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Brush dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. But he held the brush.
2. I brush away the tears.
3. Brush with half the oil.
4. His fingers brush my neck.
6. First Brush With The Law.
7. Each was handed a brush.

8. I wanted to brush it back.
9. In the brush till he come.
10. She stepped into the brush.
11. That, we can't brush aside.
12. She brushed off her brush.
13. He's giving me the brush off.
14. I will NEVER use a HARD BRUSH.
15. Scrub the floor with a brush.
16. Wielding the brush of emotion.
17. I just need a wash and brush.
18. Remove or trim any brush, etc.
19. He quickly took his brush and.
20. Brush the shell with the sauce.
21. Some would brush up against us.
22. But he seemed to brush it aside.
23. Then he began to brush his hair.
24. Ser? Egg dropped the brush.
25. She picked up the brush in reply.
26. Brush, manipulation of the, 114.
27. Go fetch a brush and ink for.
28. We haven't even a brush and comb.
29. She listened, her brush suspended.
30. Brush bread shell with olive oil.
31. Just inland, the brush was thick.
32. He found her hiding in the brush.
33. Brush tops liberally with garlic.
34. She made no move to brush it away.
35. He already had his brush with death.
36. Rykus focused on the brush underfoot.
37. Crossly he put down his brush to go.
38. Her hair had taken a while to brush.
39. I ran a brush through my unruly hair.
40. He had given him a shovel and a brush.
41. Retouch with paint brush when needed.
42. The size of the brush is still small.
43. This was the only brush we could see.
44. To brush teeth with a nerdle of Gleem.
45. I have already had my brush with them.
46. Dip the brush in the water and repeat.
47. He didn't even brush them to the side.
48. Aggie joined them behind the brush pile.
49. Brush top with solution of 1 egg yolk.
50. He felt the brush of a hand as it was.
51. Then they should be brush coated again.
52. Don’t brush me off saying that it is.
53. With the brush of your breath on my soul.
54. You should try a brush in the morning.
55. I stand back up with the brush in my hand.
56. His reddish hair was in a short brush cut.
57. Soft as a brush aren't you, aye Mike?
58. I knew you were all tarred with one brush.
59. Moses nodded and leaned down to brush her.
60. What if, after all, I would brush the hair.
61. He was engulfed in conversation with Brush.
62. As Pengrove attempted to brush the sticky.
63. It pranced from brush clump to brush clump.
64. It is a fine brush to draw with, as being.
65. But, if we brush aside the opinions of the.
66. Brush the grate of the grill with olive oil.
67. The stroke of a brush alluding to pleasure.
68. She hesitated on the way to brush her teeth.
69. His fingers brush over them, and he smiles.
70. With his next step, I let him brush me aside.
71. Junya walked passed Gerald, Brush, the man.
72. You try to brush past, but he walks with you.
73. Brush the tart with half the apricot mixture.
74. Lightly brush top sheet with remaining butter.
75. He dipped his head to brush my lips with his.
76. So, ladies, where’s my tooth brush?
77. Granted, pavement covered by weeds and brush.
78. This time, I couldnt brush off my complexion.
79. He swiped the brush across the paper but only.
80. Lightly brush grill grates or pan with peanut.
81. Paint the paste onto plants with a paint brush.
82. She felt his wooly shoulders brush against her.
83. She plugged the polish brush back in its bottle.
84. Remember how he hacksawed the brush cutter?’.
85. Jody stood half-hidden in the brush and watched.
86. Brush tapped a man standing next to him in the.
87. He heard something behind him, the brush of feet.
88. Dan Laoer was the man that was holding the brush.
89. No grass or brush grew underground without light.
90. She settled herself in a dense thicket of brush.
91. They wildly tried to brush off the burning scales.
92. He watched me brush, a sad-sack smile on his face.
93. Paul took up his brush again and went on painting.
94. Brush the edges of the pastry with the egg yoke.
95. Their arms were full of sticks and bits of brush.
96. Brush your cat when necessary to prevent matting.
97. All need to brush their teeth and pay their bills.
98. I use the smallest dab of toothpaste when I brush.
99. She didn't turn to him, but started to brush Patra.
100. In the name of bathing, he used to brush himself.
1. A soft brushing of the lips.
2. He mimed brushing away tears.
3. Brushing does not hurt the cloth.
4. Eva nodded, brushing away the tears.
5. Wemyss wrote back brushing this aside.
