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Bust dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Did he bust his leg?
  2. Were you in on the bust?
  3. He was waiting to bust William.
  4. The Rainbow Gathering was a bust.
  5. This morning had been a bust so.
  6. It is a bust and is dedicated to.
  7. Sometimes introverts have to bust.
  8. I hope he traded it and went bust!.
  9. You made me bust a nut in there.
  10. Jacobi was right; it was a good bust.
  11. He wheeled round towards a bust of M.
  12. And stone the likeness of a bust –.
  13. She attributed that to a smaller bust.
  14. They never miss a chance to bust kids.
  15. An’ then them vigilantes bust it up.
  16. Mostly, the big picket line was a bust.
  17. A man said, Bust his jaw clean off.
  18. Did—did you bust out? Of jail?
  19. You mean where will they bust out?
  20. Some gambler try to bust the house?
  21. Come in before you bust it off its hinges.
  22. We tipped a share and it went bust!.
  23. Wouldn’t want you to bust, she said.
  24. Such a bust, he said, such eyes, such hair.
  25. The share in question could have gone bust.
  26. Hold on, I think I just bust a nut!.
  27. Accountants should not go bust, but they do.
  28. Alvin apparently knew nothing about the bust.
  29. That heavy bust from my auntie’s estate.
  30. ZZZZ Best went bust and Minkow went to jail.
  31. It was a drug bust that went terribly wrong.
  32. They’ll go twenty miles to bust a window.
  33. We supplied him with the bust some months ago.
  34. Ain"t a nigga out here that won"t bust for me.
  35. On the top was a bust of Nebuchadnezzar himself.
  36. He was gone two days before the bust was smashed.
  37. Use the machete, you can bust it open with that.
  38. And herein lies the problem of boom and bust cycles.
  39. And as quickly as the city had boomed, it went bust.
  40. Bust 'em, and you'll bust five-and-thirty shillings.
  41. I brought the bust up with me, as you asked me to do.
  42. Barnicot's bust was broken not far from his red lamp.
  43. Twenty minutes later, the elevator landed with a bust.
  44. But Clemenceau rejected the bust, claiming it looked.
  45. The other 19 go bust, mostly in a spectacular fashion.
  46. We’d do a bust and sometimes he’d be on the scene.
  47. You wrote to me about a bust that is in my possession.
  48. In 1970, no fewer than seven brokerage firms went bust.
  49. Ogg bust out into a great happy laugh, tears starting.
  50. It stood as a testament to the boom and bust that came.
  51. Picked up a stick and bust it to splinters in his hands.
  52. And hold off on the bust of the old woman if you find her.
  53. Having the bust of the current victim before me as I write.
  54. This was the first time he’d been involved in such a bust.
  55. Once they were in motion, they’d bust their hearts to win.
  56. We have to bust your sister out of that prison she’s in.
  57. But the Raven, sitting lonely on the placid bust, spoke only.
  58. I bust out laughing, because the look on his face is priceless.
  59. When the boom turns into a bust, virtuous cycles turn vicious.
  60. She said Cade would bust when he came home and heard about it.
  61. The stuff here and there gave with the inflections of her bust.
  62. I sold it to Indigo in the US who went bust before it came out.
  63. I pushed, but I had nothing left in me to bust through the door.
  64. Although, one of the ones I visited went bust two years later!.
  65. The rotunda of Wisconsin’s Capitol has a bust of Fighting Bob.
  66. She shrugged and said they’d had a bust up the previous night.
  67. He gave us conkers when you bust your way into his megafreighter.
  68. Then he placed his newly-acquired bust in the centre of the cloth.
  69. Then he placed his newly acquired bust in the centre of the cloth.
  70. So then bust in on Joanna, like Lindsay proposed, said Cindy.
  71. He knew his ‘tail’, on this ‘journey’, he’d have to bust!.
  72. I sold it to Gargadillo in the US, who went bust before it came out.
  73. There was a mining and share market boom and bust, similar to ‘73.
  74. Waldengarver," said the owner of that property, "or you'll bust 'em.
  75. I laugh bust still, I lean closer and used my lips to touch his cheek.
  76. Opposite was a large bookcase, with a marble bust of Athene on the top.
  77. Don’t buy if the share price is still going down and it could go bust.
  78. They know they’re wrong and they’re afraid someone might bust them.
  79. Why? The trade is: Will this company go bust?? If not, it will recover.
  80. I’m not going to let my agents bust their brains trying to help you.
  81. The things Beth excelled in, Emma fell flat, right down to the bust line.
