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Bring dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Bring a suit and tie.
2. Bring me to the earth.
3. I can bring you home.
4. They then bring it up.
5. Bring a bottle of wine.
6. Bring it up and use it.
7. To bring it toward you.

8. What A Day Would Bring.
9. He didn’t bring it up.
10. Bring a bottle of water.
11. If I bring the fires of.
12. Bring a game of checkers.
13. That He could bring about.
14. Can you bring it too?
15. Did the turkey bring you?
16. I'll bring the car around.
17. Don't bring this up again.
18. Bring the young fellow in.
19. I forgot to bring the wine.
20. He wishes to bring us to.
21. I will bring her to Calras.
22. I couldn’t bring it all.
23. You can't bring about any.
24. Bring the priest here now.
25. He was able to bring more.
26. But here you bring in the.
27. That bring the fog and mist.
28. With whatever you bring us.
29. I had nothing to bring home.
30. It will bring faith to you.
31. It can only bring to.
32. If I could bring you smiles.
33. Should you choose to bring.
34. He raised his arm to bring.
35. Bring it along by all means.
36. Bring the spirit down to us.
37. When you bring laughter to.
38. Bring all firepower to bear.
39. Defying the sun I bring rain.
40. Bring to a soft boil or 238.
2. Brosnan will be bringing up.
3. With Panny bringing up the.
4. Bringing home the bacon, did.
5. C3: We are bringing in Cyndie.
6. I thank you for bringing us.
7. When we started bringing her.
8. She is bringing it in her pail.
9. I told you I was bringing her.
10. They're bringing our two kids.
11. She had a way of bringing out.
12. Okay, I’m not bringing it up.
13. After bringing about the union.
14. And bringing something with it.
15. Finally bringing it to the flame.
16. There they are bringing new wine.
17. I’m bringing them back with me.
18. See, I'm bringing people already.
19. What are you bringing to the.
20. Sorry that I keep bringing it up.
21. Bringing out all my inadequacies.
22. Are you bringing the boys?
23. Nobron was bringing his up behind.
24. Are stirred toward bringing into.
25. For bringing me home, a while ago.
26. Clydie is bringing all the milk.
27. Holt and Meg bringing up the rear.
28. I’m bringing this to the general.
29. I think she’s bringing a lot to.
30. And he plunged deep, bringing them.
31. Bringing new wonder to live within.
32. He’s bringing evil upon the city.
33. Continue Bringing the Ascension of.
34. Bringing out the best in each other.
35. To me, bringing this book in is an.
36. Yeah, no use bringing up the past.
37. Thanked me for bringing him closure.
38. I’ll be bringing her home shortly.
39. I’m bringing the car around now.
40. And they’re bringing the kids, too.
1. They brought him to Him.
2. I brought it with me.
3. USA and brought it over.
4. This brought an end to.
5. Jay brought it for me.
6. I had brought you there.
7. He brought me to a bar.
8. He brought it down at me.
9. The games are brought out.
10. You brought them with you.
11. The boy brought his horse.
12. That brought a quick frown.
13. She had brought six pink.
14. His father brought him a.
15. It cannot be brought about.
16. A shout brought no response.
17. The month that brought her.
18. She brought him here to die.
19. He had thousands brought in.
20. Travel has brought us closer.
21. Who brought the boy in?
22. But what brought about the.
23. He brought her back to life.
24. He even brought up marriage.
25. Yet you had brought it home.
26. It brought tears to her eyes.
27. The thought brought a smile.
28. Disney has brought into our.
29. Mama said and brought Ali down.
30. This brought joy to his heart.
31. Peoples was brought to Pharaoh.
32. My friends, I've brought help.
33. That brought me back to Earth.
34. You should have brought him.
35. Brought it, too, upon Nicolas.
36. They brought to Him a denarius.
37. Cara brought bottles of water.
38. God brought all into creation.
39. He brought in an experienced.
40. She brought a big bag with her.
1. It brings us out of.
2. Which brings me to –.
3. That brings me up to date.
4. The one factor brings a.
5. Which brings us to Friday.
6. This brings us to Goal 2.
7. Hope he brings the cont.
8. Enjoy the peace it brings.
9. Crime brings in cash and.
10. Teddy brings me the long.
11. This brings me to my fa-.
12. She brings a bowl of water.
13. The waitress brings us soup.
14. But that brings me comfort.
15. The Word of God brings life.
16. It brings us closer to God.
17. And that brings us back to.
18. Teddy brings his fire coat.
19. The Mustang brings her home.
20. Which brings us to the Spirit.
21. That brings me back to Union.
22. R and brings her back to life.
23. That brings our heart to heart.
24. What brings the three of you.
25. The tea always brings me back.
26. It brings $800 at the auction.
27. Which brings me to a question.
28. All this in many cases brings.
29. But if the LORD brings about.
30. It brings out your creativity.
31. And that brings us to our list.
32. And how sin brings about death.
33. This brings the book to a close.
34. This brings me to another point.
35. He brings out the worst in you.
36. This brings up the concept of.
37. It brings up too many memories.
38. Q: What brings about a change?
39. What brings you this joy?
40. He brings his lips back to mine.

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