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Burn dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. It was fun to burn.
  2. And leave it to burn.
  3. Burn up a plant and.
  4. I let the heat burn.
  5. Not that it would burn.

  6. We have money to burn.
  7. Burn it to the ground.
  8. I wanted to burn them.
  9. They will burn it down.
  10. And oh how it did burn.
  11. You burn the DVD's at.
  12. The walls begin to burn.
  13. You need not burn the.
  14. This part did not burn.
  15. He wanted to burn money.

  16. And the flames will burn.
  17. Fires burn night and day.
  18. Would burn to the ground.
  19. This will burn the plants.
  20. Then he smelled the burn.
  22. Burn this as soon as read.
  23. The burn marks and water.
  24. But then they all burn.
  25. The grass started to burn.

  26. This man, too, bore burn.
  27. Wiggles for rope burn marks.
  28. Jet fuel cannot burn steel.
  29. Head shot, gas, and burn.
  30. Burn the bloody place down.
  31. A spark of truth can burn.
  32. If I was him I’d burn that.
  33. We will not burn your house.
  34. That's about a week's burn.
  35. Free to burn alive in a fire.
  36. He wanted to crash and burn.
  37. I don’t paint and burn it.
  38. But they’ll burn ya out.
  39. To-morrow I shall burn Thee.
  40. And you can burn that dress.
  41. You need to burn the foliage.
  42. May they all burn in hell.
  43. Stir a lot so they don't burn.
  44. If I retire, I burn my ships.
  45. Does the farmer burn up the.
  46. A slow burn through my chest.
  47. Either that, or burn him out.
  48. Until the ruin and ashes burn.
  49. Careful not to let them burn.
  50. Burn didn’t see it that way.
  51. To pick at, or the sun to burn.
  52. She'll burn if they catch her.
  53. Six-month cash burn was ($190.
  54. The other two ends burn from.
  55. Or we could burn him alive.
  56. To burn from the closeness in.
  57. This forces the body to burn.
  58. The place where man will burn.
  59. I burn that smile off your face.
  60. We should wait to burn the boy.
  61. A prolonged ecstasy will burn.
  63. He will burn in a Flaming Fire.
  64. In fact, you can burn up to 10.
  65. Won’t that burn the material?
  66. Join the Legion of War, or burn.
  67. It will burn and cause blisters.
  68. In warm climates burn ALL waste.
  69. Then came slash-and burn farming.
  71. For You my heart will always burn.
  72. Now what? Burn the bridge?
  73. Make sure that they don’t burn.
  74. They could burn the roof over us.
  75. Burn every stick in the house.
  76. How to Burn the Tracks to Your CD.
  77. Laying sod for an hour will burn.
  78. My god! This country will burn.
  79. And this fire is beginning to burn.
  80. Lo, the deserts burn with hatred!.
  81. Is that a burn mark? I asked.
  82. Come rape us, loot us and burn us.
  83. Burn said, Wrong direction, y'all.
  84. The rest? Leave it—or burn it up.
  85. And this nest of demons shall burn.
  86. I burn with feeling for you, Nessa.
  87. B who let his house burn down with.
  88. Does the farmer burn the tares to.
  89. A burn was one thing, but a hole?
  90. Did they burn an empty casket?
  91. Continue to treat as for heat burn.
  93. So they figured they’d burn us out.
  94. Cristal could feel her face burn red.
  95. I wonder if I shall ever burn again.
  96. Too bad they did not burn him there.
  97. She had a lot of energy to burn off.
  98. Then may we burn up what is useless.
  99. The women would burn for their sins.
  100. This fire will burn almost anything.
  1. All of it is burning.
  2. He is burning too hot.
  3. H : Hell burning with.
  4. The land is burning up.
  5. Burning up in the smoke.
  6. Many of them are burning.
  7. The burning of the coal.
  8. Moses and the burning bu.
  9. The smell of old burning.
  10. I was burning with anger.
  11. Helen is burning up inside.
  12. My fuse is burning out.
  13. To the dark burning stars.
  14. The dining car is burning.
  15. A long hot burning shower.
  16. It was a burning sensation.
  17. The stars are all burning!.
  18. That was the burning smell.
  19. I was burning up with pain.
  20. Burning of the Richmond, Va.
  21. Sorren was burning red hot.
  22. The lamp above was burning.
  23. Out of These Burning Ashes.
  24. The light from the burning.
  25. Also, that this Burning of.
  26. We hit the burning vehicles.
  27. The fire was burning strong.
  28. The sweet smell of burning.
  29. On the burning Ebony ground.
  30. I felt a burning on my face.
  31. burning waste, іn the.
