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Clear dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. We are off and clear.
  2. It was clear to her.
  3. Are we clear on this.
  4. It is clear that the.
  5. I made sure to clear.

  6. Are we clear on that?
  7. I would have a clear.
  8. My mind began to clear.
  9. There is a clear break.
  10. If you have clear and.
  11. This is the clear path.
  12. The way ahead is clear.
  13. It was clear that was.
  14. He’s in the clear now.
  15. Nor is it clear that a.

  16. He was very clear to me.
  17. To help clear things up.
  18. It was clear that even.
  19. The second one is clear.
  20. My head isnt clear yet.
  21. And Paul was very clear.
  22. Her mind was clear though.
  23. The message is clear in.
  24. It is clear the bag was.
  25. It is clear that Athens.

  26. It is clear that I have.
  27. I was very clear on that.
  28. As it became clear that.
  29. I saw it clear as crystal.
  30. The clear night air was.
  31. We were now in the clear.
  32. The air was crystal clear.
  33. The choice is clear here.
  34. Paul made it clear that.
  35. It should be clear that.
  36. Make it clear who you are.
  37. I needed to clear my mind.
  38. I want to make this clear.
  39. His eyes were clear green.
  40. It wasn’t that clear cut.
  41. Stay clear of the caverns.
  42. Clear as a bell, they say.
  43. The path is already clear.
  44. That much was clear by now.
  45. That was a clear warning.
  46. It also became clear that.
  47. It was clear that she was.
  48. Am I making myself clear?
  49. It was clear that Ged’s.
  50. The air is strangely clear.
  51. The Bible makes this clear.
  52. But having clear look still.
  53. That should be quite clear.
  54. He looked in her clear eyes.
  55. Her clear sharp eyes were.
  56. The Bible is clear on this.
  57. Need a clear head later on.
  58. It was so clear in my mind.
  59. She heard it loud and clear.
  60. Hear this loud and clear.
  61. Suddenly, it was all clear.
  62. It will clear your mind.
  63. And then the fence was clear.
  64. The mind is sharp and clear.
  65. Then we'll clear this place.
  66. Paul gave the church clear.
  67. I have to clear myself more.
  68. Do I make myself clear?
  69. We’ll clear the place out.
  70. The fog is gone, clear road.
  71. I’m clear on that point.
  72. The road was clear both ways.
  73. He could see her face clear.
  74. His intention was not clear.
  75. I pause and clear my throat.
  76. Not clear on that myself.
  77. For His star it shineth clear.
  78. Terms to be clear in Audits:.
  79. The geologic record is clear.
  80. The night was fresh and clear.
  81. I needed to relax, clear my.
  82. You sound clear this morning.
  83. The feeling was clear enough.
  84. The message was clear enough.
  85. The Bible layed out a clear.
  86. This is a very clear message.
  87. But it wasn't clear any more.
  88. Legit wise guys stayed clear.
  89. The reason soon became clear.
  90. It was clear for miles ahead.
  91. Nadir stood clear of the heap.
  92. Please clear the basin floor.
  93. I felt the resistances clear.
  94. They had to clear everything.
  95. Now, to be clear, he was not.
  96. My mind was clear and focused.
  97. It's not clear cut enough to.
  98. I needed to keep a clear head.
  99. It was clear that he meant it.
  100. Be very clear in your message.
  1. I was in the clearing.
  2. And the fog is clearing.
  3. Place them in a clearing.
  4. They broke into a clearing.
  5. It was Mr Oak’s clearing.
  6. It helps clearing the mind.
  7. Look for a natural clearing.
  8. We are in a forest clearing.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up.
  10. Thanks for clearing this up.
  11. He looks across the clearing.
  12. They came to a small clearing.
  13. Clearing his throat, he read.
  14. It was an elevated clearing.
  15. Clearing his throat, he asked.
  16. We started clearing the trees.
  17. She started clearing the table.
  18. Silas stepped into the clearing.
  19. A tree stump, a small clearing.
  20. Reward for clearing the hurdle.
  21. I knelt by her in the clearing.
  22. Clearing up the house on a night.
  23. Then, we came upon this clearing.
  24. Clearing her throat, she continued.
  25. And peer through the hazy clearing.
  26. Ruby looked at the packed clearing.
  27. Since you worked on clearing her.
  28. She eyed the clearing suspiciously.
  29. Clearing her throat, Leah responded.
  30. Catwhiskers was himself clearing up.
  31. Colleen pointed across the clearing.
  32. They heard Tulip clearing is throat.
  33. The clearing was full of curious men.
  34. The HS2 swooped down into a clearing.
  35. Chrissie got on with the clearing up.
  36. After a time we came into a clearing.
  37. It stood in the middle of a clearing.
  38. The Dawhawk hovered over the clearing.
  39. I have used his methods of clearing.
  40. The city itself stands in a clearing.
  41. Mannheim), to clearing out the role.
  42. We were in the clearing of my vision.
  43. Clearing the land for his new project.
  44. Silence fell on the clearing once more.
  45. Karma Clearing and Forgiveness process.
  46. He began clearing the air with fists;.
  47. Lorrie said while clearing her throat.
  48. He moved closer to her, and clearing.
  49. Into the clearing where the moonlight.
  50. He continued after clearing his throat.
