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Climb dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. You can climb on in.
  2. It was a tough climb.
  3. He slowed in his climb.
  4. First man to climb Mt.
  5. He can't climb out or.

  6. I think we can climb it.
  7. This was a brutal climb.
  8. In his weary climb, he.
  9. Still a long, loud climb.
  10. I climb warily to my feet.
  11. Softly Sam began to climb.
  12. Then they began to climb.
  13. But I still need to climb.
  14. You climb up that tree.
  15. I saw the driver climb out.

  16. After a slow climb of the.
  17. Then he started to climb up.
  18. Big enough to climb inside.
  19. I will climb the rope and.
  20. The climb took over an hour.
  21. I’ll try to climb out.
  22. The climb was not difficult.
  23. I’ll try to climb faster.
  24. As she began to climb the.
  25. They had to climb down the.

  26. We climb the steps together.
  27. Compete and climb far more.
  28. She found it hard to climb up.
  29. He tried to climb up in vain.
  30. Don’t climb the fence when.
  31. The plane continued to climb.
  32. He began to climb the stairs.
  33. Now it was beginning to climb.
  34. It was a hard climb to the top.
  35. They began to climb something.
  36. Just climb to the top with me.
  37. I climb the ladder after Uriah.
  38. Let’s go climb that tree.
  39. Or you could climb to the top.
  40. Dustin, climb out of there.
  41. Climb in! I yelled to her.
  42. It was trying to climb a tree.
  43. To climb that illusive mountain.
  44. Come, we will climb it together.
  45. Let us climb then, he says.
  46. Frank Barry continued to climb.
  47. I would never attempt to climb Mt.
  48. Not my wisdom can climb this hill.
  49. The value had continued to climb.
  50. It was too late to climb to safety.
  51. Probably less of hill climb then.
  52. Each other as the shore we climb!.
  53. Homer climb over the boat’s rail.
  54. We still climb the tall mountains.
  55. They never climb up to the terrace.
  56. They climb one fence, then another.
  57. The horses struggled to climb the.
  58. Elowen guessed she could climb down.
  59. I was invited to climb the Sacred.
  60. He saw it climb over the old sailor.
  61. We climb into one of the motorboats.
  62. It could climb, it could talk, and.
  63. Climb up the hill where Dante with.
  64. We climb big mountain and look down.
  65. He should be able to climb back out.
  66. The journey has mountains to climb.
  67. Instead they began to climb quickly.
  68. He would climb trees and throw rocks.
  69. He started to climb out of the plane.
  70. As you climb it is more and more dry.
  71. From the top you can climb down the.
  72. And then it started to climb the wall.
  73. I opened my door and went to climb in.
  74. Deaths could climb into the thousands.
  75. We’d have to stop for you to climb.
  76. They appeared to climb to the heavens.
  77. I began to climb, but it was very hard.
  78. It looks like my climb was a waste of.
  79. That I eagerly climb into without fear.
  80. I could see the craft trying to climb.
  81. Because they could not climb that high.
  82. I climb the stairs to the second floor.
  83. Maintain your current rate of climb.
  84. A hand on her arm stopped her mid climb.
  85. At the midpoint of the climb the first.
  86. He opens the door for me and I climb in.
  87. There is only more mountain to climb.
  88. Clara Jenkins set out to climb the dunes.
  89. His way of escape was to climb the wall.
  90. And now he wants to climb all over you.
  91. If you're in pain, climb on to my back.
  92. This character can’t jump, fly or climb.
  93. But it’s so hard to climb the mountain.
  94. The privy shaft was too small to climb.
  95. Do not climb to the top step of a ladder.
  96. I only had to climb down the ladder and.
  97. I had to climb it before they drew on me.
  98. Till they climb upon the steepest chair.
  99. The climb up to the cave is going to.
  100. In the morning, they continue their climb.
  1. To keep climbing the mount.
  2. We were climbing, after all.