  82. You have probably read about the drug bust at a house in Chartwell Drive.
  83. The best type of swimsuits for smaller bust is the ones that have padding.
  84. She found a white tie-knot midriff top, which she fastened under her bust.
  85. You heard what that guy said, didn’t you? If I bust in there, it’ll.
  86. Most places, the homeless are an easy bust for a lazy cop so they chase em.
  87. Effy had been bust some time back for sel ing weapons out the trunk of his.
  88. What happens if I am short of a share with a spread bet and it goes bust?
  89. Of course, I could not say that he had not found the pearl in Harker's bust.
  90. Delighted by the results –a bust in marble– he wrote Rodin that he felt.
  91. It’s Sod’s Law, but they will probably buy the one that’s gone bust!.
  92. And there’s always a guy cal ed Raoul or Hector that wants to bust your ass.
  93. You think Gone With The Wind is about the monies lost during the Dot Com bust.
  94. The first and most lucrative category of short ideas are the booms that go bust.
  95. Jeeze! If he bust his leg he couldn’t go to the spring tides, said Hazel.
  96. The only time this is not true is when markets are either in a bubble or a bust.
  97. In the marble bust my father once owned of that great hero, he’s shown with a.
  98. Bust (also referred to as going over) – Both the dealer and the player can bust.
  99. What up little nigga let’s bust, Delvin said putting the truck in reverse.
  100. An alcove held a marble bust – head and shoulders, a nod to Romanesque decadence.
  1. But busting him out was the plan.
  2. You pass out, I’m busting out my strap on.
  3. Hearing the onset of ear busting screams over.
  4. You and me is always busting out with opinions.
  5. Kal had made sure that, after busting her jaw.
  6. The bastard burned off the tonic, busting loose.
  7. If you’re done busting up the place you may enter.
  8. He threw his shoulder into the door, busting the lock.
  9. But, without me busting a gut, the Professor and I got to my.
  10. Then I bounced for the top in a hurry, for I was nearly busting.
  11. It splintered and cracked and fell inside, busting off the hinges.
  12. Poor buggers down there never stopped busting their balls, and he.
  13. Harry gave me a withering look, but I knew he was just busting my chops.
  14. Now I’m gonna have every cop within ten miles busting this place down.
  15. It was Robert – through his Busting Loose from the Money Game DVD home study.
  16. Every time I hear that term I think of Michele Pfeiffer busting the 'O' and the 'T'.
  17. Isn’t it worth busting your butt for a year or two knowing that you will have the.
  18. After the busting of the dotcom bubble, "growth at any price" has fallen from favour.
  19. He could have supported unions in their struggles to stop union busting, but did not.
  20. Came busting out his back door and nearly filled that boy’s ass up with buckshot!.
  21. It hit a couple of large lower branches on the way down, busting one of them from the trunk.
  22. The following morning, the sun was dancing through the trees and busting into Monica's bedroom.
  23. Yeah, and Claire kept giving me this silly look, and we’d end up busting out in laughter.
  24. You also have to figure in time to cut her up, busting out the old concrete and digging the hole.
  25. That was more by way of supervising: keeping the lads from busting each other’s heads and arms.
  26. Minutes earlier I had heard some of the guys busting his balls about getting their fifty bucks back.
  27. Chance walked into the house, busting the ice tray into the sink, to lessen the swelling on his wrist.
  28. So he goes to his truck, takes out a baseball bat, and starts busting her windows and beating her car.
  29. They’re busting through the walls! Her gaze bore into mine, questioning the meaning of it all.
  30. As he waited in the room, he started busting out laughing at all the ridiculous things he had just said.
  31. In addition, for a change, he asked me about Bobs cancer, instead of busting my chops about Salsa dancing.
  32. I whipped off the sacking and burned the cigarette down to the butt in two or three long, lung busting drags.
  33. We'll at least let this make a grand entrance once the party's big enough to carry it without busting a back.
  34. She would always win with Steve busting in to arrest him just after she had finished dispensing some justice.
  35. Come on, open up, I gotta surprise for you! He finally flung the door wide, his beer odor busting in with him.
  36. Deshavi looked up at me questioningly, Trent came up with not one, but three escape plans for busting you out of here.
