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Bundle dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Raven is my bundle of joy.
  2. Me and you, a bundle of cash.
  3. Well, he was a bundle of joy.
  4. How are you branding a bundle?
  5. I tucked the bundle closer to me.

  6. The bundle of cloths disappeared.
  7. Her bundle flung away on the snow.
  8. All things are simply a bundle of.
  9. He threw down his bundle of sticks.
  10. She squeezed the bundle in her arms.
  11. The young man glanced at the bundle.
  12. She then managed to lift the bundle.
  13. Remember he said that his bundle of.
  14. A bundle of green grass was dangling.
  15. She handed him a bundle of wet leaves.

  16. We were sitting on a bundle of snakes.
  17. The student was holding a large bundle.
  18. He watched as a bundle of white and pink.
  19. Gwenda’ s job was to bundle the sheaves.
  20. It put out a claw and clutched the bundle.
  21. We opened the bundle and out came the kid.
  22. There was a bundle of accompanying letters.
  23. And we've just spent a bundle redecorating.
  24. Soon she came back carrying a little bundle.
  25. He carried a bundle wrapped in cloth under.

  26. It is merely a bundle of memories and habits.
  27. Kay raised tired eyes from a bundle of papers.
  28. Nothing to hold but a bundle packed long ago.
  29. Raven is my bundle of joy and is very active.
  30. The bundle of memories and hopes, called the.
  31. I had a bundle; it’s in the entrance hall.
  32. The bundle of rags moaned! Oh shit! There was.
  33. In the middle of the beams is a cable bundle.
  34. She gathered several rolled charts into a bundle.
  35. Jasmine, carrying nothing but a small bundle of.
  36. It is not as if that item will cost us a bundle.
  37. An angry bundle of energy burst around the corner.
  38. Tom drew the folds of the cold bundle to one side.
  39. The bundle of bedclothes moved and began to squall.
  40. Mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts and habits.
  41. What does ((a bundle)) mean? How would he take it?
  42. His other hand held the bundle of cloth covering it.
  43. They found none, but captured a bulky bundle of—.
  44. She took Ingeborg's arm and laid it round the bundle.
  45. I had my passport in my pocket and a bundle of cash.
  46. As he passed a rubbish bin he dropped the bundle in.
  47. There was a rustle coming from behind a thick bundle.
  48. It was the tiniest, loneliest bundle in the universe.
  49. Pa reappeared a few minutes later without the bundle.
  50. He gave the bundle hanging by his side a reassuring.
  51. She sees a bundle of tabloid magazines on the ground.
  52. He cut a whole bundle of stalks and started back home.
  53. What you’re facing, you’re going to need a bundle.
  54. He drew the range of motion he could get in the bundle.
  55. Holding onto one edge she allowed the bundle to unravel.
  56. The only winners: the market makers, who made a bundle.
  57. As a Doctor you'd have been obliged to bundle her back.
  58. A bundle of lines touch the ground here just below the.
  59. Abacus probably made a bundle of money from these sales.
  60. Holding the bundle, Deta led the child down the mountain.
  61. The yellow man carried his bundle and his cudgel in his.
  62. She held up a red bundle and said, Welcome to Klipdrift.
  63. It must’ve cost you a bundle, renting that private jet.
  64. The student alighted, holding in his hand a large bundle.
  65. The warden looked intently at the bundle and then at Tom.
  66. I swear there was steam radiating from the putrid bundle.
  67. He took the bundle from his cart and walked off towards.
  68. There was only one guard and he had a bundle in his hands.
  69. Climbing up with the bundle between her teeth was not easy.
  70. I am not a bundle of stock certificates or a bag of money.
  71. A continuous wail emitted from her tightly guarded bundle.
  72. James returned with a bundle of goods underneath his arms.