6. Sephiroth scoffed, brushing the long.
7. Of your path as though you were brushing.
8. The lips brushing yesterday was nothing.
9. I stand up, brushing gravel off my pants.
10. He sloughed it off and continued brushing.
11. Forget brushing your teeth, way too noisy.
12. He was tired of brushing his teeth with.
13. The air was cool, brushing against my skin.
14. Shh, She says, brushing my hair back.
15. After brushing, flossing, and washing, she.
16. This has to do with the quality of brushing.
17. Teya walked out next roughly brushing past her.
18. I spent more time with him, brushing him daily.
19. The cold brushing her face, whipping her hair.
20. I’m fine, Garcia said, brushing them off.
21. Then Sue then started brushing her hair forward.
22. Daily brushing and combing of the coat is very.
23. He was brushing Darant, Tommit’s prize Pegasus.
24. He scarcely seemed to notice, brushing them off.
25. She was brushing softly through her hair, making.
26. Yes, replied Tomo, brushing the snow off him.
27. It is done before the usual brushing is completed.
28. Use splintered soft woods and plants for brushing.
29. We will devote a full section to Quality Brushing.
30. Tamlyn was brushing at the door with a puzzled look.
31. Paige nodded, brushing away the tears from her face.
32. Starret brushed his eyes, brushing the cobwebs out.
33. Brushing it off quickly, he cursed under his breath.
34. Brushing cockroaches out of her hair, Lisa kept low.
35. He responded by gently brushing his lips across hers.
36. Seriously, he said brushing my hair out of my face.
37. He glanced at it briefly, his gaze barely brushing it.
38. King walked through the door, his robes brushing over.
39. I had to do a little extra brushing on Sue’s bottom.
40. It was a touch of a kiss, their lips brushing lightly.
41. She came out of the bathroom casually brushing her hair.
42. We took our toothbrushes and started brushing our teeth.
43. I understand, said Darek, brushing away his tears.
44. Brushing aside these concerns and advices, the Devel-.
45. Don clapped his hands together, as if brushing off dust.
46. She ran fast brushing the creeping things from her body.
47. Sam lifted his hips, brushing against her moist entrance.
48. He edged a little closer along the trolley, brushing a.
49. He leaned over her and his lips slowly brushing on hers.
50. Maybe after brushing our teeth, we should just have the.
51. Just make sure you follow it up with brushing soon after.
52. Oh no, he says, brushing my cheek with his fingers.
53. For what? McLean asked brushing his thin moustache.
54. That young doctor O'Hare I noticed her brushing his coat.
55. Sam passed his hand over his eyes, brushing away the tears.
56. Regular brushing of cat’s hair and bathing once a week.
57. Wed best shin out of here, Rhone said brushing the.
58. Brushing back her hair she stared down at him for a moment.
59. Bah! Mitchell said brushing Rhones words out of the.
60. Into the bathroom she went and began brushing out her hair.
61. Hey I have skills, I said while brushing his hand away.
62. Phew, breathed Darek, brushing off the sweat from his.
63. You’re welcome buddy Jesse replied brushing his hair.
64. Nancy sat down, brushing long strands of hair out of her eyes.
65. Rosemary was sitting at the dressing table brushing her hair.
66. Repeat the process of brushing the paratha on the other side.
67. They could hear the rustle of roots brushing past in the sand.
68. Look at breakfast, for instance; look at brushing one's teeth.
69. The tip of my middle finger was brushing the top of the phone.
70. Marriage, of course, he said brushing a few stray locks.
71. Ill take your plate, his wife said brushing her flaxen.
72. Donna stood in front of the mirror, brushing out her long hair.
73. He cracked open the door and a draft rushed in, brushing past.
74. Mary stopped brushing, straightened and looked Petra in the eye.
75. You guys okay? Cloud croaked, brushing the matted spikes.
76. And as the seconds passed without anyone even brushing against.
77. We have to figure out a name, she said, brushing her hair.
78. Brushing of his teeth made him glad he still had all thirty-two.
79. Q: How is this brushing done? The more I brush off, the more it.
80. She’s in the bathroom, brushing her teeth, answered Shaylah.
81. Grooming its spiked mane with a heavy paw, brushing against the.
82. His body hovered close, brushing against hers with every breath.
83. I remember I was brushing my teeth, in the can, when he asked me.
84. Why do I have this feeling that you’re brushing me off?
