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Butt dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Butt out of my life.
  2. Butt out of my kitchen!.
  3. There is mud on my butt.
  4. Get your butt in the car.
  5. It was from kicking butt.

  6. Gary his fuzzy butt crack.
  7. And my butt was freezing.
  8. She does have a cute butt.
  9. We have to wipe her butt.
  10. Tomz kicked Joey in the butt.
  11. She pinched his butt again.
  12. The one over your butt crack.
  13. With the butt section on the.
  14. I had a tight butt, even then.
  15. It was from kicking butt.

  16. God's butt would be enormous!.
  17. You wrote me about his butt.
  18. My son thinks I should butt out.
  19. He gave my butt a playful swat.
  20. She patted his butt playfully.
  21. My butt instantly got very cold.
  22. She said you have a nice butt.
  23. Her butt leaned against the sink.
  24. Get out of here, ya butt!.
  25. Modi was the butt of Rambo jokes.

  26. And keep your butt on the chair.
  27. We know he’s a pain in the butt.
  28. My butt had never looked that good.
  29. She was silently admiring his butt.
  30. Squeezing the muscles in your butt.
  31. She had a beautiful beautiful butt.
  32. Put that ciggy butt in your mouth.
  33. Eve wiggles her butt as she walks on.
  34. I picked Sue up by the butt as Sue.
  35. The antennas in the butt, I guess.
  36. Link Building is a Pain in the Butt.
  37. I know you told me to butt out….
  38. His hand goes to the butt of his gun.
  39. Put pork butt on top of the pork skin.
  40. She would always give you the butt at.
  41. It had a barrel, a butt, and a trigger.
  42. Bahit scooted over to Joey on his butt.
  43. And the feel of smooth butt and breech.
  44. You’re tough and kick butt in karate.
  45. Sana- Can't get the head or butt of it.
  46. Alex smiled and put his hand on her butt.
  47. Is the bitch being a pain in the butt?
  48. And when you complimented my butt?
  49. Feel your legs and butt supported by the.
  50. The cigarette butt in the plastic baggie.
  51. She lost her balance and fell on her butt.
  52. The glowing silhouette threw the butt of.
  53. He’s just kissing butt to get reelected.
  54. She slung it butt upwards over her shoulder.
  55. Which is why I want to do you in the butt.
  56. Major Butt stepped over to them and said:.
  57. I’m going to get my butt kicked for this.
  58. What is it to be the butt of a monkey's.
  59. Short, with a big butt and an equally big.
  60. He leveled her with a gun butt to the head.
  61. The dull thwack of a rifle butt in a stomach.
  62. Linder up, the bitch tried to head butt me.
  63. He told me to lie so that he can whip my butt.
  64. Then I had it shake its butt at them a little.
  65. Nothing to get your skinny butt excited about.
  66. One of the m pointe d with his é cla ir butt.
  67. He put a hand on the butt of his holstered M11.
  68. This time, his hand stopped briefly on my butt.
  69. Knowing one will be the butt of comments catty.
  70. If a butt joint is required to bear very much.
  71. He also had his hand on the butt of his phasor.
  72. Good grief, fabulous shoulders and a great butt.
  73. The butt joint is the simplest woodworking joint.
  74. Almost healed and ready to kick some butt again.
  75. Come in already, I'm freezing my butt off here.
  76. He flicked the cigarette butt into the distance.
  77. Just noticed this odd bulge above his butt crack.
  78. Hmm…according to my analysis, it’s a butt.
  79. Some lordling’s butt is in for a fine toasting.
  80. Chapter 5 - Hungary - A Rifle Butt in the Spokes.
  81. All he could do was to butt his hard round head.
  82. But her butt ran into the back door of the stall.
  83. After that, you can butt out of my private life!.
  84. As Vinny picked up his cigarette butt out of the.
  85. All I did was dive out of the way to save my butt.
  86. When I was standing, I cradled Sue’s butt with.
  87. Zem set the butt of the shotgun on the floor and.
  88. Stinky, slowly turn so that your butt is facing me.
  89. He was the perennial butt of his classmates' jokes.
  90. I call this the "cigar butt" approach to investing.
  91. The oversight bit me in the butt, as I suffered a.
  92. Colonel Vashti would have his butt if he were wrong.
  93. He tightened up his butt cheeks and fucked the dry.
  94. Samantha hit her in the face with the butt of the gun.
  95. Getting a hand to the butt of a gun, Mick pulled it.
  96. Mordrous tightened his grip on the butt of his phasor.
  97. Landing on his injured butt he wailed and grabbed it.
  98. Her breasts are small and her butt is tiny and round.
  99. One of the soldiers smacked Toby with the butt of his.
  100. Finally, the woman grabs her butt and gets off the bus.
  1. Butting then and goring all before.
  2. I have an idea, I said, butting in.
  3. He pushed Bigwig with his nose, butting urgently.
  4. Stock Trader: Sorry for butting in, but I'm curious.
  5. At this the ram began to look annoyed and started butting and chasing the complainer.
