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Chew dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Chew on it from another end.
  2. She started to chew her tail.
  3. Choose food that you can chew.
  4. Had to chew it off to escape.
  5. You ever chew anything else?
  7. Bitten off more than he can chew.
  8. She’d been someone’s chew toy.
  9. He continued to chew as he thought.
  10. And with the most tremendous chew.
  11. Chew this bite fully and enjoy it.
  12. They both chew their cud and know.
  13. I ain’t got the strength to chew.
  14. She took it and began to chew at it.
  15. You will not smoke or drink or chew.
  16. Get the Newtonians chew on that….
  17. He bit off a point and began to chew.
  18. Let them chew on that one for a while.
  19. For biting through what I had to chew.
  20. The place reeked of booze, chew and.
  21. Without giving him too much to chew on.
  22. To chew with gums that once held teeth.
  23. I put the rock into my mouth and chew.
  24. When I bit off more than I could chew.
  25. Dennis had to chew on that for a moment.
  26. She chew me out, then she threw me out.
  27. Teeth chew what they were not designed.
  28. She continued to chew slowly on a wad of.
  29. Frederick works his mouth as if to chew air.
  30. It's a lie! It's a lie! I'll chew his face.
  31. Men can chew and exercise bodily functions.
  32. This time when Aiden pulled Liam over to chew.
  33. It had been necessary for him to chew through.
  34. Some lessons for all of those mouths to chew on.
  35. You choke it down and then chew on some Laurel.
  36. She wondered if he was going to chew it up and.
  37. They don't seem to chew it: only swallow it down.
  38. Babies need to drink milk before they chew meat.
  39. Put it in your mouth and chew it, Deanna said.
  40. I knew that it wasn't there for any dogs to chew on.
  41. Don’t swallow it, chew it, Deanna instructed.
  42. You really bit off more than you could chew there.
  43. He couldn’t very well chew gum and speak to Picard.
  44. Hopefully, the kittens will begin to chew and swallow.
  45. Esyth looked about ready to chew her entire mouth off.
  46. Feel the texture of the crunch as you chew your apple.
  47. Chimpanzees chew leaves then dip them into water to be.
  48. What he wouldn’t do for a chew of tobacco right now!.
  49. Shoop liked them because it meant he never had to chew.
  50. Suffice to tell, it’s why older men chew mastic resin.
  51. Can't you hear her? Must have found a bone to chew on.
  52. It will have no need to chew it or cut it with the teeth.
  53. Careful now, don't bite off more than you can chew!.
  54. You can’t chew those off, are you fucking insane?
  55. I should think this gives you enough to chew upon for a bit.
  56. It is important that you do not crush, split, or chew the.
  57. They'll have to chew the boards down around me to get me out.
  58. All I had to do was guide it into my mouth, chew and swallow.
  59. Let me chew on it a while, Kent said and turned off the.
  60. They’ll have to chew the boards down around me to get me out.
  61. I think we’ve given them enough fodder to chew on for awhile.
  62. I don’t recall, Garcia said, having to chew carefully.
  63. Her wrists had chew marks on them that bled onto the sand below.
  64. He held it out to her, but she shook her head, too tired to chew.
  65. They are the ones that sit and chew your ear off every day with.
  66. I chew on my bottom lip while I think about what Everly is saying.
  67. When Kaoru bite the sandwich he stops for a second and slowly chew.
  68. Biting Off More Than You Can Chew: The Pitfalls of Using Leverage.
  69. On the way to the building she gave me a little pink pill to chew on.
  70. The Captain rose from his desk and started to chew on his cigar again.
  71. While I chew on a piece of potato I suddenly hit upon something again.
  72. I seen a crocodile bite the fluke of an anchor same as I chew that quid.
  73. Others bite and chew whatever womanly body parts they are able to mouth.
  74. This forces us to avoid certain hard, sticky and difficult to chew foods.
  75. The huge statue began to chew on the tree that saved Jane and the others.
  76. There, Vargo realises they have all bitten off far more than they can chew.
  77. Still they came to chew at her eyelids and poke holes through her clothes.
  78. Sam began to chew the gum immediately, and blew slim all over the children.
  79. To relieve the pain of mild toothache, chew two cloves on the affected tooth.
  80. Let us give the patient the proper amount of time to chew over her misdeeds.
  81. His subconscious mind, with fresh data to chew on, would lead him no further.
  82. He might chew me out himself, but he always smoothed the way with head shed.
  83. She said he used to say, Don't chew, grandma; the teachers say it is poison.
  84. He was going to chew them a new one, by God! It was all Joe Billie‘s fault.
  85. For the first time ever, he thought he had bitten off more than he could chew.
  86. On the other hand, are you biting off more than you can chew? Perhaps?
  87. She had also picked up a couple sprigs of dried hoyberry to chew on in between.
  88. Geoffrey Chew noted one important aspect of quantum theory, known as the hadron.
  89. Where is it? You can’t just leave a puppy on its own; it’ll chew anything.
  90. Learn to live on instruction, chew the cud of understanding, and shut your mouth.
  91. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly as it takes some time for the stomach to indicate.
