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Choose dans une phrase (en anglais)

Then choose A or B.
But I choose not to.
How was I to choose.
I can choose my own.
I have to choose to.
I choose a white one.

To choose to help a.
I choose not to hover.
Yes, if you choose that.
Choose to see the best.
Choose one or the other.
I choose to believe it.
What made you choose a.
How we choose to react.
You did not choose this.
Once you choose I am.
Choose a product to sell.
So how do you choose a.
Is this how you choose.
You need to choose the.
Step #3: Choose a Theme.
Where you choose to be.
I cannot choose for them.
This is what they choose.
We can choose to listen.
You choose your own path.
The idea is to choose a.
I do not choose the wars.
A cat would choose Mom.
The words you choose are.
We do not choose our race.
We had to choose a target.
Choose these gods and die.
Yes, they would choose me.
Which should you choose?
They choose to care less.
Choose the finest fabrics.
You can choose your genre.
You also need to choose it.
It is of their choosing.
More info on choosing a.
Choosing what to use –.
Choosing the plants to grow.
That was what I was choosing.
And now she was choosing him.
My mind is the choosing self.
This is true for choosing tents.
Choosing the right hair styles.
Heir But Prolonged His Choosing.
Choosing to be a peaceful soul.
This is choosing calm and peace.
Choosing to hobble through the.
Choosing the best kind of cheese.
It’s choosing right from wrong.
Choosing the best colors to wear.
She started choosing some clothes.
But when choosing what exercise.
Or you have a chance of choosing.
At a time of your own choosing.
Choosing ME means TOTAL surrender.
Choosing A Subject To Write About.
Choosing the most suitable product.
Choosing the best hair conditioner.
The problem with choosing a common.
Information on choosing the natural.
She seemed to be choosing her words.
Always remember that when choosing a.
Nothing is ever lost in choosing love.
Choosing at random, Ralph turned left.
But until then, they are choosing to.
Choosing the right program is critical.
Choosing the London Times, his mouth.
Corrente, choosing his words carefully.
If that is your choice for choosing.
One of the hardest things is choosing.
And if history was choosing to repeat.
By choosing Simon, by not trusting him.
Choosing what news to create had been.
I am chosen to show.
I am the chosen one.
I have chosen not to.
I have chosen a trade.
To all but the chosen.
You have to be chosen.
And she has chosen you.
So I was the chosen one.
He's chosen to take a.
He had chosen to leave.
She had chosen to stay.
The site was well chosen.
I have chosen to use a.
So, if I had chosen the.
He had chosen to punish.
I have all of the Chosen.
You are the chosen of God.
He has chosen to punish.
Mary has chosen that good.
They are the chosen elite.
The judges chosen were Mr.
But destiny has chosen you.
Those Chosen by the Planet.
His kind were never chosen.
On the martyr's chosen path.
He had chosen a simple life.
But she has chosen her Kin.
It was a name he had chosen.
I have chosen to only sell.
In the method I have chosen.
He had chosen his time well.
Therefore I have chosen you.
Cynthia has chosen her new.
Had he chosen to do it when.
Why was I chosen to survive?
I think I might have chosen.
I thought you had chosen him.
No doubt they have chosen a.
People have chosen a faster.
Then he’d chosen to poison.
He chooses not to fly.
If one chooses to truly.
And when a woman chooses.
If the reader chooses he.
Unseen to whom she chooses.
The ring chooses its wearer.
It chooses to reject ME and.
Whether he chooses to or not.
Love always chooses to see.
Man chooses to reject its GOD.
Unlike Karen, he chooses his.
Essence is what chooses love.
The Middle Class chooses fear.
The attacker chooses the moment.
Like I said, it chooses you.
He comes to me when he chooses.
He chooses, talking with Universe.
He is revealed in what He chooses.
If the firm chooses to purchase a 1.
But God chooses them, not for their.
But who chooses your thoughts? Ms.
And if he chooses to remain——.
It's only you who chooses not to change.
The one who chooses, he had said of him.
He chooses a large chair in the Day Room.
Promoter Group chooses when to go public.
Science chooses to ignore human instincts.
No ordinary man chooses death willingly.
It goes to The Field and chooses specific.
Know that each person chooses their own fate.
The emperor chooses them when he is invested.
If the investor chooses to input the actual.
Which pope chooses lives over souls to save?
She only reveals herself to those she chooses.
It's not simply what one chooses to bring to.
The ego chooses to speak its truth instead of.
The First knows the best from which He chooses.
He chooses whom He will for His ultimate purpose.
Mimir chooses that moment to release a giant snore.
Your Lord creates whatever He wills, and He chooses.
He chose to do it.
I chose to take it.
You chose to hang on.
No, the geek chose it.
I chose to stay home.
I chose the Air Force.
She chose to ignore it.
It's why we chose you.
I chose the truth then.
But she chose not to.
I chose not to do that.
Rod chose not to answer.
He chose the time and.
Eve chose her own life.
Thank God you chose me.
I chose the latter as.
He chose money over me.
She chose to let it be.
She chose to ignore him.
He chose to create the.
They chose to use tools.
You Chose To Be With Me.
What if he chose wrong?
I chose him over Tobias.
Herbie chose to be ruder.
You all chose this path.
Peteru chose not to hear.
At’s why we chose her.
I chose to sneer at him.
He chose his words with.
I chose you weeks ago.
Fear, I chose to call it.
He, of course, chose you.
He chose to leave Russia.
I chose the wrong sister.
If I don’t chose you.
Stockton chose to stand up.
God and chose his own ways.
No, not if you chose it.
I chose the latter option.

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