  32. A burning fever had come on.
  33. There was a campfire burning.
  34. A wood fire was burning there.
  35. I can feel my face burning.
  36. I could only feel a burning.
  37. But burning with the passion.
  38. Hès burning up Rose said.
  39. The ground was burning him up.
  40. Her chest was already burning.
  41. Houses and barns were burning.
  42. His whole body was burning up.
  43. He was literally burning up!.
  44. Shame was burning in his face.
  45. But the fire is still burning.
  46. The Lord of the Burning Ground.
  47. Think about a burning theatre.
  48. The city of Saratov is burning.
  49. Jerusalem is not burning today.
  50. He runs burning into the night.
  51. Fires of several homes burning.
  52. Burning of the Richmond Theatre.
  53. Works fine on a burning car.
  54. Burning eyes and dried out hair.
  55. The sun was burning on his head.
  56. My whole face was burning as I.
  57. That burning desire never faded.
  58. Carroll’s brain was burning up.
  59. She thought with burning cheeks.
  60. Upon this burning heart, nor add.
  61. It was like a burning thirst in.
  62. I saw red! Fire burning inside me.
  63. She was back in the burning city.
  64. Anger started burning in me again.
  65. They're burning their own houses.
  66. Flying over the Place of Burning.
  67. We all lost loves in the Burning.
  68. It resists the burning heat of Sun.
  69. On a burning string of desire –.
  70. His throat and lungs were burning.
  71. Zia stared out at the burning lake.
  72. The smoke and burning embers faded.
  73. Police cars were burning behind us.
  74. All this is a lie, a burning lie!.
  75. It’s burning, she had said.
  76. She could feel her cheeks burning.
  77. Aanya’s forehead, it was burning.
  78. Harris, "Mary in the Burning Bush".
  79. The smell of her own burning hair.
  80. How far can the burning continue?
  81. And that creates the burning light.
  82. The shining steel and burning flame.
  83. The larger ones were still burning.
  84. Lights were burning on every floor.
  85. His words set a fire burning in her.
  86. And you’re burning with fever.
  87. A light was burning in the kitchen.
  88. His body was burning up with fever.
  89. Then I felt as if I were burning up.
  90. Inside, they had a log fire burning.
  91. The burning smell promptly subsided.
  92. The water stung my skin, burning it.
  93. Two of the burning missiles lanced.
  94. What's that burning? she asked.
  95. She was burning up in her jump suit.
  96. Saves a lot of crashing and burning.
  97. Mercer could feel his cheeks burning.
  98. His curiosity was burning inside him.
  99. The faint light of a burning flame.
  100. A constructive notion or a burning.
  1. I am a burned out.
  2. And so he was burned.
  3. He burned up his book.
  4. She was all burned up.
  5. In them burned a flame.
  6. My tears burned my eyes.
  7. Or his shop burned down.
  8. The flame burned so hot.
  10. Her eyes burned into his.
  11. It will be burned again.
  12. His eyes burned my soul.
  13. They were all burned up.
  14. My face burned with rage.
  15. And my hands were burned.
  16. Her skin burned into his.
  17. My house was burned down.
  18. His back burned < hatred.
  19. They burned it in public.
  20. Her face burned with fury.
  21. And the roses burned, too.
  22. His eyes burned into mine.
  23. This is how one is burned.
  24. Here, I've burned my coat.
  25. The smell of burned flesh.
  26. But, he hardly got burned.
  27. The water stung and burned.
  28. It burned with a blue flame.
  29. The fire inside him burned.
  30. Her face burned with shame.
  31. Still, the fire burned in.
  32. A house has burned, Marie.
  33. A candle burned in a saucer.
  34. She was burned and tortured.
  35. I heard he got burned alive.
  36. The cut burned and throbbed.
  37. You burned her with a cigar.
  38. Summer burned the canals dry.
  39. Burned in the river of fire.
  40. Partly burned in the furnace.
  41. But soon all shall be burned.
  42. They burned in the moonlight.
  43. That could get us all burned.
  44. In a book I burned, yes!.
  45. His mind burned hot and white.
  46. The tares are burned in fire.
  47. A light burned in Mom’s eyes.
  48. The circuits were burned out.
  49. The blood burned in my cheeks.
  50. I might have burned it though.
  51. His eyes burned with that fire.
  52. Who burned the barn, Mac?
  53. Though they burned, few fell.
  54. Someone burned all the Maps.
  55. Whole forests had been burned.
  56. The house burned to the ground.
  57. My stomach burned with hunger.
  58. A light burned in the living.
  59. The scrol burned, I said.
  60. Hot tears burned down her face.
  61. It burned worse than hellfire.
  62. We burned and sunk her!.
  63. She was burned at the stake.
  64. It had caught fire and burned.
  65. His stomach flipped and burned.
  66. The inside of his skull burned.
  67. Like a burned instant burrito.
  68. The candles had all burned out.
  69. The chemicals that burned the.
  70. The alcohol burned her throat.
  71. And I’ve burned millions of.
  72. The woman had all been burned.
  73. My lungs burned, that was a clue.
  74. His arms burned from exhaustion.
  75. All its hair was burned off too.
  76. He’d burned the ragged chiton.