  92. When you’re drinking soda or something with ice in it, do you chew the ice?
  93. Marc also began to worry that perhaps they had bitten off more than they could chew.
  94. They like to have a bit of a chew first and color the water up with blood and guts.
  95. She shrugged and took another bite so big she couldn’t chew with her mouth closed.
  96. Again, this is not just a friendly get together with friends to chew over some ideas.
  97. Out loud, she said: Can we not walk and chew gum here? William’s still at large.
  98. I would bite it and chew really fast so that it was so fuck cold and so fuck painful.
  99. Even his teeth were brown, under the red stains left by the sourleaf he liked to chew.
  100. She started to chew the ropes with her sharp teeth, one by one, till the lion was free.
  1. He ate one, chewing quickly.
  2. They love chewing the leaves.
  3. I remember he was chewing gum.
  4. Chewing through the meaning of.
  5. He started chewing at his thumb.
  6. Next door, the chewing continued.
  7. That chewing gum will never pay;.
  8. Rose stopped chewing and stared.
  9. Chewing and chewing all the while.
  10. He was chewing on a stick of celery.
  11. The chewing sensation was euphoric.
  12. He was still chewing and slavering.
  13. No, Go said, chewing on a nail.
  14. He’d even stopped chewing his gum.
  15. Peters, the garage mechanic, chewing.
  16. Thomas paused in the middle of chewing.
  17. Sam was chewing an apple thoughtfully.
  18. Silas said nothing, chewing his tongue.
  19. Never know whose thoughts you're chewing.
  20. Not bad, she replied chewing on a pen.
  21. Carrie was chewing over which book to take.
  22. He was chewing on a leg of turkey with gusto.
  23. The other stood by chewing a large plug of.
  24. Lily looked up from her plate, still chewing.
  25. Shut your gob, said Max, still chewing.
  26. I tried to finish chewing as fast as I could.
  27. Bohdan stopped chewing and swallowed his food.
  28. It was not a pill and it was not chewing gum.
  29. We have been given chocolate and chewing gum.
  30. I dive bombed, but he kept chewing the trunk.
  31. He looked at me while chewing on a cashew nut.
  32. She's still chewing them out? Barry asks.
  33. She finished chewing, and then looked at Levi.
  34. Many of the convicts had the habit of chewing.
  35. Corallyn had been chewing on her lip nervously.
  36. What was all that crap about chewing ice?
  37. Maybe, perhaps, she began chewing her lip.
  38. His speech was muffled and spaced with chewing.
  39. Lezura finished chewing a jerky and said, No.
  40. I shook my head, chewing my last bite of hotdog.
  41. She’d been chewing a lot less lately as her.
  42. It’s the chemicals, Gordon said, chewing.
  43. He was puffing and chewing in turns on a short.
  44. Under one of them, Chris sat chewing lazily on.
  45. The prison doesn't allow us to have chewing gum.
  46. Midge thought some more, chewing on her lower lip.
  47. Still holding the chewing gum out in front of her.
  48. Strange bloody carry on, he thought chewing slowly.
  49. Hiss inhaled his food, chewing with his mouth open.
  50. She glanced away to the farmhouse, chewing her lip.
  51. He was chewing on the leather straps of his bridle.
  52. Proper chewing gives better taste and satisfaction.
  53. A harried looking woman chewing a wad of gum then.
  54. He would hide in its branches chewing on its fruit.
  55. Rechecking his bearings, Tunder was chewing nearby.
  56. Your dog will be constantly chewing and scratching.
  57. It is no fun biting into a clam and chewing on sand.
  58. Chewing and swallowing allowed him time to consider.