  51. In a clearing the water came into view.
  52. Clearing beliefs can be an easy process.
  53. Clearing Process, without any promting.
  54. Clearing his throat, he stepped through.
  55. The eagle above her circled the clearing.
  56. Seconds later they entered the clearing.
  57. The servants began clearing away the food.
  58. The Super MMARV rolled into the clearing.
  59. She took a deep breath, clearing her head.
  60. Joshua had followed Joe into the clearing.
  61. Clearing dead sessions from the database.
  62. She hated clearing up her sister’s mess.
  63. They were rolling across a green clearing.
  64. He sat up looking about, clearing his eyes.
  65. He is led out into a ceremonial clearing.
  66. Across the clearing sat John on his horse.
  67. It was as though the clearing came to her.
  68. Listen, he said, clearing his throat.
  69. I could see his horse in a small clearing!.
  70. We rushed in and started clearing the house.
  71. His body was all lit up, clearing the site.
  72. There was waist high grass in this clearing.
  73. The magicians parted, clearing the way to.
  74. Tears finally spilled, clearing his vision.
  75. In the clearing the men were sleeping again.
  76. About 5 minutes later there was a clearing.
  77. They came to a clearing abutting the river.
  78. Clearing his throat, he said, I’m sorry.
  79. They stopped at the perimeter of a clearing.
  80. Here’s another example of clearing beliefs.
  81. The clearing was empty, and the others gone.
  82. Should he walk back to the clearing? Would.
  83. You ready? I asked, clearing my throat.
  84. The tower stood in the middle of the clearing.
  85. They landed in a small clearing in the woods.
  86. Clearing up the Evil Intentions of Magicians.
  87. The man obeyed, and sped out of the clearing.
  88. Rathos cut the tension by clearing his throat.
  89. He made a wide perimeter around the clearing.
  90. The wizard too turned away from the clearing.
  91. A strange man stepped into the clearing, his.
  92. After a botched clearing pass by the Brewer.
  93. Stop it! Everyone in the clearing spun.
  94. Just clearing up a few things, she said.
  95. Clearing his throat, the President remained.
  96. Hitting a small clearing in the middle of the.
  97. Alex started circling a clearing in the trees.
  98. Rose smiled at Moses across the clearing and.
  99. The three were in the bush, a small clearing.
  100. I wondered if this clearing was the local yam.
  1. This cleared up a lot.
  2. I want the barn cleared.
  3. As the sun cleared the.
  4. I got cleared out, Dad.
  5. Now cleared of the dead.
  6. Danny cleared his throat.
  7. Robbie cleared his throat.
  8. Sierra cleared her throat.
  9. Helios cleared his throat.
  10. Sanjay cleared his throat.
  11. Andrew cleared his throat.
  12. Soon he had cleared the.
  13. Buster cleared his throat.
  14. Edward cleared his throat.
  15. Parker cleared his throat.
  16. Anger cleared my thoughts.
  17. Raven cleared his throat.
  18. Manulo cleared his throat.
  19. Grover cleared his throat.
  20. Stacey cleared his throat.
  21. Duncan cleared his throat.
  22. A tiny throat was cleared.
  23. Joshua cleared his throat.
  24. Branan cleared his throat.
  25. And then the wind cleared.
  26. Cupid cleared his throat.
  27. George cleared his throat.
  28. Trago cleared his throat.
  29. We cleared it for her now.
  30. Wilding cleared his throat.
  31. Naclana cleared his throat.
  32. Sampson cleared his throat.
  33. Freeman cleared his throat.
  34. It’s already cleared up.
  35. Griffin cleared his throat.
  36. Russell cleared his throat.
  37. Kenichi cleared his throat.
  38. Kristie cleared her throat.
  39. When the weather cleared.
  40. Abigail cleared her throat.
  41. Jane cleared her throat.
  1. The woman clears her throat.
  2. That always clears my head.
  3. Wait till the check clears.
  4. I’m sure that clears it up.
  5. The first clears his throat.
  6. When it clears I see Mount.
  7. The captain clears his throat.
  8. The perfumer clears his throat.
  9. After a moment the dust clears.
  10. I’ll stay until it clears.
  11. His face clears a little at that.
  12. Finally Teekra clears her throat.
  13. The shop owner clears his throat.
  14. It clears your mind and gives you.
  15. Well, I guess that clears that up.
  16. The rocketship clears the launch pad.
  17. Maxx calms down and clears his throat.
  18. Others will be born when it clears.
  19. Maxx coughs aloud and clears his throat.
  20. We have to wait until your check clears.
  21. He clears his throat, then meets my eyes.
  22. The doctor clears his throat a few times.
  23. It rains a lot, but it also clears up a.
  24. Future Xzavier clears his throat once more.
  25. This caulking goes on white and dries clears.
  26. Finally, he drops his arms, clears his throat.
  27. It clears the lungs and gets rid of unwanted.
  28. Mother clears her throat and draws my attention.
  29. The Eldest clears his throat and wipes his cheeks.
  30. Well, that clears up those blessed accounts anyhow.
  31. It changes our perspective and clears our thoughts.
  32. It brings justice and clears the past of its wrongs.
  33. Well, that clears up everything for me! I said.
  34. Let’s hope that it clears in the next few hours.
  35. The sun hardly clears the horizon before sinking away.
  36. Rationalization of your truth clears fear from fright.
