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Broaden dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Let’s broaden our search area.
  2. It might broaden your horizon…’.
  3. The smile seemed to broaden on Conan's thin lips.
  4. Freud did not try to broaden his investigations in.
  5. With practice the field will broaden and investigation.

  6. If businesses are vertical, they will need to broaden out.
  7. Deepen and broaden your awareness of yourself and all the.
  8. The passing years have caused the river to broaden, but at.
  9. I’ve been trying to broaden my interests of late, she said.
  10. It helps broaden your network of business women, says Kitchen.
  11. Try to broaden the answer by saying ‘we are all faced with a fast.
  12. If you have a written product, you could broaden its appeal by adding….
  13. Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate.
  14. We must go back to basics and broaden the traditional paradigm in two ways.
  15. She thought she heard him sigh and broaden his chest slightly as she touched him.

  16. Broaden the base of the skull too, and lift the crease of the neck diagonally into.
  17. More data will simply broaden your basis of observation and make for sounder decisions.
  18. The best strategy for the investor is to broaden and deepen the store of relevant knowledge.
  19. In 1957 Mao decided to broaden his ideas by encouraging China’s intellectuals to speak out.
  20. Try to broaden the visions of those with whom you come in contact and you will broaden your.
  21. If we remain open-minded throughout, perhaps we’ll each broaden our perspective in the process.
  22. Autry, who was looking for ways to broaden his national audience, had arranged to bring them to Hollywood.
  23. But this call to Africa, while not interfering with duty here, will broaden their vision and deepen their piety.
  24. These were the words of President Obama after the landmark decision of the Supreme Court to broaden marriage rights.
  25. For women with an interest in business, the Executive MBA experience can broaden their skill base and their network.

  26. Values abound and we believe we can broaden and diversify the portfolio without sacrificing future rates of return.
  27. The Christos is a Greek word for an energy that will broaden the self, open your spiritual centers, as you progress.
  28. Those were, first: to make good the faith my parents put in me to broaden my horizons and repay their sacrifices on that account.
  29. I am really glad that I had the teacher that we did because he did try to broaden our knowledge without making everything difficult.
  30. Ability to reach new markets with a Global audience: A website will broaden one’s base of customers, members, distributors or suppliers.
  31. I’m glad to have the experiences I had with them, but I didn’t do it to broaden my horizons—I did it because I was angry and needed some space.
  32. Greg Morris recognized the need to enhance and broaden his landmark work, and has done the most comprehensive statistical analysis ever on candlesticks.
  33. Obviously, there is always more to learn, and in the time that he holds the stock, which can be years, his knowledge and understanding deepen and broaden.
  34. It is also necessary to study astronomy, quantum physics, chemistry… In general, broaden your knowledge in the field of exact sciences as much as you can.
  35. The act of reaching for them will strengthen you, enlighten you, challenge you, broaden you, help you realize more of who you are and show you who you are not.
  36. The institutional manager who handles billions of dollars would be best advised to broaden his prospects to the 4,000 or more innovative companies that are available.
  37. He wanted to better our life, especially to provide me with an education, and to broaden the horizons that a small, dull, stagnant, agriculture-oriented village provided.
  38. This unit was put together not only to facilitate the transit that is necessary due to the recent revelations and to maintain order, but also to broaden our knowledge about the magical community.
  39. What then is the meaning of the individual becoming totally merged in God? The small circle has to broaden itself and grow bigger and bigger until it has fully expanded to the size of the big circle.
  40. As the senior person in the room, he still had influence; his motion to broaden Regan’s mandate passed so quickly that it surprised even her, and the best Amory could do was pretend it was his idea.
  41. This will broaden the choice of delta-neutral portfolios, which, in turn, will allow selecting a portfolio with characteristics thoroughly satisfying the requirements of the trading system developer.
  42. Statistics departments would be able to create data scientists if they broaden their curricula to include data mining, optimization, database management, programming in advanced languages and other analytic tools.
