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1. Click on the File menu.
2. Click here to read it.
3. I heard a slight click.
4. CLICK HERE to know HOW.
5. Click on the green flag.
6. Click on the Image icon.
7. Click here to learn why.

8. I heard the lock click.
9. Click on the OK button.
10. Click Here to Find Out!.
11. Far away, a gentle click.
12. Click HERE to view them.
13. Click here to read the U.
14. He hoped she would click.
15. Click on the Clock Icon.
16. It went in with a click.
17. I heard the tiniest click.
18. Click Here To Learn More.
19. There was a double click.
20. Click here to learn more.
21. To learn more, click here.
22. Click! - there's 10 bucks.
23. With a click of the but-.
24. Click HERE to find out more.
25. Click on the Kompozer icon.
26. Click Here to Find Out More.
27. That one click could come.
28. Click the cookbook to view.
29. Click here for terms of use.
30. The click of a closing two.
31. Click on the Download button.
32. Click on the Delete button.
33. OK, we're within one click.
34. The click of a safety catch.
35. Click on the various buttons.
36. Click on the magical objects.
37. There was an audible click.
38. To Find Out More Click Here.
39. Click book cover to buy the.
40. Click here to watch the video.
41. Click Here to find out how!.
42. You simply click save to my.
43. Click Here to learn more >>>.
44. Video! Click Here To See It!.
45. Click here to review this book.
46. I heard a click and it opened.
47. Click on the button "Options".
48. The locks opened with a click.
49. Click Here To Read On Amazon!.
50. It won’t hurt to click yes).
51. Click OK to apply the changes.
52. Click this link to find your.
53. Click on the Text Link Below:.
54. There was no undoing that click.
55. For more information click here.
56. They heard the click of a latch.
57. Click here to continue reading.
58. A moment later I heard a click.
59. Now click on the Advanced tab.
60. Click on the desktop icon.
61. Under Appearance click on Menus.
62. A click of the button and the.
63. Those are the ones to click on.
64. I heard the click of her weapon.
65. With a click, the TV turned off.
66. When it is completed, click DONE.
67. On the About Us page, click on.
68. From behind Samara heard a click.
69. The click sounded terribly loud.
70. At the click of a button upper.
71. Click the Advanced Settings tab.
72. Click went the camera behind her.
73. Click on the Custom Level button.
74. Click the Action button (Fig 45).
75. There was a soft click, and the.
76. Click on the button to select it.
77. Double click on the folder itself.
78. The line went silent with a click.
79. Click on Start and type services.
80. Click here to purchase on Amazon.
81. I just heard the sound of a click.
82. There’s the click of a doorknob.
83. Click on the Save changes button.
84. I just heard a click as his answer.
85. We’ve all heard of Pay Per Click.
86. Build A Site That Gets The Click!.
87. When you find this – click on it.
88. Double click on the color you want.
90. Double click anywhere in the shape.
91. Click Here To Visit Their Website.
92. Click the Multi line radio button.
93. Click here to download the Access.
94. He waited for the tell-tale click.
95. Click on the Named Anchor object.
96. Click here to learn more about it.
97. Click Here To Join Viral Ad Store.
98. Jiminy you are rejected! Click.
99. Starting with the Ice Cream click.
1. He said clicking a pen.
2. She could hear it clicking.
3. The cameras are clicking away.
4. That’s when the clicking began.
5. Clicking on it brought it to life.
6. You can download by Clicking HERE.
7. Chris and them made a clicking sound.
8. Please check it out by clicking here.
9. Clicking it on, he saw it was still.
10. Clicking on the photo could access it.
11. He smiled, clicking his dentures at me.
12. If he heard clicking it would be the.
13. By clicking on the five text boxes –.
14. The leader insect made a clicking sound.
15. I heard cameras clicking away behind us.
16. Clicking with the mouse took him to the.
17. All Bill could hear was the clicking of.
18. After a moment there was a clicking sound.
19. Clicking on the print icon, he slid back.
20. Violet tried clicking and shaking the reins.