  37. After busting one of the biggest crime lords in the alpha quadrant you have decided to become a crime lord to prevent.
  38. You would think she would feel closer not further away given the fact that I have been busting my rump to try to help her.
  39. Evidently, there was a party in one of the rooms on my floor and he needed some help busting it up and writing everyone up.
  40. No doubt they were also heavily involved in sanction busting and obtained equipment for South Africa including tanks and electronics.
  41. As much as he enjoys busting my stones, I decided to play it straight and spare him the comic comments that were popping into my head.
  42. I heard Jim tell her that he liked her laugh again but I could tell that he was really busting on her, but I don’t think she caught that.
  43. It’s to show you my appreciation for standing up to the Frooginites, who treat my kind like were nothing, and for busting me out of that holding cell.
  44. Busting a quick left into the storage yards of Columbia Container Services, Nugget made a quick U-turn and exited through the same gate we had just entered.
  45. I tried to picture this slender dandy, a fellow in bow ties and tortoiseshell glasses, busting into our house and grabbing Amy with soft, manicured fingers.
  46. One of them was busting out with bow and arrow charades within his up rock, which I found quite queer but, art is art I guess, it doesn’t always have to make sense.
  47. Every time I hear that term I think of Michele Pfeiffer busting the 'O' and the 'T' out of her pink fluorescent lights in her apartment just before she turns into catwoman.
  48. And instead of our rushing about blind, on the howl, or getting dynamite on the chance of busting them up, we've got to fix ourselves up according to the new state of affairs.
  49. His brother had been the most sensitive, honorable person Puller knew, so sensitive, in fact, that the old man had taken to busting his balls about this perceived weakness.
  50. The four of us were singing Tromenenz in parody as loud and hip as we could while passersby watched with smiles; even the hot Bimbo-ed out chick had smiled at us – she probably didn’t know we were busting on her.
  51. Donnie Blacklung leaned over to me and asked with a big smile, Hey Phil did you bring your asthma inhaler with you to school today? I could tell by his tone that he was more or less busting my chops, but I didn’t care.
  52. Through the drowned pleas of Nathan's semi-muted voice, he captured every unique quality, each imperfection, on what the men randomly displayed: first, the thick blonde hair and upper body of the white individual busting out of a skimpy, brown tank top.
  53. They’re not much protection! You really think I’m suppose to be protected and safe around THEM?! You saw what Diane did downstairs! Listen, if that She-Hulk can kung fu kick a door that has heavy office furniture stuck behind it wide open, the exact same door us two men couldn’t get open, if she can put three male security guards in the hospital with permanent injuries after she kung fu kicked them in the groins almost busting out their testicles, and is not effect by a Taser, and can literally drag several people all at once, and can beat the crap out of a little kid by kung fu kicking him a couple of feet in the air, and can come right off a stage and almost knock out a reporter who heckled her, then what makes you think, that I would be safe around those three female receptionists?! After witnessing what we witnessed downstairs, I don’t want to take any chances! I don’t even want to be in the same room with Diane! I still got the shivers from witnessing what we saw her do down there in that clinic hallway! And I still got the shivers from being practically close to it and I hope I never witness or be close to anything like that ever again! I’ll tell you what.
  54. Mark still refuses! Suddenly, Dana violently kicks Mark real hard in the groin! She jumps up and throws her entire arm across the air, banging it with such great force against Mark's head, knocking his whole entire body down to the floor! Mark bawls out in pain! Dana turns around and starts to head for Mark's front door again! Suddenly, Mark leaps up behind Dana and grabs her by the neck! He pulls her back into a choke hold! Dana violently elbows Mark real hard in the stomach and stomps her heel real hard on his foot! Mark screams and bawls out in pain again! Dana quickly turns around towards Mark! She takes her iron fists and throws several straight blows to Mark's face, busting his eye and breaking his nose! Then she swings her entire left arm around in the air and violently bangs her fist hard underneath Mark's throat, breaking his jaw and causing his entire body to leap up, lifting both of his feet off the floor! Dana's body spins around as Mark falls down to the floor again, yelling out in pain! Mark's nose and eyes are bleeding! He staggers as he tries to get up! He starts to fight Dana! Dana fights him back! She fights Mark with all her might! She fights him very fast as Mark violently fights her back! They both grab a choke hold onto each other's neck! They are rolling all over the place, knocking everything down in their path, making a lot of noise! Neighbors from next door and downstairs start to hear the commotion and the heavy banging, wondering what the heck is happening or what the heck is going on!.