  77. Medusa Bar has been burned down.
  78. Forrest’s eyes burned with rage.
  79. But Faramir burned with a fever.
  80. And both days it had been burned.
  81. An old semi burned out farmhouse.
  82. Here and there shelled or burned.
  83. My skin burned with anticipation.
  84. The doctor burned but not before.
  85. Her lungs burned, she could not.
  86. With bitter jealousy they burned.
  87. Hell burned twice, that perfume.
  88. They have burned down our houses.
  89. Fire burned and burned and burned.
  90. The last copy of which burned.
  91. The old man's eyes slid and burned.
  92. His light burned away my darkness.
  93. His side burned with each jarring.
  94. Haakon burned with the desire to.
  95. Acid burned the back of my throat.
  96. It could be burned, or trampled.
  97. But this fire burned long and hot.
  98. He burned Buster, and the boss's.
  99. Fires burned in front of the tents.
  100. And the earth shall be burned up.
  1. I was no Helen Burns.
  2. So it just burns away.
  3. Fire of love that burns.
  4. Oh, how it burns me up.
  5. And burns hot and wild.
  6. Treat as for dry burns.
  7. Fire burns in the land.
  8. This heart burns for God.
  9. Got some bad burns on my.
  10. Al Burns said, Oh my word.
  11. It sure burns a long time.
  12. Well it burns coal for one.
  13. It burns in your brain now.
  14. Passion burns cold and hot.
  15. The heart within thee burns.
  16. As the underwear burns say.
  17. Fire burns as water soothes.
  18. But intensity burns both ways.
  19. His inner light burns bright.
  21. The fire burns in the kitchen.
  22. The cutter BURNS in the water.
  24. The morning air burns your eyes.
  25. How are your burns now?’’.
  26. And it always burns itself out.
  27. Or if it is where my fire burns.
  28. Burns did not go to the service.
  29. That article still burns me.
  30. Fire burns there outside; now.
  31. As I walk the streets of Burns.
  32. What are the symptoms of burns?
  33. Burns with it, know what I mean.
  34. The light burns so great?
  35. On exposed skin they cause burns.
  36. The lake that burns with fire.
  37. Yes my soul does, burns within me.
  38. It burns, but the pain feels good.
  39. No cigarette burns, no bone snaps.
  40. Burns – from injury to the skin.
  41. What happened to the burns?
  42. Ron Burns headed to Ashley’s room.
  43. Crashes and burns on top of itself.
  44. Her burns are deeper than I thought.
  45. He burns them with his lies and fear.
  46. Bruises and burns riddling her body.
  47. He has radiation burns, a recent.
  48. Besides, salt also burns in the eyes.
  49. It is the one issue that burns me up.
  50. The late Robert Burns was played by T.
  51. Then, yes, call Al, I told Burns.
  52. This burns fats but not carbohydrates.
  53. Without ointments and spells he burns.
  54. He who burns in excess, burns the one.
  55. Sooner or later, karma burns itself out.
  56. Otherwise burns to the skin may result.
  57. The liquor burns but it doesn’t warm.
  58. The coffee burns the inside of her mouth.
  59. It burns like crazy when they touch you.
  60. Curses, it burns, the wizard cried.
  61. These burns seem amazingly small though.
  62. As a star falls and burns out once more.
  63. To you, yeah, it probably burns like hell.
  64. What’s in that room? I asked Burns.
  65. There are two ways that exercise burns fat.
  66. Burns identifies several common patterns.
  67. Fire is not selective about what it burns.
  68. Sure, got a nice stove, burns coal or wood.
  69. When it is revved up, it burns them faster.
  70. All's over that is ours; and life burns on.
  71. Phil's on his way there now, with Al Burns.
  72. What happens when the fire burns up?
  73. She said, Consistent with stun-gun burns.
  74. The ’electric scalpel’ cuts, burns and.
  75. When the blood burns, how prodigal the soul.
  76. It burns away the future good possibilities.
  77. A car passed me with the vanity plate, Burns.
  78. Also in Burns, Christian Moralism, Page 99.
  79. He who burns in excess, burns the one bible.
  80. I suffered severe burns across my lower half.
  81. You remember what Burns says about them?
  82. When wood burns that way it becomes charcoal.
  83. Hate burns the soul, corrodes the mind, turns.
  84. There are burns to his neck, head and face.
  85. That image still burns in my mind to this day.
  86. He received minor burns over most of his body.
  87. This burns as it mixes with oxygen in the air.
  88. It burns a molten metallic tritium/lithium mix.
  89. We can do amazing things with burns these days.
  90. Crawford: Burns, a study of the poems and songs.
  91. Dry wood burns well in open air, as we all know.
  92. No, no, perhaps it is best it burns quickly—.
  93. On Halloween, a fire burns out all three stories.
  94. Can I get some shade, the sun burns like hell.
  95. This coal is bituminous, and burns pretty freely.
  96. There was once a doctor who was death on burns.
  97. Doubling over in pain, he said, My chest burns.
  98. Not the kind that burns, but that passionate kind.
  99. It burns, and he has to fight hard to keep it down.
  100. It uses UVA rays and does not cause obvious burns.

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