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Cad dans une phrase (en anglais)

What a cad that.
Let's start with the CAD.
You heartless cad! What an.
The cad just grinned back at me, then winked at.
Well, that only means that you are a cad, I said.
Cad Manufacturing, The Raser/Becton Group, Techno-Sphere.
BTW, just because it happens to be integrated with the CAD.

U back to CAD, and then the CAD back again to USD to pay for VTI.
I'm not such a cad that I would take advantage of an exhausted girl.
How could I I was a cad to say it, as I’m going to marry Melanie.
U – without having the money get automatically converted back to CAD.
To convert from USD back to CAD, simply go in the opposite order: buy DLR.
Sure we used computers for all the CAD and computer software development stuff.
Oh my God he said to himself expecting a scene and feeling a complete cad.
The machinist had recently switched from using the DXF format for CAD to STL files.
I became an utter cad on the spot and dropped my previous engagement in a heartbeat.
What a cad that Paul was, to deprive Mother of a new female to feed! Mother said that.
He is a low cad! But he shan't have Grushenka, anyway, he shan't! I'll crush him!.
I can't believe what a cad he's turned out to be! He seemed like such a nice young man.
I couldn’t stand the smug cad by then with his waltzing around as though nothing had happened.
Of course, if the cad had warned me that twins run in his family, I’d never have married him, of course.
For one thing, there was the awkwardness of seducing a person who cleans your house: one feels like some Tolstoyan cad.
You had to play the love scene with the cad in the story and he was giving it plenty of wellie – do you remember?’.
You devised a way to not only turn the tables on the cad, but avenge your friend by giving him a taste of his own medicine.
For instance, if you place this trade on the Friday before Canadian Thanksgiving, then your conversion from CAD to USD using DLR/DLR.
Oh, you cad! she cried and her mind leaped about, trying to think of worse things to call him, things she had heard Gerald call Mr.
Also, even if you have cash in one currency (CAD), if you buy in another one (USD) you may end up taking out a loan rather than converting.
LME Copper (LME: CAD): The copper contract on the London Metal Exchange (LME) accounts for more than 90 percent of total copper futures activity.
There is a picture of the would-be dictator at Walton Hospital, his head bloodied and bound, but still handsome in the manner of a cad in a cheap drama.
Rex, indeed, was neither starched nor wrinkled; his seniors thought him a pushful young cad, but Julia recognized the unmistakable chic - the flavour of 'Max' and 'F.
BEAUFOY: You low cad! You ought to be ducked in the horsepond, you rotter! (To the court) Why, look at the man's private life! Leading a quadruple existence! Street angel and house devil.
If you buy something else the same day (such as a US-listed equity index like VTI) then those USD get used first, before converting your CAD to cover the purchase (and only if necessary).
If you purchase something in CAD it will not be automatically sold to cover the cost, but you can sell it yourself to then automatically convert the funds back to CAD cash, at TD's marked-up rate.
That Terence certainly was a cad for attempting such a sordid thing, especially since he knew absolutely nothing of the situation other than that which had been told to him secondhand and late at that.
Otherwise you will end up going through the process only to end up with USD that automatically get converted back to CAD before you can buy anything – paying the commissions and premium exchange rate for nothing.
I knew that my schoolfellows used to laugh at me and despise me for it, I knew it perfectly well, but that was just what gratified me : Since they want me to be a lackey, well, I am a lackey then; if I'm to be a cad, well, I will be a cad.
Norbert's Gambit for TD: Please note that just prior to publication TD announced that they will be changing the way wash trading works in an RRSP, moving to a setup with two parallel RRSP accounts, one in CAD and one in USD – similar to non-registered accounts.
Compounding his maliciousness, in 2000, when he found out from UTC’s Government Contracts Counsel, Patrick Gnazzo (former head of the Navy Litigation Office—successor to the aptly called CAD, Contract Appeals Division, in those bad old days) that I was headed to Ingalls’ Contracts Dept.
What a brute he had been! At it again? A fair unsullied soul had called to him and, wretch that he was, how had he answered? An utter cad he had been! He of all men! But there was an infinite store of mercy in those eyes, for him too a word of pardon even though he had erred and sinned and wandered.
He had even flared up angrily to think that such a dirty-looking cad should presume to linger in his memory so long; he would have felt it humiliating to himself to imagine for a moment that such a wretched creature could possibly be in any way connected with the agitated condition of his feelings.

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