85. I dumped her he said moving over to me brushing away my tears.
86. This involves putting more care into the quality of your brushing.
87. It might have been the wind brushing something against the house.
88. The seven guards were already in the stables brushing their horses.
89. Connie smiled up at him before brushing at the stain on his shirt.
90. Bev had Panny on the counter by the sink and was brushing his hair.
91. Sure, she told him, and stood up before brushing herself off.
92. Niki leaned over me and picked up my plates, brushing me with her.
93. Hunter smiled, then pulled her close to him, lips brushing her hair.
94. But you have to admit, you were brushing me off until you saw that.
95. Rufus Shinra, he replied with a sly smile, brushing the hair.
96. Jenna stood in the bathroom doorway as I finished brushing my teeth.
97. Thank God for bedrooms, thought Miss Entwhistle, fervently brushing.
98. And so you bloody well should be! he hissed angrily, brushing.
99. Blowing strongly on leaves while brushing also helps to remove dirt.
100. On the beach, I rejoined Zia, who was brushing ashes out of her hair.
1. No, I brushed it off.
2. It was lit by brushed.
3. He brushed her hand away.
4. He brushed his hair back.
5. I hardly brushed my hair.
6. Jack brushed off his hands.
7. He brushed demon dust off.
8. She brushed off her brush.
9. She totally brushed it off.
10. Annoyed, he brushed it away.
11. They brushed over the wound.
12. Sorren brushed his hair back.
13. Each time I brushed him off.
14. He brushed them with his own.
15. He brushed his lips lightly.
16. Its whiskers brushed his ear.
17. Unusual, but I brushed it off.
18. Drake brushed past his deputy.
19. Lyra carefully brushed it off.
20. He brushed wildly at his face.
21. She brushed them away quickly.
22. He brushed his hands once more.
23. Lydia brushed away the flattery.
24. I brushed the crust out of my.
25. He brushed his clothes carefully.
26. His fingers barely brushed her.
27. Her thumb brushed the engraving.
28. His knee brushed mine as he sat.
29. She knelt down and brushed the.
30. He brushed a lazy wasp from the.
31. Brushed her hair behind her ears.
32. Yngvild brushed most of them off.
33. But, as usual, I brushed him away.
34. He polished and brushed the limo.
35. Donna brushed her lips against his.
36. He brushed her hair from her face.
37. His rough hands brushed my cheeks.
38. He reached out and brushed my cheek.
39. She brushed her hands through her.
40. His hand brushed past her buttocks.
41. I got dressed and brushed my teeth.
42. He brushed away at the inevitable.
43. He brushed his hand across my cheek.
44. She brushed off the issue nervously.
45. His lips brushed the top of her hair.
46. Just brushed it with a fingertip.
47. He brushed his hands through my hair.
48. John brushed his hand away clumsily.
49. He brushed his palm on his trousers.
50. Something gently brushed his temple.
51. Tolro got up and brushed himself off.
52. He brushed my forehead with his lips.
53. He had a shave and brushed his teeth.
54. He groaned as he brushed against her.
55. Charlie brushed irritably at the spot.
56. She brushed the hair out of his eyes.
57. He brushed off his clothes and smiled.
58. Brushed him off a bit then continued.
59. Gary brushed his hand through his hair.
60. He brushed off his chest, removing a.
61. He brushed the hair back from her face.
62. Bewildered, he brushed the tears away.
63. I brushed it off and continued to walk.
64. He blinked and brushed away the tears.
65. Jackson rose and brushed off the dirt.
66. He brushed by another figure as he left.
67. She stood up and brushed off her outfit.
68. Her fleshy hips brushed against my ear.
69. It brushed like silk against his cheek.
70. She brushed a stray hair out of my eyes.
71. I smiled and brushed my lips across his.
72. She brushed his hair away from his face.
73. Dorian brushed my cheek with a fingertip.
74. He brushed past me and climbed the steps.
75. Tyler stood up and brushed off his pants.
76. He brushed her hair and kissed her neck.
77. Greta tensed as he brushed past her to.
78. I brushed off the two silhouettes as a.
79. The swans that brushed the evening tide.
80. He brushed his knuckles against my cheek.
81. He stood calmly and brushed off his jeans.
82. His fingertips brushed against the barrel.
83. The detective brushed over this statement.
84. With excessive force, he brushed it off.
85. He brushed a dry leaf off the stone face.
86. He brushed a third gravestone and found:.
87. She brushed her hair until it was shiny.
88. I brushed and thought about my situation.
