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Cease dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. It will die (cease to.
2. They will cease to exist.
3. We would cease to exist.
5. They would cease to exist.
6. Chams never cease to have.
7. Will never cease, it seems.

8. But the cussing did not cease.
9. Cease! I cry to Horatio.
10. I’ll cease for this hand.
11. There the wicked cease from.
12. Life here will cease, as we.
13. It will never cease to exist.
14. That my troubles might cease?
15. Cease the wars, the hate, the.
16. You cease caring about the earth.
17. The shock made her cease weeping.
18. The sword within will never cease.
19. He searched for her without cease.
20. He hoped the idea would now cease.
21. Oaths of a man roar, mutter, cease.
22. Thou shalt not cease to count aloud.
23. Nor cease at the theme of One's-Self.
24. The idea of misalliance should cease.
25. Cease; mind the servants! (Return).
26. We cease sharing and begin whording.
27. The reverberations of the bells cease.
28. As thoughts cease it comes into view.
29. Or did her tears soon cease to flow?
30. Beyond the mind all distinctions cease.
31. I could not now cease to reason, but.
32. Simon commanded the red alert to cease.
33. Abel when the doses of opium must cease.
34. But if she die in truth, then all cease.
35. Cease an’ Desist! cried Lancelot.
36. You know, you never cease to amaze me.
37. Then it will cease to be your panacea.
38. Hostilities were to cease for five years.
39. Higher life on Earth will cease to exist.
40. Then, indeed, violence could never cease.
41. Come and feast and have your needs cease.
42. Where love itself would faint and cease!.
43. If they knew, they'd cease to understand.
44. We know, where there is sin, we cease to.
45. Q: What does it mean — time will cease?
46. We are sure you will command them to cease.
47. Hymns and symphony were heard without cease.
48. For the dreams would never cease otherwise.
49. Or had the real Rudy's cease to exist when.
50. Orion ships, you will cease your attack.
51. Then, of course, violence could never cease.
52. As he predicted, the onslaught did not cease.
53. They plan to cease development in that area.
54. Shall cease to speak of the pretender; caged.
55. Until they have the map, they will not cease.
56. Heal your mind and it will cease to project.
57. The cease fire is still on, Garcia said.
58. Conversely, all secrecy would cease to exist.
59. Let the commercial interest cease to complain.
60. Cambodians are unlikely to cease their claims.
61. When words cease to have meaning beyond sound.
62. The Cromwells would have demanded a cease to.
63. Picard has announced a cease fire is in effect.
64. Then time will cease and eternity will begin.
65. You will cease the hostilities, Worf said.
66. Hatred does not cease through hatred at any time.
67. What? Well, by the Eight! Wonders never cease.
68. Therefore he did not cease his attacking strokes.
69. If it is not, they will soon cease to feed them.
70. Order the crews to cease work on the domes!‖.
71. There the wicked cease from troubling: and there.
72. At some point, students cease to be students and.
73. She did not cease to stare at her daughter-in-law.
74. We have love and joy in Him that will never cease.
75. Indeed, it seemed as if wonders would never cease.
76. Israel would cease to be a nation before me forever.
77. The convulsions of Kartinkin's cheeks did not cease.
78. The wonders of Aerodynamics never cease to amaze me.
79. Economies that cease benefiting the marketplace, i.
80. Cease being fascinated by the content of your con-.
81. Once we cease to blame circumstances and others for.
82. But it would neither come nor cease to make a noise.
83. Maybe then the South would cease all this kowtowing.
84. And at last they cease to appoint them as constables.
85. Your opinions will cease to exist and not be replaced.
86. The friendship that can cease has never been real.
87. In a similar way, all that exists would cease to do.
88. It took several intense minutes for him to cease his.
89. It was you who persuaded me to cease staking upon it.
90. Without it, life would cease to exist and the physical.
91. The Christian colonists would cease raiding the Seljuk.
92. She did not cease asking for you, though, he said.
93. Jesus never told his disciples to cease from going to.
94. Would wonders ever cease, as Ma always said, but.
95. He could not cease gazing at and kissing the sweet girl.
96. The rivalry would cease; the future was beginning again.
97. You laugh, Darci, but those two never cease to amaze me.
98. It was a place to bless God in and cease from vain words.
99. It is at this point that categorizations processes cease.
100. Why would I agree to a cease fire? Gul Tormin asked.
1. By ceasing to be I.
2. Bible says , to pray without ceasing.
3. There was an immediate ceasing of sound.
4. What are we to do without ceasing? (1 Thess.
