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Channel dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He is the channel for.
  2. The channel was then cut.
  3. We raced along the channel.
  4. The Comedy Channel has 131.
  5. On turning the channel, he.

  6. English Channel and North Sea.
  7. Like on the History Channel.
  8. The right channel begins at.
  9. I think it’s a UHF channel.
  10. The Channel Two crew packed.
  11. Channel 19 is the one to use.
  12. He stopped on KHJB Channel 48.
  13. Open the channel, he said.
  14. David flipped back to channel 8.
  15. It’s tuned to channel one.

  16. Every show on that channel.
  17. High above my head and channel.
  18. The church can be a channel of.
  19. They headed towards the channel.
  20. Have a Youtube channel that you.
  21. They came to a channel between.
  22. The channel of the river stilled.
  23. Who reads the news on Channel 5.
  24. Across the Channel, and to London.
  25. The water ran in the new channel.

  26. A channel line is such a movement.
  27. All can channel energy to others.
  28. Change the station or the channel.
  29. We have another textbook channel:.
  30. A channel is a stretched line on.
  31. Drive revenue through the channel.
  32. Hey, Osaka, turn to channel 62.
  33. Other names for the left channel.
  34. Clear this channel, Captain Glor.
  35. It’ll just take another channel.
  36. As in their channel first they were.
  37. It is our channel of communication.
  38. All he needed to do was channel it.
  39. It was tuned to an African channel.
  40. Let's go to the irrigation channel.
  41. The radio channel is full of static.
  42. You do this to channel the blush.
  43. You chose our channel, and we will.
  44. Saw that on the Discovery channel.
  45. He turned a narrow bend in the channel.
  46. No, that was on the ‘A’ channel.
  47. Each day the rain cuts a new channel.
  48. It served as a channel for God's power.
  49. Keep the Royal Navy out of the Channel.
  50. York,' the BBC news channel reader said.
  51. Developing as a channel will take time.
  52. We were watching the sports channel.
  53. You start watching the weather channel.
  54. Channel lines, expanding the trend line.
  55. The offices of Channel Five television.
  56. There was the same slanted channel made.
  57. However, because the channel between the.
  58. She checked the channel she was watching.
  59. VICi; Please select a country and channel.
  60. He was watching a Discovery Channel show.
  61. It was gone, and the channel was blocked.
  62. Brett hit the button on Channel Two firmly.
  63. On the daily, SPY is in an uptrend channel.
  64. One time, on The Weather Channel, I saw a.
  65. In early 2005, I was on channel 17, a PBS.
  66. The channel is blocked by the boulders of.
  67. The same nonsense is on every channel!.
  68. YouTube channel has limited space for them.
  69. VolaUlity created a wide channel that.
  70. Once she was awake, his channel was silent.
  71. Got it, boss! and the channel cut off.
  72. Food Channel was on for background purposes.
  73. There's a clear channel cut across to Hrrst.
  74. Morg'll like that channel when he gets here.
  75. No bad language here on Channel Seventeen.
  76. Angela Valdez reporting for Channel 14 News.
  77. The number of buttons in the remote channel.
  78. They don’t want you to switch the channel.
  79. By mid-afternoon, this channel came in sight.
  80. Complete instructions on how to channel by.
  81. But they wouldn’t let me on Channel Six.
  82. So long till then, and the channel closed.
  83. It is a great challenge, to keep the channel.
  84. Whatever the reason, though, schools channel.
  85. Thanks, Kelvin said, and cut the channel.
  86. Watched all about it on the History Channel.
  87. A break of the channel carries a target of 10.
  88. I bet they have to dredge this channel yearly.
  89. We can also create a YouTube channel for the.
  90. Channel shows that the stars were painted over.
  91. He was watching the 24 hours BBC News channel.
  92. I turn to the channel and I hit the ads break.
  93. Chart 2 The Spokes of the Heart Channel Wheel.
  94. David changed the TV station back to channel 8.
  95. Calvin opened a channel to the Major's office.
  96. He pulled up and switched to UHF Guard channel.
  97. In that meditation, I opened his channel of God.
  98. Another film that I saw on that same channel at.
  99. No, there are still ferries across the channel.
  100. Thomas had had the Israeli channel added to his.

    Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

    Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

  1. Energy moves by the channels.
  2. Fade Move Outside the Channels.
  4. Whenever the channels are being.
  5. Rival channels, late to the party.
  6. CAN channels, ideas started to flow.
  7. Channels are uni or bi-directional.
  8. The radio was static on all channels.
  9. TV channels had reached Godhra station.
  10. ATR channels work not only with prices.
  11. Long-term charts require wider channels.
  12. There are other dedicated news channels.
  13. The TV channels which promote the Stock.
  14. I was astonished to see so many channels.
  15. Opening and purification of channels.
  16. They were in uptrends with clean channels.
  17. As it channels, the power slowly builds up.
  18. Section of ancient Channels of Streams, 285.
  19. All communication channels are still secure.
  20. The next step is to cleanse channels in the.
  21. He flipped through the channels as he waited.
  22. Comments were being presented on TV channels.
  23. He flicked through the channels on the small.
  24. The human soul moves in many channels, and Mr.
  25. One of the most important human energy channels.
  26. There are a number of communiqué channels.
  27. This information channels in to the subliminal.
  28. These are the channels of the twenty-four places.
  29. These channels and elements, which are by nature.
  30. This did make the water in the channels smoother.
  31. Creativity; meditation is a door to open channels.
  32. You can achieve this through a variety of channels.
  33. Plan B was to activate the communications channels.
  34. Hence, the solidity of very old channels (e.
  35. Spots were taken on FM channels in all small towns.
  36. His channels, but God is the source of the blessing.
  37. The music channels showed songs of everlasting love.
  38. The channels were dead in all the countries we had.
  39. Then God will use us as His channels, to bring the.
  40. Set the audio recording Channels selection to Mono.
  41. The channels are the paths through which the inner.
  42. These channels are always open to receive information.
  43. All of the different channels and motivation triggers.
  44. Most other channels on cable came in clear as a bell.
  45. They operate five channels during prime time but at.
  46. We can become greater channels of God’s love: not.
  48. I know not through what channels the news reached him.
  49. Apollos were channels of blessing, greatly used of God.
  50. Parents should keep open the channels of communication.
  52. In asymmetric poses we usually use the channels, lo-.
  53. Naturally the conversation drifted into other channels.
  54. Lawrence Seaway channels to be re-dredged and deepened.
  55. The outer tips of the eight channels of the mind wheel.
  56. Outside these in sequence are the channels such as the.
  57. I use ATR channels on the weekly charts of Force Index.
  58. Keltner Channels are based on a standard moving average.
  59. LP switched channels, searching for the news and weather.
  60. It too creates channels between physical and non-physical.
  61. As said earlier, there are many channels of communication.
  62. But we don’t have time to follow the proper channels.
  63. The old traps consisted of pools and channels lined with.
  64. Bands or channels can be a vital criterion in such a plan.
  65. David flipped through the channels nothing seemed to be on.
  66. I had only read in newspapers and seen in TV news channels.
  67. Observe the channels through which he promotes his product.
  68. Their main channels for distributing the information are:.
  69. Instead of moving from 50 channels to 150, go from 50 to 20.
  70. Malta? He has money, connections, channels, and a bad temper.
  71. TV channels were televising live programs of current affairs.
  72. Heroes and Heroines) – the nature of our purified channels.
  73. All news channels covered the broadcast by the Home Secretary.
  74. We can use channels to find normal and abnormal oscillations.
  75. Communicate with existing customers and distribution channels.
  76. From this extract we can conclude that the described channels.
  77. I have duly noted my misgivings with the appropriate channels.
  78. There are many ways that we can become greater channels of the.
  79. The flood of nations begins to subside into its normal channels.
  80. Channels are basically the medium used to transmit the message.
  81. The original research into trading channels was conducted by J.
  82. You need to send the information through the right channels to.
  83. All of the news channels are constantly carrying stories on you.
  84. Maybe I should lock out a few of those channels, just to be safe.
  85. Do you have the satellite channels on your television Sam?
  86. I surfed through the channels until Aidan joined me on the couch.
  87. We have whole channels of television programming for them, whole.
  88. He flipped through the channels, stopping on The Weather Channel.
  89. There was no telling what was going on over the secured channels.
  90. All of our children awakened channels in me that had been dormant.
  91. Even the workers there don’t report through the normal channels.
  92. Morgan opened all the hailing channels on his radio and tried to.
  93. This will be presented through the proper channels, he began.
  94. God wants to use each of us as channels of His blessing, to touch.
  95. He changed channels and saw the same story from another viewpoint.
  96. Got it, says Laura, Sending it through the proper channels.
  97. The central channels in the magma ovoid have been observed by Bar-.
  98. Channels show where to expect support and resistance in the future.
  99. Walkie-talkies chattered around us, and radio channels were cleared.
  100. When God uses individuals as great channels of His blessing, it is.

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