  3. She was a marvel at climbing.
  4. Climbing down onto the rope.
  5. He was climbing into the bed.
  6. But Captain Nemo kept climbing.
  7. I keep climbing, my cheeks hot.
  8. The large male was climbing it.
  9. He was climbing the steep bank.
  10. He even stopped climbing trees.
  11. This is a climbing foliage plant.
  12. Fred was climbing up some stairs.
  13. He was climbing the pryamid of.
  14. Climbing proved to be more diffi.
  15. He was climbing out of the car now.
  16. We will now turn to climbing plants.
  17. He began climbing over sharp rocks.
  18. How are you at climbing trees?
  19. In another journey, I was climbing.
  20. Monkey Mother never stopped climbing.
  21. The other was a hobby, rock climbing.
  22. Climbing off the pillion was torture.
  23. Climbing the ladder in their careers.
  24. Inmate population 3,172 and climbing.
  25. So they were climbing the mountain.
  26. That is why climbing to the top of a.
  27. People started climbing into the train.
  28. Two guys are climbing from the van.
  29. Heather was climbing her own mountains.
  30. The number was already climbing and it.
  31. Nevertheless, the stock began climbing.
  32. At two decks he stopped climbing and ran.
  33. Still her climbing uphill in whose life.
  34. Three of the male apes are climbing a tree.
  35. They could see the Alderfolk climbing up.
  36. O summits vast, that to the climbing view.
  37. Climbing to the second story landing, he.
  38. Climbing onto the hood of the truck each.
  39. He nodded, the tension once again climbing.
  40. She jumped over it and continued climbing.
  41. He wasn’t climbing down after her…yet.
  42. The climbing irons on our boots are useless.
  43. But, I was an expert at climbing such walls.
  44. Help me dress, I said, climbing out of bed.
  45. It’s faster than climbing Sierra Blanca.
  46. Do not carry objects while climbing ladders.
  47. A few animals came climbing down the stands.
  48. Red lines, indicating climbing routes, are.
  49. Then climbing out of the dell they took to.
  50. This is the pinnacle we are climbing toward.
  51. A cat had climbing on the balcony and, from.
  52. The huge climbing rose across the front of.
  53. With a shrug Thomas began climbing the stairs.
  54. No longer quenches thirst climbing the hill:.
  55. Nobody said climbing a mountain would be easy.
  56. You did not mention the tree climbing episode.
  57. Climbing the stairs, Pete kept a close eye on.
  58. Yania saw an ant climbing on Kami’s shoulder.
  59. The man started climbing up to their location.
  60. Anytime I go climbing on the mountain without.
  61. Bilbo was climbing the great mound of treasure.
  62. Climbing into the backseat, she beams at Jerry.
  63. Mommy! Allen said, climbing up on the bed.
  64. She’s climbing the blinds to get to the light.
  65. Climbing a stile into the field he crossed the.
  66. He ran forward to the climbing path, and over it.
  67. They trained us in mountain climbing techniques.
  68. The aircraft was pressurized and still climbing.
  69. He seemed all the time to be climbing up and up.
  70. Dad had done most of his climbing as a young man.
  71. As he began climbing the ridge towards the great.
  72. Climbing back up the estate, they passed a sign.
  73. Kate is climbing out of her car when I arrive home.
  74. When it was out of sight, he began climbing again.
  75. Twenty feet below, the bear was climbing the tree.
  76. He turned his head toward me but kept on climbing.
  77. They went up on deck, climbing the old iron ladder.
  78. She’s in good hands eh! he said climbing.
  79. He kept diving in and climbing out, over and over.
  80. Where is he? he yelled, climbing to his feet.
  81. What! Jamie cried nearly climbing out of bed.
  82. It was treacherous climbing for Kitara’s group.
  83. The slope that I was climbing became steeper, more.
  84. She was climbing out on a side roof of Sun Cottage.
  85. Ellie shuddered at the thought of climbing into it.
  86. No, as impossible as it was I had to keep climbing.
  87. You’re sick, I said, climbing the staircase.
