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Buffet dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Who cares? It is a buffet.
2. Buffet: To strike with a closed hand.
3. The guys headed for the buffet table.
4. Buffet restaurant of the Novotel Inn.
5. This was confirmed at the buffet too.
6. I cruised the buffet counters with Ananya.
7. The buffet line without spilling anything.

8. Our favourite things were the buffet.
9. This next one came from the buffet at halftime.
10. For most shareholders, Buffet can do no wrong.
11. Tab silently smiled and headed toward the buffet.
12. That is why we love the all you can eat buffet.
13. The young men congregated around the buffet table.
14. Nick motioned that it was time to assault the buffet.
15. Warren Buffet calls them Weapons of Mass Destruction.
16. He wrote Warren Buffet once about an idea and Warren.
17. Monday" by Jimmy Buffet, and "I Love This Bar" by Toby.
18. Allmericans take the All U Can Eat buffet as a challenge.
19. It wasn’t the real Jimmy Buffet, but he had the same name.
20. Cam brushed a kiss across her brow and wove toward the buffet.
21. We’re in the parking lot rest area near Chin’s Buffet.
22. BUFFET RESTAURANT (CBR), a place where the scent of steak and.
23. The hotel offered a cooked buffet breakfast as part of the deal.
24. I’d booked a room at the local hostelry and organised a buffet.
25. Warrener regarded the display on her buffet with some discontent.
26. She rose and fetched a croissant with some fruit from the buffet.
27. Chin’s Buffet Restaurant were admiring the way you two look at.
28. Their steps slowed as they entered the endless buffet of eye-candy.
29. They took their places in line and began inching toward the buffet.
30. Alex took me by the arm and we headed to the end of the buffet queue.
31. Lydia's girlfriends were busy setting up the buffet and a couple of.
32. Of course, a favorite for holidays and buffet tables is smoked salmon.
33. Like every regular person, when Buffet goes shopping, he has a budget.
34. When they finally reached the buffet, Rich reached over the salad and.
35. There was a buffet line at the opposite end of the hall from our table.
36. At the buffet, skip the bread basket and fill your plate with salad and.
37. Excel ent, enthused Ben, We could have a big buffet, and maybe a.
38. He really looked satisfied and it wasn’t the buffet breakfast.
39. Headwaiter/waiter/hostess introduces the buffet theme of the day by saying:.
40. You know how to get him up, and this is a self-serve Chinese buffet; eat.
1. They ignored her, rushing on their way, buffeting her with their hot wake.
2. The buffeting of the slipstream on your head just made the neck ache sometimes.
3. Buffeting the house, the banshee rushed forward and slammed into Rudolph’s body.
4. The wind was roaring, and both wind and rain were buffeting the sides and roof of my little home.
5. After ten minutes of totally unnecessary buffeting, Brad looped the ship around and pitched the nose up.
6. And I could hear the rumble of the shuttle’s fusion engines and feel the heat from their exhaust buffeting my face.
7. Our identity and our ego can become distorted because of their vulnerability and in their constant buffeting with the world.
8. The sails were all furled to little check marks and still they were buffeting the ship this way and that as the wind swirled and gusted.
9. After collecting into a thick slithering mass, the fish rose as one, propelling Darkburst upwards, buffeting him with their countless bodies, the water boiling with their urgent movements.
10. We were raising hell and voice to the Stygian winds, which were buffeting Christine and making it a chore to keep her on the road; we dared those winds to do their best, and that was our mistake.
11. The wind on the ridge-top was strong and buffeting and it was cold, and as we crested the hill, our trumpeteer gave a long and deep blast on our war-horn to warn the occupants below that we had arrived.
12. Hilderich tried to put his hands to his ears but he was frozen half-way when the world-shattering cacophony ended abruptly and was replaced by a buffeting silence, his ears still buzzing from the loudness.
13. A horse less royally bred than Ixion, an animal with more temper and less courage than this thoroughbred, after the buffeting he had received during the race, would have sulked, or responded at best with feeble effort.
14. The poor fellow may have been seated at one time, but the flapping and buffeting of the sails had worked through the rudder of the wheel and had dragged him to and fro, so that the cords with which he was tied had cut the flesh to the bone.
15. In buffeting winds like these, the only way to keep the boat from meandering down the course in series of S curves was to use the rudder to crab the boat slightly to port, proceeding down the course in a straight line, but with the bow slightly out of alignment with the stern.
16. But it did her good, for those whose opinion had real value gave her the criticism which is an author's best education, and when the first soreness was over, she could laugh at her poor little book, yet believe in it still, and feel herself the wiser and stronger for the buffeting she had received.
17. Type of the modern--emblem of motion and power--pulse of the continent, For once come serve the Muse and merge in verse, even as here I see thee, With storm and buffeting gusts of wind and falling snow,.