  1. And I busted them flat.
  2. One had busted her, too.
  3. He busted out with a huge.
  4. Your father busted a gut.
  5. Too bad the band busted up.
  6. Here a captive heart busted.
  7. Well, he’s all busted up.
  8. All busted into laughter on it.
  9. This is the biggest myth busted.
  10. My competition just got busted.
  11. I think my nose’s been busted.
  12. A lot of our equipment is busted.
  13. Well, he ain’t busted his leg.
  14. Anyone he may have busted?
  15. But it busted Hooligan’s spirit.
  16. Busted! Neither woman says anything.
  17. The comrades busted in, tossing pad.
  18. We busted him on the gun charge.
  19. The blood gushing from his busted.
  20. So Joy lies there with a busted jaw.
  21. Stratham licked his busted lower lip.
  22. The cops came, busted, then released.
  23. It was headlined why i Busted CoLLege.
  24. When the wires came out of his busted.
  25. Oh, busted, he muttered to himself.
  26. It’s a shame they had to be busted up.
  27. They were busted for it and acquitted.
  28. One look from her mom and she was busted.
  29. The Hoovers busted in, searching the room.
  30. She busted out the window and unlocked it.
  31. He had a busted bottle of whiskey in his.
  32. Darn thing busted on me couple weeks ago.
  33. I busted inside and saw my worst nightmare.
  34. You fell on your face and busted your nose.
  35. I almost busted in my pants looking at her.
  36. Chris releases me and grabs his busted face.
  37. You’ll definitely get busted that way.
  38. The cops busted me, and my camera clock is.
  39. He’s a Commodore and he wasn’t busted.
  40. Stokes and Houston had busted heads on more.
  41. Mom and dad busted through the adjoining door.
  43. It’s not that I was afraid of getting busted.
  44. Well, that or I stay here with a busted door.
  45. Red Badger busted out into a rowdy celebration.
  46. All they did was get busted for growing the pot.
  47. I was at first afraid I was busted for speeding.
  48. If it had been locked she would have been busted.
  49. I bent the hydrant until it busted into a spring.
  50. We busted hard, and we were proper buster moving.
  51. But he did get busted by the cops—so never mind.
  52. We busted out laughing and walked in, aiming our.
  53. Yeah! And they busted another kid’s ribs!.
  54. The police, who'd just busted you earlier that day.
  55. Oh, shit, Greg said softly, We’re busted.
  56. In my bag on the plane, if they’re not busted.
  57. Las’ week when that used-car lot was busted into.
  58. What? I was going to put it on before busted one.
  59. He busted up a basketball game in one of the projects.
  60. Most of the class busted out in laughter, including Mr.
  61. It most busted them, but they made up the six thousand.
  62. He got caught up with a bad crowd and was busted with.
  63. The monk got busted for having an apple in his backpack.
  64. It was the Democrats who busted him and not your private.
  65. You’re not the little squirt that I busted years ago.
  66. Moody saw the look on my face and busted out with a guffaw.
  67. Water burst out of the busted pipe and sprayed all over us.
  68. What? Did the party get busted? One of the guys asked.
  69. Busters learning styles would be a myth that has been busted.
  70. They called Dan a cheat and busted the place up quite a bit.
  71. They were busted by a blond, blue-eyed Mormon state trooper.
  72. I must have gotten my lip busted a dozen times during hazing.
  73. Ward, that I should write an article on why I busted Cornell.
  74. That one time was the time I got busted because I ran out of.
  75. No, Diondra busted out a grin, and they started laughing.
  76. Whitey and Shorty busted behind them, blitzing the hawk station.
  77. Far as I’m concerned, he shouldn’t have been busted at all.
  78. Have you ever stopped to think how many politicians are busted.
  79. But it was not to be - Vikki was busted before she could get out.
  80. What happened to your captain when you got busted? Surely he.
  81. Ury, busted, tried to think of a way out of this situation with a.
  82. She backed into the corner of her room when her parents busted in.
  83. Claire busted out the cake while Edmund popped the top on the Krug.
  84. Getting your working busted that way really takes it out of you.
  85. I must have gotten my lip busted a dozen times during hazing.
  86. Fiona had been on the bridge when things busted loose on the surface.
