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Comeback dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. But I predict a comeback.
2. She had made her comeback.
3. I had a comeback lined up.
4. Jason was ready to have a comeback.
5. But homosexuality is making a comeback.
6. Suppressing a comeback, I turn and leave.
7. The Comeback Kid was about to blow a fuse.

8. Mack bobbed his head, taking in the comeback.
9. Ha! My sense of humor was making a comeback.
10. Libby, who could not think of a smart comeback and.
11. Doris returned to high popular standing with her comeback.
12. He doubted those theories had made a comeback in that time.
13. Now my brain was free at last and fighting for a comeback.
14. But back in the house he made a major comeback in her evaluation.
15. A hot chocolate break will give me a chance to plot my comeback.
16. One, that the snappy comeback is often delayed to a point it is no.
17. The Comeback Kid would be needing a remedy for his achy breaky heart.
18. I looked up at him curiously, Don’t you have a comeback for that?
19. The slayer who spit fire shall see his final fate in fire after his comeback.
20. We made a comeback worthy of everything that SMB is all about, ignited by him.
21. How can the Comeback Kid come back from the dead? Surely this isn’t The End?
22. While unconscious, I’d made a comeback, and I knew my prayers had been answered.
23. This is Suzy covering… the Dandy comeback concert? she reported with a smirk.
24. So after this faux pas at RSA, we are betting on a successful – if painful – comeback.
25. He was articulate, a powerful speaker, and had a comeback for everything they threw at him.
26. The four of them, including Clarissa, would be bound together and there would be no comeback.
27. Her heart was hammering; her headache was making a comeback on the strength of all that blood.
28. This was also the period when electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) was beginning to make a comeback.
29. Not long ago, records made a comeback, but not every release of music came out on record, just CDs.
30. I had met Jayalalithaa once in Chennai, soon after her remarkable comeback win in Tamil Nadu in 2011.
31. We are at the opening night of the biggest comeback in this town’s history! This is amazing, Tom.
32. The speculation that he was physically strong enough to make a comeback was more hopeful than certain.
33. Michael unfortunately died about 18 days before his debut comeback with the concert This Is It.
34. The fact is, the Congress needed to make a strong comeback in an election in which they were trailing.
35. I moved around the group and their howls at my comeback and sat down in a sort of way only a true diva could.
36. He was gathering his wits for a comeback when Conrad Cosgrove burst into the near-empty courtroom, shouting.
37. He doesn’t have a comeback, though, because Dizzie is Dizzie’s real name—her dad was a jazz fan.
38. People said it was the greatest comeback in the history of professional football, and it may well have been.
39. His comeback was supposed to begin with a series of concerts, the first to be held in London on July 13th 2009.
40. However, Reduction made a better comeback in early 1971, rising to 50% above its 1969 close, against 30% for Products.

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