  88. Raul left with the rest, climbing aboard a rowboat.
  89. Climbing on the toilet lid, Cloud lifted the heavy.
  90. They were climbing towards the summit of Mount Doom.
  91. Needless to say, her letters had me climbing a wall.
  92. It is now at minus 180 degrees Celsius and climbing.
  93. The blisters begin climbing the side of the mountain.
  94. They were climbing up benches, telephone poles and.
  95. I keep climbing, silently, until I reach the platform.
  96. It would be more difficult climbing out than it was.
  97. Ant was climbing behind her, so close that she could.
  98. Climbing and firing turned out to be a difficult task.
  99. Grace reached the ladder as Thaniel was climbing down.
  100. Peter was strapped into the climbing harness and the.
  1. He climbed into the car.
  2. He climbed into his bed.
  3. He climbed in the canoe.
  4. We climbed up to its top.
  5. Max climbed to his feet.
  6. He climbed in the truck.
  7. I climbed in the window.
  8. He climbed up into the.
  9. As she climbed back out.
  10. I climbed back into the.
  11. Now they climbed up the.
  12. The lady bug climbed on.
  13. We climbed up on the mules.
  14. He climbed on the cement.
  15. Robbie climbed to his feet.
  16. I climbed out the window.
  17. He climbed down the ladder.
  18. Ritter climbed from the car.
  19. We climbed the stairs and.
  20. Janek climbed in after him.
  21. Ashley climbed out the hole.
  22. He then climbed on top of.
  23. I climbed out of the trench.
  24. Tom climbed in and drove on.
  25. The capsule climbed a ramp.
  26. Tom climbed down the ladder.
  27. I climbed onto the platform.
  28. Now I have climbed too high.
  29. He set his jaw and climbed.
  30. I climbed up to the terrace.
  31. Emily climbed back into bed.
  32. Rachel climbed into her seat.
  33. No, but I climbed it in 74'.
  34. They climbed the stone steps.
  35. We climbed into the vehicle.
  36. Themonkey climbed up a tree.
  37. Janelle climbed over the rail.
  38. I climbed as far as the hatch.
  39. Two men in suits climbed out.
  40. They climbed upwards in the.
  41. She climbed in the other side.
  42. She climbed out of bed, dizzy.
  43. He climbed out of the window.
  44. They climbed down from the cab.
  45. The road climbed and narrowed.
  46. He climbed shakily to his feet.
  47. Therese climbed into the truck.
  48. Tap Fitness | Flights Climbed.
  49. She found a ladder and climbed.
  50. She climbed beneath the covers.
  51. They climbed onto the platform.
  52. He climbed out and faced Carla.
  53. He climbed over the tail gate.
  54. He climbed to the other side.
  55. The boys climbed into the fort.
  56. Miller climbed onto the front.
  57. Louie climbed back and looked.
  58. They climbed into a few busses.
  59. As they climbed in he remarked.
  60. Jonah climbed to his feet again.
  61. Garcia climbed back to his feet.
  62. She slowly climbed into the bed.
  63. Then he climbed over the fence.
  64. Then he climbed out of the car.
  65. He climbed one flight of stairs.
  66. Borka climbed higher and higher.
  67. As she climbed higher into the.
  68. They all climbed into the Lexus.
  69. They climbed back into their car.
  70. We climbed the ladder in silence.
  71. It slid away and she climbed in.
  72. I climbed in myself and off we.
  73. Tom climbed quickly, and dropped.
  74. I have climbed the hills of view.
  75. He climbed up the ladder eagerly.
  76. Then I climbed into my moss pile.
  77. That blazed as sun climbed higher.
  78. The boy climbed onto the lion's.
  79. They climbed into a little boat.
  80. Buddy cautiously climbed up to me.
  81. I nodded and climbed onto his lap.
  82. Patterson climbed into the front.
  83. I opened the door and climbed in.
  84. As they climbed higher into the.
  85. Willie climbed up on a packing box.
  86. She climbed the steps to the keep.
  87. The next morning I climbed on deck.
  88. Nigel as he climbed out of the car.
  89. The square man climbed to his feet.
  90. I let him in and climbed in myself.
  91. Uncle John climbed up on the load.