  87. Eleanor’s heartbreaking outburst had busted the coverage wide open.
  88. If he looks at my arms for tracks, I’m busted, but I have no choice.
  89. Myth Busters subliminal messaging would be a myth that has been busted.
  90. Just then the door busted opened and two security guards ran into the.
  91. The front door busted open and someone rushed in holding a flashlight.
  92. Rex busted into his office What the hell are you playing at Dane?
  93. And within a second the door busted open leaving a huge hole in the wall.
  94. I just wanted to see how you were going with a busted leg, he said.
  95. He’s got a cast on his hand; busted one of the guards real good with it.
  96. Sam Peterman hit his sixteen against the dealers six and busted, screwing.
  97. No way are you going to be busted for one of these kids driving home drunk.
  98. I heard you tracked down the bushwhacker, Troaz, despite that busted arm.
  99. Gerald then quickly busted a smile as a sign of approval of Brushs actions.
  100. Were my ideas truly busted? That and I have to be able to get back in things.
  1. One TNI pays for a few busts.
  2. Women!! he busts out to ease the tension.
  3. May I ask whether the two busts smashed in Dr.
  4. The small piece of ivory had the busts of two men.
  5. We ordered three busts of that sort from Gelder & Co.
  6. We ordered three busts of that sort from Gelder and Co.
  7. The busts! You never can get those busts out of your head.
  8. There were various smaller statues and busts here and there.
  9. If the dealer busts, everyone who is still in the hand wins.
  10. For an eternity it seems he busts into uncontrollable, abysmal laughter.
  11. Much Roman sculpture, if you except their portrait busts, illustrates this.
  12. She busts up laughing as he goes to his car to retrieve the blanket and basket.
  13. These busts have been placed on exhibition at the Louvre, in the Salle des fresques.
  14. There remained two busts, and it was obvious that he would go for the London one first.
  15. When finished the busts were put on a table in the passage to dry, and afterwards stored.
  16. When finished, the busts were put on a table in the passage to dry, and afterwards stored.
  17. In their new, clean, and light study with its small busts and pictures and new furniture sat.
  18. Through a cousin who works with Gelder he found out the retail firms who had bought the busts.
  19. Through a cousin who works with Gelder, he found out the retail firms who had bought the busts.
  20. I’ve seen him in that crack house at Turk and Dodge when we made busts there a couple of times.
  21. His occupation consisted in selling, in the open air, plaster busts and portraits of the head of the State.
  22. It may seem ridiculous, but it reminded me of General Washington's head, as seen in the popular busts of him.
  23. In their new, clean, and light study with its small busts and pictures and new furniture sat Berg and his wife.
  24. Then, with the help of some Italian EMPLOYEE, he succeeded in finding out where the other three busts had gone.
  25. Then, with the help of some Italian employee, he succeeded in finding out where the other three busts had gone.
  26. But Beppo was condemned to a year's imprisonment, and in the meanwhile his six busts were scattered over London.
  27. It includes an online Gāndhi shop for new arrivals on books, calendars, busts of Gāndhi and Kasturba and more.
  28. Laurie sold his busts, made allumettes of his opera, and went back to Paris, hoping somebody would arrive before long.
  29. And the more strikes the stock threatens or busts through, the more shorts get squeezed and the more volatility increases.
  30. She meant him, probably, to spend his days communing with the past in a lofty room with distempered walls and busts round them.
  31. It is not unheard of to topple statues of previous emperors, or send out busts carved in marble, then insert them into an old work.
  32. The use of white marble to whitewash everything as token abstract symbols made concrete, as floors, statues, buildings, pillars, busts, etc.
  33. Héron de Villefosse exhibited four painted plaster busts from El-Kargeh, in the Great Oasis, which have recently been sent to the Louvre by M.
  34. A series of all-night drug busts had filled the prisoners' cage to capacity, and the holding cells were crowded with prostitutes, drunks and sex offenders.
