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Calibre dans une phrase (en anglais)

This requires high calibre staff with deep.
But to Jacob, silence of this calibre was heaven.
Calibre who was shooting it repeatedly with a pellet gun.
There was no one else in the party of that calibre at all.
It was a small calibre bullet and not heavy enough to do that.
It was capable of firing a large calibre, low velocity bullet which.
All were landmine proof and armoured against the AK47 calibre rounds.

I’m not sure ‘sweet’ is a compliment for a woman of your calibre.
The Devil was impressed, as much by his daughter as by the calibre of the.
Still to cultivate the acquaintance of someone of no uncommon calibre who.
However, a lot of them lack the leadership of the calibre of Mahātmā Gāndhi.
If this is the calibre of the people running various parts of it, we are in big.
Defence Soccer was of a high calibre as the selectors were able to draw from all of.
But tell me a high powered businessman, of Sir Richard’s calibre, who isn’t?’.
Yes, I smile at the innocence of my transgressions, at the calibre of my delinquency.
I first got an idea of its calibre when I heard him preach in his own church at Morton.
The barrels reminded me of the charred large calibre barrels we had seen on the mountainside.
It also looks as if it could be a weapon not often seen in this country, judging by the calibre.
He said that Sweden’s too small for a guy of your calibre, but you get what this is about.
A thirty-eight calibre Webley service type revolver as carried by officers in the First World War.
Have you ever thought about going into the security business Murray? I could use someone of your calibre.
A scrawny type who looks like a junkie and who wears a watch of this calibre – that should narrow the field.
It had a long barrel for a huge calibre projectile, something that would be unheard of with modern technology.
Google will look at how many tweets and retweets a URL has, and the calibre or authority of the person tweeting the URL.
And I’ve always thought Blomkvist a fantastic reporter, of a different calibre to you and everyone else of his generation.
Looking out the front window, I could see there was a huge calibre barrel sticking out the front window of the building next door.
His most notable achievement was the revolutionary Dreadnought battleship that combined large calibre long-range guns with heavy armour protection.
As we marched along we could hear the dull thunder of the guns sounding from the front and then every now and again a bigger thud as the larger calibre guns took over.
Next could be heard the sound of a small calibre pistol firing one shot followed by the thud of Doyle’s body hitting the floor, which was immediately followed by the sound of Dugan’s voice.
The result is: the fetus in the archduke’s wife’s belly, his wife and the archduke: all three died so quickly nobody could save them… Extinguishing three lives with two 22 calibre bullets, which is unheard of.
The emergency services personnel discussed how best to clear the bodies and the wreckage and the traffic police commented on the fact that the two men in the Opel were armed; one had an automatic pistol with silencer, the other a small calibre revolver.
These factors, he alleged, and the revolting spectacles offered by our streets, hideous publicity posters, religious ministers of all denominations, mutilated soldiers and sailors, exposed scorbutic cardrivers, the suspended carcases of dead animals, paranoic bachelors and unfructified duennas—these, he said, were accountable for any and every fallingoff in the calibre of the race.
Although the loss of committed congregations of the calibre of St George’s Tron, Gilcomston South and Holyrood Abbey is a very real loss and should certainly not be underestimated – not least for the large amounts of money that these congregations have paid into the Kirk’s central funds – their withdrawal does not compare proportionately to those who went out at the time of the Disruption.
In the second place, I will say that teachers of that calibre are especially bad because they are quite abandoned in the backwoods and teach without any aid or instruction, and that now there is not to be found a single one of the old teachers who would not tell you with regret that he does not know the new methods and has himself learned for copper pence, and that many of them, especially the younger church servants, are quite willing to learn the new methods.
Here the worst shot of the secret organization kills the best shot in all of Europe! The boy by pure blind luck had two bullets which did not hit the Archdukes bullet-proof jacket but entered in at the tiny spot between his bullet-proof jacket and his bull neck, the only spot that could have killed him, severing his jugular… killing three living human beings with two 22 calibre bullets which have almost no killing power at all unless they hit a major artery or penetrate the brain.

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