  43. Thus, by utilizing a variety of strategies with strong historical performance, you can build any number of portfolios that broaden your exposure to market capitalization classes, growth or value styles, or risk characteristics.
  44. Over the past few years, there had been Senate and House attempts to improve and extend it—efforts to broaden its care for children, to extend its parity coverage to include addiction—but none of them had gotten any traction.
  45. The face, clean-shaven, shows a hard, square chin, a large resolute, mobile mouth, a good-sized nose, rather straight, but with quick, sensitive nostrils, that seem to broaden as the big bushy brows come down and the mouth tightens.
  46. Sometimes, when he listens to Ken when they're alone in the flat above Snuggle's, he thinks that maybe he should broaden his horizons, but he knows in his heart that his crock of gold lies at the end of the lane, not at the end of the rainbow.
  47. It would be as if somehow man devised a way to broaden the spectrum of visible light, then we would be able to sense with our eyes the colors that we know through experimentation exist above and below the narrow range of colors that we currently perceive.
  48. The unseating of PSR as the top value factor can be attributed to two things: (1) By analyzing the price-to-sales ratio’s composited decile data, as opposed to simply reviewing the 50 lowest price-to-sales ratios stocks on a single December rebalance cycle, we broaden the scope of analysis.
  49. We would rather occupy our time, if we may, in looking at this whole Indian question, hoping that we may arouse a more universal interest, and cause, thereby, to flow into the treasury of this Society the funds which shall enable it to enlarge and broaden its work and hasten the complete Christianizing of our Indian tribes.
  50. It is impossible to compare systems of Perception of different Proto-Forms with each other, because in order to establish psychic interrelations with the outer world, all Proto-Forms use different-quality mechanisms that either narrow the range of their possibilities (in comparison with possibilities of other Proto-Forms) or considerably broaden them.
  51. There has been a disturbing tendency in recent years to categorically broaden (read: create more poor people) descriptive statistics designed to either support or reject existing assumptions relating to poverty rates that are oftentimes overstated, unreliable, unsupported by fact and likely to provide biased conclusions about poverty, its definition, extent, causes and prognosis for the future.
  52. Then, after a warm rain, the shadows broaden and draw together, for overhead the leaves are bursting; the wind blowing on to him from the clearing is scented, for the grass out there has violets in it; the pear trees in the deserted garden put on their white robes of promise; and then comes summer, and in the long days there are wanderers in the woods, and the chance passer-by, moved perhaps by some vague sentiment of pity for so much loneliness, throws him a few flowers or a bunch of ferns as he goes his way.
  53. Provided ample opportunities to self-destruct, that child soon acquires disagreeable habits that, reinforced by common attitudes, establishes the rocky foundations of a society populated by lingering, single-minded adolescents who, guided by their own (―exceptional‖) rules of conduct, acquire self-centered and perhaps anti-social points of view devolving into a collection of interchangeable parts reflecting the questionable character of that society‘s lowest forms that must negatively impact its social, cultural and political institutions including schools, churches, political organizations, judicial system, the news media, corporations, all! A free and open society should never impose arbitrary limits or draw uncertain conclusions as to how an individual should (otherwise) think or act however eccentric or unconventional such attitudes may appear; although that society, by example, should seek to broaden exemplary manners and customs essential to the maintenance of proper form if that society hopes to function effectively.
  1. He could hear her accent broadening.
  2. By broadening his perspective, Ogg could see that once.
  3. You pretty, he says, a smile broadening across his shiny, red face.
  4. In all her proposals she has concentrated on broadening the area of détente.
  5. Here, catch! You might need that later on, said Mark, with a broadening smile.
  6. Only fancy! answered Ignát, surprised at the broadening grin on his face in the mirror.
  7. They had an alternative name for being a cardiologist broadening perspective to say the least.
  8. There are four types of triangles: symmetrical, ascending, descending, and expanding (broadening.
  9. Ah, I have to tell you what happened, he said abruptly, his broadening smile capturing Gordon’s attention.
  10. She wondered idly just how much his hands had had to do with the broadening and flattening and changement of her body.
