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Collateral dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I'll be collateral for him.
  2. This collateral is not a cost.
  3. I don’t like your collateral.
  4. If by direct or by collateral hand.
  5. She took it from someone as collateral.
  6. He had the collateral, or rather Dad had.
  7. This reputational collateral can include:.
  8. Mortgage: A loan using your home as collateral.
  9. There’s always going to be some collateral.
  10. There was some collateral damage, I’m afraid.
  11. These are those damaged by the lack of collateral.
  12. It allows the lender to pursue only that collateral.
  13. For me, it was also my as debut into the collateral.
  14. For there is no friend nor foe nor collateral damage.
  15. They had no money or anything of value for collateral.
  16. The loan officer asks him what kind of collateral he has.
  17. Collateral: Property which is used as security for a debt.
  18. FF emphasizes covenants and collateral in credit analysis.
  19. In some cases, this collateral could be money frozen in an.
  20. The assets of your business are the collateral for the loan.
  21. Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be collateral casualties.
  22. You of all people shouldn’t have to bother about collateral.
  23. I put my spread in the upstate up as collateral with the bank.
  24. Pledging :Offering assets to a lender as collateral for a loan.
  25. Until recently, that was the largest case of collateral damage.
  26. Oh, I know all the collateral you offered me a short while ago.
  27. The cash deposit will be your collateral to support the margin.
  28. The rangers need to play the collateral damage and go astray now.
  29. The cash value within the policy is the collateral for the loan.
  30. I couldn’t find any collateral declared to substantiate this loan.
  31. Think of it as collateral that protects your brokers from losing money.
  32. Mechanical decomposition into collateral, roll, and spot returns is easy.
  33. Note also the case of Alleghany Corporation Collateral Trust 5s, due 1949.
  34. Therefore, Letter of Credit theoretically fits as a collateral contract.
  35. Will this be another of the collateral messes you’ll be assigned?
  36. In the case of a mortgage, the collateral would be the house and property.
  37. We had found that Transkeian properties offered as collateral for develop-.
  38. We had found that Transkeian properties freely offered as collateral for the.
  39. Maybe from someone who wanted Ash dead and to hell with the collateral damage.
  40. Frequently the long-term bond is deposited as collateral security for the note.
  41. Collateral :Assets pledged by a borrower to secure a loan or other credit, and.
  42. I knew my family would be collateral until I proved myself, but I didnt think I.
  43. They had no collateral to put up to secure a loan in the first place he concluded.
  44. Margin agreements also allow the broker to use their customer's shares as collateral.
  45. Receipts (IDRs) and shall not grant any loan / advance against security / collateral.
  46. It should illustrate how the combined operations will provide more collateral, more.
  47. Wouldn’t they have to have a deposit or some form of collateral? she enquired.
  48. This was part of the strategy for limiting the amount of collateral damage in the city.
  49. Aafre hesitated before he answered, then he said, It is like collateral damage in war.
  50. But he had to have some collateral, otherwise the guy was going to welsh on his promises.
  51. Collateral damage was to be avoided at all costs since it caused legal problems afterwards.
  52. The substitution of collateral clause allows you to sell the underlying real estate without.
  53. Because of the fear of collateral damage, command and the pilots were reluctant to use bombs.
  54. This was part of the strategy for limiting the amount of collateral damage in the city.
  55. Collateral requirement for the combined position would have been $1,000 ($500 for each spread).
  56. If she stays, she risks becoming collateral damage because I intend to declare war on my mother.
  57. It’s probably very attractive because it’s as much marketing collateral as it is informative.
  58. Sufficient collateral is required, however, to cover for the naked writing of NYSE options.
  59. Such bonds are essentially similar to the collateral loans made by banks on marketable securities.
  60. I recommend that you use your coins as collateral at the bank in order to help us promote our product.
  61. All I can do is watch over those I care about and try to prevent as much collateral damage as possible.
  62. Because of the fear of collateral damage, command and the pilots were reluctant to use bombs.