21. By clicking the Section icon, you will be.
22. With a pair of high heels clicking after her.
23. You can test it by simply clicking on the ad.
24. Charlie made a clicking noise with his tongue.
25. He could hear Liam clicking away in the other.
26. The clicking of spikes against the hard stone.
27. Upon clicking, 4 things will be asked of you:.
28. He turned when he heard a clicking approaching.
29. He gave a slow handclap, clicking his dentures.
30. Not even any clicking noises like this morning.
31. Run the macro by clicking on the Custom button.
32. They began clicking the safeties back on their.
33. By left clicking your mouse on the bid price of $.
34. I began clicking through the gears with the other.
35. Maybe you should try clicking your heels together.
36. Next set the calculator to base 16 by clicking on.
37. Clicking on a bike anywhere near the pedals would.
38. He was clicking and scrolling with the best of them.
40. Clicking on the note's number will return you to the.
41. The noise of the back door clicking shut startled her.
42. No clicking on a control, just wanting to look at it.
43. She walked away then her heels clicking on the floor.
44. A hit is the one clicking on the banner or text links.
45. In the middle of the being was a metal clicking heart.
46. Clicking on it made it grab his arm in its mouth and.
47. There was so little clicking noise that it couldn‘t.
48. On the roulette wheel, the ball was clicking to a halt.
49. Clicking back over to the other line, Skinny asked, Ms.
50. Shinds clicking the pen some more while mulling over the.
51. Return 2 Main (On clicking this option control should be.
52. This produced more laughter and clicking noises from the.
53. Judging from the clicking of his keys he was a security.
54. In the pre-med room clicking modules were placed in each.
55. Suddenly, we heard a moan, combined with a clicking hiss.
56. Clicking down the steps of the building she hailed a cab.
57. What the Bleep!? – Down the Rabbit Hole by clicking here.
58. The same gears were clicking into place in my dad’s head.
59. Clicks/Click Throughs — Banners are operated by clicking.
60. I could see he was torn, clicking through the consequences.
61. It was a strange clicking noise in the distance not unlike.
62. Inventory Master (On clicking this option control should be.
63. Andrew was already clicking away at everything he laid eyes.
64. Akím (looks at his son, clicking his tongue disapprovingly).
65. PLEASE NOTE: Clicking and dragging is not the best long term.
66. He heard a faint metallic clicking coming from Robert’s lap.
67. From the hall come the clicking boot heels of the bunk master.
68. Finally, clicking my tongue, I walked as close as I could to.
69. He waited, the phone line clicking repeatedly as he listened.
70. I’d become accustomed to the clicking sound of the telegraph.
71. It makes sudden clicking sound in the mind to make you believe.
72. Double clicking of the item or any item in the menu is selected.
73. Each clicking of the pendulum began to echo through the silence.
74. Barnes shook his head and issued a clicking sound with his cheeks.
75. Clicking the access button I read: Call me NOW on the screen.
76. Oh, I said slowly, the pieces clicking into place in my head.
77. There was a whirring and a clicking noise as a vertical wall grew.
78. Clicking his fingers as a signal for the two to follow, the guard.
79. From here, you can run the Network Setup Wizard by clicking 'Set.
80. I heard him clicking his dentures in annoyance and smiled to myself.
81. From behind, he heard the latch on the door clicking and his heart.
82. After clicking Next, you should now (finally!) see the last.
83. The hammer didn't give off clicking noises as her fingers trembled.
84. And clicking on the Stuff link reveals the following explanation:.
85. There was a clicking noise on the phone line, as if a receiver had.
86. More muffled footsteps, then a clicking sound came through the walls.
87. Bling's heads filled up quite to the top with the sound of clicking.
88. By clicking on this circle you can rotate the object about its axis.
89. You can remove those by clicking on the "x" to the right of the row.