  6. Jody saw a black, long-legged colt, butting against Nellie’s flanks, demanding milk.
  7. They clung to a rope around its neck and steered it by butting it with their shoulders.
  8. They were silent again and Scarlett felt as if she were butting her head against a stone.
  9. And all the thanks she got were his criticisms of her butting into his life and causing problems.
  10. A second explosion rolled him along the floor of the cavern, butting his head against rocks and stones.
  11. Ralph would normally have told the man off for butting into a conversation, but on this occasion he was.
  12. I hope you‘ll forgive me for butting in, but I‘ve been looking for an excuse to practice my moves in a real situation and couldn't resist.
  13. Virag reaches the door in two ungainly stilthops, his tail cocked, and deftly claps sideways on the wall a pusyellow flybill, butting it with his head.
  14. This young lad has been in the fighting and he got wounded for his troubles so he doesn’t need a shithouse like you butting into a private chat and shouting the odds and neither do I.
  15. He called it Claggart because he’d always thought Melville had been too hard on Claggart in Billy Budd, and because the name seemed to fit the squat furry body, the officious muzzle butting at his shin, demanding food or a walk.
  16. So why fight it? Give up! Trying to fight is hopeless, and futile… so why waste your time or strength or energy butting your head against a brick wall? It is based upon an unspoken assumption that trying to make things better does not work, and will never succeed.
  17. Butting then and goring all before him, and mad and wild like an owerdriven steer, he ploughs up the tender furrow all insensible to Louisa's complaints; nothing can stop, nothing can keep out a fury like his: with which, having once got its head in, its blind rage soon made way for the rest, piercing, rending, and breaking open all obstruction.
  1. I butted with my head.
  2. The Halven butted in again.
  4. Nobby Clarke butted in saying.
  5. Just then Clare's voice butted in.
  6. Navajo had butted heads many times.
  7. If you hadn't butted in, we would've won.
  8. These butted against the brow and cheeks.
  9. What is it, Alex? Elizabeth butted in.
  10. He used his head and butted her in the face.
  11. Me, Josh butted in and raised his hand.
  12. Joan twisted the knob and butted the door inward.
  13. To be called hypersexed, he butted in with.
  14. Kassim quickly moved his head forward and butted.
  15. And what the hell happened? Starret butted in.
  16. It butted Ben’s chest several times with its stub.
  17. He got the most excited when she butted back against him.
  18. Before he could reply, Nathalie butted in, ‘He didn’t.
  19. Haden seeing room of opportunity finally butted into the.
  20. Harvey was rising up from his seat when Schmitty butted in.
  21. Mr Rabbit got so cross he butted the tar baby with his head.
  22. Adam butted in, ‘Is anybody going to let me in on this?’.
  23. Yeah right, said Spock and head butted Mophi on his nose.
  24. The soldiers were butted, shoved and herded into a small group.
  25. I’m gonna sit right here in the water, Richard butted in.
  26. At this point Peter butted into the discussion, I’m sorry for.
  27. Red butted in, Hang on, that’s not education; that’s torture.
  28. Enraged, the challenger rushed at the post and butted the cat again.
  29. Bessie swam in a circle and butted her head against the side of the dam.
  30. Wait a second, no matter what I still end up dead, David butted in.
  31. He growled, lowered his head, and butted Colin Baxter right in the belly.
  32. The big haystacks on the hillside, that butted into the glare, went cold.
  33. He butted it a final time to kill it, and the others cheered and clapped.
  34. Softly, she butted his head, to gain his undivided attention towards her.
  35. I butted in, not because my partner wasn’t doing a perfect interrogation.
  36. Both of us could appreciate the way she butted her small skull on our calves.
  37. She was well-liked within the family, though she and Jackie often butted heads.
  38. Waves of animals crashed into one another with a loud impact as they butted heads.
  40. He tried to lift her out of the dish, but Bryony butted his hands away with her snout.
  41. The boar rushed against the hunter and butted him to death, and himself died on the spot.
  42. At the same time Roqford's head butted Hurd with such force as to knock him off his feet.
  44. Two thousand years ago, the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire butted up against each other.
  45. Flynn eventually butted in between me and the wheel and said, Take a load off your feet Captain.
  46. Leanne butted in with I also believe she is white and rich and very likely lives in the Dubbo area.
  47. The dolphin squeaked in response, then butted its head into Josh’s side hard enough to knock him into the water.
  48. He did not quite finish what he meant to say, breaking off short, as though his thought had butted against a solid obstacle.