  59. He resumed chewing his gum, slowly and methodically.
  60. Not lately, no, Marybeth said, chewing her lip.
  61. Faye raised an eyebrow and stopped chewing her toast.
  62. Chewing over finite points of meaning has its appeal.
  63. Lyra sat swinging her legs and chewing her bottom lip.
  64. But worse than the chewing is what people do with it.
  65. If chewing is too painful, you can use oil of cloves.
  66. Pearl stared at Daphne suspiciously, but kept chewing.
  67. Will control fleas, larvae, and most chewing insects.
  68. I swallowed the chunk of apple I had been chewing on.
  69. Distractedly, he began unconsciously chewing his nails.
  70. Abraham worked his jaw, as if chewing a wad of tobacco.
  71. She stared at him blankly, still chewing on his flesh.
  72. The animals were chewing the fresh hay that they had.
  73. Still chewing on his sandwich, the Secretary said, O.
  74. In reality he could have been chewing on a warm sponge.
  75. The Australian sat thoughtful, chewing a piece of stick.
  76. This crest drastically increases the chewing power in.
  77. What he was chewing, they did not ask or like to think.
  78. She was chewing gum and snapping it and popping it in.
  79. Lily was chewing her lip as she stepped into the middle.
  80. Tris considers this, chewing on the inside of her cheek.
  81. The liger suddenly growled at the lion who was chewing.
  82. I've been craving a piece of chewing gum for the past 6.
  83. Instead, it smelled fresh, like he’d been chewing gum.
  84. Now stop asking stupid questions and start chewing!.
  85. Jane leaned forward, discreetly chewing gum as always.
  86. Alex stopped chewing and hid his smile behind his napkin.
  87. Steve started chewing on his fingernails and staring off.
  88. That’s so great! said Yania, chewing on some tofu.
  89. He was puffing and chewing in turns on a short fat cigar.
  90. Halfway through chewing, I open my eyes to meet his on me.
  91. Theyre likely settin around chewing the cud with Old.
  92. Thompson could smell the chewing gum in Chalmers’ mouth.
  93. The same can be said of chewing gum and other snack items.
  94. Astra was lying at Charlotte’s feet, chewing on the meat.
  95. Hey, what’s with all the gum? She was chewing it all day.
  96. He was still chewing the candy bar, and he spoke around it.
  97. We ate in much silence with only our chewing making a sound.
  98. Duke, her large hound lay beneath the window chewing on the.
  99. What gum are you chewing at this very instant? Well!’.
  100. The girl ignored Bohdan and returned to chewing on her wrist.
  1. He chewed on one of.
  2. She chewed on her lip.
  3. That is, she chewed it.
  4. Banks chewed on his lip.
  5. Mick nodded as he chewed.
  6. Perrin chewed on her lip.
  7. I chewed on my thumbnail.
  8. Calmly he chewed his fish.
  9. Tammas chewed on his lip.
  10. Andrei chewed on his tongue.
  11. Trask chewed on that awhile.
  12. Nemia took a bite and chewed.
  13. He was all chewed up by that.
  14. He sat and chewed and looked.
  15. As she chewed, Homer held out.
  16. We all chewed on that for a bit.
  17. Blunt chewed on what Klein said.
  18. Oh, you just chewed at my heart.
  19. She chewed on the end of her pen.
  20. But we chewed the fat for a while.
  21. Delightful,' he said as he chewed.
  22. Bitterly, he chewed upon the fact.
  23. Lydia chewed the tip of her tongue.
  24. Nibbles chewed on that for a while.
  25. Chewed her bottom lip for a moment.
  26. He chewed his bun as if he hated it.
  27. She chewed her bottom lip worriedly.
  28. Tracey nervously chewed at her lip.