90. I was sitting in the drawing room, looking at the clicking wall clock.
91. On clicking Voucher in Transaction Menu, control has been shifted to.
92. Joe was clicking through the channels until he found a baseball game.
93. At the same time, she heard the faint clicking of leather on flooring.
94. Discover the done-for-you solution that I’m using by clicking here.
95. Before I could answer her there was a clicking sound behind us, and I.
96. Page -8 ( Control Reports ) Inventory Status (On clicking this option.
97. Ardara was behind them, her high heels clicking the floor as she paced.
98. They were everywhere, their automatic film-wasters clicking like crazy.
99. Before chasing him down, she reached in and set the flashers to clicking.
100. But things began quickly clicking together that before seemed unrelated.
1. Lil clicked on the link.
2. From then on we clicked.
3. She clicked on the file.
4. She clicked on her inbox.
5. He clicked the phone off.
6. I heard the phone clicked.
7. She clicked off the phone.
8. It all clicked into place.
9. She clicked on her mailbox.
10. Esther clicked on the icon.
11. He clicked his fingers to.
12. She clicked open the folder.
13. Amelia clicked on the radio.
14. He clicked the switch, but.
15. The phone buzzed and clicked.
16. The door clicked behind her.
17. And that’s when it clicked.
18. Her finger clicked the mouse.
19. Boot heels clicked on asphalt.
20. I clicked on the balloons to.
21. It clicked and echoed shrilly.
22. He clicked a series of links.
23. Alan clicked on the blue region.
24. Something clicked inside of her.
25. It all clicked in that instant.
26. She clicked Answer and Speaker.
27. She clicked the phone shut and.
28. He clicked the safety on the gun.
29. Something clicked inside my mind.
30. Talons clicked on the window sill.
31. Frank's brain clicked and whirred.
32. He clicked on it, making it bigger.
33. The kettle boiled and clicked off.
34. Eric smiled and clicked his tongue.
35. Hayes clicked on the file and it.
36. The intercom on his desk clicked on.
37. Nerissa clicked her tongue at Arion.
38. Greer clicked away on the keyboard.
39. Then something in his mind clicked.
40. Claire clicked on some of the tabs.
41. That time the sales method clicked.
42. Smitz clicked his heels and saluted.
43. He clicked off his phone and grinned.
44. Spallner clicked the briefcase shut.
45. Spailner clicked the briefcase shut.
46. The gun clicked and nothing happened.
47. She clicked her tongue in disapproval.
48. At last his will clicked into action.
49. She clicked open the software folder.
50. He quickly clicked to answer the call.
51. Finally, her brain clicked into gear.
52. She clicked her fire selector to auto.
53. Punk clicked the device and blocked.
54. Lady Jane clicked her tongue in scorn.
55. Claire clicked on the top suggestion.
56. Alric chuckled and clicked his tongue.
57. Paul clicked his pen and rested his.
58. Khevasiah clicked over to the other.
59. Spallner clicked the brief-case shut.
60. Houston clicked his tongue and frowned.
61. The phone at the other end clicked off.
62. The robot popped and clicked repeatedly.
63. Rafael clicked his tongue in irritation.
64. Santos! The front door clicked shut.
65. The numbers clicked forward inexorably.
66. She clicked open the most recent movie.
67. The figure, the car—something clicked.
68. Uncle Hobart clicked his dentures at me.
69. THE DOOR TO Rykus’s cell clicked open.
70. Something clicked for Therese just then.
71. The machine clicked and whirred to life.
72. That wasn't the door being clicked shut.
73. She clicked her tongue in disappointment.
74. With that affirmation, something clicked.
75. Locke clicked on the picture to zoom in.
76. The gate clicked open, but Mick had to.
77. Had he answered I would have clicked off.
78. The door clicked and Ash looked around it.
79. The door clicked open almost immediately.
80. Flash clicked his tongue against his beak.
81. I clicked on it to open and found this:.
82. The sergeant clicked his heels and saluted.
83. He clicked the browser’s refresh button.
84. Sanderson sighed and clicked off the phone.
85. He clicked off his flashlight and stood up.
86. The Commander saluted and clicked his heels.