  49. She knew she had to kill the cat, but she had her hands tied behind her back, so she butted it with her head until it died.
  50. You are forbidden the meat of strangled animal, beaten animal, fallen animal, butted animal and mangled animal by beats of prey.
  51. He butted it against my head and continued this until he taught me to stroke him under his chin and to butt my head against his.
  52. He grinned and bent over to lick at the blood, but she head butted his nose so hard that searing waves overwhelmed his awareness.
  53. Before he could elaborate someone again butted in, cutting communication by asking if there was a problem to save their own asses.
  54. They had insisted on having the quarters that were housed in the tall tower off to my left, which butted up against my cliffside quarters.
  55. This applies to the animals beaten or butted to death and those killed by a fall or mangled by beasts of prey such as fox, lion, hyena… and the like.
  56. Back at the farm that evening, the herdsman told Christian that he had seen him with the herd, and told him he was lucky not to have been butted or trampled.
  57. This time Drew butted in, Nevertheless, I believe it to be an omission on the part of the Coroner to produce a verdict and close the case without Mister Adams’s statement.
  58. The business of this enchanter on earth being principally to be talked at, sung at, butted at, danced at, and flashed at with fires of various colors, he had a good deal of time on his hands.
  59. Throughout her thirty-year career as a lawyer, and especially the last twenty-six years at the clinic, Mattie had repeatedly butted heads with the boys (always men—never women) at Casper Slate.
  60. There it is! In a most irritating manner he instantly slapped his hands against one another, daintily flung one of his legs up behind him, pulled my hair, slapped his hands again, dipped his head, and butted it into my stomach.
  61. We existed at the exact point where the glossy glass temples to finance butted up against the grubby old brick and sash-windows of curry shops and twenty-four-hour grocers, of stripper pubs and minicab offices that resolutely refused to die.
  62. When I and my friends repaired to him at six o'clock next day, he seemed to have been engaged on a case of a darker complexion than usual, for we found him with his head butted into this closet, not only washing his hands, but laving his face and gargling his throat.
  63. Minh Thuy could barely make out the jade Buddha and the crucifix butted up like bookends on the mantel there, the photographs of overseas relatives, or the volumes of Victor Hugo on the desk where her father composed his weekly letter to the editor of the West Covina Times.
  64. Over the hills there hung such a green odor that the horses on the flats galloped madly, and then stopped, wondering; lambs, and even old sheep, jumped in the air unexpectedly and landed on stiff legs, and went on eating; young clumsy calves butted their heads together and drew back and butted again.
  65. Some of the joints were `lapped' and some were butted, and two or three weeks after the owner of the house moved in, as the paper became more dry, the joints began to open and to show the white plaster of the wall, and then Owen had to go there with a small pot of crimson paint and a little brush, and touch out the white line.
  66. Whereupon the monstrous Shark return’d in a Feeding Frenzy, butted the Boat with his evil Head, fairly chomp’d into the Wood with his huge Jaws, near destroying the Boat, but at last swimming away, leaving me in my Sack, clinging to a bit of Board (which had once been the Dinghy’s Seat), and the Seas all around awash with Oranges, and one ghastly sever’d Head as well—namely the Captain’s! How long I waited there (as stilly as I could, to be sure), I cannot say.
  67. It was three weeks later that Mr Warwick heard of the enquiry by the police, he’d gone into town to place an advert for two boilermakers, calling into the pub for a quick beer he was accosted by a young constable with a photograph of Tony Rossi, the policeman asked him if he’d seen the young man, apparently Tony was a keen fisherman and was on holiday somewhere on the west coast, his family hadn’t heard from him for a couple of weeks and were concerned he may have had an accident, the policeman told John and the rest of the drinkers, that enquiries were being made from Geraldton to Port Hedland, as he was known to be travelling up the coast from Perth where he lived, another customer butted in with his opinion, if he’d been fishing around Carnarvon it was probable that a shark had taken him, he stated as fact that there were so many sharks around them waters you could walk on their backs to Dome Island, which seemed reasonable to John and the rest of the drinkers, they all told the constable that he hadn’t made it as far as Port Hedland or they would have seen him or someone would have mentioned seeing him, strangers not being very thick on the ground around here, satisfied that he’d done all he could the police man shouted for a beer and challenged one of the locals to a game of pool.