1. He shivered as if buffeted by a wind.
2. A warm, steady breeze buffeted his face.
3. Base to let oneself be buffeted into giving up.
4. They mocked him, spit upon him, and cruelly buffeted him.
5. Gusts of wind buffeted him; rainwater poured down his face.
6. Last week, they shivered as the winds buffeted them and the.
7. Their mutual efforts buffeted O’Brien about so that he hardly.
8. An uncertain wind buffeted their faces, forcing their eyes to narrow.
9. There was some motion of course, but we were not buffeted by every little passing wave.
10. It was tricky, at nearly 200 miles an hour, as the gusts buffeted and tossed the plane.
11. Nick was buffeted by the concussion of the helicopter’s grand demise, and almost fell.
12. Though the water was like glass, it buffeted the hybrid craft dragging across the surface.
13. Even under cover of the trees, the snow assaulted her and the wind shrieked and buffeted her.
14. The two old buddies performed a high and low five, then when another buffet buffeted us, both.
15. Long auburn hair spilled over her shoulders that lay still, even as a strong breeze buffeted the cemetery.
16. Twice in one week, Super Man flew into storms that buffeted the plane so violently that Phil lost control.
17. On the morning of December 18, the pitching Monterey was buffeted by screaming winds and seventy-foot waves.
18. They would be buffeted by downdrafts but if they could remain reasonably stable, they could escape detection.
19. Johan’s fingers clung to the edge of his cloak, his body buffeted against Simon’s in the headlong tumble.
20. She began swimming as strongly as she could, plowing through the waves, but the incoming tide buffeted her back.
21. It was nearly impossible to stand up on the platform, which was continuously buffeted by this enormously heavy sea.
22. The hulls of the ships were taking on water from the savage pounding of the waves that we were buffeted by on every side.
23. Ten minutes later Alex was satisfied that everything was okay and the Dawn hadn’t cracked any seals by being buffeted by the sea.
24. The space tug was also severely buffeted by the erupting gasses and particles from Ra Patera and had to pull out to avoid crashing itself.
25. It tended to be warmer, as well, because it was sheltered from the cold, blustery southerlies, which buffeted the more exposed front of the house.
26. Buffeted by this cyclone the bird-like warriors became totally scattered and the Maruts didn’t hesitate in giving chase, taking down scores of them.
27. Even in the lee of the building we were buffeted, and it was such a relief to slam the outside door that I sank onto the stairs, shaking with exhaustion.
28. I might be driven into the wide Atlantic and feel all the tortures of starvation or be swallowed up in the immeasurable waters that roared and buffeted around me.
29. I will not tell you how I was buffeted about, till, hearing for certain that he had died in an hospital abroad, I once more returned to my old occupation; but have.
30. The wind buffeted the building, whistling through an invisible gap in the window frame and making an eerie noise, high pitched, floating above the scouring of the rain.
31. They would fly such a tight formation their feet would vibrate on the rudder pedals as their planes were buffeted by the exhaust from the tailpipe of the plane in front.
32. Wet straw was in his draggled beard; he was so sore and stiff, so bruised and buffeted he could hardly stand or stumble through the shallow water to lie groaning on the shore.
33. Those who came behind them tried in vain to turn aside; the wind blinded their eyes with falling and drifting snow, buffeted and confused them, and prevented them from advancing.
34. When he finally managed to bring the car straight again - heart hammering in his chest - he was facing the way he’d come, rocking from side to side as a violent wind buffeted the car about.
35. It dragged at him as with tangible, animate, slimy hands, but he buffeted the rushing surge with the strength of desperation and drew closer and closer inshore, fighting furiously for every inch.
36. Making sure that both her helmet camera and her seat camera were on, Ingrid grabbed her control stick, ready to correct any attitude instability as the first whispers of exosphere wind buffeted her space plane.
37. Each day cauldrons of soup were made, but distribution led to fierce riots, in which weak buffeted with strong in a struggle for the precious decoction that was exhausted before one-fiftieth of the crowd had been served.
38. Firstly he had to join the ranks for six months which he did but this process was buffeted and protected by Hitler’s hierarchy so that Joseph spent very little time with his comrades and most of his time touring with Helga.
39. As the wind buffeted the aircraft and the rain lashed it with a growing intensity, Gonzalez stared out at the dark clouds, fingers restlessly caressing the firearm strapped to his side, vivid images playing across the lids of his closed eyes as he relived his tours in Afghanistan.
40. We have been negotiating for fifteen or twenty years, at an enormous expense, say nearly half a million of dollars, and the causes of which we complained have regularly increased; insult has been heaped upon injury, we have suffered ourselves to be buffeted, kicked, and treated with all kind of indignities with impunity.
1. That buffets rock and sand.
2. Mix well with buffets, stir them round.
3. A man that fortune's buffets and rewards.
4. He is not moved by the buffets of the physical.
5. Avoid buffets and all you can eat meals at all costs.
6. Rumor is she’s connected to the Buffets, anyway she’s privately.
7. In reality, buffets require more food and more labor so their cost is higher.
8. Then the grey Persian cat stretches itself on the window-seat, and buffets a moth with soft round paws.
9. It seemed to me that he took all blows and buffets now with just the same air as he had taken mine then.
10. A strong wind from the west buffets and jostles me, but I tweak the controls and keep aiming for the clouds.
11. Guests received opulent favors, they dined on the most exquisite foods from elaborate buffets, and they were served the finest wine and spirits.
12. Alvin knew that most of the casinos out West (or anyplace else for that matter!) practically gave away rooms and food in the restaurants and buffets that accompanied just about every one of them.
13. But on the last day, they finally broke down and decided to splurge and have a magnificent final dinner upstairs! So they tucked into one of those amazing buffets and piled their plates with the best food they’d had in their lives.
14. And there was wall-to-wall furniture in the flat, three buffets in a row, and three desks in a row, and dining room tables in three rooms, and couches and chairs all over, and carpets laid on carpets, and little tables with doilies and bisque figurines and photographs in frames, and sterling silver tea services everywhere you looked.
15. It is, in fact, stated, that it was of enormous size, hooked in the middle, covered with warts, and of a mulberry colour like an egg-plant; it hung down two fingers' length below his mouth, and the size, the colour, the warts, and the bend of it, made his face so hideous, that Sancho, as he looked at him, began to tremble hand and foot like a child in convulsions, and he vowed in his heart to let himself be given two hundred buffets, sooner than be provoked to fight that monster.

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