring masses.
26. The independence she settled on Robert, through resentment against you, has put it in his power to make his own choice; and she has actually been bribing one son with a thousand a-year, to do the very deed which she disinherited the other for intending to do.
27. So… the overthrow of Chamberlain by Churchill’s backers is a recreation of his ancestor aiding in the overthrowing of James II, the bribing of Winston by The Focus group and by the Czech nation; is a recreating of Marlborough being bribed by a lobby of secret Jewish banking interests.
28. He had seized all he could of his own that was not invested, and Priscilla had drawn her loose cash from the Kunitz bank; but what he took hidden in his gaiters after paying for Priscilla's outfit and bribing Annalise was not more than three hundred pounds; and what is three hundred pounds to a person who buys and furnishes cottages and scatters five-pound notes among the poor? The cottages were paid for.
29. I did some bribing,.
1. They do not have to be bribed.
2. She must be bribed, silenced, given in to.
3. For base betrayal, thieves bribed by the State.
4. Perhaps the fellow had been bribed by the notary.
5. I also bribed the guard to wake us up at our stop.
6. That Moraga is a fool! A man like Montero is bribed.
7. If the bailiff can be bribed, so can the inspector.
8. I wanted to so much, that I bribed Rakitin to bring you.
9. I bribed him, she said through a cold hardened jaw.
10. Miss Kendall has told me--how she was bribed to disappear.
11. Reckons that you bribed her with promises of tea and crumpets.
12. She thinks he can be bribed, but he won't be here until tomorrow.
13. Your cousin can be really truthful when forced and bribed, she.
14. A priest who honestly believes in his oracle, and can not be bribed.
15. They say he is squandering the money, and the police are bribed by him.
16. He bribed the guard at the gate a few hryvnias and swung in, pulling up.
17. Or bribed, to be technical, to go buy the rest of the stuff on the list.
18. If a child is bribed, coerced, tricked, threatened, or forced into any.
19. I expect a Jeweller could be bribed, could he not? suggested Johnny.
20. Petrushka had evidently been bribed at last! Yes, yes, that was so!.
21. When we finally found out where it was located, we bribed a guard to get in.
22. Roy persuaded, or possibly bribed, the guide to take him to that nearest phone.
23. Apparently, the captain had a sweet tooth, or maybe he bribed his men with rewards.
24. They learned from the few, reluctant masters who could be bribed only by cheap labor.
25. It was well known, according to this website, that he bribed his way into the papacy.
26. Bunau Varilla wrote the Canal Treaty and bribed his way into becoming Panama's president.
27. An’ the fellas that bribed congressmen and the legislatures never went to jail neither.
28. Doors are left cracked open, maids can be bribed, and there are plenty of exits to slip through.
29. I can say of you what will make it stupidity to suppose that you would be bribed to do a wickedness.
30. Fanny, Fanny, I see you smile and look cunning, but, upon my honour, I never bribed a physician in my life.
31. Once they are bribed; they are not supposed to switch horses in midstream to another applicant who has more money.
32. He guessed that Hugh had prepared the ground beforehand and wondered if he'd bribed all the justices on the bench.
33. So it is, with the crummy wiring job a lot of crooked and bribed contractors did on our house, our human way of life.
34. The master of the house valued this governor because of all the officials he was the only one who would not be bribed.
35. They could easily be bribed to return to their cards with a cigarette each or the occasional bottle of San Miguel beer.
36. It was because many nations, including France, had been bribed by Saddam in the oil-for-food program that the UN oversaw.
37. We bribed a few choice Aleator officials when we heard, from some of our feelers, that CERKO was hired to kill you there.
38. I supposed, in furtherance of this idea, that she had hired her own servant, or bribed mine, to hide the jewels in my coat.
39. A courier that we bribed, in order to gain access to the letters he carried, was replaced unexpectedly with another courier.
40. After all, what am I to him? Perhaps he has already been bribed by the other side, and that’s why he has just been absent.
41. They had bribed the doctors to extract out a few drops of blood of these three guys in the syringe while puncturing their veins.
42. He bribed me into secrecy by promising not to tell old man Meyer that I had brought home a 6-pak of Stroh’s to share with Dixie.
