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Child dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. But it was a child.
  2. I was an only child.
  3. Since I was a child.
  4. He is an only child.
  5. A child has a dif-.

  6. I will have a child.
  7. I have to, my child.
  8. As a child she had.
  9. The birth of a child.
  10. Annie was not a child.
  11. A huge child at play.
  12. A child of this night.
  13. Q: But the child kicks.
  14. He was just a child.
  15. He is a special child.

  16. I am a child of God.
  17. When I was a child, I.
  18. Such a child was she;.
  20. Reese held up the child.
  21. You are not with child.
  22. This child is your son.
  23. I'm not a child anymore.
  24. One child, she told him.
  25. This child will not die.

  26. The child is too fearful.
  27. The child shook her head.
  28. The Nature of the Child.
  29. She picked the child up.
  30. But a child without toys.
  31. Not since I was a child.
  32. The child was also lost.
  33. Go on my loving child.
  34. The child is not to die;.
  35. Not a little child, but.
  36. Once the child was able.
  37. She is the child Michael.
  38. Peter was the only child.
  39. Little more than a child.
  40. This is my cup, my child.
  41. He was no longer a child.
  42. He's not a child anymore.
  43. Abb, I’m but a child.
  44. A child of great renown;.
  45. He scared me as a child.
  46. Have I ever been a child?
  47. James was a flighty child.
  48. It wasn’t a child yet.
  49. Try to be brave, my child.
  50. She is a very sweet child.
  51. I am not your enemy child.
  52. And hurry back, child, I.
  53. Hold my child for a while.
  54. Your child is almost here.
  55. He was such a sweet child.
  56. The third child was Henry.
  57. Oh my child, he said.
  58. This is you, an only child.
  59. Nay, child, but now I will.
  60. As when as a child, I lay.
  61. Not one child was standing.
  62. A child learns to walk by.
  63. From the child of the 60's.
  64. I know youre with child.
  65. Do a child a favor, help!.
  66. Poor child, you were abused.
  67. But it never fulfills child.
  68. Clarissa was an only child.
  69. God go with you, my child.
  70. It is only the truth, child.
  71. Vasiledes is her only child.
  72. The only child of my sister.
  73. Only that a child can give.
  74. You’re looking as a child.
  75. Now she got her tragic child.
  76. By that time the child has.
  77. She died to have this child.
  79. My child delivered the news.
  80. Nope, I’m an only child.
  81. The child is out for trou-.
  82. Maggie handed the child over.
  83. He picked me up as if a child.
  84. She was the sweetest child.
  85. You shot a child in the head.
  86. You didn’t send this child.
  87. When the child is sacrificed.
  88. I came here often as a child.
  89. I'm actually an only child.
  90. Make sure it’s child proof.
  91. I was not carrying his child.
  92. Leave the child be, Dacian.
  93. A child always needed to be.
  94. You could still have a child.
  95. I meant about having a child.
  96. My child, we must be patient.
  97. She was a skinny brown child.
  98. My child would become a ruler.
  99. That simple thing was a child.
  100. But each child made it on time.

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