  35. Once most of the boxes of files, lecterns, gardening tools and busts of village notables had been stacked in the council compound it did look almost enormous.
  36. On the other hand, this Morse Hudson is the purveyor of busts in that part of London, and these three were the only ones which had been in his shop for years.
  37. I lean in toward her mouth, but at the last second Angel, the chubby girl I didn’t invite, busts in between us looking for the liquor, and the moment has passed.
  38. Shortly thereafter the stock begins to roll over and busts through all of its moving averages in a matter of days as the general market began a very sharp down leg in September.
  39. If ever I permit you to chronicle any more of my little problems, Watson, I foresee that you will enliven your pages by an account of the singular adventure of the Napoleonic busts.
  40. And the one man who really knows her, bum to belly button, her dad, keeper of the unholy flame, but he doesn't want her either, so she busts in and swipes the pictures that prove her past.
  41. I can't afford, therefore, to smile at your three broken busts, Lestrade, and I shall be very much obliged to you if you will let me hear of any fresh development of so singular a chain of events.
  42. I can't afford, therefore, to smile at your three broken busts, Lestrade, and I shall be very much obliged to you if you will let me hear of any fresh developments of so singular a chain of events.
  43. In the hall sat richly-dressed ladies in silks and velvets and lace, with false hair and false busts and drawn-in waists, and among them men in uniform and evening dress, and about five persons of the common class, i.
  44. He looked at the busts, statuettes, portraits and prints of dictators, military leaders, megalomaniacs and aggressive mythological figures; as well as the huge, dramatised portrait of Sir Richard himself that hung above the fireplace.
  45. Returning from one of Mozart's grand operas, splendidly performed at the Royal Theatre, he looked over his own, played a few of the best parts, sat staring at the busts of Mendelssohn, Beethoven, and Bach, who stared benignly back again.
  46. Booms, busts, manias, speculative fervor, a market crash, the biggest bull market in 70 years, the biggest bear market since the crash and Great Depression, and two other wicked bear markets are all woven into this 44-year market tapestry.
  47. Among them are a number secured by the writer himself; they are three fine monumental funerary inscriptions and six funerary busts of men and women, two of which are finely executed and remarkably well preserved; all are inscribed and several are dated.
  48. All run long, my head had been filled with the annoying recollection of Franklin Fratelli, asset remarketing mogul (which was a fancy way of saying he sent goons after the dot-com busts who could no longer make the payments on their Beemers and Franck Mullers).
  49. His reasons for destroying the busts were still unknown, and he refused to answer any questions upon the subject, but the police had discovered that these same busts might very well have been made by his own hands, since he was engaged in this class of work at the establishment of Gelder & Co.
  50. His reasons for destroying the busts were still unknown, and he refused to answer any questions upon the subject; but the police had discovered that these same busts might very well have been made by his own hands, since he was engaged in this class of work at the establishment of Gelder and Co.
  51. Stimulant chemicals to replace the relaxants; short busts of high intensity electric shocks was normally the final attempt at resuscitation, but they tried as a desperate measure the method of inducing high frequency pulses directly into the limbic region in order to stimulate chemical uptake throughout the entire brain.
  52. On the cloth being removed Don Antonio, taking Don Quixote by the hand, passed with him into a distant room in which there was nothing in the way of furniture except a table, apparently of jasper, resting on a pedestal of the same, upon which was set up, after the fashion of the busts of the Roman emperors, a head which seemed to be of bronze.
  53. For my own part, I had followed step by step the methods by which he had traced the various windings of this complex case, and, though I could not yet perceive the goal which we would reach, I understood clearly that Holmes expected this grotesque criminal to make an attempt upon the two remaining busts, one of which, I remembered, was at Chiswick.
  54. As it swung inwards, he realized that this room always took his breath away with its circular design, the walls dripping with gold leaf and complex cream cornicing, vases, busts and art placed in every conceivable free space, all illuminated by a domed stained-glass window in the ceiling that shot out different tints of light at oblique angles over the masterpieces on the walls.
  55. Coast Guard officials informed inquisitive reporters about the nonlethal techniques and technology the service uses to stop escaping vessels and subdue crews: sharpshooters who hit engines and outboard motors, small “sting ball” hand grenades that disorient crews, and nets which wrap around stern propellers (“Coast Guard Praised for Cocaine Busts,” Associated Press, Post Bulletin, 29 September, 2000).