  11. Karen Armstrong: A History of God (what does iqra mean? Chapter 5 is very helpful in broadening the perspective of students, p.
  12. Here I focus on three more intrusive ways to improve carry trading returns:• broadening the currency universe to emerging markets;.
  13. If we succeed in broadening the popular base of the war with them, as you people say, it means that the regime his a broad popular base.
  14. Tuning in to the Movie Channel he settles back on the couch and with broadening smile settles down to watch John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn.
  15. They consist in entertainment and relaxation in the reading and a broadening of the knowledge of that world, which Roger had the opportunity to visit and to live.
  16. By thus broadening the field, it is hoped that more and better work will be done, and that an intelligent interest will be created in many branches of the Master's work.
  17. Grindel stood now on the ramparts of the giant earthworks he'd had built, surveying his new domain with a broadening smile, already savouring the absolute power that would soon be his.
  18. The early dawn was broadening between the pillars of the market, and the chemist's shop, with the shutters still up, showed in the pale light of the dawn the large letters of his signboard.
  19. Broadening into several moderately correlated asset classes would improve diversification and the portfolio’s SR faster, even if the generally high correlations of most assets with equities limit the benefits.
  20. This is due to continuous monetary inflation affecting the cost of repairing humans and property, as well as "social inflation," a broadening definition by society and juries of what is covered by insurance policies.
  21. It simplifies the tones by destroying the distressing shining lights that were cutting up the masses; and it also destroys a large amount of half tone, broadening the lights almost up to the commencement of the shadows.
  22. In higher-quality Continuums, our UFS and the Stereo-Forms focused by them will attain an incomparably greater broadening of the individual diversity of the entire set of Forms used by us (SVUULL-VVU and STOOLL-VVU, LUUD-VVU and UOLD-VVU).
  23. But, as Muhammad prophesied, none was sent by Allah for fourteen centuries now to renew Islam for the guidance of the Musalmans in the ever-changing world, and it is another matter that the mullas scorn the very idea of broadening the narrow path of their faith.
  24. If I were Brooke, I would choke the 'Trumpet' at once by getting Garth to make a new valuation of the farms, and giving him carte blanche about gates and repairs: that's my view of the political situation, said the Rector, broadening himself by sticking his thumbs in his armholes, and laughing towards Mr.
  25. Meantime, while resting upon a rampart or some other commanding viewpoints around the island, Chloe and Kaitlyn read to each other from books of poetry, or from the book of histories which Harry had borrowed, not just for their entertainment, but for the sheer pleasure of broadening their horizons of knowledge.