43. The man had bribed the airport superintendent not to report the helicopters arrival or departure as it wasn’t a registered stop.
44. Only because a few Tyrants of a few polis's were corrupt enough to be bribed, did he ever get his armies over to Asia Minor safely.
45. In the village, while a cow is sold for payment, the police inspector is bribed by a factory owner, who thus escapes taxes altogether.
46. Through Gromel I've corrupted a spendthrift officer of that guard, and bribed him to lead his men away from the king's door at midnight.
47. Such isolation, combined with French demands to be bribed not to invade again, almost guaranteed Haiti would remain as poor as it is today.
48. We discovered that the security guards at the airfield had been bribed to keep well clear that evening, but you forgot the security cameras.
49. The costs of developing and running Fantasy Island’s software, and the fact that thousands of officials had to be bribed, were astronomical.
50. So much so that I could think of little else and would have gladly bribed Murakami to write me a lengthy subchapter exclusively devoted to it.
51. Neither I nor Elly were in a state to though so we bribed the guard and driver to let us sit on the bus and wait as they had wanted us to wait outside.
52. They abused the police and bribed them, made out estimates at ten times their value for government stores that had perished in the fire, and demanded relief.
53. She had been too wrapped up in her own fear to flirt with the geeky boy behind the counter, so she’d bribed him with two hundred and fifty dollars of Helen’s cash instead.
54. I did this to such purpose that I made sure they had in some way bribed her to silence; a silence that, however, I would engage to break down on the first private opportunity.
55. However, that was the last real money that EB ever gave me! In effect, they bribed me into stopping looking for other jobs until I passed 50 when there were no more opportunities.
56. And I bribed the sexton to pull it away when I’m laid there, and slide mine out too; I’ll have it made so: and then by the time Linton gets to us he’ll not know which is which!’.
57. Africans feel they are only taking our minerals and not giving enough back in infrastructure whilst paying lip service to the masses because they have the (unpopular) corrupt governments bribed.
58. As mad as I was at him I couldn’t get over the fact that Relentless wouldn’t have allowed himself to be bribed by apples and put his master in danger unless…… unless it had been a woman!.
59. At first this compulsory labour was fixed for not longer than half a year; but afterwards the bribed judges found it possible to pass sentence for eighteen months, and even then to renew the sentence.
60. In all history he remembered only one instance of their deserting their Government and taking part with the people; and that was when the Duke of Orleans had bribed the army of the last of the Bourbon Kings.
61. Himself, he could think of no way to marry her short of abducting her by force, and carrying her off to some isolated church where a generously bribed priest would turn a deaf ear to her cries of No, never!.
62. In these large executions, the executioner in his frenzy would often seize an unsuspecting onlooker he had a grudge against, or had been bribed to remove, and the victim's head would be hacked off amid the plaudits of the onlookers.
63. Carton had been careful to see that none of the witnesses for the people should be "stiffened" as the process was elegantly expressed by those of Dopey Jack's class--in other words, intimidated, bribed, or otherwise rendered innocuous.
64. Someone like the Countess? The Baron’s servant, bribed to copy his letters? In the cause of the International Workingman’s Association, or some such nonsense? Bolshevism, or that other specter of the land-holding elite, International Jewry?
65. Jo never went back to Aunt March, for the old lady took such a fancy to Amy that she bribed her with the offer of drawing lessons from one of the best teachers going, and for the sake of this advantage, Amy would have served a far harder mistress.
66. Why had this agent preserved silence? Had the man succeeded in making his escape? Had he bribed the agent? Why did this man give no sign of life to Marius, who owed everything to him? His disinterestedness was no less tremendous than his devotion.
67. If the authorities seemed unable to do anything about it, the reason was simple: The gangs had bought, blackmailed, threatened, and bribed so many police officers and local politicians that they could do more or less as they liked – and they did.
68. Out of greediness to have Johnny on air as much as possible, he was bribed with exorbitant amounts of money to broadcast all day and all night; despite the irreversible havoc wreaked on his health and mental state by such a perpetually rigorous schedule.
69. He wheedled, bribed, ridiculed, threatened, and scolded; affected indifference, that he might surprise the truth from her; declared her knew, then that he didn't care; and at last, by dint of perseverance, he satisfied himself that it concerned Meg and Mr.