87. Thank you, said Roqford, and he clicked off.
88. Punk clicked on the file and hit the play.
89. It shut with a clang, and the lock clicked.
90. He was asleep before the door clicked shut.
91. So I clicked on it and, and, this happened.
92. Go, Demera said and clicked the watch.
93. Skeet watched her go and clicked his tongue.
94. Chevalier clicked his phone shut and sped up.
95. Rinker clicked his mouse to play the footage.
96. Flavio double clicked the file named runways.
97. Mike rolled the mouse, and clicked a square.
98. He clicked his fingers at a passing waitress.
99. I clicked the phone off before he could reply.
100. Shinds clicked his pen and cleared his throat.
1. He clicks the off button.
2. The fan clicks to high speed.
3. Her cane clicks along the cobbles.
4. The phone clicks and whirrs at me.
5. Sometimes it clicks but not today.
6. He clicks off before I can respond.
7. Maybe a volume of two cubic clicks.
8. A couple of clicks and then Soraya:.
9. There was silence followed by clicks.
10. He doesn't have to count the clicks.
11. The chirps and clicks of grasshoppers.
12. Not all clicks will produce conversions.
13. I heard the clicks as they set the brake.
14. Across the room, another door clicks shut.
15. You can access them with just a few clicks.
16. Hold on, He clicks onto the other line.
17. The chief clicks off the TV and rubs his eyes.
18. Use links in tweets to drive clicks and retweets.
19. The article had 969 clicks from the aggregated bit.
20. Sigyn says nothing until the lock clicks behind her.
21. This article had 1342 clicks from the aggregated bit.
22. A loud series of clicks announced the unlocking of.
23. A few seconds later, another phone clicks on the line.
24. He stops at the eighth one, and the gate clicks open.
25. Several beeps and clicks later, Melvin began to type.
26. The lock clicks and the door swings open with a creak.
27. Tony clicks off his device and looks at Saul seriously.
28. There were more clicks of condolence from the room and.
29. It is preferable that the number clicks for the order.
30. G means that each time a person clicks on these sort of.
31. EPC (Earnings Per click): Average earnings per 100 clicks.
32. He clicks his tongue against his teeth and shakes his head.
33. You know there is rapport when everything clicks and feels.
34. With a few clicks and folds the frame of the glider, as bent.
35. It provides the capability to track clicks, actions and sales.
36. Obviously the amount of clicks is not guaranteed in this case.
37. I heard the skittering of small feet, heard the clicks of insects.
38. There was a grinding sound and a series of clicks and then silence.
39. Jeff clicks on the TV, and Ellen Abbott—and Amy—buzz into focus.
40. By taking a statement of Truth which clicks and gives him realization.
41. We had 167,000 clicks and traffic coming back to the site within 24.
42. When a consumer clicks on a publisher's link, a cookie is set on the.
43. Visitor can think the ads as a part of your website and clicks on it.
44. When a visitor from an affiliate's site clicks on a link and goes to a.
45. This is the page where the visitor arrives, when he or she clicks a link.
46. There was a series of clicks and whirs as if some ancient machinery was.
47. Ten rings later, just as Timothy is ready to hang up the phone, it clicks.
48. Intel Wing confirms the Avenger is inbound to board us, six clicks away.
49. When he notices me, he clicks the knob back into place and straightens up.
50. You see, each time a visitors clicks on one of our forms they are tracked.
51. It grew louder by the second, and then a series of eerie clicks joined in.
52. The Senator clicks on the microphone and snaps back, Just give me a moment.
53. Unique clicks are typically tracked by recording the IP address and browser.
54. He made a few clicks with the mouse and the writing at the top became larger.
55. Unfortunately you will have less sales per clicks because there is no pre sell.
56. Unique Click: The process of only counting unique clicks from each web visitor.
57. The visitor clicks the link and is shown a website that is holding the product.
58. I waited impatiently listening to the whirrs and clicks on the end of the line.
