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Cinch dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. This will be a cinch.
2. I said this will be a cinch.
3. A cinch rope was placed around.
4. Passing through customs was a cinch.
5. By all accounts, this should be a cinch.
6. As for the gear shift, it’ll be a cinch.
7. Maybe the cinch is pinching him, there is a.

8. The men were unconscious, it was a cinch for her.
9. It would’ve been a cinch if it were chips, but.
10. Old Testement Hebrew, a cinch to translate, it says:.
11. It’s a cinch, he said, giving her a reassuring smile.
12. She had to watch carefully so they didnt over cinch the.
13. The one I had could walk for miles and running was a cinch.
14. But once you start the climb, you get used to it and it's a cinch.
15. It 'd be a cinch for the cops to check it out, if they only would.
16. Andrei was at the bottom, loosening the cinch at his horse’s belly.
17. He looked at Henry as if he were an idiot just barely able to cinch up his own pants.
18. The stallion tossed his head from side to side as Egg was tightening his saddle cinch.
19. If we’re successful, he may roll over on Bob and that would cinch our case, I said.
20. Obtaining beer, wine, or liquor, was probably a cinch – if you had the money and knew where to.
21. It would be a cinch to seal it with the suit’s patch kit, but now that I think about it, that’s a bad idea.
22. But Ball’s coronal found the center of his foe’s breastplate with such force that it burst his saddle cinch.
23. Too bad he wasn't really one of them, otherwise he could log in as a basic administrator and this operation would be a cinch.
24. The chainmail shirt went on easily, but he had to have the shaman help him cinch the steel plates on his upper and lower arms.
25. The stable master noticed the deepening bruise on the face of his friend and watched the young man tighten the cinch too roughly.
26. Sticking to a black skirt is ideal for creating the illusion of a slimmer body and the high waist will cinch your curves in the right way.
27. You might think that in our endlessly networked world, it would be a cinch to build and buy a list of stocks that meet Graham’s criteria for bargains (p.
28. As he pulled the cinch tight, Ravan glanced over his shoulder at the animal’s strange and suddenly docile behavior, but by now, nothing surprised him about Nicolette.
29. Ford changed the back wound to a back of the neck wound with the stroke of his pen on the final report to cinch in the magic bullet theory required for an Oswald determination.
30. What had she said wrong? Did he think she expected him to pay for her wedding? Did the prospect of marriage dig up old bones? She watched as he meticulously saddled Ed and tightened the cinch.
1. Pinning of ears when you are cinching a saddle is.
2. Cinching it tightly below his ankle, he wound and tucked.
3. Chevalier entered the bathroom just as Emily was pulling on a robe and cinching it tightly around her.
4. She was sitting on the ground, it was cold, and her hands were tightly restrained, cinching her wrists.
5. Reese stepped forward to slide his arm around Kay’s waist, his fingers tenderly cinching him to her side.
6. I dressed as best I could in those clothes, cinching the jeans around my waist with the belt, and rolling the cuffs up.
7. I went quietly back to the river-bed, and found that most of the fellows had dismounted and were "cinching" up their saddles.
8. Cinching the bedsheet tightly about my waist that now bound her to me I forced myself to verbally confess how I felt about her, I love you Desirée.
9. Back in my tent, I put on my fleece leggings and anorak, crawled into my sleeping bag, and zipped it all the way up to my chin, cinching its hood tight around my head.
10. It is God’s will that we get our tails in gear and get out to save those horses! snapped Kay with fury, cinching the saddle onto her steed and swinging up onto his back.
1. That cinched it.
2. The next thing he said cinched it for me:.
3. He pulled it high around his waist and cinched it.
4. Now, hanging there swinging, the rope’s knot cinched.
5. Lester cinched her wrists together, pulled the tie tight.
6. There was a tightening in his chest, as if a rope were being cinched.
7. I pulled my belt through the loops and cinched her thigh above the wound.
8. It was cramped but if he cinched up the laces, it was a little bit warmer at night.
9. Barker, in turn, holstered his pistol, took the cuffs from his belt and cinched them down tightly.
10. Pants with baggy bottoms, comically loose, held on with a raggedy belt cinched to the farthest hole.
11. They walked from the powerhouse quietly, saddled their horses, cinched on all of the equipment, and mounted.
12. He slid a pair of saddlebags that looked stuffed with contents on behind the saddle and cinched them down tightly.
13. She wore a dress of long white folds of silk, low over her shoulders, draped to the ground, cinched at the hips by a low golden belt.
14. Before they cinched it tight around her throat, she caught sight of the eerie, green shimmer of a hundred medicine-coated electrodes.
15. Kay followed his finger with her eyes, and her heart sank, felt as if an iron bar had been wrapped around it and cinched tighter, tighter.
16. He cinched the buckles on Ser Glendon’s ill-fitting armor, fastened his helm to his gorget, helped him mount, and handed him his shield.
17. This proved tricky with the crutches, and with the file-folder rolled in his pocket, but the handcuffs cinched at the kid’s back helped.
18. With the fingers of his other hand wedged between the doors, he lunged to grasp onto one of the greasy latches that cinched the doors closed.
19. Laura put her head in the noose and cinched it tight around her neck, quickly tying a knot so that it would not loosen before she blacked out.
20. A wide concoction glowing with zones and fine diagonal stripes of orange, maroon, flame red and pink tied in a big Windsor knot cinched his collar.
21. He spun the hand wheel in, pinning the piece between pincers, and when satisfied he cinched it all down, released the hoist mechanism and patted the horses away.
22. Not seeing her he holstered his gun and looped the belt around the bleeding stump, slid the end of the strap back through the buckle and cinched it up very tightly.
23. This was a full skirt down to the feet, cinched at the tiny waist; fitted bodice with high neck (one could visualise a cameo at the throat); long tight sleeves to the wrists and puffed shoulders.
24. Wearing his old street clothes, consisting of some tattered brown pants cinched high by a pair of red suspenders, he was still mostly clean-shaven, with only a day or two’s growth of straggly whiskers clinging to his broad face.
25. These were not the pretty, ruffled figurines, dolls, or poster images but narrow, whiplike men and women of fierce expression, their hair cinched back tight, swishing their skirts back and forth as they advanced across the tiny raised stage.
1. Once it cinches up to the bone, it then automatically heats up to three hundred degrees and burns the rest of the way through.

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