  73. They both clung to each other, a bundle of convulsive and.
  74. She pressed a fresh bundle of paper towels to his shoulder.
  75. He began untying the bundle, which evidently interested him.
  76. From the folds of her skirts, she retrieved a small bundle.
  77. I bent down and picked up the bundle with the life raft in.
  78. He pulled out a bundle of clothes: coats, trousers and fur.
  79. The leader handed his lieutenant a small bundle of parchment.
  80. There was a letter on the top of the bundle from his father.
  81. I bundle up in three layers of clothes and head out the door.
  82. Having seen that you are a bundle of memories held together.
  83. The two stopped and adjusted the bundle before continuing on.
  84. The dog made a bundle and, of course, the tax man wanted his.
  85. The second man put the bundle on the table and spread it out.
  86. Talley looked at the tiny bundle she was holding in her arms.
  87. Beside it, resting in a heap, the bundle of cloth was silent.
  88. Think of it this way, he is a bundle of our prospective money.
  89. His bundle of names links all our little band of men together.
  90. Reach in the bag and get a bundle for the pictures of the cop.
  91. Finish the arc with Rites of Blood, Cora’s Choice 4-6 Bundle.
  92. Qian Chi took over the big bundle once it was bundled and asked.
  93. When her hands finally surfaced, they held a bundle of tissues.
  94. A small bundle of pink blanket was clutched in one of his arms.
  95. She also wore a bundle across her back, held by a leather strap.
  96. There was a little bundle of paint-tubes on the bench before him.
  97. Mary backed toward the door, Petra’s dress a bundle in her arms.
  98. Miller began throwing sparks at the small bundle of dried sticks.
  99. Sheaf: Any bundle or collection; stalks of wheat, rye, grain, etc.
  100. I’m going to blindfold you and then hand you a bundle of wires.
  1. Sowenna, bundling out of the schoolhouse.
  2. Brand promotion can be used with bundling.
  3. His brain was bundling itself up, getting woolly.
  5. Are you already doing this? Try bundling your local and long-.
  6. Several kids of different ages stood near a copy machine, bundling flyers.
  7. Giving Tags the chance to skate was an unrealized benefit of me bundling Cooper.
  8. Ten minutes later Frank was bundling his wet clothes, shoes and rucksack into a dryer.
  9. Thane stared at her incredulously as she hurled herself at Trog, bundling him away from the.
  10. Entrepreneurs are taught that there is more money in bundling than in cafeteria selling.
  11. While Eponine and Azelma were bundling up the cat, Cosette, on her side, had dressed up her sword.
  12. Jevon seemed motivated; he'd repacked the picnic in minutes and was bundling Kady into the back of the car.
  13. But the students had already left the hall and only the invigilator was seen bundling up the answer sheets.
  14. I wanted to come up with a simple but powerful technique for bundling the key communication concepts in a way.
  15. Yes, there is death in this business of whaling—a speechlessly quick chaotic bundling of a man into Eternity.
  16. The drying rooms, the polishing area, the bundling, tubing, and packaging areas were each a model of efficiency and order.
  17. And even as he should have been bundling them into boxes, he found himself wanting to linger over the books one last time, as if saying goodbye to the friends of his youth.
  18. So Mrs Beaver and the children came bundling out of the cave, all blinking in the daylight, and with earth all over them, and looking very frowsty and unbrushed and uncombed and with the sleep in their eyes.
  19. And the lack of connectivity of the share holders in house bundling stocks, keeps them from receiving what the banks are getting, because the Insurance companies, with somebody’s permission, had the audacity to insure these stocks on margin and then went belly up when the market caved in.