89. A shadowed hand brushed across her cheek.
90. The desert incident had brushed too close.
91. His moustache brushed the sensitive flesh.
92. Susan sighed, brushed her hair back, and.
93. He franticly brushed it off and looked up.
94. I stood and brushed the dirt from my knees.
95. He then brushed his hands across his face.
96. Sebastian brushed her hair out of her eyes.
97. Guo Yuxia smiled and brushed her long hair.
98. Richard brushed her hair aside and smiled.
99. This hat has not been brushed for weeks.
100. Something in the heat brushed against him.
1. It's one of them brushes.
2. He brushes aside my thank-you.
3. Familiar scent brushes past my nose.
4. But it seems as if he brushes him off.
5. She brushes my hair back from my temple.
6. Tobias brushes a hand over my forehead.
7. Of thirty different sorts, lo! brushes.
8. The apartment also had paint and brushes.
9. He put down his brushes and stared at her.
10. I've had several brushes with them already.
11. When a cow brushes up against the wire in an.
12. You just need to show me where the brushes are.
13. Then he exhales so his breath brushes her skin.
14. Grass brushes my toes and the back of my calves.
15. As he stands up, his hand brushes across my knee.
16. Seems like the paint and brushes are in there, too.
17. He flung down the brushes, and turned to talk to her.
18. I suppose I’d rather paint with words than brushes.
19. They painted with brushes made from animal hair and.
20. EVELYN BRUSHES THE tears from her eyes with her thumb.
21. He brushes wrinkles from his shirt, strains for dignity.
22. He keeps it sweet and then brushes a kiss on my forehead.
23. When he came home he could not take up his brushes again.
24. Brushes all the RoboBoxes that lie on the flatbed scanner.
25. On it were two oval wooden-backed brushes without handles.
26. He brushes his old friend’s mane and scratches its head.
27. He was glad that he had left his paints and brushes there.
28. Using dry and hard paint would just wear your brushes out.
29. I watch as Jason brushes past Cherrie and heads out the door.
30. So she only kissed his mouth with light brushes of her lips.
31. He tightens his hold on my hand and brushes it with his thumb.
32. Around the cave are miles of wildly growing trees and brushes.
33. She stands and brushes her skirts to remove invisible wrinkles.
34. His nose brushes mine, and I fail to stop my lips from parting.
35. Miss Avery brushes Becky’s hair and is startled by his command.
36. Those who are successful in avoiding brushes with the law do not.
37. It’s just a slight stream of cool air that brushes up your arm.
38. Ben placed his brushes in the solvent and shifted his easel away.
39. Your dentist will be happy to explain these brushes and their use.
40. Dan Laoer who was waving two brushes on both his hands managed to.
41. The paint brushes were like useless twigs in this boy's thick hands.
42. He brushes himself off and turns on his flashlight just for a second.
43. He combs his whiskers and rubs up his shoes and brushes his clothes.
44. She wraps her arms around herself as the cool night air brushes her skin.
45. A gust of wind brushes through the room, and he shivers but doesn't move.
46. Mother brushes strands of hair from my face and tucks them behind my ear.
47. And anyway the rotary brushes would have bounced a man ahead of the machine.
48. In between brushes of her coat she asked, Where would I go to get one?
49. On top was a tray of art supplies, brushes, bowls, pallets, vials of pigments.
50. But all he can do is watch her as she brushes hair from his daughter's forehead.
51. THE CITIZEN: (Choked with emotion, brushes aside a tear in his emerald muffler).
52. The feather edge of the tissue tickles as he bends forward and brushes his teeth.
53. As the whirling brushes drew nearer, my eyes grew wider, and my shouts grew wilder.
54. Brushes and rollers a-flying, the crew managed to repaint inside and out, and gave.
55. He brushes potato chip crumbs off of his lap and stares out over the baseball field.
56. What’s there to like in it? I cleaned my brushes on it and threw it into storeroom.
57. With brushes and paint he is presented with a problem of form expressions entirely new.
58. Captain Blitner cranes his neck to look at the time, then brushes his fingers on a napkin.
59. He was down on his knees looking at the metal equipment, at the brushes under the machine.
60. A white sheet spills over the side of the gurney and brushes against grimy checkered tiles.
61. His left forearm brushes against the butt of the revolver tucked into the back of his jeans.