  92. She climbed the stairs to room 200.
  93. On that note, they both climbed in.
  94. Reporters climbed all over Nathan.
  95. They all climbed abroad Ethereead.
  96. He climbed up the dragon’s back.
  97. He climbed creaky front porch steps.
  98. He climbed in then, the little shit.
  99. Saul and the girls climbed into Mrs.
  100. I climbed to the top of the tower.
  1. Alan climbs into the car.
  2. Aaron climbs in the van.
  3. She climbs on top of him.
  5. He again climbs in altitude.
  6. Parr climbs off the president.
  7. MÍTRITCH climbs on to the oven.
  8. He climbs down to join his friends.
  9. A small girl climbs into bed with you.
  10. Etienne climbs the ladder to the attic.
  11. Another monster climbs out of the house.
  12. She climbs into her burned out carriage.
  13. The tide slips away, then climbs back up.
  14. I watch as Cherrie climbs back up the hill.
  15. Away and to the north, smog climbs the air.
  16. He climbs a ladder and sleeps in the attic.
  17. They are like the ladder that climbs itself.
  18. No one climbs the mountain this time of year.
  19. The fae climbs the steps to my fifth-row seat.
  20. This assailant then climbs over into the field.
  21. When Vince climbs in, he lets out a long breath.
  22. Whoever climbs out of that pit will be caught.
  23. Taylor parks, climbs out, and opens my car door.
  24. After a moment, he gracefully climbs off the bed.
  25. He says yes and climbs over the railing and jumps.
  26. As Billy climbs in Alex opens Ted Line's notebook.
  27. Charlotte climbs in the car and goes into the back.
  28. They will build a machine which climbs to the clouds.
  29. He climbs the rickety stairs to the attic and pulls.
  30. I watch, dumbfounded, as Aaron climbs into the truck.
  31. She climbs a tree and illusions herself into nothing.
  32. Pulling himself up onto the window ledge he climbs in.
  33. But it’s an old man who climbs to you now, Merlin.
  34. B) Willie cups his ear and quickly climbs up the inner.
  35. He takes off his outdoor things and climbs on the oven.
  36. I hear and feel his movements as he climbs in behind me.
  37. I close the front door as he climbs into his sporty car.
  38. The driver climbs into the cab and turns the ignition key.
  39. One of the crew climbs in with her and slams the doors shut.
  40. Ivy climbs nimbly up the walls and spills out over the yard.
  41. He picks up his Fun Bag and climbs the beach onto Ocean Drive.
  42. Cara climbs into the sling, unsteady, and Zeke straps her in.
  43. Werner climbs into the back of the truck and crosses his arms.
  44. They reach the car, Vince unlocks it, and everyone climbs in.
  45. Then she pushes open the trapdoor and climbs into the kitchen.
  46. A statuesque woman climbs out onto the roof of the streamlined car.
  47. For a moment as she climbs in she’ll be higher than me, he thought.
  48. Is it dawn? She climbs the ladder and presses her ear to the trapdoor.
  49. Pandora climbs in behind the wheel of her car and presses the starter.
  50. Another first, Miss Steele, he says as he climbs out of the car.
  51. The boy climbs to the small perch where the parking lot meets the sand.
  52. Etienne climbs into the back of the wardrobe, and the saw yowls to life.
  53. I hear the rasp of a squirrel’s feet as it climbs a limb, butterfly.
  54. Fire climbs into the night sky, illuminating the shanty town as it burns.
  55. The road climbs right under the shadow of the walls and passes the gate.
  56. With that, he gives me a little nod, climbs into my car, and drives away.
  57. He gives her a twisted half smile and frost climbs up the outside of both.
  58. The masked woman climbs back up onto the roof of her car and stands proudly.
  59. A young firefighter with a water hose on his back quickly climbs the ladder.
  60. She climbs out of bed, trying not to wake her father, and crosses into the hall.
  61. He climbs out of the back of the Audi to open the door and smiles warmly at me.
  62. Emerson climbs the old wooden stairs, watching as Vince takes a seat on the sofa.