  1. My horizons and tastes broadened.
  2. My lips broadened to produce a smile.
  3. Was that what broadened your a’s?
  4. Behind him Helen Roach’s smile broadened.
  5. Claire’s round face broadened with delight.
  6. Quite suddenly he had broadened my horizons.
  7. The river broadened and the current slackened.
  8. Grindel's smile broadened and he winked slowly.
  9. She had broadened out all over, and in her face.
  10. The simplicity of the religion broadened its appeal.
  11. His smile broadened as he looked down on Dona’Cora.
  12. The main road eventually broadened as it approached the.
  13. There were broadened tracks of wagons, carts and horses.
  14. The ripples broadened and rebounded off the opposing shores.
  15. Milverton's smile broadened and his eyes twinkled humorously.
  16. Herley would like to see this effort broadened by automation.
  17. Rhal's smile broadened as he replied, You will meet her now, I.
  18. Pine gave an appreciative smile as the Captain's smile broadened.
  19. His smile broadened more as he saw the fear develop in her eyes.
  20. The tunnel broadened to such a scale that it resembled the hall.
  21. His hair brushed the top of the shelter as his shoulders broadened.
  22. They may have to be changed a little, broadened it may be, here and.
  23. Charly's grin broadened, and she plucked a volume from the lower shelf.
  24. Despite Bryony’s criticism, Inglenook’s smile broadened into a grin.
  25. Their smiles broadened still further when a naked woman popped out behind her.
  26. After time and knowledge had broadened her view of things she made a decision.
  27. Thanks to a new influence, mine broadened and matured with the ripening summer.
  28. After they had been searching and moving on quietly for some time, broadened out.
  29. His smile broadened as a thrill quickened his heartbeat, and he nodded his satisfaction.
  30. At this point, the waterway broadened out to form a large, quiet pool, before it narrowed.
  31. GARCH models were also broadened to estimate ex ante correlations and factor sensitivities.
  32. He rounded the jut of the rock and came upon a portion of the path that broadened somewhat.
  33. Her pretty mouth stretched into an automatic smile, which broadened when she recognized me.
  34. More recently, the scope of VR applications in medicine has broadened in diagnosis of diseases.
  35. John wondered if his eyes gave anything away, because the smile on Cristian’s face broadened.
  36. He looked at me intently, his smile broadened and broadened till it passed into actual laughter.
  37. Day was breaking, and a great stain of purple colour broadened out in the pale horizon over the St.
  38. The market portfolio was later broadened to include global equities and other risky asset classes.
  39. Your idea of so-called 'reality' may just get broadened more than you would like by the time we're done here.
  40. Behind him Helen Roach’s smile broadened into a black grin and her eyes flashed with the fire of pure hatred.
  41. The street broadened, and Conan was aware that he was getting into the part of the city dedicated to the temples.
  42. It twisted and writhed like a great shadowy serpent, then broadened and billowed out in shining folds and whirls.
  43. Where Ito was starting to thin and grey, he had broadened from the unhappy frailty of his twenties, and brightened.
  44. Colling felt his face redden as he tried to think of something to say, and the girl’s smile broadened at his discomfort.
  45. Still, staring, eyes broadened, bulging, blind to all else but the approaching harbinger of death he looked into its eyes.
  46. Most states have subsequently broadened the definition of burglary to include businesses and illegal entries during the day.
  47. He sensed the anger and indignity suffered by the big man, and when the canyon track broadened, he urged his horse forward.
  48. As a stock’s prices expand, the incremental spaces are broadened so that all of the trading activity will fit on the chart.
  49. Meanwhile, Eisenhower soon came to realise that the plan proposed by COSSAC would have to be broadened from three divisions to five.
  50. However most states have refined and broadened the statutory definition of rape so that marriage, gender, and force are not relevant.
  51. And in the early 19th century, fireworkers discovered dozens of other alloys that broadened their palette beyond the traditional off-white.
  52. Entering the kitchen behind her mother, Susan was filled with the desire to permeate this house, with her new-found and broadened experiences.
  53. Her clean-cut head with prominent, bright, spirited eyes, broadened out at the open nostrils, that showed the red blood in the cartilage within.
  54. The karmic laws are responsible for harmony, peace, forgiveness, equality, discipline and above all the broadened and elated mental capability of mankind.
  55. She had broadened out all over, and in her face at the time when she was speaking of the actress there was an evil expression of hatred that distorted it.
  56. River broadened and grew more shallow; long stony beaches lay upon the east, and there were gravel-shoals in the water, so that careful steering was needed.
  57. Milverton's smile broadened, he shrugged his shoulders removed his overcoat, folded it with great deliberation over the back of a chair, and then took a seat.
  58. Milverton's smile broadened; he shrugged his shoulders, removed his overcoat, folded it with great deliberation over the back of a chair, and then took a seat.
  59. Now, however, consumers looking for information and entertainment (their primary interest being the latter) enjoy greatly broadened choices as to where to find them.
  60. Harry returned the smile with a, Thank you Miss Hill, which broadened her own still happy expression and he walked in a steady and unhurried pace back home for dinner.
  61. Far up along the river, the valley broadened, and I could see in the distance fencing and a small herd of cattle huddled up near the only tree standing alone in the valley.
  62. Carla did not flinch; her gaze was fixed on his twinkling blue eyes, her warm smile broadened slightly as though he had said something vaguely amusing but not intentionally disarming.
  63. Draped over the whole was a sort of upper garment of exquisite old-rose lace embroidered with large silk flowers, which fell from the shoulders and broadened out in bold superb lines.