  1. She bundled me off to bed.
  2. Bundled to the West Indies.
  3. She lay on a bed of bundled furs and.
  4. She was bundled into a large, bare room.
  5. Again Travis was bundled back to his cell.
  6. Hillary watched as the bundled up shoppers.
  7. The three others were all bundled up in warm.
  8. The neatly bundled letters were placed again.
  9. He bundled them up and put them in a garbage bag.
  10. Pupil bundled out penniless and without friends.
  11. I saw a flash of bundled one-hundred-dollar bills.
  12. Their solution is a bundled payment system, where.
  13. They bundled her up, and took her to their offices.
  14. Diggory bundled past Elowen to glare down at the pixie.
  15. They bundled into the limousine early the next morning.
  16. Mick bundled up and headed out with Salvation bounding.
  17. They bundled Stu in a taxi and Dao took him to his room.
  18. The houses were made of bundled grass with thatch roofs.
  19. Ma bundled Heidi and a series of soft dolls into her arms.
  20. Pricing and product combinations can be bundled or bundled.
  21. Therese pulled off her shirt and bundled fruit inside of it.
  22. Dog stripped off his gear and bundled it all into his pack.
  23. Thane had bundled him into the rowing boat, and struck out.
  24. I could almost see him all bundled up, lying in his car seat.
  25. The next morning, I gave him some more soup and bundled him up.
  26. Qian Chi took over the big bundle once it was bundled and asked.
  27. Late that night, he bundled all of his weapons, save his Elven.
  28. For one thing they're always bundled up no matter how hot it is.
  29. All these trappings of worship were bundled together and given a.
  30. Bundled up, Locke left the hotel, turning north into the wild wind.
  31. His ribs, like sticks picked up and bundled, were loosened in him.
  32. Both girls wore head scarfs and they bundled up in heavy sweaters.
  33. And not a one bought and bundled me off did not return with praise.
  34. I seemed a small and bundled babe now looking into Master’s eyes.
  35. If you don't have a bundled microphone, the third-party equivalent.
  36. If you don't have a bundled microphone, the ones at Circuit City or.
  37. Catching sight of the horrific scene they bundled Harry to the ground.
  38. Louie bundled up, hung on, and hoped he wouldn’t end up like Minsaas.
  39. Instead they bundled these mortgages and sold them to investment banks.
  40. Gilda brought her overcoat to her, and she bundled it up into a pillow.
  41. The small mass of people bundled behind home plate that first game had.
  42. She was dressed in black and gold with a long train bundled at her feet.
  43. Angela sat close beside her on the sofa, bundled up in an afghan blanket.
  44. Thursday noon when he was bundled into the police car and driven back to.
  45. I sat, bundled in my cape, waiting for the sun to rise, and held my slate.
  46. So she bundled up and read in bed for two hours as the time slowly passed.
  47. Unraveling the parachute first, she bundled it onto the back seat of the car.
  48. Beloved little flock, whom I have bundled together in My name, I am with you.
  49. This time, the postern gate was opened and the captives were bundled through.
  50. They bundled her into the wheelchair, strapped her in and set off for the clinic.
  51. With that, he bundled me into the car, shutting the door with devastating finality.
  52. I bundled up Pop the best I could and sat him up so we could look out over the bay.
  53. Then, when the storm had passed, they bundled up and went out into the silent woods.
  54. In the parable the tares are bundled to burn before the wheat is gathered into His barn.
  55. In order to prevent it from turning his hand to cinder, he bundled it in layers of cloth.
  56. When we bundled out of the vehicle we were amazed to discover that it had parked itself.
  57. He undid the latch and opened the lid revealing neatly bundled one hundred dollar bills.
  58. Her purchases were securely bundled in a large square of brown paper and tied with string.
  59. Eventually they bundled him into the back of a police van and took him away to the station.
  60. The hostages, many of whom were Jews, were bundled into the terminal building of the airport.
  61. The early groups that are now deceptively bundled together and called Christians, before the.
  62. They not only want to keep themselves all bundled up, but they think everyone else should too.
