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Bunk dans une phrase (en anglais)

Crooks sat on his bunk.
His bunk was next to mine.
He’s in the bunk house.
I could easy do a bunk on ma.
History is bunk - Henry Ford.
It was a series of bunk beds.
He went back to his bunk and.

There were flipped bunk beds.
I lay on the top bunk of my bed.
Pete entered and sat on his bunk.
Candy threw his legs off his bunk.
Martinez was first out of his bunk.
Frederick tips back onto his bunk.
The hatch above my bunk would be.
First the lower bunk, then the top.
I wasn't the only one to do a bunk.
I placed my hand on the lower bunk.
A sudden rush of air under the bunk.
I remembered mine was under my bunk.
There was a snore from the other bunk.
On my bunk I was in private quarters.
I sit on the bunk, waiting for Berndt.
Someone turning over on the bunk above.
He went back to his bunk and lay down.
Doug was lying on the bunk opposite me.
I jumped on the top bunk and lay down.
I loaded myself into an empty top bunk.
A big man on the end bunk gave the reply.
He sat up in his bunk and looked about.
Come and sit on my bunk while I do that.
Rotting wooden bunk beds lined one wall.
But Daddy Knows Best was nothing but bunk.
I assumed that Pete used the other bunk.
He rousted me outa my bunk and said that.
Louie lingered in his bunk, fading, praying.
Shaggy climbed back up on the top bunk and.
Joseph pointed to the man on the lower bunk.
He jumped out of his bunk and ran to the door.
Lynn, who is sitting on the next bunk, snorts.
They looked toward the crowd at the bunk house.
Bunking through the afternoon.
Yeah, Purple Streak cut in, She was always bunking off with Gary.
AVIS AND KRISTIN BEALE had been bunking in the same room for more than a year.
From what we heard on the phone call, I don’t think Hedy’s bunking in with Casselli.
Luray wound up bunking with Yarin as much because she knew where his place was and didn't know shaNai's.
Rain pattered steadily on the tent, bringing to mind a camping trip when she was quite young, bunking in a metal-roofed cabin during a wet spell.
The two of them would be bunking together until Matty figured out his next move, and I had a feeling that in the meantime, there would be no peace.
It reminded her of the summer camps she had been on as a teenager, bunking with a roomful of other girls and just talking and thinking about the boys in the male dorms every spare minute of every day, and then even more intensely at night.
And now? Now he lived a pointless existence in a backward hamlet populated by trailer trash and clod-hopping farmers, bunking in a shabby room of a run-down farmhouse on a dirt road in the boondocks, drinking water from a well out of mismatched glasses, counting himself lucky when this girl cooked him a hot meal served up on chipped crockery.
He bunked eight years.
Finally, I went in and bunked with Ali again.
One morning, he bunked the school assembly and.
He said he got bunked up with some og's (black and white) that.
Sir? I wanted to say that I had not bunked all but wasn’t given.
I heard that excuse from a confidence man I was bunked with in Van Diemen's Land.
Santi’s remaining soldiers had been bunked two to a room, which Jess supposed came as no real surprise; they were used to sleeping rougher than mere students, especially those who’d been wounded.
It was a strangely beautiful and just reality, because even when he could not physically prevail on the battlefield he would simply spit out his last breath and switch places with those he fought, and so carry on with a changed allegiance and with the perverse knowledge of a new enemy that he might have bunked with just the night before.
The bunks were littered with.
There are two bunks forward.
Inside, there were four bunks.
Rangers were murdered in their bunks.
They occupy bunks at the rear of the cave.
But other than the bunks, the cabin was empty.
Two other sailors shared the two adjacent bunks.
The tank had 24 bunks on 12 bunk beds-six on each side.
Regular crew would be sharing rooms, four bunks to a room.
See to it, also, will you show the men to their bunks?
Greg set a course as his siblings collapsed into their bunks.
On one of the bunks lay Vera Efremovna, with her head covered.
A relatively lucky few were snoring away on wall-mounted bunks.
Entire tables and bunks are meters away from where they started.
It had two built-in beds against the walls and a loft with two bunks.
Immediately, the inmates started heading for their bunks, Bam included.
Marlene pokes her head around one of the bunks and smiles toothily at me.
Lynn leads me to the left side of the room and between the rows of bunks.
There are bunks inside, and it has a large work space, Sicarius said.
The prisoners were not released, they were still strapped to their bunks and.
He is leaning against one of the bunks, his arms crossed, staring at the floor.
Inside Michael saw backpackers snoring on racks of floor to ceiling metal bunks.
Instead, it was set up in almost a militaristic fashion, with tiny barracks and bunks.
Nerea walked to the bunks and sat down on the nearest one, holding her head in her hands.
She sits in a chair between a few of the bunks, her wounded leg stuck out in front of her.
He bunks in that scrounged up trailer of his in the revetment on the north side of runway 27.
The captain said goodnight and walked quietly away between the rows of darkened lockers and bunks.
He'd approached the doorway to the bunks below when he heard voices coming up the stairs toward him.
The inside was equipped with a semi-sterile lab with bunks along one wall complete with restraints.
A similar outfit was laid out on one of the bunks, and Colling dropped the towel and began dressing.
Isn't it strange to see bunks there that sailors have slept in— and look at that old wooden chair.
Stopping at a park with a statue of Phar Lap, they climbed into the rear bunks for a bit of shut eye.
There were no books or pictures, and instead of beds there were bunks, like on board ship, built into the wall.
Can you come by tomorrow to take a look at the water pump in the other house, and too see about the bunks?
To Jarek’s surprise, Arthur and his three cohorts were standing, leaning against their bunks, apparently arguing.
Hundreds of workers were sleeping in bunks, and Grobut walked from bunk to bunk, apparently in search of something.
Libuse lit a candle and led the visitors out the back of the house to a low-roofed outbuilding full of empty bunks.
Out of an army of a hundred thousand we must expect at least bunks, or dressers, or doctors enough for six thousand.
The Klingons were use to this and their bunks were merely metal slabs, with living space just sufficient to exercise.
When the Maltese (for so they called Dantes) had said this, it was sufficient, and all went to their bunks contentedly.

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