62. Consists of special folding dishdrainer, special wire basket, 2 special long-handled brushes.
63. With a couple brushes of his long blonde hair, he was ready, mumbling his best pick-up lines.
64. No, only what she has on, and the brushes and combs and towels that were used in dressing her.
65. He looked lovingly at the paints and brushes and swallowed a pain that had risen at the back.
66. He'll remember that the cake is delicious, especially as Rapunzel brushes frosting off his face.
67. He reaches for my cheek, brushes it with the tips of his fingers and leans in, aiming for my lips.
68. I should therefore advise the student to try the blunt-ended round brushes first, as they give a.
69. She smiles tenderly, warmly, sadly, and brushes a few loose strands of hair behind Rapunzel's ear.
70. When he brushes my cheek with his hand, something takes over, and it's not the rational part of me.
71. My hands were covered in different colours from me having used my fingers as well as small brushes.
72. I shall be at your illustrious premises with paint and brushes on Tuesday afternoon as you suggested.
73. The intruders were sprayed with hot, sudsy water, then scrubbed by two sets of stiff bristled brushes.
74. So he put down his brushes and washed off his hands and logged on, but first he poured himself a drink.
75. In the morning, Ethan could see they were carefully obscured behind brushes of reeds and thick mangroves.
76. Her hair tumbles over her cloak’s torn fabric and she brushes it back at once with a click of the tongue.
77. With the materials I got, I also found two paint brushes and figured it wouldn’t be as easy as I thought.
78. Janine brushes the girl’s black hair away from her face, and that’s when I nearly fall backward in shock.
79. In order to depict a battle, there is required one of those powerful painters who have chaos in their brushes.
80. He put the brushes in their hands reminding them as they started to keep their feet, arms and hands: 'just so.
81. Slowly, so slowly that neither man can truly sense the movement, Simon reaches out and brushes his tears away.
82. My heart throbs, reacting to his proximity, and I remain frozen as he gently brushes a few strands off my face.
83. We stopped at the edge of the excavated area where Matt and Tim were on their knees, trowels and brushes in hand.
84. A moment later, Tobias’s thumb brushes over the injection site in my neck, and a few things come together at once.
85. Billy had brought not only the brushes, but also dust sheets to cover the floor and protect it against paint spills.
86. I stole the brushes to clean them from the passage, being careful he should not detect it, for fear of his contempt.
87. It is important that you make use of the right types of brushes for every makeup item that is intended for your face.
88. The queen brushes a strand of her hair away from her face, and helps to arrange the princess' arms so they don't dangle.
89. On page 114 [Transcribers Note: Plate XXVI] a variety of touches have been made in turn by these different shaped brushes.
90. Wow, said Milt as he noticed it had brushes, scrubbers and buffers where there should have been arms, legs and feet.
91. They cut the clothes from my body, led me to a field shower, and scrubbed me with rough brushes in the bitterly cold water.
92. Next, four whirling brushes popped out of a recess in the wall and began scrubbing the animal vigorously from head to tail.
93. George smiled as he opened the paint cans and exchanged their large brushes for the smaller ones he brought for them to use.
94. Hear the birds chirping, the leaves rustling under foot, and the sound and smell of the breeze as it brushes past your face.
95. Now these brushes both sweep and shovel at the same time Lemoss, Rosecare will show you as there is a knack to using them.
96. It was several weeks before he ventured as far as the tiny patch of front garden overlooking out his paints and brushes on it.
97. He looks Stevie in the eye and brushes his jacket away from his hip, revealing the butt of the Glock in all of its cold glory.
98. She sat down on a step with a can of turpentine cleaning the brushes, slowly, methodically, until each one was brisling clean.
99. A quick inventory included Rubin’s archaeology tools, brushes, hammer, chisel, tape measure, calipers, small saw and the like.
100. The most extreme flat brushes (Class B) are thin and rather short, with sharp square ends, and have been very popular with students.

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