  1. They were covering our butts.
  2. Inside were five cigarette butts.
  3. Most Americans wanted to hang Butts.
  4. I think she may have saved our butts.
  5. Earth is birth with no butts about it.
  6. You’re putting butts in your mouth.
  7. And warmed the snowbank with our butts.
  8. Did you see their butts? I laughed.
  9. Thanks for saving our butts back there.
  10. One of the butts was from a Steels cigarette.
  11. Philip butts in to take the pressure off Anne.
  12. Their hands rested on the butts of their guns.
  13. While I was out there saving our butts?
  14. Rick Butts saw an increase of $107,000 in sales.
  15. It was the girl he had seen earlier at the archery butts.
  16. Vince butts in, They sold me my gaff 'bout 8 months ago.
  17. Bex collects the butts and puts them in the wheelie bin.
  18. They pick up their cigarette butts and shell casings.
  19. Hundreds of cigarette butts were stamped out on the floor.
  20. No more indiscriminately thrown cigarette butts hitting my.
  21. Three or four cigarette butts had been thrown on the ground.
  22. Butts wouldn’t be the only one fascinated with the outcome.
  23. They could sit on their butts and wait to be bombed and strafed.
  24. Our butts? Chuck shouted, grabbing a hold of his rump cheeks.
  25. Vince butts into the conversation, "Well they are a bit special?".
  26. You were spectacular when you sprang into action to save our butts.
  27. Later a savvy New York detective butts into my fact finding mission.
  28. The line of beer cans and cigarette butts on the sill above the bed.
  29. I can keep up with any of these guys—at the butts and on the trail.
  30. Get your butts in here NOW! Jackie said, rolling down the window.
  31. A handful of cigarette butts peppered the residual brew on the carpet.
  32. When Butts had my job, he allowed the growers to do what they wanted.
  33. Plus a mixed collection of riffraff sucking cigarette butts at the bar.
  34. Wait a minute, she says as we slip on the ice and land on our butts.
  35. If they start anything I’ll take a crop to their butts and they know it.
  36. Let me explain something to you: a lot of the time, guys kiss women's butts.
  37. The living room was a continuation of beer cans, cigarette butts, and ashes.
  38. Trash collected everywhere: food wrappers, drinking straws, cigarette butts.
  39. They do this just as unthinkingly as other people throw away cigarette butts.
  40. They stare at one another for a moment, scratch their heads, their butts, yawn.
  41. I would have told them to wake up and move their ignorant butts toward freedom.
  42. One February night the unmistakable blows of rifle butts were heard at the door.
  43. The bottle spun, careered into an ashtray, tipping butts and ash onto the carpet.
  44. One of the cigarette butts stood out from the others; it had a much darker filter.
  45. Nearing the top, he recognised some archers who had been ahead of him at the butts.
  46. The butts were usually placed up by All Hallows and the trainees down by the almshouse.
  47. Ma stubbed her cigarette into the ashtray filled with the butts I always found disgusting.
  48. Cigarette butts with the word Steels on them had been found in the same room as the rifle.
  49. Parade Rest, there was the sound of metal as rifle or weapon butts hit the pavement.
  50. The troops were no longer moving, but stood with the butts of their muskets on the ground.
  51. We just keep the receipts and cheque butts and that’s all there is to running this business.
  52. She and Dylan had gathered up all of their stuff and hauled their butts out of the Block's door.
  53. Smith’s next door neighbour had posted a bag of cigarette butts through Smith’s letter box.
  54. Butts apparently did play a huge role in her life: she prized hers as her best feature, and she.
  55. Not that the crew would’ve achieved it, had it not been for Emma riding their butts constantly.
  56. There’s about fourteen hundred people that live on the estate that butts up to the CN property.
  57. So you killed Fisher? Smith said, what about the cigarette butts in the ashtray we found.
  58. We weren’t sightseeing; we were covering our butts, and, more important, those of our commanders.
  59. Two days after getting our butts kicked out of the city, we came back, this time riding in Strykers.
  60. So he and Rennie had to scoot their butts along the top until they came to the far side of the zone.
  61. It means we can expect to be shot at for the privilege of rescuing their sorry butts, Faye Anne said.
  62. This sight immediately serves as a motivating reason to get off their butts for Rugged and the villager.
  63. The last thing we saw was you guys heading off to the lake on a motorcycle with a herd on your butts.
  64. We weren’t sightseeing; we were covering our butts, and, more important, those of our commanders.