5. Ceasing all movement for an instant, we listened.
6. We cry without ceasing, O Lord, to Thy fatherly.
7. He smiled without ceasing in an approving manner.
8. And ceasing to gaze at the Bishop, the conventionary.
9. John and I prayed without ceasing for your deliverance.
10. YahuShua! without ceasing, shall they be made to suffer.
11. Monika prayed without ceasing as we trudged through death.
12. You never know, he replied, his smile ceasing to fade.
13. She met his eye, then smiled at him, without ceasing to move.
14. It was as if my ceasing to look for him had summoned him forth.
15. And instead of the sound ceasing after it had spent itself, it.
16. Who offer up praises and thanksgiving, without ceasing, in My name.
17. Yes? she said, her fingers momentarily ceasing their sorting.
18. Maslova, without ceasing to cry, eagerly began to inhale the smoke.
19. There was no question of ceasing his attempt the achieve perfection.
20. The tears ran down his face without ceasing, but not a muscle moved.
21. Saying Amen and giving thanks without ceasing, to the praise of My glory.
22. Monster! Villain! shouted the woman angrily, suddenly ceasing to weep.
23. His energy levels ceasing Ben didn’t think he could keep this up any longer.
24. My every word shall persecute them, without ceasing, even after you have departed.
25. But on the one side there is no ceasing to accuse, nor on the other to vindicate.
26. Father flung his hands into the air and shook his head, never ceasing in his pacing.
27. Akua grabbed my hand, immediately ceasing my fussing as my bloodshot eyes shot to his.
28. I must confess that by death, here, I can understand nothing but a ceasing to be, the.
29. The rain was already ceasing, and it was beginning to get light when Levin reached them.
30. We had days and days of endless rain without any signs of it ceasing in the near future.
31. Ceasing to trade the system was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made as a trader.
32. She felt ashamed of herself for ceasing to play hide and seek with Lelechka before Fedosya.
33. His erection sprung free, never ceasing to leave her astonished at its thickness and length.
34. A fine rain kept drizzling, ceasing, and drizzling again; but he did not even notice the rain.
35. The pope's wife did me honour with everything she had at hand, without ceasing a moment to talk.
36. He insisted on the risk of not ceasing; and repeated his order that no alcohol should be given.
37. You have consumed The All by being consumed by IT; you have become all NOWs, by ceasing to be any.
38. Those lies, they’re dying, they’re ceasing to live, and they’re running out of time, it is.
39. Our lady Mary (peace be upon her) kept sticking to the direction towards her Provider without ceasing.
40. Without ceasing to eat he turned to me his florid, BAROCCO apostle's face with an expression of inquiry.
41. Had you seen her so, Mary, you would not have implied the possibility of her power over my heart ever ceasing.
42. The General, without ceasing to smile with his eyes, said he was very pleased, and then sat inscrutably silent.
43. Then, wishing to make the best use of his time while he had the means of labor, he continued to work without ceasing.
44. A sand particle is moved, which causes another particle to shift a fraction, and another, and so on, without ceasing.
45. With wild eagerness he showed me into the castle and at the same time kept talking and questioning me without ceasing.
46. So they did, but their mistake was in ceasing to do well, and they learned this lesson through much anxiety and regret.
47. I confess that by death, here, I can understand nothing but a ceasing to be, the losing of all actions of life and sense.
48. At the present moment she is in Switzerland, and you will do me a favour by ceasing to ask me these questions about her.
49. It was constantly on his mind now — being struck down with terrible crippling pain — then dying, simply ceasing to be.
50. The cantrip instantly glued the acolyte’s tongue to the roof of his mouth ceasing the terror that he was about to unleash.
51. I must confess that by death, here, I can understand nothing but a ceasing to be, the losing of all actions of life and sense.
52. Therefore commanded he his chariotman to drive without ceasing and to dispatch the journey the judgment of God now following him.
53. By this time Clare abhorred the house for ceasing to contain Tess, and hastened away from its hated presence without once looking back.
54. The analyst will avoid issues that have been losing their current assets at a rapid rate and show no definite signs of ceasing to do so.
55. There are no stronger words that could have been used to say the end of the wicked is a total end of existence; death is ceasing to live.
56. The landlady wailed without ceasing, lamenting for Semyon Ivanovitch, and cursing him for having taken advantage of her lone, lorn state.