70. The snakes had been told to stay clear of the barns and henhouses, so as to not set off any alarms from the dogs or hens or livestock, who knew what was going to happen, and who had been thoroughly bribed, but who nevertheless could still not really be trusted.
71. They were, of course, disconcerted by the increasing spread of rumors that Jesus had risen from the dead, but they depended upon the bribed guards effectively to counteract all such reports by their reiteration of the story that a band of his followers had removed the body.
72. Her detracto in the power corridors alleged that she was a ‘rent-seeking’ minister who had to be bribed for clearances, with her OSD (officer on special duty) Gayatri Devi being the supposed go-between (Modi in a campaign speech would later refer to a ‘Jayanthi tax’).
73. Some might be bribed, some deceived, others intimidated, and those who could neither be bought, deceived, nor intimidated would be manifestly criminals, enemies of society who, as such, could be executed or beaten to death; and the people would approve the acts of the government.
74. So… the overthrow of Chamberlain by Churchill’s backers is a recreation of his ancestor aiding in the overthrowing of James II, the bribing of Winston by The Focus group and by the Czech nation; is a recreating of Marlborough being bribed by a lobby of secret Jewish banking interests.
75. But what is one sane man against a stampeded multitude of maniacs? For confirmation of my disinterestedness, I point to all those weeks and months during which I waged costly warfare on The Seven, who would gladly have given me more than I now have, could I have been bribed to desist.
76. What are we to be guided by in moments of struggle and wavering, that we may know whether it is indeed our conscience that is speaking in us, or whether it is reflection, which is bribed by our weakness? (The third question I for brevity's sake expressed in my own words, without having changed its meaning, I hope.
77. This observe, when I made it, led me to go up to the bailie as he was storming at the bribed and corrupt innkeeper, and to say to him, that if he would leave the matter to me, I would settle it to the content of all present; which he, slackening the grip he had taken of the landlord by the throat, instantly conceded.
78. And so, being in this indifferent frame of mind, he spent an hour in putting on his newest English flannels and the very latest thing in pale green shirts, and then, upon descending to the dining room, he bribed the waiter to give him a seat at the next table to his casual acquaintance of the pier; merely, as he told himself, out of curiosity to see how she looked with her hair dry.
79. But what is to be done with men who neither preach rebellion nor any special dogmas, who wish to live in peace with all mankind, who refuse to take the oath of allegiance or to pay taxes, or to take part in tribunals, to perform military service, and the various duties of a similar nature, on which the whole organization of the State is founded? What is to be done with them? They cannot be bribed.
80. When was the last time a corporation bribed a politician to enact harsher regulatory laws on their own industry, so that the consumer might be better protected, given a quality product, have a superior good created for the people, paid its real share of taxes on all aspects of its production, and limited its profits so as to improve the lives of its employees and suppliers, rather than shareholders?
81. The bribed officials, from the prime ministers to the lowest scribes, form one unbroken chain of individuals, united by a common interest, supported by the labor of the people, fulfilling the will of the government with a submission proportionate to their gains, never hesitating to use any means in any department of business to promote the action of that governmental violence on which their well-being rests.
82. If they were revolutionists, who preach violence and murder, and who practise all these things, it would be easy to oppose them: part of them would be bribed, part deceived, part frightened into subjection; and those who could not be bribed, or deceived, or frightened, would be declared malefactors and enemies of society, would be executed or locked up, and the crowd would applaud the action of the government.
83. These bribed officials, from the highest ministers to the lowest scribes, who, forming one continuous chain of men, are united by the same interest of supporting themselves by the labours of the masses, and grow wealthier in proportion as they more humbly do the will of their governments, always and everywhere, stopping short before no means, in all branches of activity, in word and deed, defend the governmental violence, upon which their very well-being is based.
84. But the moral grounds of suspicion remained: the strong motives Bulstrode clearly had for wishing to be rid of Raffles, and the fact that at this critical moment he had given Lydgate the help which he must for some time have known the need for; the disposition, moreover, to believe that Bulstrode would be unscrupulous, and the absence of any indisposition to believe that Lydgate might be as easily bribed as other haughty-minded men when they have found themselves in want of money.
