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Caliber dans une phrase (en anglais)

Caliber seems like a match.
It fires a 22 caliber long rifle.
Depends on the caliber, nosey ass.
I had to pick a different caliber.
But David was of a different caliber.
Caliber pistol and let off five shots.
Were the bullets the same caliber?

Colt and a 50 caliber Springfield rifle.
CSU was after the caliber of the weapon.
I was expecting something of a higher caliber.
This alone provides a higher caliber of member.
He used to play here with Caliber 9 a few years ago.
In colleges of this caliber, one does not fall behind.
To actually attend and work a race of this caliber is.
What caliber was the gun? Did it match Catchings?
Caliber: diameter of a guns bore in inches or centimeters.
There was a deafening report as the high caliber pistol fired.
An artist of her caliber is a treasure that must be preserved.
Taking out of the cabinet two Colt-Paterson Model 1839 caliber.
It is pity that man of your caliber was made head of a super power.
He replied with heavy caliber weapons and the boys didn’t mess about.
When picking the right caliber gun, I naturally considered the good old.
Sven was quick to act, summoning on the spot a high caliber shotgun, but.
He has never seen such a cannon, and he's sure it's not the right caliber.
Such was the caliber of the machine that would be put into motion after us.
I pick up the caliber I used yesterday, and Herb takes his automatic shotgun.
Well, Telly was not of the same caliber but his soft spot was very much softer.
I've never heard of Talman Hisser, so I take it he's not of Galactic caliber.
In Alaska there are many types of caliber, which you will never find in Hungary.
We found a casing that matched the caliber of weapon Derickson was shot with.
It was a small clean hole, probably made by a small caliber bullet such as a 22.
I am not a liar of Amy’s dazzling caliber, but I’m not bad when I have to be.
Most of the ballplayers coming out of college simply are not professional caliber.
As I sit here I've got one eye on a real rarity: a cartridge for a Lazzeroni Caliber 7.
It has black insulating tape wound round the barrel for camouflage, and the caliber is.
Around the roof tops sat several large caliber guns with two soldiers sitting at each gun.
I could still not believe I had captivated and transformed a woman of her age and caliber.
Whoever did this recognized the caliber of the wolves and had a serious dose of confidence.
The choice of caliber for a Blaser R93 is quite wide, so there was no lack of possibilities.
Police sources tell us a gun matching the caliber which shot the officer was found on the scene.

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