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Cadge dans une phrase (en anglais)

He could cadge free lunch in the residence halls, so long as he carried a book to immerse himself in (and if he hadn’t brought his own, one could always be nicked from the library).
Ooops! After helpfully imparting this news, trying to cadge a ride on the tandem and some fags, they left team Slightly-Nervous-and-Looking-over-Their-Shouders to creep on down the uncomfortably deserted road towards an ever visible, but infuriatingly still far-off, Erzurum.

The fellow's everlastingly cadging for smokes.
Prymorska Street, past the statue of the Duc still with his hand out cadging for change.
It was this connection with the OBS that gave the Soup Kitchen a semi-official character in the estimation of the public, and furnished the proprietor with the excuse for cadging the materials and money donations.
By 1970, swarms of penniless youths, having heard tales of wondrous hospitality, were cadging their way around the southern Mediterranean and across the Middle East as far as India, deliberately bludging off the inhabitants whose hospitality soon curdled to hostility when they realised they were being used by the relatively wealthy youth of Europe who would return home boasting how they had stayed in someone’s house, been taken everywhere and treated like a prince – and it hadn’t cost them a penny! Just like the way world trade is skewed for the benefit of Europe and the U.
As he was sometimes able to do, he cadged a lift.
It was a bright spring morning as Tom cadged a lift to the.
He cadged all the ingredients for the soup from different tradespeople: bones and scraps of meat from butchers: pea meal and split peas from.

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