85. They blamed Kutúzov and said that from the very beginning of the campaign he had prevented their vanquishing Napoleon, that he thought of nothing but satisfying his passions and would not advance from the Linen Factories because he was comfortable there, that at Krásnoe he checked the advance because on learning that Napoleon was there he had quite lost his head, and that it was probable that he had an understanding with Napoleon and had been bribed by him, and so on, and so on.
86. He bribed all the household, he gave and offered gifts and presents to my parents; every day was like a holiday or a merry-making in our street; by night no one could sleep for the music; the love letters that used to come to my hand, no one knew how, were innumerable, full of tender pleadings and pledges, containing more promises and oaths than there were letters in them; all which not only did not soften me, but hardened my heart against him, as if he had been my mortal enemy, and as if everything he did to make me yield were done with the opposite intention.
87. If, sir, I was disposed to retort upon those who are opposed to the renewal of the charter, I would ask, if they have not seen published in the democratic papers of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, extracts of letters said to be written in the City of Washington, charging the members of Congress who are in favor of it with being bribed and corrupted, and with being disposed to sell the sovereignty of the nation to British capitalists? Have they not seen, in the same papers, conversations detailed with great minuteness, which it is pretended have passed between members of Congress, calculated to excite public odium and indignation against the friends of the bill now under consideration? Sir, I will not for a moment indulge an idea that these letters have been written or these conversations detailed by any member of this body.
1. Instead, he paid some bribes.
2. The ‘ bak shish’ – the bribes.
3. They suspected me of offering bribes.
4. He had strong views on paying bribes.
5. We will pay no bribes to bring aid to their poor.
6. Perhaps, we shall also need some money for bribes.
7. Lilliput and, with bribes, reduced the Anointed of.
8. So, in all fields, the world bribes its leaders to be their.
9. But there’d still be too much risk of hidden bribes or threats.
10. Patriotism meant the wringing of bribes from the quick and the dead.
11. By honesty he understood the refusal to take bribes from private people.
12. By honour he understood not accepting secret bribes from private persons.
13. He wrote of widespread bribes and corruption both in Africa and Washington.
14. I shall also produce witnesses to testify that you have been taking bribes.
15. Because of this situation, doctors routinely expected bribes from patients.
16. Make them stand on their own and no more bribes and payola to get the tune sung.
17. They apparently see the new hotel as a gold mine for them in bribes and extortion.
18. Ciere can’t believe getting in is this easy—she was expecting bribes or threats.
19. Of course, the bribes – or bahk-shish – along with the smuggling of goods, such.
20. These loans are basically legalized bribes given to the elite in these poor countries.
21. With this enterprise came illegal payoffs and bribes, the latter going to judges and U.
22. They would threaten criminal charges, and then ask for bribes to make the case go away.
23. That meant bribing port officials and that was dangerous unless you knew who was taking bribes.
24. Fancy bothering about such trifles now! And they actually say he is not honest and takes bribes.
25. Fancy bothering about such trifies now! And they actually say he is not honest and takes bribes.
26. He also took bribes as grease money at Davie Shipbuilding in Montreal before GD hired him.
27. Absent these bribes, patients would receive care below the level customary to the time and place.
28. Those who did not take bribes were looked upon as rebels because they disturbed the general harmony.
29. Later on arms would be twisted, promises would be made, and bribes would be paid with taxpayer money.
30. In fact he thought they might even turn against him, and kill him too, if the bribes were high enough!.
31. No excess baggage: no accounts, no national insurance, minimal salaries, and small bribes to the taxman.
32. Aye, old Tulip has a reputation of being as straight as an arrow when it comes to bribes and blind eyes.
33. I must warn you that I am acquainted with the penalties for soliciting bribes and will not hesitate …'.
34. He also generously agreed to return the $80,000 he’d received in bribes from Bob over the past few months.
35. I had heard of blokes stuck in the reserves that had offered bribes of up to a fiver to get to the front line.
36. What nonsense! Besides, why shouldn’t he take bribes? That’s the way he was brought up, and everybody does it.
37. Their belief that they were untouchable and the culture of payoffs and bribes continued during the inquiry of 87’.
38. When they see their colleagues and neighbors prosper through bribes, their jealousy makes them anticipate a tax raid.