57. Thus, in English, we say—to be 'dead to any thing or person’ in the obvious sense of ceasing to be in living relations with him or it.
58. But she was gradually ceasing to expect with her former delightful confidence that she should see any wide opening where she followed him.
59. An example would be during the recession in 2008 when trucking capacity shrunk significantly due to many small carriers ceasing operations.
60. Men have come to the point of ceasing to believe in the possibility or even desirability of finding and establishing such a general definition.
61. One would have said that he was a pendulum which was no longer wound up, and whose oscillations were growing shorter before ceasing altogether.
62. But Lukashka, without ceasing to sing, suddenly seized her firmly by the hand and pulled her from her place in the ring of girls into the middle.
63. Yes, it is only among us that the most incorrigible rogue can be absolutely and loftily honest at heart without in the least ceasing to be a rogue.
64. The never ceasing concert of those who "sow not, neither do they reap" and are free as the air they cleave with their sportive wings was all about us.
65. For she was becoming definitely religious; she was ceasing to criticise or to ask Why? She would sit for hours contemplating the beauty of acquiescence.
66. That inward disunion, the members ceasing to have a reciprocal love ‘one for another,’ is the very root of all contention, and every outward separation.
67. And the whale soon ceasing to sound, for some time they remained in that attitude, fearful of expending more line, though the position was a little ticklish.
68. Thus, death is the ceasing of these deeds, as the verb ‘to die’ in Arabic also means ‘to cease’, and does not indicate the non-existence of the spirit.
69. So long as the good vessel is with you fail not in any of these things but seek them out without ceasing and fulfil all the commandments for these things are worthy.
70. Thus says The Lord, to all these blind and deaf children, to all these desolate people:voice and question My ways, without ceasing, and have yet to consider your own?
71. A yell formed in his throat and spat itself across the world, a crescendo of volume ceasing abruptly as with a final stab he ran the blade with force through his chest.
72. Then came thoughts of his beautiful wife, devoted to himself, and never ceasing to wonder at and admire her husband's heroism and exalted refinement of taste and conduct.
73. And when once people have asked themselves these questions they cannot help coming to some decision and ceasing to support all these institutions which are no longer of use.
74. He had felt her as an hourly evil, which was so much the worse, as there seemed no chance of its ceasing but with life; she seemed a part of himself that must be borne forever.
75. Finding that Ijyu had no weapon, the witch gave orders to the evil spirits to send evil energy into Ijyu without ceasing, only allowing him to use the one hand to hold the list.
76. He had felt her as an hourly evil, which was so much the worse, as there seemed no chance of its ceasing but with life; she seemed a part of himself that must be borne for ever.
77. Try the experiment of ceasing to commit the cruel, treacherous, and base actions that you are constantly committing in order to retain your position, and you will lose it at once.
78. He learnt the trade of cobbler and locksmith and later, at the end of the nineties, he bought a plot of land and began to till the soil, not ceasing his literary labours, however.
79. On her ceasing to speak to me those six young men who were engaged in building came and conveyed her to the tower and other four lifted up the seat and carried it also to the tower.
80. Thus he proceeded for some time, walking on without ceasing, traversing at random streets of which he knew nothing, forgetful of his fatigue, as is often the case when a man is sad.
81. Jennings, in the meantime, talked on as loud as she could, and continued her account of their surprise, the evening before, on seeing their friends, without ceasing till every thing was told.
82. He began to relate it, yet had not got through one-half when, all of a sudden, he, an old man, who had gone through much in his life, began to sob, and, ceasing to speak, turned his face away from me.
83. He rooted in the sand, dabbling, delving and stopped to listen to the air, scraped up the sand again with a fury of his claws, soon ceasing, a pard, a panther, got in spousebreach, vulturing the dead.
84. Don Fernando listened to her without replying, until, ceasing to speak, she gave way to such sobs and sighs that it must have been a heart of brass that was not softened by the sight of so great sorrow.
85. The same rich men, but it becomes more and more evident that they can only be of use by ceasing to administer their property in person and giving up to society the whole or at least a part of their wealth.
86. Catching up his jharroo, or broom, he began to shower blows upon the unfortunate Piroo, yet never ceasing to dance round him so grotesquely that the fight was too much of a farce for any one to think of interfering.
87. And, indeed, we had no thoughts to spare for it, we talked away without ceasing, for we had plenty to talk about, so that I, at least, scarcely noticed Marya's disappearance ; I beg the reader to make a note of that.