  37. The SEC clears proxy materials before they are mailed.
  38. Davie clears his throat and whispers, "Take care, Billy".
  39. Grapefruit stimulates the senses and clears up stale air.
  40. There is complete silence as Robinson clears his throat.
  41. Simon clears his throat, looks at him, looks away again.
  42. Anthony clears his throat and interrupts our conversation.
  43. David considers this for a moment, then clears his throat.
  44. When and if the smoke clears and you’re up to it convey.
  45. Jaden clears his throat, takes a deep breath and stands up.
  46. We should be able to alight as soon as the weather clears.
  47. The air clears to reveal Willie watching the Medicine Men.
  48. Eugene clears his throat, then holds out his elbow for her.
  49. She clears her throat and asks timidly, Sarah Colton?
  50. His eyes widen, but he catches himself and clears his throat.
  51. This entrance clears the muddy spirit so that it becomes pure.
  52. After the smoke clears, the only thing love leaves you with.
  53. Wait and wait and wait, and when the smoke clears, he will go in.
  54. She clears her throat, but it doesn’t help her tremulous voice.
  55. He laughs for a moment, clears his throat and slides the door open.
  56. But CLS can be also used without it which clears the whole screen.
  57. You know what they say, slander someone and the stain never clears.
  58. As the dust settles and the air clears, we see bits and pieces of the.
  59. All lines shall be treated as live till proper line clears is received.
  60. As soon as we’re back from dinner, Beth clears out and Brian comes over.
  61. Once the smoke clears the doorway, BCG steps through, Maybe he’s in.
  62. That allows for the possibility of coming out ahead when the smoke clears.
  63. Her question is met with silence at first, and then Peter clears his throat.
  64. She pauses, clears her throat, the first sign of any emotion at all from her.
  65. Michael clears his throat and bobs his head without really looking at anyone.
  66. Jaden tries to cough and clears his throat but the sound comes out different.
  67. This clears the way for a most comprehensive criteria effectiveness analysis.
  68. You’d better hope we make it to the lighthouse before the fog clears off.
  69. The woman with the red hair, April, clears her throat, and all eyes turn to her.
  70. Soul – your mind clears and you become sinsitised to voice of the Holy Spirit.
  71. As the smoke clears, the two of us are at length from one another and both are.
  72. Jessica could hear the wind outside of her cave as she clears her inner thoughts.
  73. The doctor clears his throat and takes half a step forward, palms facing outward.
  74. The moment clears and he can again distinguish between the memory and the present.
  75. Ralph: ( clears his throat) My people, this is a new dawn in the history of Ajewole.
  76. He probably wouldn’t last, so why not? Yeah, and send him over when he clears.
  77. It will be withdrawn in cash or transferred to another account the moment it clears.
  78. Kneeling down in the dirt, she clears the top if it with her freshly manicured hands.
  79. This formula clears heat from the Pericardium and thereby calms the Heart’s spirit.
  80. Heidi clears the dessert plates and announces there is fresh coffee in the living room.
  81. He swears he saw that up in the high mountain plains, where the snow seldom clears.
  82. He touches the photo, then jumps with a start as Mohammed clears his throat behind him.
  83. This consciousness automatically clears every form of judgment toward my body and mind.
  84. This kills any nasty germs hanging around and clears up the stuffy feeling in your head.
  85. Clears the plate and offers an alternative while keeping eye contact by saying: May I.
  86. Afterwards, when the head clears and sleep is returned to normal, it will all be worth it.
  87. The ship clears the last of the asteroid belt and continues towards Jupiter at 169,000 mps.
  88. He works in a local pizza joint called Gordo’s, where he sweeps floor and clears tables.
  89. After each Ordu clears its valley, it will proceed south until all the Chimu land is taken.
  90. A deeper connection helps to prevent injuries, clears your thinking and keeps you energized.
  91. Then the vegetation clears, and he can make out bodies, beefy, hairy, some of them sans shirt.
  92. What is it about him and food? Kate clears the dishes and I finish packing up the living room.
  93. After the tapping is done and the crowd of Dauntless is quiet, Eric clears his throat and begins.
  94. He already asks himself, "Has he sacrificed me?" when his face clears, as he looks into the third.
  95. Tom and I have walked past it umpteen times, but this morning, Tom nudges me and clears his throat.
  96. Turning for the door, he clears his throat and walks out, bumping into Sean just outside the door.
  97. He glances briefly at Christian, who frowns at him but then nods, so the waiter clears our plates.
  98. As their vision clears, the drivers accelerate onto the rough ground to pass the smoking road-block.
  99. F: The actual breakout comes at F, as the stock finally clears resistance and trades sharply higher.
  100. The body signal represents the sentiment of the day—the overall disposition after the smoke clears.

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