  29. He chewed thoughtfully for a moment.
  30. We chewed over the events of the day.
  31. He chewed it quickly at first, but.
  32. She chewed in church and on the bus;.
  33. Barnes chewed his beak, studying her.
  34. She chewed slowly and waved that off.
  35. One had a slightly wet chewed on ear.
  36. They chewed pen caps and fingernails.
  37. But Dad chewed his breath in the hall.
  38. She ate food that someone else chewed.
  39. She looked down and chewed on her lip.
  40. He had chewed on his hatred in prison.
  41. They chewed on bits of food and waited.
  42. He chewed contentedly, confident that.
  43. Buddha had chewed off a bunch of grass.
  44. We walked blissfully on while we chewed.
  45. Watching the scene, Kevin chewed his lip.
  46. And once she chewed her boy-friend's nose.
  47. The fox chewed off the string of the yoyo.
  48. Selma stood back and chewed on her thumb.
  49. Flash chewed his tongue, looking doubtful.
  50. Jerry chewed on the problem for a minute.
  51. Neil chewed and chewed as L€ne waited.
  52. Mick took a moment, and chewed his sausage.
  53. Donovan kept his seat and chewed on a chip.
  54. The cabbie chewed his cigar and sized us up.
  55. The driver chewed on the end of a toothpick.
  56. I gave Sue another bit of food as I chewed.
  57. She chewed her way through the cat food bag.
  58. They each chewed on an apple and felt better.
  59. He made noises of appreciation as he chewed.
  60. Quills in the postoffice chewed and twisted.
  61. As he chewed the bar Alex thought about Dawn.
  62. Alfi e lowered his head and chewed at his lip.
  63. Father took a deep breath and chewed on his lip.
  64. He took another bite of the apple and chewed it.
  65. Alex’s brow furrowed as he chewed the scallop.
  66. I ever so gently chewed on the back of her neck.
  67. Jim filled his mouth with tough meat and chewed.
  68. Uncle Einar chewed his hand, gently, on the edge.
  69. Jasper took a bite and chewed on it thoughtfully.
  70. J remarked the Captain as he chewed on his cigar.
  71. Amaranthe chewed on her lip and released her grip.
  72. Mudge chewed at the end of his pencil in amazed.
  73. I nodded and chewed, thinking of what Joseph said.
  74. She chewed it, covering her mouth, and swallowed.
  75. A slow smile spread across her mouth as she chewed.
  76. They were silent for a while and Will chewed his.
  77. The wolf chewed on a dirty old sheep bone thrown.
  78. The Admiral thoughtfully chewed on his French fry.
  79. It looked like at one point the dog had chewed on.
  80. In double-blind research, children who chewed gum.
  81. I put the last bite of bread in my mouth and chewed.
  82. Charlie chewed on a foil gum-wrapper to stay awake.
  83. Yeah, Jeff replied as he chewed halfheartedly.
  84. Bill slowly chewed and took a moment to recall the.
  85. He laughed as he chewed a mouthful of stew and bread.
  86. I chewed on that, and a mouthful of tea and cigarette.
  87. Cipriani chewed his lip for a moment before answering.
  88. Then we gave each other a peck on the lips and chewed.
  89. The growl of pistons exploding as they chewed up fuel.
  90. What about college? he chewed off a hunk of meat.
  91. He looked up as he chewed, grunting a little as he did.
  92. Either way, they were angry at having been chewed out.
  93. She chewed on one of her red pigtails for a few moments.
  94. You are chewed out for holding up an important project.
  95. But none of the pirates smoked or "chewed" but himself.
  96. I had to wait until I chewed the food and swallowed the.
  97. Joey chewed the leaves, shuddering at their bitter taste.
  98. In his excitement, Sten chewed on the edge of his shield.