  63. I could use only one hand, the other so bundled it looked like I was waving a cotton muff around.
  64. After ringing the hospital they called for a paddy wagon and escort and bundled him to the wagon.
  65. Had they been born into slightly different times and circumstances, they would have been bundled.
  66. Hirsch, with his arms tied behind his back, had been bundled violently into one of the smaller rooms.
  67. Eventually I took off the T-shirt I was wearing under my sweater and bundled the creatures up in it.
  68. She set her feet against the bundled knot of writhing spindle-limbs and pulled with all her strength.
  69. Come on kids, come on, I encouraged as I bundled all the suitcases together to wait for the taxi.
  70. It was full of bundled hay, for winter fodder, and sheaves of barley and wheat waiting to be threshed.
  71. I bundled a few handfuls up into something resembling a bun and draped the rest over my right shoulder.
  72. They had clearly heard the hum of the bell and bundled out in the cold weather to investigate its cause.
  73. The books were there, bundled neatly in a stack beside Egg’s bedroll, but of the boy there was no sign.
  74. He and I bundled Rick into the backseat of Caine’s car as cameras in a circle around us fired off shots.
  75. Cheque or payment requirements were bundled up in a batch, before they came to Computer Operations at all.
  76. He took the wool coats from the hook, bundled them up, and held the tip of his candle flame to the bundle.
  77. A couple bundled against the snow shuffled through the edge of the square, and Amaranthe lowered her voice.
  78. Frank bundled her into the warm sitting-room and wrapped a heavy knitted woolen shawl around her shoulders.
  79. She quietly steps over the sleeping Rico bundled on the floor, and then proceeds to the staircase balcony.
  80. He was bundled up in a dark green down jacket and wore a matching woolen ski cap drawn down over his ears.
  81. Terry was bundled into the interview room and waited for around half an hour for the duty solicitor to arrive.
  82. When I found Cindy, she was hauling down bundled old issues of the magazine supplement in large plastic bins.
  83. Rigid with shock, Desolé was gagged, then led downstairs then bundled unceremoniously in the rear of the wagon.
  84. People used to warmer climates were bundled up against the chill, and they bustled about on their daily business.
  85. Then wrapping her in a warm flannel dressing gown, bundled her off to bed with a steaming infusion of herbal tea.
  86. The other, also seated in the sand with his legs covered by the bundled net, glanced up and displayed a wide grin.
  87. He hung the apron on a hook behind the counter; bundled into his coat, scarf, and gloves; and nodded to the priest.
  88. I sat bundled in my tent wearing my gloves, reading the first pages of my new book—The Best American Essays 1991.
  89. I’d feel silly bundled up like a bear with his winter fat while you’re all running around in short sleeves!.
  90. That night Nord fashioned two clubs with flat stones bundled in cloth to simulate ax heads for practice the next day.
  91. She was stunned when she saw Than, soaked from head to toe, walking toward her with his clothes bundled in his hands.
  92. He had something bundled in his arms, and then he flung them wide, threw a live, two-foot catfish in the water with me.
  93. She was bundled in a folded quilt against the early-week chill, but excited about some info they might be interested in.
  94. Bundled warmly in thick clothes she rode out shortly after noon and took the west road towards the farm of Peter Conway.
  95. He nearly tore out two or three of the bundled connections he’d laid just trying to get out of it as fast as he could.
  96. They were subsequently asked how much they would be prepared to pay for an iPod touch when bundled with a series of apps.
  97. Frustrated, she jumped out of bed, bundled up in her coat, scarf, and hat, and went outside to get away from her racing mind.
  98. Martinez and Kupinsky came in at that time, the uniforms and boots taken off the nurses by the enemy bundled in their hands.
  99. Hal found his parents bundled up in many layers of blankets, drinking soup from a huge pot and munching on thick, warm bread.
  100. When she was properly bundled, she looped her satchel over one shoulder, her purse over the other, and left for work on foot.