  56. It is terrible to consider with what intensity, and amid what privations, millions of people—who lack time and opportunity to attend to what they and their families urgently require—labor for 10, 12, or 14 hours on end, and even at night, setting the type for pseudo-artistic books which spread vice among mankind, or working for theaters, concerts, exhibitions, and picture-galleries, which, for the most part, also serve vice; but it is yet more terrible to reflect that lively, kindly children, capable of all that is good, are devoted from their early years to such tasks as these: that for 6, 8, or 10 hours a day, and for 10 or 15 years, some of them should play scales and exercises; others should twist their limbs, walk on their toes, and lift their legs above their heads; a third set should sing solfeggios; a fourth set, showing themselves off in all manner of ways, should pronounce verses; a fifth set should draw from busts or from nude models and paint studies; a sixth set should write compositions according to the rules of certain periods; and that in these occupations, unworthy of a human being, which are often continued long after full maturity, they should waste their physical and mental strength and lose all perception of the meaning of life.
  57. Heads of social organizations, institutions, the concept of a Supreme head-being: God, the making of bread by cutting off the heads of grain, the head of a bed, the head of a burning cigar or cigarette: knocked of as ashes: getting ‘ahead’, the concept of progress as the most important thing in life, competition: getting ahead of your competition, the concept of competitive elimination: ‘heads will fall’, ‘if you are not up to snuff’, snuff: sneezing your head off by taking a pinch of snuff to clear your head, giving ‘head’ sexually, warheads, bombs, firearms, bullets, artillery: any weapon that shoots something: slingshots, arrows, spears, rocks, the heading of a page, a header in grammar, the heading on a page, the heading on a sentence, the heading on a paragraph, somersaults, head-over-heels, crowns, the crowns of Corinthian pillars, pillars do not have heads: all pillars are decapitated, all segments of pillars: all decapitated columns, the idea of decapitating pillars of the community, the idea of dethroning kings, the eating of fruit like grapes, apples, etc; all edible things like coconuts, papaya,, unpeeling the head of a banana and eating it, all vegetables in the shape of a head like onions, cabbage, lettuce, the picking of leaves, the picking of fruits, the picking of beans: all drug foods the picking of spices: creating every single drug we call food, ice cream cones, all ice cream in the shape of a decapitated head, all food portions in the shape of a head, all toppings on all food, decapitated flowers, the Rose Parade: hundreds of millions of decapitated heads of flowers, all fire with flames that are decapitated, all fireworks, the crushing of spices, the picking of decapitated heads like mushrooms, eating nuts, cracking their shell, eggs, corks and bungs used to seal barrels and bottles, the tops of bottles, the sealing and taking off the tops of bottles, jars; all tools that have a head, the head of a hammer, nails, the head of a nail, pounding the head of a nail, the cutting off of the heads of large trees before decapitating them, cutting off the heads of animals to kill them and eat them, all mathematics: the counting of heads, or I’s and adding them up, the using of tools to create decapitated segments, all sports, all balls used in sports, the hitting of all balls, ping-pong, badminton, bowling, bowling pins: the decapitation of bowling pins by a bowling ball, kingpins, kings, jewelry, stickpins with diamond heads on them, canes, walking sticks with metal heads, staffs, any artifact denoting being the head of something, scepters, globes, flyswatters, turbans, musical instruments that blare out sound: decapitating it; using holes in wood and brass instruments to decapitate the natural sound into a shorter wavelength, all fretted and unfretted musical instruments, pressing on a fret to make the note shorter, like a violin or guitar, drums, drumsticks, cymbals, the heads of shoelaces, the detached mentality called the ego: decapitated and disconnected from all the other needs and energy flows of a human being, the concept of life after death as a detached form of spirit, the structure of all hierarchy, all capitalist companies and corporate bodies being ruled and controlled by detached heads of business, the capitalization of letters at the head of a word or sentence or paragraph: especially in ancient sacred Christian texts: where the first capital letter is huge, the eating of fish by decapitating them first, the use of all drugs, narcotics wine, coffee, pills: to create a disconnection between the brain and the rest of the human being, the concept of anesthesia, using drugs to numb the brain or prevent it from feeling the body’s pain, all cultures that value stoicism, macho pigs who cannot love, the concept of the hero as a stone face refusing to face the truth, refusing to