  63. Johanna gives Marcus the keys and climbs into the bed of one of the other trucks.
  64. Forcing a panel open Grailem climbs inside and pulls the panel tight behind him.
  65. The anthropologist climbs in next to her, armed with the only things left for his.
  66. Your eyes boil out of your skull and the fire climbs into your mouth as you scream.
  67. Revelation climbs far higher than any Tardanian voice; its meanings are far more.
  68. Paul goes into the depths or I should say, climbs the heights, and states the effect.
  69. Ren climbs over the armrest into the front seat, her foot trips the knob to the radio.
  70. Jamie, hearing her cue, climbs on a mattress, pulls her skirt up, and spreads her legs.
  71. Our guide produces his decoy antelope once more and climbs on to the roof of the Polaris.
  72. Twenty minutes later she climbs into bed thinking, Well, not such a bad day after all.
  73. Beth pronounces that good, great, and she turns off the light, climbs into her bed.
  74. Glaring at her, Loki climbs into the chariot and seats himself next to her, facing the back.
  75. Curly Pete pushes his dead friend along the seat and climbs in beside him and shuts the door.
  76. Really; it’s just a question of how much altitude it gains or loses as it climbs and dives.
  77. The Raven climbs at a steep angle, and within seconds it’s hundreds of feet above the ground.
  78. Much too quickly, Judge Rothstein strides into the room, climbs onto his bench, and turns to me.
  79. He easily hoists her up onto Max's back, where she settles herself while he climbs up behind her.
  80. You climb onto your bike, Oreo shakes himself to a puffy grey shade then climbs into the sidecar.
  81. Chasing a murderer? Her voice climbs another octave and she doesn’t bother to keep it down.
  82. The girl crawls into the wardrobe and climbs a ladder and comes back down clutching a dented tin can.
  83. The initial selling that caused the lower open ends quickly and the market climbs to yet another high.
  84. Steve is hard on their heels and pushes past them as he climbs the stairs taking three steps at a time.
  85. There were dips and climbs out of deep gorges and there was a hairpin she wanted to get right this time.
  86. I shifted my attention to the staircase at the end of the hall that climbs to my attic office and frowned.
  87. As Amy climbs the stairs with Fenrir scampering at her feet, she sees Beatrice’s door ajar, the light on.
  88. Amy hears the scrape of metal on pavement, and then Loki climbs into the passenger side, sword in his hand.
  89. Werner climbs into the Opel, feeling as if the buildings are rearing around him, growing taller and warping.
  90. By climbing from the valley at (a) and following the ridge, steep and tiring descents and climbs are avoided.
  91. The fifteenth boy looks out across the dance hall as if staring into a bleak, cold sea, then climbs back down.
  92. Desperately, he looks away from the carnage showing on the screen, climbs out of the tank, and runs to nowhere.
  93. She climbs atop, and then Ekaete puts the luggage on top of the bike’s fuel tank and waves as okada drives off.
  94. Aaron climbs on the mattress, lowers his jeans, leans over, and without penetration, comes within a matter of seconds.
  95. Bernd climbs in beside him, rifle in his lap, and neither bothers to close the back door when the Opel roars into gear.
  96. If the stock later climbs back to the high $30s or $40 area, the investors who had losses can now get out and break even.
  97. Christian climbs in the other side and clasps my hand, giving it a gentle squeeze that I feel all the way though my body.
  98. He felt I should travel north a little over a day, then turn east along a fine river valley that climbs into the mountains.
  99. Horatio leaps into Action and scales the Shrouds behind Prue Feral—whereupon she climbs higher, whereupon Horatio follows.
  100. It was like being inside a giant standardized test question: If Cheryl climbs north along a ridge for an hour at a rate of 1.

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