  1. Unwrap one of the bundles.
  3. She bundles it up and hides it away.
  4. Under his arm were bundles of towels.
  5. Al passed the bundles up on the truck.
  6. The WPS’s in the bundles tracked them.
  7. Medullary bundles and the evolution of cacti.
  8. Henry opened the bag and pulled out bundles of cash.
  9. The Barbegs had gathered piles of weapons: bundles of.
  10. Baby Man was so small he was lost behind the fire bundles.
  11. Kevin reached out his hand into the thick bundles of thin.
  12. The hundreds were wrapped into ten-thousand-dollar bundles.
  13. We set off for our journey laden with suitcases and bundles.
  14. Old men and women carried their belongings in ragged bundles.
  15. A block ahead, he sees movement: three women carrying bundles.
  16. The Harvest is separated, all bundles are set in Their Places.
  17. Without being asked, Edna made up a few bundles for the young.
  18. Lovely Bai caught the bundles of rupees in mid air with pleased.
  19. Going back outside I brought one of the bundles from the donkey.
  20. Please, God, be with us, I prayed while I prepared bundles.
  21. Alderfolk Pottypears put the bundles, gently on a table that had.
  22. The Harvest is separated, all bundles are set in Their Places cont.
  23. I think the bundles made it the whole way to Dale City, my hometown.
  24. Men loft newspaper bundles at waking newsstands from flat-bed trucks.
  25. All of the applications and info bundles they had provided indicated.
  26. Cheer Brothers began to hurry and bustle and carry out the bundles as.
  27. All around her were bundles and boxes and piles of toys and games, and.
  28. He left some notes for you and those bundles on the wagon over there.
  29. Up came some tools and bundles of stores, and then danger was upon them.
  30. Then he made up several bundles of hay and tied these on the other side.
  31. The packages were opened; and inside were many smaller packages and bundles.
  32. A few men and women stood around, most of them with bundles in their hands.
  33. It truly strengthens at the helm with my husband in rearing bundles of joy.
  34. I finished fastening the remaining bundles and climbed up into the lawn chair.
  35. I noticed that the wagon was still there with all of father’s bundles on it.
  36. Traditional hawser-laid rope (b) has three bundles of fibres twisted together.
  37. Whilst they were discussing the love-life of large bundles of straw, they were.
  38. From under the bed there protruded an open portmanteau full of bundles of rags.
  39. I was targeting two entirely different customers with different product bundles.
  40. These recruits had bundles of arrows stuck tip-down into the snow, close to hand.
  41. Gather up first the tares, and bind them into bundles to burn them; but gather the.
  42. We have a travel chest and a few bundles that are presently under guard at the fort.
  43. Look! Diane D shouts as she shows Michael the bundles of magazines on the ground.
  44. By this time, the men had opened the first bag and pawed through the bundles of money.
  45. He asked Jesse if he would mind holding a couple of the smaller bundles as they headed.
  46. No one uses bundles of cash these days and very soon, it would be noticed and reported.
  47. I opened the second box and the third, finding similar bundles of brokerage-house litter.
  48. Bundles of candles were procured, and straightway there was a general scamper up the hill.
  49. Give my notes to Theodore when he arrives and show him the bundles I brought back with me.
  50. Straining to wrestle huge bundles from the overhead racks, they collided, cursed and shoved.
  51. The trading-ship's deck was piled with bundles of beast-furs collected in the winter forests.
  52. Diane D hears another sound of bundles slam down near the coffee shop as she sips her coffee.
  53. On the first delivery, his Honduran contact handed him two large bundles of American dollars.
  54. Looking forward I saw a structure of stone that had a roof thatched with bundles of dry grass.
  55. The worst part of the job was getting up on to the long branch where the bundles were dangling.
  56. This is, Brand said, He was flashing bundles of cash around in The Coral Bar last night.
  57. I would say prayers to Lug for fertility, and place the small bundles where our heads would lie.
  58. His arms were stretched out securing the bundles and Connor glimpsed at the scars with a shudder.
  59. There is a risk of an inadvertent criticality if the bundles are distorted and get too close to.
  60. What could possibly be in those bundles? I really didnt expect an answer, I was so enthralled.
  61. The kids in the back seat woke up and pried themselves out of the dusty litter of bundles and bedding.
  62. What have the wenches to do? They carry it out in bundles to the roadside, and the cart brings it away.
