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Casual dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I try to sound casual.
  2. Be very casual about it.
  3. But his tone was casual.
  4. It wasn't a casual habit.
  5. Should I go ultra casual.
  6. It is a casual habit of man.
  7. It was not a casual question.
  8. Then casual wards full after.
  9. Even in the most casual work.
  10. Mother talked on, casual quiet.
  11. Tovar gave Stacey a casual nod.
  12. Even casual looked rich on him.
  13. Yes, a woman, a casual incident.
  14. Hayden took a drag, acting casual.
  15. However, I tried to remain casual.
  16. There was nothing casual about it.
  17. Casual y the girl walked between.
  18. She said, keeping her tone casual.
  19. They sounded so casual about it all.
  20. He rested a casual hand on her ankle.
  21. He liked her casual but sexy look:.
  22. Be it a song or casual conversation.
  23. He was dressed in a pair of casual.
  24. We have become The Casual Terrorist.
  25. His interest in sex is fairly casual.
  26. Mitch kept up his casual conversation.
  27. Casual is synonymous with comfortable.
  28. Oh, not so casual, Benjy, she thought.
  29. I couldn't even pretend to act casual.
  30. This was not just a casual conversa-.
  31. In effect, my parents' casual habits.
  32. Casual sex with another tourist or a.
  33. But wisdom is not a casual achievement.
  34. Jonas easy and casual on the high seat.
  35. Her attire was both casual and elegant.
  36. Most people are casual about their life.
  37. To a casual observer it would seem days.
  38. Will turned and gave him a casual glance.
  39. He made a casual gesture in her direction.
  40. So their dates were kept casual, low-key.
  41. Aidan and Henry both wore casual clothes.
  42. The March had scared away casual tourists.
  43. She was dressed conspicuously casual today.
  44. Thank you, she tried to appear casual.
  45. It was the casual way he talked about her.
  46. Sure, he says, trying to sound casual.
  47. He tried to be casual but it didn’t work.
  48. You are far too casual with the villagers.
  49. This protects against casual contact, (IE:.
  50. What, then? she said in a casual tone.
  51. This creates a casual and genuine atmosphere.
  52. Instead be casual and personal in your note.
  53. Supporting her weight with casual ease with.
  54. Jesus wants more than a casual acquaintance.
  55. Hayley responded with a casual middle finger.
  56. At ease, it’s a casual call, she said.
  57. Breakfast was a casual affair as they settled.
  58. Her face, her body, is casual in the best way.
  59. C - For the 97% of people, C stands for Casual.
  60. There was no casual conversation in this tent.
  61. I leave her a message, trying to sound casual.
  62. One of the best casual activities is probably.
  63. Oh, nothing, she said, casual as could be.
  64. Nithya observed how casual he was about his job.
  65. I'd say it's more than a casual relationship.
  66. Midge was dressed, as usual, in designer casual.
  67. His station for casual pick-ups was outside the.
  68. Chelsea wore designer casual and held a martini.
  69. Most of the males wore shorts and casual T-shirts.
  70. Maybe I’ve been too casual with it, he thought.
  71. Sometimes, it was a casual outing, just to stay.
  72. I've been too casual, expecting to turn up at a.
  73. It was a casual race, but there was a thrilling.
  74. There are always casual dining options available.
  75. I gave a little laugh that I hoped sounded casual.
  76. Brandela laughed at his casual display of strength.
  77. How does she strike you? He tried to be casual.
  78. Sundays were usually casual in the Hartt household.
  79. The casual y delivered information horrified Libby.
  80. Thus, casual drug use may not be without lasting.
  81. I knew I had to escape, but it had to look casual.
  82. After a few more minutes of casual chatting, Matt.
  83. How many other families had he casual y ruined? He.
  84. Rochelle had previously thought him very casual and.
  85. Tom took note of the casual posture of the three men.
  86. My parents said Harish is only coming for a casual.
  87. I tried to dress casual, but on a Sunday, and after.
  88. Apart from a few casual jobs that he managed to get.
  89. For the first time she thought of her casual appear-.
  90. They went down the line quickly, trying to be casual.
  91. Nevertheless, John was a fringe, casual attendee at.
  92. He still looked delicious in his smart casual clothes.
  93. Randy closed the distance with a patient, casual gait.
  94. The News? The cadence was casual, but purposeful.
  95. Eyes enough to see that was not a casual flirtation.
  96. Sorry about what? I ask, trying to sound casual.
  97. Trying to be casual I said 'They say it's good for the.
  98. Just out of curiosity, is that what you call casual?
  99. Asking casual questions to gain morsels of information.
  100. Today, however even a casual observer will notice that.

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