88. Therefore, I shall dash the rebellious in pieces upon these rocks, and send the jackals to carry away their carcasses! For they have trusted in false glory and wear shame as a garment, cursing My name without ceasing.
89. This overtime, however, was the exception, for although in former years it had been the almost invariable rule to work till half past seven in summer, most of the firms now made a practice of ceasing work at five-thirty.
90. He grants that the result of war is shocking, but he believes it to be inevitable; assuming that the never ceasing requisition of soldiers on the part of government is as inevitable as death, then wars must follow as a matter of course.
91. Thus says The Lord: Did you think My wrath would tarry forever?! Did you think My judgment sleeps?! Are My eyes closed to all these atrocities committed upon the earth, day and night, without ceasing?! Are My ears also stopped from hearing?!.
92. For this reason we thank God (and Paul's saying) without ceasing, because when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which also effectively works.
93. Standing at the bottom of the staircase, I felt the mildewed air of the feast-chamber, without seeing her open the door, and I heard her walking there, and so across into her own room, and so across again into that, never ceasing the low cry.
94. He listened to her with silent attention, and on her ceasing to speak, rose directly from his seat, and after saying in a voice of emotion, "to your sister I wish all imaginable happiness; to Willoughby that he may endeavour to deserve her,"--.
95. Is this, sir, that fair, that honest repeal of the Berlin and Milan decrees; is this that bona fide performance of the condition; that ceasing to violate our neutral commerce, which lays us under such solemn obligations to France? Am I not, then, Mr.
96. For this reason we also thank God without ceasing, because when you received the word of God which you heard from us, you welcomed it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which also effectively works in you who believe.
97. And when one comes before Me, does not My hand reach down, and touch them gently upon their shoulder as they pray? Shall I not draw them near, so I may comfort them in My love, bestowing grace without ceasing, strengthening them in their time of need?
98. When lifting a light load to failure, the smallest motor units that were initially recruited will become fatigued, producing less force or ceasing to ire completely, at which point larger motor units will be recruited to sustain the lifting movement.
99. He trusted that he should make the best return, if return were possible, by showing the effectiveness of the education for which he was indebted, and by ceasing in future to need any diversion towards himself of funds on which others might have a better claim.
100. Sometimes, too, he had experienced the opposite, expressing at last what he liked himself, which he was devising arguments to defend, and, chancing to express it well and genuinely, he had found his opponent at once agreeing and ceasing to dispute his position.