  65. Now, this new Hanoi Jane is kissing the butts of the Iranians in order to build for herself a reputation.
  66. A late-model Toyota SUV was parked at the end of the street, where it butts up against the I-280 overpass.
  67. It’s what we call the guys workin’ their butts off in the Gardens—tilling, weeding, planting and such.
  68. Shuffling man was bending in the gutter outside our house, picking up cigarette butts from amongst the leaves.
  69. The tiny room was littered with newspapers, Budweiser bottles lined up on the sill, cigarette butts in Coke cans.
  70. Well, it did save our butts back with those huge spiders, but still, I’d rather spray a can of Off! any day.
  71. How could you expect to be some kind of Lara Croft and kick the bad guys butts? Trust me, that will come in time.
  72. Two days after getting our butts kicked out of the city, we came back, this time riding in Strykers.
  73. His captors beat him with sticks and rifle butts as they interrogated him daily for weeks on end but did not kill him.
  74. She was a brunette and wore a very pale lipstick—cigarette butts in the ash tray and on the edge of a highball glass.
  75. I finished cleaning the flat, having fished cigarette butts out of the toilet, watched some television, washed my uniform.
  76. But many of them brought their kids if they were over the age of thirteen and had a driver to take their tipsy butts home.
  77. On the ground beneath the stiff, hanging bodies, amid the cigar butts and discarded whiskey bottles, sat a woman and child.
  78. The funny multi-colored currency totaled $294, Bubba's return on yesterday's 38 bucks worth of booze, hairspray, and butts.
  79. Two armed natives presented themselves at the Terran station, pounding with spear butts upon the heavy gate, demanding reward.
  80. Soldiers wielded their spear butts liberally, and most of us collected welts to tally how many times we’d slowed or tripped.
  81. The chairs were stained with spills from fast food, and the wastebaskets overflowed with cigarette butts and sandwich wrappings.
  82. NO harm! HA! That is all you hooligans mean is harm! Leaving your cigarette butts and beer bottles smashed all over the place.
  83. Once on board, ’twas Hand-to-Hand, Thrust and Cut, firing at close Range, and e’en using the Pistol Butts as Batt’ring Pieces.
  84. Bottles of spirits circulated among the Australians, while smokers fouled the air and sprinkled ash and butts over the marble floor.
  85. Dahms could only imagine as the mob swarmed over the men kicking them, pounding them, and hitting them with the butts of their rifles.
  86. The latter ones, sheeted in soft leather holsters by the sides of her belt and with their butts sticking out, attracted his attention.
  87. The sixteen women started running out from the back of the convent as the noise of rifle butts breaking down the front door could be heard.
  88. The sliding shutters which closed them were far thinner than the rest of the door’s sturdy planks, and rifle butts smashed through them.
  89. If Mike started his antics again, they’d find themselves in a cell again, and this time they might need the real Terminator to save their butts.
  90. The lard butts have fled and left our balls to roast in the sacks! one shouted to his comrades, speaking of the Crève Coeur dinosaur knights.
  91. And the enormously gigantic, non-sleeping, always hungry Squords worked their butts off… No, that’s not quite right—they didn’t have butts.
  92. A mounted patrol in single file moved along the edge of the lake, their old Russian rifles clasped in their hands, the butts resting on saddle-bags.
  93. She now could see a dark mass approaching, while the noise of men breathing hard and of rifle butts splashing repeatedly in the water could be heard.
  94. I think the perps changed their clothes and took their bloody ones with them, along with their cigarette butts, shell casings, and sharp instruments.
  95. Framed in the large lit doorway of the warehouse was a young girl clutching a machine gun in each hand, the butts pinched tightly in place by her elbows.
  96. What’s wrong with you, man? Are you tellin’ me we have a choice? Should we just sit around on our butts and wait to be snuffed by the Grievers?
  97. Stacks of paper were piled high everywhere, crates of bottles stood in stacks and heaps, and an ashtray on a small desk brimmed with cigarette butts and ash.
  98. At night after taps, they knocked doors down with their rifle butts, hauled suspects out of their beds, and took them off on trips from which there was no return.
  99. Evidence, Smith repeated, you were seen taking Alfie pike away; we found cigarette butts in the same room as the rifle that was used to kill Tommy Fisher.
  100. A tablet stood on the table, next to an empty bottle of scotch stood and an ashtray filled with cigarette butts, its latest one still emitting a faint smoke trail.

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