  64. Like the illumination that charts brought to the mental darkrooms of ticker tape reading, candlesticks have broadened the trader’s vision of market temperament and pattern recognition.
  65. Various newly minted billionaires paid huge amounts of capital gain taxes, and the tax base was broadened, as a new industry created demand for highly skilled, and mostly well paid, workers.
  66. The wrinkles on his forehead were smoothed out, his eyes contracted, his features broadened and he suddenly went off into a nervous prolonged laugh, shaking all over and looking Raskolnikov straight in the.
  67. The wrinkles on his forehead were smoothed out, his eyes contracted, his features broadened and he suddenly went off into a nervous prolonged laugh, shaking all over and looking Raskolnikov straight in the face.
  68. Their views are broadened; the old crusted conservatism is broken; and they can speak out, with a force and an authority which, it seems to me, no Chinese who had never left his native district could possibly use.
  69. It has broadened from its behavioral origins, in researching bubbles and positive-feedback trading (Shiller, Summers, Shleifer, and others), to rational analyses that have proved useful in explaining the 2007–2008 credit and liquidity crunch.
  70. The concept of cousins has been introduced earlier in the discussion of Haramis and Engulfing patterns with their respective confirmations, partly because they are the most common patterns traders will run into, but it is a concept that can now be broadened a bit.
  71. To better proxy HFs’ current exposures, some studies broadened the menu of factors to include nonlinear exposures (such as synthetic lookback options) and/or dynamic trading strategies (such as a trend-following proxy, merger arbitrage proxy, convertible arbitrage proxy).
  72. By the time he reached the mainland, the sun would be slipping down the sky, beckoning him past four-in-hand interchanges and the numberless gas stations of Jersey to where the earth broadened and softened and it was okay to eat when you were hungry, fuck when you were horny, rest when your loafers started to pinch.
  73. It has added to our knowledge, enlarged our experience, and broadened our intellectual grasp of pharmacy; and last, but not least, it has been the means of bringing together, introducing to each other, and cementing friendships between men who practice a common avocation in districts as wide apart as Inverness and Cornwall.
  74. And indeed everybody in the room looked with a smile of pleasure at the jovial old gentleman, who standing beside his tall and stout partner, Marya Dmitrievna, curved his arms, beat time, straightened his shoulders, turned out his toes, tapped gently with his foot, and, by a smile that broadened his round face more and more, prepared the onlookers for what was to follow.
  75. And indeed everybody in the room looked with a smile of pleasure at the jovial old gentleman, who standing beside his tall and stout partner, Márya Dmítrievna, curved his arms, beat time, straightened his shoulders, turned out his toes, tapped gently with his foot, and, by a smile that broadened his round face more and more, prepared the onlookers for what was to follow.
  76. It was the first time that Nigromanta had had a steady man, a bone crusher from head to toe, as she herself said, dying with laughter, and she had even begun to get romantic illusions when Aureliano confided in her about his repressed passion for Amaran-ta Úrsula, which he had not been able to cure with the substitution but which was twisting him inside all the more as experience broadened the horizons of love.
  1. Travel broadens the mind, she said to him.
  2. This phase broadens the executive's perspective and creates a.
  3. Her smile broadens, and she stands clasping my hands in her wrinkled ones.
  4. The little river, the Esk, runs through a deep valley, which broadens out as it comes near the harbour.
  5. A few times at doing this broadens your knowledge and makes it easier to identify potential sources the next time.
  6. The idea of this criterion is based on the statement that trading attractiveness of an option combination increases when the underlying asset price range, in which the payoff function is positive, broadens.
  7. Now it is necessary to pass over to the third stage of object instruction, the contents of which have been defined by me as follows: The study of the country, county, Government, the whole realm with its natural products and its inhabitants, in general outline, as a sketch of home science and the beginning of natural science, with the predominance of reading, which, resting on the immediate observations of the first two grades, broadens the mental horizon of the pupils,—the sphere of their concepts and ideas.

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