  63. Fernand, apparently oblivious to this, looked at the pile of crates, barrels, kegs, chests and bundles.
  64. To end up being stunned, so unexpected, when the bundles that need carrying, it turns out, belong to God.
  65. Jacob now opened his backpack and pulled out the half-dozen bundles of explosives and half-dozen timers.
  66. On the sideboard were arrayed dishes and plates, and glasses and bundles of knives and forks and spoons.
  67. We entered this building and the cash was stacked in bundles eight feet high from one side to the other.
  68. He then drew where the fire bundles would be placed and where Bright Hands would build her high platform.
  69. If a load was too small for a donkey or the street too narrow, porters hoisted heavy bundles on their backs.
  70. The safe clicked open and Hu began slinging the bundles of Rand notes from the shelves into the toggle bag.
  71. He was a perfect target in the light of the fire bundles but all the arrows missed or bounced off his shield.
  72. I could see that it was already a third full of bundles of paper tied up with red tape into separate packages.
  73. When he was seized, whole bundles of the most desperate manifestoes were found in his pockets and his lodgings.
  74. This consists of bundles of twigs (usually birch), tied in a broom, and spade-shaped beaters with rubber blades.
  75. Little boys were sent out into the principal streets of Dublin early on Friday morning with bundles of handbills.
  76. From the ceiling hung bunches of dried wildflowers, branches with leaves, and bundles of what looked like herbs.
  77. The internal bundles of anal cushions lining the walls help protect you from items passing through the anal canal.
  78. The crocodiles he led through the fire bundles will have fallen into the pit and been killed by the poisoned meat.
  79. We were all going to "follow," and were all in course of being tied up separately (by Trabb) into ridiculous bundles.
  80. With that one of the fat spiders ran along a rope, till it came to a dozen bundles hanging in a row from a high branch.
  81. Examining one of the folded bundles, I saw that they only contained one change of clothes and an extra pair of sandals.
  82. Bhaer, managing to clasp his hands in spite of the umbrella and the bundles, Jo, I haf nothing but much love to gif you.
  83. Instead they were grabbing what looked like bundles of those wands and stashing them in various places in their uniforms.
  84. Overlooking a stone floor stacked with several bundles of candles, a large framed icon hung on the wall next to the altar.
  85. When they finished eating, he scooped them out and formed two small bundles by rolling the foil-covered rocks with towels.
  86. She hears the sound of bundles of paper being dropped near the coffee shop as the man behind the counter makes her coffee.
  87. Beside it were a large black japanned box and one or two bundles of letters or papers fastened together with elastic bands.
  88. Oh? And then what would you do? Hunter asked, taking bundles of cash out of the bag and putting them in the open safe.
  89. As they backed out of the driveway they passed the bundles of trash they had collected that evening in their healing ritual.
  90. More cash, he judged by the weight and feel of the bundles in the bag when it bumped his leg as he walked briskly to the car.
  91. He saw the beacon -- a man-high pile of oil-soaked wood, stuffed with bundles of birch-bark -- in the middle of the round room.
  92. Gaspar and Hubris returned disconsolately through the night-beset city streets, still clutching their bundles under their cloaks.
  93. The internal bundles of vascular, muscular, and connective soft tissue that lines the anal canal and the region around the anus.
  94. She put her bundles down on the sitting room table and backed into the corner of the couch with her feet up, staring at the door.
  95. He crossed himself whilst testing the bundles with his toe and then the maroon shorts came into view and I knew he was the enemy.
  96. Letters, manuscripts, books, and bundles can be passed in there, and as each nation has a key, it will be uncommonly nice, I fancy.
  97. Even after he sees the fire bundles and knows he has not surprised us, I believe his rage will make him continue rather than turn back.
  98. By contrast, a senior BJP leader was receiving so much money that bundles of 1000-rupee notes were lined up along the walls at his house.
  99. With perfect coolness Holmes slipped across to the safe, filled his two arms with bundles of letters, and poured them all into the fire.
  100. When he focused on it, Mercer could feel his mind ballooning outward, sort of, and tight little bundles of tension in his joints relaxing.

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