59. Tracking Method: the way that a program tracks referred sales, leads or clicks.
60. Once a user clicks on it for the first time, it gives you a list of the social.
61. My foot hit something and the knob in my hand moved on its track several clicks.
62. Everything finally "clicks" and you are aware or conscious of the power you have.
63. John clicks out of the phone before I have a chance to question, retort or agree.
64. He could hear the little beeps and clicks as the instruments worked in overdrive.
65. Click-through: The action when a user clicks on a link and follows through to the.
66. He clicks on a contact he’s never actually met, but he’s all too familiar with.
67. A few clicks later he said, One from Croatia left the day of the incident at DB.
68. Public Radio) in that the clicks are high and then drop to virtual y nothing less than.
69. Home Entertainment got 88 clicks, but because the clickthrough rate is so high, and the.
70. If you don’t do this, she simply clicks the BACK button to the Search Engine and says.
71. The book is laid out in sessions to match the DVDs so everything clicks together nicely.
72. Bruce spoke a command from his open window, and followed with crucial clicks and whistles.
73. You told me that radar could only detect an object less than a couple of hundred clicks.
74. In crude terms, the more popular the topic is the more clicks you will get on your ads and.
75. Chances are you could get at least $100 clicks of traffic, or you may get 50 to 100 opt-ins.
76. In the next chapter, we will see how you can use these lists to write ads that attract clicks.
77. He took the stones and held them in his right hand, and rolled them together with soft clicks.
78. It would tell you that each dolphin could discern the blips and clicks and respond accordingly.
79. The forest was totally silent, absent of the usual calls — the clicks, the stuttering on wood.
80. This requires active trade management, with the pressing of a lot of keys and many mouse clicks.
81. There were the rapid clicks and chokes of the silenced pistols and the sounds of bodies falling.
82. So you really need to use the pay per click methods for getting cheap clicks I mentioned earlier.
83. Fortunately, information is abundant and obtaining it is as easy as a few clicks on your computer.
84. He clicks the microphone off and tells his hat, No one appreciates my appreciation for precision.
85. You have instant access to hundreds of thousands of people with just a couple clicks of a button.
86. He clicks the bullet into the chamber and holds the gun out in front of him, both hands around it.
87. There’s another base about fifty clicks west of here that has some major activity going on in it.
88. The others followed quickly and the door slit back into place with pleased little clicks and whirrs.
89. This is where someone clicks on the “Add to Cart” button or an “Order Now” button and then.
90. She sits and her cane flexes against the gravel and the boy clicks his buttons in spasmodic flurries.
91. With a few clicks of the mouse, the list of each murder victim appeared on the screen, listed by date.
92. If someone clicks on the ad, then Google charges the advertiser a fee, which they then split with you.
93. On the date of issue, May 3rd 2011, there were 1167 clicks and only 125 clicks the following day (see.
94. Four flips the gun in his hand, presses the barrel to Peter’s forehead, and clicks a bullet into place.
95. Thank you! Diane D and Dana angrily turn back to the computer screen as Diane D clicks on the mouse.
96. Once there, we’ll execute a second dispersal and meet again two hundred clicks behind the warp nacelles.
97. I’m not a musical purist, but I’m not crazy about blips, beeps, bells, whistles and above all, clicks.
98. A few clicks were heard; then the room suddenly blazed with fluorescent lights, temporarily blinding Thomas.
99. After a couple of clicks and some gentle maneuvering, Paige is out of her car seat and in her mother’s arms.
100. Luca looks happy, seems that he already got two clicks this morning; one was certainly the girl who just left.

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