feel love, refusing to feel any emotion whatsoever, refusing to cry, the stone carvings of all the ancient Kings, the decapitated carvings of all Kings on coins, the insane idea of all kings ruling by only using their decapitated heads as decapitated coins to spread their authority, all stone busts, plaster busts, the stone faces of all heroes in modern media who refuse to feel human emotion, ping-pong, the computer game: pong, King Kong: the King cut off from State: King Kong falling off the Empire State building: all the video games that are based upon decapitated heads decapitating other heads, which are all based on the old arcade pinball machines that shot decapitated heads that bounced around scoring points hitting and scoring on as many stationary targets of decapitated heads as possible, the decapitation of hair… haircuts, shaving daily, cutting your nails, the idea of assassination as a political tool, the concept of character assassination used in all human societies to cut off people who are thought too uppity or stick out too much, and do not conform… the detached form of observation that only use instruments for the eye: microscopes, telescopes, star-gazing, stamp collecting, the collections of anything from bric-a-brac to gold coins, portraits, still pictures of decapitated heads, cameos, brooches, belt buckles, shoe buckles, still photographs of decapitated heads, talking heads, heads on celluloid talking, heads on screens, moving pictures of talking heads, the idea of a leader as a talking head, all pictures on money of decapitated heads, mouthpieces, microphones, the idea of one person speaking for another, speechwriters, lawyers, politicians, amplified music coming out of a loudspeaker, amplifiers of singing-talking heads, the idea of doing nothing but talking as being the only form of social activity allowed in polite societies, the heads of shoelaces, all knots, topknots, tying hair into knots, the idea of cutting up sounds into words, into letters, into decapitated abstract symbols of meaning separated from thee body of the meaning by segmentation, all segmented forms of tool-use, all tools that segment things into decapitated heads, all decapitated forms of awareness-thinking-feeling, all forms of specialization, all segmented ways of living-doing-seeing, decapitating the natural order of things into decapitated insane pieces: decapitating a family into age groups, decapitating a community into alienated isolated individuals, all mass butchery of living animals by cutting off their heads, morse code, ticker tape, all digitalization of signals into meaningless decapitated codes, the invention of the glass tube: the first decapitated head that could mechanically receive and send energy through nerves called wires, the invention of the transistor: the first sold decapitated head that could send and receive signals, the invention of microchips: tiny decapitated heads with their own tiny brain circuits that could perform more complicated functions than the first huge glass-blown giants called vacuum tubes: because there was nothing inside them, all glass blowing, blowing up molten glass with hot air and then decapitating it to make a glass vase or bottle, all containers from bottles, jars, gourds, ladles, to pitchers and teapots with decapitated lids, all containers, chests, holding treasure, wealth, valuables, all spices and decapitated herbs, all furniture made from decapitating trees, all houses made into decapitated heads where the people living inside them only use their heads and not their hearts or bodies, the steam engine: decapitating steam to explode out in puffs of decapitated destroyed power, all wheels, all round wheels used in machines, all watches, with dials pointing at the decapitated numbers of a disconnected circle, the decapitation of all circles into wedges, pie slices, the invention of the wedge, the invention of the axe as a metal decapitated head to stick on a wooden decapitated piece of branch, all idols, all icons, all figureheads, all abstract symbols representing the head, the pinnacle, the top, the apex, the height of anything, all hierarchical awareness and structures that deem the head as the most valuable, the best, the most noble, etc; Jack-in the Box, all boxes, everything that is put into a box or container, FedEx: the obsession of transporting boxes and parcels, the song; ‘Pop goes the Weasel’, all mass-produced goods that are boxed and shipped, the detachment of specialized labor and work, the creation of holes, digging, all mining, piston heads, engine heads, everything that is called the ‘head’ of something, the froth on the top of a glass of beer,: to be blown away, the use of all zeros and ones: as in Japanese Zeros decapitating American ships, zeros and ones being created and then decapitated inside computers, the use of all zeros and ones in mathematics, scalping, the taking of heads, the shrinking of heads: which the computer microchip is the latest evolution of, ….
  58. Mate 2nd class with several marijuana busts in his service jacket,.

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