39. In fact, the roughly 65,000 Vietnamese who were not killed became informers for revenge, bribes, or fear of blackmail.
40. The enemy's spies who have come to spy on us must be sought out, tempted with bribes, led away and comfortably housed.
41. Without a generous application of cash many of these things wouldn't have happened, but bribes weren't a big part of it.
42. Grimes laid out his evidence and convinced the Sheikh he could, with a small deposit for tools and bribes, get hold of the grail.
43. People liked this as justice was speedy, unlike in Pakistani courts, where you could wait years and have to pay bribes to be heard.
44. It also influences the Royal Council, supposedly the seat of power of the Imperium, through bribes, blackmail and outright threats.
45. He was shrewd and greedy, careful to make the most of his limited power by demanding bribes from the villagers at every opportunity.
46. Finally, he’d been forced out over accepting bribes that were no different than ones taken by every government executive in the country.
47. In the law courts judgments are as wise as Solomon's, and the jury only take bribes through the struggle for existence, to escape starvation.
48. There were even rumors that he was susceptible to bribes, a charge that could in fact be laid against many officers of the Terran Customs Navy.
49. The post was lucrative, the salary usefully supplemented by gifts, bribes, and percentages skimmed off the top of fines and forfeited bail money.
50. The Rikken Yoseikai Party had been subsidizing his bribes and secret wire-transfers to his account in the Cayman Islands, but that would soon stop.
51. They probably will not try to obstruct what you do either, and I think that house and barn mice may even accept bribes and could be useful that way.
52. And also you are accused of having persuaded with bribes your first husband to commit a fraud, a pretended suicide, in order to rid yourself of him.
53. A brand-new cloud of scandal settles over the White House when it is revealed that Vice President Spiro Agnew has been taking bribes while in office.
54. It was not uncommon for friends of crucified persons to offer bribes to the Roman authorities for the privilege of gaining possession of such bodies.
55. The program to be announced at next week’s state dinner was yet another example of the bribes that the Americans believed would keep Pakistan docile.
56. With a few bribes and computer generated images and movies, Akhim had convince the district government it would increase the tourism to the Cu Chi tunnels.
57. It had also been suggested that he would fit in better if he changed his position of adamantly refusing his share of bribes and proceeds of criminal activities.
58. He managed to whitewash the entire corrupt Chicago City Government and the Mayor of Chicago by keeping all the names of those guilty of taking bribes out of the trial.
59. By sheer good luck, they escaped physical harm hiding in a cornfield while their home was ransacked and burned, eventually fleeing to Miami via the payment of many bribes.
60. More importantly in practical terms how do you pay this fellow without it being traced? Most if not all Corporates try to hide the bribes by paying consultation fees to his advisors.
61. Of course, bribing is dishonest even in such a case, but I can't undertake to judge about it, because if Ivan and Katya commissioned me to act for you, I know I should go and give bribes.
62. And it sufficed for the government by means of bribes and rewards to keep these officials and this gentry in their power, in order that the masses might obediently do what was demanded of them.
63. One thing is known, these dangerous ladders are allowed to remain because of the prodigious bribes being supplied to the KULMOOG by the profiteering merchants who lurk by the bone-riddled ladder's base.
64. Don Antonio offered to arrange the matter at the capital, whither he was compelled to go on some other business, hinting that many a difficult affair was settled there with the help of favour and bribes.
65. What revelations did it contain? The identity of a highly placed informant? A list of bribes to foreign officials? Evidence of wrongdoing by the CIA’s administration? It was impossible not to speculate.
66. How many private charter flights had Paul paid for but never flown? How many hotel rooms had he rented that they’d never stayed in? She had assumed the expenses were bribes to Congressman Jackson, but maybe not.
67. These had been leather bound, Coptic papyrus and, after befriending a local official with a few bribes, he obtained an old batch of papyrus containing only a small piece of script, which had been considered of no historic value.
68. Nate was a shallow man, interested in bribes and commissions, and he had little conception of the depth of Ralph’ s obsession with Gwenda’ s family: his hatred of Wulfric, his lust for Gwenda, and now the likelihood that he was Sam’ s real father.
