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Chuck dans une phrase (en anglais)

John, Chuck D.
This is Chuck.
Go ahead, Chuck.
No profits, Chuck.
No clue, Chuck.
Chuck turned to him.
And that’s Chuck.

I liked Chuck Hanni.
Chuck assured me.
Chuck started to cry.
usual, chuck them out.
Chuck and I had this.
Listen to me, Chuck.
But now Chuck was gone.
Just call me Chuck.
Chuck checked his watch.
Chuck pointed at Thomas.
I looked back at Chuck.
Chuck Lotinger growled.
Chuck was playing first.
The name was Chuck Hanni.
I think Chuck was in a.
Chuck was washing dishes.
His name was Chuck Hanni.
Chuck laughed at that one.
At number two, Chuck Day.
Treb is good at chucking rocks.
thinking of chucking it, she was out to do me in.
—Here you are, says Alf, chucking out the rhino.
Then I really started chucking the old crap around.
Max chucking his 50 cent cold coffee into the waste bin.
to Penn before chucking it as hard as he could into the.
Sooner or later, they would run out of boulders, and chucking small.
inclined toward me, and just softly chucking his beardless chin, I asked.
Halfshaft pounced on the pile of stones, and started chucking them in all.
I told Fiona we were thinking of chucking it, which didn’t please her very much.
I wait while she goes off to find the number … I can hear Poppy chucking in the background.
Afterwards, Monty lay on his back, Alicia climbed onto him, chucking her head under his chin.
I mean he was the only boy that could really handle the job, I said--boy, was I chucking it.
jerks in the bleachers are chucking full cans of beer at the players on the field,.
Trask unlocked his tool chest and took out a battery-powered drill, chucking a three thirty-seconds bit.
He started picking things out of the pile and chucking them, yelling in frustration and anger with every throw.
The half-dragon calmly pulled his boots off, listening as the orcs threatened bodily harm, chucking small pebbles at him.
`Those who - a few minutes previously - had been talking loudly of chucking up the job became filled with apprehension that they might be served in the same manner as he had been.
Bright and eager, Akhil had worked with JP Morgan as an investment banker in Hong Kong and was earning a salary running into a few crores, before chucking it all up in mid-2013 to join the Modi campaign.
When I arrived in the city early this morning, I further tested the extent of my corporeality by shouting at two See-You-in-Faery girls hanging outside Chester’s while chucking a couple of rocks in their direction.
I called back later to ask my mom if Hailey was strapping poultry together in bird clumps and just chucking them in the air like inefficient boomerangs, but Mom dismissed the idea and thought it was more likely that Hailey and my dad were clipping messages to the carrier pigeons my dad was training* and then letting them go.
I, smiling in his face, took the letter, and immediately catching hold of his shirt sleeve, drew him towards me, blushing, and almost trembling; for surely his extreme bashfulness, and utter inexperience called for, at least, all the advances to encourage him: his body was now conveniently inclined toward me, and just softly chucking his beardless chin, I asked him: If he was afraid of a lady?.
Chucked 'em overboard.
And she chucked it again.
"What is that?" and chucked it off.
the call and chucked the phone back.
Chucked poor Willie out of Chambers.
funeral home and chucked in a coffin.
BLEARGH—the beasts chucked out wads of.
Liz laughed and chucked Roger under the chin.
He chucked the remainder of his root out into the.
It was at sea for ten years before it was chucked out.
What? Right here? he chucked as he nuzzled her neck.
chucked into the river like it didn't mean a thing at all.
could have just killed us and chucked us over the cliff?’.
I got chucked out, so I put my skills to more profitable use.
Jimmy would have chucked me and I wouldn't be a WAG any more.
He has fallen or been chucked from the top, and so been impaled.
Nathaniel chucked everything in the back seat before opening the.
busted in, peeled walls of his brain, and chucked them in a frying.
Ingrid calmed him down before he chucked the Navman out the window.
not some fluff about some old dear being chucked out of her house by.
happened, a device was chucked at Wynne, and it latched around his neck.
As Garcia walked away, Shuliette chucked the necklace to the ground and.
Irritated, Mitchell chucked the knife, dangerously close to Slicky's face.
‘I held her head over the loo while she chucked up in the wee small hours.
He chucked it through the door, not willing to risk burning the house down.
He signed to the waiting jarvey who chucked at the reins and set on towards.
Tahira chucked the package inside and let the false bottom drop back in place.
She came in and took her coat off right away and sort of chucked it on the bed.
"How many Chucks do you know in the world?".
(The jarvey chucks the reins and raises his whip encouragingly.
Five minutes later, the damp stairs are again squelching beneath his Chucks.
I put one of my Chucks on her belly and pushed her back down into her seat.
Their stained Chucks were suitably filthy, but the seams were still crisp, like new.
The other knit hat wearing Bboy had feigned using num chucks in his up rock battle against his friend.
He chucks the remnants of the toilet tissue into the toilet bowl but doesn’t flush, a present for the girls in flat six.
The side streets were still littered with smashed cars, twisted metal, broken chucks of concrete, and over turned power poles.
The rest of the pack has disappeared, canteen bound, not expecting any action until the intensive care unit chucks out at around eight o’clock.
I heaved back on the bars with all my strength and got the bike moving for a few inches, but then the worn soles of my Chucks slipped on the pavement and I fell over sideways.
She was still going over to NYU to use the darkroom, academic standing be damned, and watching those proofs dry—train-trestle murals, charred mailboxes, knotted Chucks festooning the blighted elms—she tried to convince herself he was right.

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