  63. I don’t think it would be possible to target one person like that without a lot of collateral damage.
  64. There was not one who wished to take this man on or be caught in the collateral damage that might ensue.
  65. For this reason, the seller of a put or call is required to put up some collateral to hold the position.
  66. To the greater part of manufactures, besides, it has already been observed, there are other collateral.
  67. Credit quality is very high given the collateral backing and explicit or implicit government guarantees.
  68. His money gone, Louie had to tap a friend for a $1,000 loan, staking his Chevy convertible as collateral.
  69. First, there would have been collateral damage, as innocent men, women and children would have been killed.
  70. They are acceptable collateral when you are writing options, and the time that you wait will be productive.
  71. An investor is interested in non-recourse debt because this is debt that is secured by collateral and assets.
  72. A collateral result of this overbuilding was an increase in the cost of construction to abnormally high levels.
  73. Rod pulled up his jeans, and zipped them up defiantly (though not too defiantly, for fear of collateral damage).
  74. The difference is you’re figuratively printing, and actually backing it up with something if you get collateral.
  75. This type of loan may not necessarily be for a car as collateral, but some type of vehicle most often secures them.
  76. Be aware the the interest rate and costs for this option will be higher than a loan with real estate as collateral.
  77. The bondholders had the right to participate in any dividends in excess of 4% declared on the deposited collateral.
  78. A collateral result was that his company was destined to appear as the first name in Standard & Poor’s Stock Guide.
  79. He’ll get fired as collateral damage, and they’ll send some Honest Abe type with a list of concessions a mile long.
  80. So it probably will be with many whole collateral lines of descent, which will be conquered by later and improved lines.
  81. Pursuant to the terms of the Credit Agreement, these funds have been placed in a cash collateral account with the Lenders.
  82. Collateral return refers to the margin income earned when buying futures contracts, typically earning Treasury bill return.
  83. Finally, there was nothing left but the diamond field in the Namib, and the day he put that up as collateral, Jamie pounced.
  84. If the price has moved above the original value, the short seller is required by the brokerage house to put up more collateral.
  85. At the time, I was told that there had been so much devastation in the city that they didn’t want any more collateral damage.
  86. He was told the loan would be granted if he could prove satisfactory title to a parcel of property being offered as collateral.
  87. Commodity futures returns are often decomposed into three elemental parts: spot price change, collateral return, and roll return.
  88. They snapped up bonds at yields 700 to 950 basis points over Treasuries because they liked the value of the airplane collateral.
  89. Against these shares the two holding companies issued large amounts of collateral trust bonds, preferred stock and common stock.
  90. She had spoken of Jorma only as a sex partner hadn’t she? Kulai was just trying to make up for the collateral damage he caused.
  91. We should have waited for backup, but with the potential for so much collateral damage, we weren’t willing to delay any further.
  92. I was saying, Tracey was likely collateral damage, when the door behind me opened and FBI honcho Beau Beckham poked his head in.
  93. Using as collateral the Coal stocks I had bought outright, I borrowed more money, and with it went still deeper into the Coal venture.
  94. Consequently the realizable value of the collateral is usually dependent in great measure on the success of the enterprise as a whole.
  95. My father hated being a part of corporate life, and with his P&G stock as collateral, he was keeping his eyes open for a new opportunity.
  96. In the typical case, the collateral consists of bonds of the obligor company itself, or of the bonds or stocks of subsidiary corporations.
  97. My father had given me, as well as my sister, some P&G stock a few years earlier, and I used that as collateral to borrow from a local bank.
  98. Any collateral damage incurred by your involvement in this operation comes out of your payment, and you left me one hell of a clean up job.
  99. The inevitable impact on other local life forms was to have a solution, so that what we would call the collateral damage would be minimised.
  100. At the time, I was told that there had been so much devastation in the city that they didn’t want any more collateral damage.

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