69. Eventually there remained no more than thirty criminals who were, by then, in prison and he punished them even further when he discovered that after he had arrested them and sent them to prison they resorted to bribes and intermediaries to arrange for the court to discharge them.
70. Yes, admitted Charles, in which case, the bribes would, at least in principle, not be necessary because the project is in our collective interest, apart from the possible problem that overall unfairness results from the many projects not ‘averaging out’ across people.
71. As for the few Chinese soldiers that had been on guard duty in the port area, they had vanished from sight, something that didn’t surprise Khordadbeh: the soldiers of the military governor of Guangzhou were much better at extracting bribes and bullying foreign merchants than at fighting.
72. Speaker, I have no manner of doubt, that the day that this act passes, and the whole class of our Northern youth is made subject to the bribes of your recruiting officers, that there will be thousands of Frenchmen in these United States, rubbing their hands for joy, and exclaiming, Be Gar! just so in France.
73. The bureaucrats knew there’d be no winners in a fight to the finish between them and the merchant families, so they settled for much smaller bribes than they would have expected in the North and, in return, the merchants of the South kept their mouths shut about any minor irregularities in government contracts.
74. Some persons might have considered these pleasing liberties as bribes, but Demi didn't see it in that light, and continued to patronize thèthe bear-man' with pensive affability, while Daisy bestowed her small affections upon him at the third call, and considered his shoulder her throne, his arm her refuge, his gifts treasures surpassing worth.
75. She sucked air in after leafing through only a couple of pages, while glee filled her: that ledger contained a list of all the Los Angeles government officials, politicians, police officers, lawyers, prosecutors and judges that had been paid bribes by Durante’s men, along with the dates and amounts of the bribes and the bank accounts information.
76. But what is to be done with men who profess no revolutionary ideas nor any peculiar religious dogmas, but merely because they are unwilling to do evil to any man, refuse to take the oath, to pay taxes, to take part in law proceedings, to serve in the army, to fulfill, in fact, any of the obligations upon which the whole fabric of a state rests? What is to done with such people? To buy them over with bribes is impossible; the very risks to which they voluntarily expose themselves show that they are incorruptible.
77. Christianity is not a legislation but a new life-conception; hence it was not obligatory, nor has it been accepted by all men in its full meaning, but only by a few; the rest have accepted it in a corrupted form—Moreover, Christianity is a prophecy of the disappearance of the pagan life, and therefore of the necessity of accepting the Christian doctrine—Non-resistance of evil by violence is one of the principles of the Christian doctrine which must inevitably be accepted by men at the present day—Two methods of solving every struggle—The first method consists in believing the general definitions of evil to be binding upon all, and to resist this evil by violence—The second, the Christian method, consists in not resisting evil by violence—Although the failure of the first method was recognized in the first centuries of Christianity, it is still employed; but as humanity advanced it has become more evident that there is not, nor can there be, a general definition of evil—Now this has become evident to all, and if the violence which is destined to combat evil exists, it is not because it is considered necessary, but because men do not know how to dispense with it—The difficulty of dispensing with it is due to the skilfulness and complexity of political violence—This violence is supported by four methods: by threats, bribes, hypnotism, and the employment of military force—Deliverance from State violence cannot be accomplished by overthrowing the State—Through experience of the misery of pagan life men are compelled to acknowledge the doctrine of Christ, with its non-resistance to evil,—a doctrine which they have hitherto ignored—To this same necessity of acknowledging the Christian doctrine we are brought by the consciousness of its truth—This consciousness is in utter contradiction to our life, and is especially evident in regard to general military conscription; but, in consequence of habit and the four methods of State violence, men do not see this inconsistency of Christianity with the duties of a soldier—Men do not see it even when the authorities themselves show them plainly all the immorality of the duties of a soldier—The call of the general conscription is the extreme trial for every man,—the command to choose between the Christian doctrine of non-resistance or servile submission to the existing organization of the State—Men generally submit to the demands of the State organization, renouncing all that is sacred, as though there were no other issue—For men of the pagan life-conception, indeed, no other issue does exist; they are compelled to acknowledge it, regardless of all the dreadful calamities of war—Society composed of such men must inevitably perish, and no social changes can save it—The pagan life has reached its last limits; it works its own destruction.

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