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Chit dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. To whom? To this chit of a.
  2. We just had a little chit chat.
  3. So I handed over the chit to him.
  4. Akash, where’s the chit ?
  5. The clean chit given to Swan Telecom.

  6. In chit the man shapes the world and.
  7. I only said it for the sake of chit chat.
  8. Chit is the link, the bridge between ex-.
  9. He closed the door and handed me the chit.
  10. Q: I can see now that sat and chit are one.
  11. I picked up the chit; my topic was FATHER…….
  12. Truth, Existence and Bliss (Sat, Chit and Anand).
  13. He took the chit from my hands and started reading it.
  14. Chitta Individual consciousness, ( chit, to perceive).
  15. That’s- that’s when I saw you reading this chit and faint.

  16. There was obvious business at hand, and no time for chit chat.
  17. The Kashmir Shaivites also have the energy of Chit Shakti whereby.
  18. She reappeared five minutes later, clutching the familiar double chit.
  19. She, without even opening it, called out for me and gave the chit to me.
  20. You’re gonna pick up one chit and speak about it for one whole minute.
  21. If the chit is played later against Syria they will respond accordingly.
  22. When I was a chit of an officer no one would have dared to mock me so.
  23. I will write down a medical chit to certify that you are on light duties.
  24. That is why the word Chit or knowledge is associated with the name of God.
  25. Thirdly, he had a son whom it would be a pity to entrust to a chit of a girl.

  26. I only hope he arrives before Ralph, so he can take over the polite chit chat.
  27. The clean chit has been given by certifying that Reliance Communication through its.
  28. The certificate of clean chit given to Reliance Communication and the ADAG group is.
  29. If all the statements made above in the form of questions are true then the clean chit.
  30. I took my seat next to Sab and we had some idle chit chat for about a minute before Mrs.
  31. Bill wasn’t big on chit chat and having coffee so she didn’t bother inviting them in.
  32. Then they’d stop in, fill their tanks, and get the little chit giving them a free wash.
  33. After the indulgent three course meal, a couple of hours flew by during pleasant chit chat.
  34. Slowly and gradually, chit by chit, students were called upstage and they spoke on their topics.
  35. You should have opened a lattice and called out: but I could swear that chit is glad you didn't.
  36. Some were just simply engaged in chit chat while others were using the event for wheeling and dealing.
  37. If the ad in Bengal highlighted the chit fund scam, the one in Uttarakhand would focus on the lack of flood relief.
  38. To whom? To this chit of a girl, Natásha, who not so long ago was playing with dolls and who was still having lessons.
  39. In the sixties, parents were given a chit for their child’s education that they could submit to the school of their choice.
  40. But when Arnav completed reading the chit and started looking at me with some weird kind of an emotion in his eyes, I got numb.
  41. He explains the description of ‘God’ as ‘Truth, highest Knowledge, and Bliss’ (Sat, Chit, Ānanda) found in Hindu scriptures:.
  42. Sally, the little Munroe chit, Gerald warmed to the flattery and said that the wedding had been a quiet affair, not looked very pretty.
  43. She then steps aside away from Craig and squeezes between the crowd behind Mike and Mitch as Mike and Mitch chit chat with the other boys.
  44. This attack disconcerted him so greatly that he had faltered in his affectation of amused superiority before that insignificant chit of a school-girl.
  45. I could have returned by pushing a chit beneath your door, asking you to collect your post from the post office where the chances of its retrieval were slim.
  46. Just a minute lad take this chit to the stores tomorrow and get your kit replaced also see the Paymaster about your outstanding pay, and he handed me a chit.
  47. The boys had spent the whole evening preparing a meal for the girls, and they were too busy smoking, drinking and chit chatting about the cute cute fine doctor.
  48. I'm acting generously to your master: his young chit has no expectations, and should she second my wishes, she'll be provided for at once as joint successor with Linton.
  49. I’m acting generously to your master: his young chit has no expectations, and should she second my wishes she’ll be provided for at once as joint successor with Linton.
  50. Right you pair I want you to go to the stores and pick up our rum ration I think we deserve it after putting things to rights here, and he gave them a chit for the rum.
  51. Not at all pleased by the brusque command from this chit, the secretary pursed her lips and—without speaking—rose in her dignity to enter the inner sanctum, closing the door behind her.
  52. Later on when everyone had returned they all disappeared on fatigues and working parties so I went off to the stores with my chit and was issued with my full kit in replacement for what I had lost.
  53. They took the chit and set off laughing and joking on their way to the stores and they had only just got round the blast wall and couldn’t have been far down the next trench when we heard a scream and a roar overhead.
  54. One strategy was to hang around a certain tavern on Jane Street, which, if you could tolerate potatoes like wet newsprint and the occasional chit of bone in your beef, had the advantage of proximity to the Sixth Precinct.
  55. She collected all her supporters, told them that she was threatened at that evening's performance with a plot organized by Christine Daae and declared that they must play a trick upon that chit by filling the house with her, Carlotta's, admirers.
  56. Right then get yourself off to your billet and get some rest you must be fairly tired what with travelling and such and here is another chit it allows you an extra day off to get your kit together and sort yourself out with the various paperwork.
  57. It was joined by a battle in the trees, climbers fighting it out tree by tree; Colin Squirrel and Chit Red Squirrel dueled the opossum Dell Henson; Henrietta Fields, the mouse mother, fought the bat who had tied Silas, scrambling nimbly around the bat as he screeched to locate her, missing Henrietta as he tried encircling her in his leathery wings.
  58. By giving Swan Telecom a clean chit ,.
  59. After several more minutes of idle chit chat, he approached the subject,.

    Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

    Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

  1. Don interrupted their chitchat.
  2. Relaxed chitchat, for the most.
  3. She made polite chitchat at drop-off and pickup.
  4. Enough with the chitchat, ladies! roared Jonathan.
  5. But there is this part of me that longs for idle chitchat about.
  6. Raj called me in the morning and we had little chitchat as usual.
  7. Chitchat, about the military, California and Pete’s plans to go.
  8. We made some more uncomfortable chitchat for the next couple of minutes.
  9. We had a long chitchat with each other and made a lot of pre-plans for our life.
  10. He irritated me, but I let him chitchat with my sister because he seemed harmless.
  11. It’s easy to turn your check-ins into chitchat with your accountability buddies.
  12. I listened to the detective’s idle chitchat until I felt he had talked himself out.
  13. After ten minutes of one-way chitchat, though, it was obvious they were itching for a fight.
  14. Can a guy get a drink around here without all this chitchat? a voice complained from behind them.
  15. They exchanged chitchat for more than an hour with Beth feeling secretly sexy, lying naked upon her bed.
  16. We drank at leisure the second bottle of wine with chitchat, jokes, exchanging tender and erotic glances.
  17. While exchanging this chitchat, we entered beneath the dark canopies of the forest, and for two hours we explored it in every direction.
  18. Generally, he avoided chitchat with clients, because, invariably it led to things that would bring on those terrible pressure headaches.
  19. I complimented the couple on the boat, and before the conversation could devolve into chitchat, I said that I’d be going and gave Chandler my card.
  20. Martinmon entered the barn and very quietly walked up behind two laborers that were working only their mouths in idle chitchat and were unaware of his presence.
  21. I was in no mood to listen to their idle chitchat about how unseemly it is for a man to visit a young woman in her rooms, without a female relative or servant being present.
  22. She tried very hard not to grin at the new lovers and to keep a straight face making chitchat about the coming move to the Ohmu Forest, and looking forward to seeing old friends again.
  23. I’m fed up with these goddamned idiots who put their faces in mine after dinner and want to chitchat, Nixon told Butterfield about 90 minutes before the beginning of a state dinner in the spring of 1970.
  24. So then she’d rush out to help put the clothes on the line and make stilted chitchat while all the words she couldn’t say poured through her head: Just come back home, Abigail, come back home and stop this.
  25. Some orientalists claim that we—Muslim people—concern ourselves with trifles and neglect the significant matters, care not about the core while be greatly interested in the peels so that we spend most of our times in chitchat though time is as precious as gold.
  26. Sadly, after only half-an-hour of incomprehensible chitchat, Murat had to go and sell more of the ‘tea’ we were drinking, or there wouldn’t have been any for us to drink tomorrow apparently, whilst Mark and I pottered out in to the sunshine minus tandem and luggage to ‘do’ Zonguldak.
  27. In his office, Amory would have had only the separate phone-lines Regan had mentioned and maybe a pen and some paperclips with which to fiddle and beguile, but here there were coffee cups, sugarcubes, napkin rings, steak knives, long spoons designed to reach the bottom of milkshake glasses … all of which he handled restlessly while leading Keith through a half-hour of Welcome to the Family chitchat.
  28. You exchange the same old chitchat,.

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