1. She has ceased to age.
2. He ceased to be revived.
3. The rain ceased at once.
4. The buzz of study ceased.
5. At this, Music Man ceased.
7. It is high time it ceased.
8. Sodom has ceased to exist.
9. As he listened, it ceased.
10. The scythe ceased its song.
11. The marking of time ceased.
12. Once his laugh ceased, his.
13. The cold weather has ceased.
14. Too, the cicadas had ceased.
15. The growling ceased as well.
16. The murmurs ceased, and all.
17. The tinkling of glass ceased.
18. My tears ceased and I smiled.
19. But now the bells have ceased.
20. Duval’s body ceased to twitch.
21. Similarly, Paul had ceased to.
22. Now Anne ceased her sewing to.
23. The avatar had ceased with the.
24. The cries from the gates ceased.
25. Anyway, he had ceased to gibber.
26. Where the screaming ceased for.
27. The heavy firing finally ceased.
28. The murmur had not ceased from.
29. Suddenly, the winds ceased, and.
30. The attack seemed to have ceased.
31. The barrow had ceased to trundle.
32. Their succession has never ceased.
33. Ceased for a space all chattering.
34. The man ceased struggling almost.
35. He waited till her sobbing ceased.
36. The rumble of conversation ceased.
37. Abruptly, she ceased talking and.
38. Time had ceased to exist for them.
39. Then suddenly his visits had ceased.
40. But at that moment the sound ceased.
41. M: The mind ceased producing events.
42. He ceased to go to the Cafe Musain.
43. But his mother had ceased to listen.
44. The Kashag ceased to exist and the.
45. April never ceased to surprise Maria.
46. Guo Yuxia ceased her smiles and said.
47. But once more he had ceased to listen.
48. Her spoon ceased to stir up the sugar.
49. Raskolnikov had long ceased to listen.
50. It was as if she had ceased to exist.
51. I long have ceased to offend the laws.
52. It had quickly ceased to interest him.
53. Dancing Ceased, The Mirth Ceased, All.
54. Forbearance has ceased to be a virtue.
55. The speedy guys never ceased to.
56. I called home have now ceased to exist.
57. But she ceased thinking how anything.
58. Recently, however, the pain had ceased.
59. And ceased, above my intricate house;.
60. Malachias, overcome by emotion, ceased.
61. The world around us had ceased to exist.
62. The poor you have not ceased to plunder.
63. She ceased her smiles and softly sighed.
64. He ceased his laughter and said solemnly.
65. All fighting with the hssswwx had ceased.
66. So it ceased to the second year of the.
67. The chatter at the table ceased abruptly.
68. There was a lull and the shuffling ceased.
69. They stopped again, and the sound ceased.
70. At last all were seated; the music ceased.
71. Time ceased, and forever was this moment.
72. She ceased to suppose that she was pretty.
73. A little after the last one, I ceased my.
74. The prince had all but ceased to struggle.
75. The lights ceased some distance behind him.
76. Suddenly it ceased barking and gave a yelp.
77. They ceased abruptly, cut-off in mid-scream.
78. When he was in the house all singing ceased.
79. Gradually he ceased to ask her to have him.
80. Then without warning the bombardment ceased.
81. Consequently, I had now ceased to hate him.
82. I have C said (ceased), B said, and D said.
83. Feng Mantian ceased his laughter and sighed.
84. The Klingon's friends ceased their growling.
85. The confusion never ceased outside the hall.
86. Life support was removed and she ceased to.
87. I've ceased to love her, and now I love you.
88. Harmony smiled as the sounds abruptly ceased.
89. When he took them, their low humming ceased.
90. Thoughts ceased to exist, replaced with the.
91. He shut his eyes and his tail ceased smoking.
92. He had long ago ceased to wish for the child.
93. Those nearest ceased talking and drew closer.
94. He ceased playing and hurried to the balcony.
95. I developed an addiction that ceased to work.
96. In a final grinding jolt, all movement ceased.
97. And finally, the Yankees ceased annoying them.
98. Atlai’s fear ceased to exist in that instant.
99. Life would have ceased to be worth the effort.
100. Have ceased, that we no longer sing in public.
1. One ceases to be awed.
2. Doubt it, and it ceases.
3. And My love, it never ceases!.
4. The gunfire ceases for a second.
5. He simply ceases to be seen of us.
6. It ceases to exist as a social issue.
7. And that is where our foreplay ceases.
8. The distinction ceases, whichever way.
9. He changes completely and ceases to be.
10. He never ceases to amaze me, he thought.
11. My sister never ceases to amaze me—[and.
12. You cannot earn it, or it ceases to be a gift.
13. The audience sits down and the applause ceases.
14. You say punishment ceases the moment pain ceases.
15. The power of addiction never ceases to amaze me.
16. The living world ceases to be important to them.
17. The power of His resurrection, when it ceases to.
18. We do not lose what we own, but what ceases to be.
19. Enterprise ceases, and languor and poverty ensue.
20. After all, a professor ceases to be a professor.
21. In the state of non-duality all separation ceases.
22. In this moment there is nothing which ceases to be.
23. If ethic becomes a science, it ceases to be an ethic.
24. But when the cause ceases, the effect dissolves and.
25. If there is no resurrection, then all life ceases at.
26. When it moves outside of the BSS, communication ceases.
27. A nation which loses this belief ceases to be a nation.
28. The concept of ‘time’ also ceases to exist for you.
29. This is the case when God ceases to be an outside power.
30. The word freedom ceases to exist and fools run the world.
31. If there is no resurrection, then all life ceases at death.
32. Beyond that all activity ceases, because in it all goals are.
33. Leonid began to laugh, Never ceases to surprise me, this one.
34. The moment her feet cross the threshold all pain ceases to exist.
35. But, once annex it to a State and the power to negotiate ceases.
36. When sorrow ceases to be speculative, sleep sees her opportunity.