  99. Cassidy pondered the request and chewed on it for a while.
  100. As Garcia chewed his gum he folded the foil unconcsiously.
  1. Emerson chews on her lip.
  2. This chews rat balls.
  3. Caesar II chews on it in nervously.
  4. She turns to him and chews her bottom lip.
  5. After several chews he swallowed and frowned.
  6. After a few chews, she spit out a wad of hair.
  7. Russ chews his chaw, all the time in the world.
  8. After a few chews it swallowed the hard shelled.
  9. As he chews, he can almost hear their guts rumbling.
  10. She smiles at Landa again as she chews on the carrot.
  11. Might as well be comfortable as he chews me a new one.
  12. Eating with a stopwatch, thirtytwo chews to the minute.
  13. So, Bellerophon said in between chews, tell me of this.
  14. She then says, Aunt Patricia, as she chews the carrot.
  15. Ellin bites into her sandwich and stares at me as she chews.
  16. Where did they moved to? Michael asks as he chews some food.
  17. Mom, I said between chews, come on, she needs more chores.
  18. I just give mine a few bites and swallow it, but he chews and chews.
  19. Provided, of course, that the animal has split cud and chews its hooves.
  20. Simon watches the arrival of Sheila and Natalie as he chews on his piece of toast.
  21. Instead he chews on the nail of his left forefinger, a sure sign that he’s worried.
  22. The string he wears tied around his neck is in his mouth now, and he chews it absentmindedly.
  23. Finally, when she is able to get the food into her mouth, she chews and swallows in a certain regulated way.
  24. Or is that has split hooves and chews its cud? Um… just don’t screw any pigs, dogs, or elephants.
  25. He puts his fork in his mouth and chews, and usually it is then that the taller officer, a sergeant, sets a hand on the boy’s shoulder.
  26. One of the thugs rips a chunk of undercooked meat off a skewer and chews it viciously before spitting a hunk of gristle out onto the floor.
  27. Opening it quickly, Suzy takes out a sandwich and bites into it, sighing contently she chews several times; That is better, I was starving.
  28. Putting a potato in his mouth — the whole thing, but it really isn’t that big a mouthful for him, Thor smiles, chews a moment, swallows, and then says, The sea!.
  29. As he chews on the spare rib, he complains, You know Christine! There's some sauce that I just can't seem to keep around the kitchen! I don't know who keeps taking my sauce out of the kitchen.
  30. He watched a morning TV show without taking any of it in, washed out his cup and began the task of clearing the house of Mia: her bed, her food and drinking bowls, her supply of chews, her leash, her toys.
  31. Sharon bites into the sandwich and chews on it thoughtfully; There is a lot of chicken in here and are these spices I can taste? Are there mushrooms mixed in as well? she asks as she swallows the sandwich.
  32. It is true that when he is hungry there is a certain appearance of voracity about him, for he eats at a great pace and chews with both jaws; but cleanliness he is always mindful of; and when he was governor he learned how to eat daintily, so much so that he eats grapes, and even pomegranate pips, with a fork.
  33. Needless to say, the ants also were everywhere apparent, both the cannibal black, who takes a fiendish delight in burrowing his head into your flesh and feasting to his heart's content, and also his vegetarian but more destructive white brother, who chews up every article of clothing or equipment he can lay his jaws on.

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