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Bristle dans une phrase (en anglais)

I bristle but he’s right.
I bristle at his insinuation.
Only the Bristle Cone Pines were older.
Most? I bristle but refuse to be distracted.
Our bookstores and newstands bristle with.
Those noises at night make the hair on my head bristle.
It made the short hairs bristle on the back of his neck.

A short, wide man with cropped black hair and bristle moustache.
Herndon had a strong chin, now dark with a day's growth of bristle.
On the flip side of this, the black bristle has much more of a 61.
The majority of women will bristle at this and accept your challenge.
Johnny rubbed his bristle and tried to guess what Best was getting at.
I felt Faith’s body bristle next to me and gripped her hand tighter.
Both black and white bristle is shipped to Purdy®, along with Ox bristle.
The minute McFadden left, the bristle of danger dropped right out of the room.
She screwed her eyes shut and felt her power bristle just underneath the surface.
Conan glared in silence, feeling the short hairs bristle at the back of his neck.
In contrast to his grey bristle she had softer longer fur of a light cream colour.
I was starting to bristle at the insurance companys callous treatment of a nice guy.
We've never witnessed it, but it has been reported that they go after bristle worms too.
Sharp spines seemed to bristle against Ashley’s skin, raising her anxiously off the bed.
The hair on the back of his neck started to bristle as if he already sensed something serious.
The master showed him how to weld the bristle, and how to whet, and Mikháyla learned it all at once.
He felt the short hair bristle chilly at the back of his neck and put the matter hastily out of his mind.
It was not in reality a very stiff task, though there were moments which made my hair bristle upon my head.
He was of a sickly color, and his thin, sandy hair seemed to bristle up with the intensity of his emotion.
Natural bristle is extremely porous by nature and thus it soaks up a great amount of water that it touches.
His brown eyes were wide, and his normally unruly hair seemed to bristle in all directions as he skidded to a halt.
For it seemed woven of boar-bramble, clock-spring hair, bristle, and a sort of ever-trembling, ever-glistening dark hemp.
She also gazed at the antlers on the wall, for the wall continued to bristle with antlers right up to the top of the house.
He was a brave man, but he had felt the short hairs bristle upon the nape of his neck when that uncanny cry rose upon the air.
Dynamic auras bristle around glorified expressions, Beneath the absinthe stars of the charged country, Where ordinary people:.
In fact, if one uses a natural bristle brush in water based or latex paint, the brush will paint like a "mop" in no time at all.
The white bristle is a finer smoother bristle than the black, and the Ox hair is used where an extremely smooth finish is required.
Despite telling me he didn't care what people thought of him, he seemed to bristle at Celia's assessment of his ungentlemanly conduct.
For the first time in ages, I was washed in a copper tub of heated water and scrubbed with soft bristle brushes until my skin blushed pink.
Use a brush with well spaced rounded nylon quills in preference to a bristle brush, and use a protective conditioner before blow-drying your hair.
It was long, whitish, and blotched with pimples, the nose flattened, and the lower jaw projecting, with a bristle of coarse whiskers round the chin.
He may have to live all his days with a telephone tied up to his head and bristle all over with scientific antennae like a figure in a fantastic tale.
Obviously, in different regions there are different climates, therefore producing various types of bristle, varying in length, thickness, and rigidity.

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