37. It ceases to intersect with the interests or the needs—the real.
38. The revolving movement ceases after the early growth of each shoot.
39. Why are you so filled with self-doubt? It never ceases to amaze me.
40. When that ceases to be the case, then it may be time to defer to Mr.
41. After they left, I pulled out the card again and smoothed the ceases.
42. And if it is blotted out (forgiven or forgotten) it ceases to exist.
43. What really the Yogeshwar means by this is that action ceases to be.
44. All conversation in the room ceases before I can draw my next breath.
45. At this critical stage, yog almost ceases to be in this world (body).
46. Socialization at this point ceases to be a process of education, and.
47. If delusion ceases, ignorance too ceases to exist and the residues of.
48. And yet the idea of a neuron that ceases to branch chills me a little.
49. It does not deplete or ceases with the expiry of our human incarnation.
50. When the Spirit of God withdraws, the life ceases, and thought with it.
51. Men say ‘Thou’ means the spirit, and that it never ceases to think.
52. The problem will still be relevant, even if this place ceases to exist.
53. He continues to say that the moment destroying ceases, destruction ceases.
54. Her thoughts are broken and she ceases the contact between them once more.
55. Besant says that the moment the etheric double withdraws, and prana ceases.
56. The ocean, when the wind ceases, is calm again, as are the trees and grasses.
57. Again, when pleasure ceases, that sort of rest or cessation will be painful?
58. When the flow of knowledge or the assistance ceases, they will head for the W.
59. This is the turning point where the straying ceases and the seeker begins to.
60. Upaya laughed loudly before responding: Revered father, it never ceases to.
61. When the lowly insect ceases Its song, The Great Chain of Being ceases Its cycle.
62. As the father starts playing with the baby, as the baby ceases its angry bawling.
63. At which point, Shyan Island ceases to have any importance one way or the other.
64. The tireless and constant prestidigitation ceases and the entire edifice crumbles.
65. It will not matter where it is you are going when this form you are in ceases to.
66. Your partner’s reproductive fertility lifespan ends and she ceases to menstruate.
67. History ceases to exist and at this point it becomes incomprehensible as to why we.
68. The public ceases to take interest in it, or, rather, never acquires interest in it.
69. That the moment it ceases, they would be less happy, and the glory of God would wane.
70. Immediately, the song ceases and the silence rests on them, like a blanket in winter.
71. When the body ceases to function the soul is released to return to the center of the.
72. Here, at this spot, civilization ceases, reason ends, and a universal evil takes over.
73. Art seeks to call us up out of labor into creation, where work ceases and play begins.
74. Then as soon as the vibration created due to anger ceases, the person feels powerless.
75. This fog never ceases to amaze me—keeps the winters mild and the summers comfortable.
76. Women survivors may find that menstruation ceases while under severe stress conditions.
77. Either existence ceases entirely or natural law won't permit us to find out what occurs.
78. When there ceases to be abundance, then hording becomes the law of market, clan, and gun.
79. Smekaloff ceases even to smoke, raises his hand, and waits for a word fixed upon beforehand.
80. Anyone who ceases to go to church is either a back-slider, apostate or regarded as irrelevant.
81. Warren Wiersbe once said: It never ceases to amaze me that God blesses people I disagree with.
82. Thus, the sperm whale and the humpbacked whale, each has a hump; but there the similitude ceases.
83. The flowing process of being yourself ceases when you do not allow yourself to exist in the moment.
84. She does not bathe, does not warm herself by the kitchen fire, ceases to ask if she can go outdoors.
85. The moment that confiscation takes place the principle of reprisal ceases and it becomes an act of war.
86. When the change in theta starts to go in opposite directions, then this trade ceases to be a real spread.
87. It never ceases to impress me how resolute a woman is when she takes the decision to sever a relationship.
88. The devil ceases to be le rabouin, and becomes le boulanger (the baker), who puts the bread into the oven.
89. Once you try to monetize sharing it ceases to be sharing and becomes bartering, trading, profit, and capital.
90. When the Matter, interpreted as the lower Plans, ceases to dominate – this is the Salvation, Exodus, Easter.
91. And he himself, in so far as he shows himself in a false light, becomes a shadow, or, indeed, ceases to exist.
92. When one of the interview partners asks or says something, maintain eye contact with him until he ceases speaking.
93. The more you become spiritually knowledgeable about how everything is being operated, worry automatically ceases.
94. What mattered from here on in was just the present, moment upon moment, where life exists or simply ceases to be.
95. It means that if we become connected to both the past and the future: time ceases to be a bunch of separate moments.
96. Once life is approached from that angle, then the feelings of powerlessness and the suffering this manifests ceases.
97. If you do not proceed with mathematical accuracy, it ceases to be just self-defence; it becomes an unprovoked attack.
98. In essence that eternal energy and connection is in fact an energy that cannot be controlled, and never ceases to exist.
99. On some level, my brain never ceases to be surprised at the discontinuity of the experience in the Quiet and outside it.
100. One ceases producing and consuming within the rule of profit and begins to cooperate in and share the gift that is life.

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