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Comeback dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. But I predict a comeback.
2. I had a comeback lined up.
3. She had made her comeback.
4. Jason was ready to have a comeback.
5. But homosexuality is making a comeback.
6. Suppressing a comeback, I turn and leave.
7. The Comeback Kid was about to blow a fuse.

8. Mack bobbed his head, taking in the comeback.
9. Ha! My sense of humor was making a comeback.
10. Libby, who could not think of a smart comeback and.
11. Doris returned to high popular standing with her comeback.
12. He doubted those theories had made a comeback in that time.
13. Now my brain was free at last and fighting for a comeback.
14. But back in the house he made a major comeback in her evaluation.
15. A hot chocolate break will give me a chance to plot my comeback.
16. One, that the snappy comeback is often delayed to a point it is no.
17. The Comeback Kid would be needing a remedy for his achy breaky heart.
18. I looked up at him curiously, Don’t you have a comeback for that?
19. The slayer who spit fire shall see his final fate in fire after his comeback.
20. We made a comeback worthy of everything that SMB is all about, ignited by him.
21. How can the Comeback Kid come back from the dead? Surely this isn’t The End?
22. While unconscious, I’d made a comeback, and I knew my prayers had been answered.
23. This is Suzy covering… the Dandy comeback concert? she reported with a smirk.
24. So after this faux pas at RSA, we are betting on a successful – if painful – comeback.
25. He was articulate, a powerful speaker, and had a comeback for everything they threw at him.
26. The four of them, including Clarissa, would be bound together and there would be no comeback.
27. Her heart was hammering; her headache was making a comeback on the strength of all that blood.
28. This was also the period when electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) was beginning to make a comeback.
29. Not long ago, records made a comeback, but not every release of music came out on record, just CDs.
30. I had met Jayalalithaa once in Chennai, soon after her remarkable comeback win in Tamil Nadu in 2011.
31. The fact is, the Congress needed to make a strong comeback in an election in which they were trailing.
32. We are at the opening night of the biggest comeback in this town’s history! This is amazing, Tom.
33. Michael unfortunately died about 18 days before his debut comeback with the concert This Is It.
34. The speculation that he was physically strong enough to make a comeback was more hopeful than certain.
35. I moved around the group and their howls at my comeback and sat down in a sort of way only a true diva could.
36. He doesn’t have a comeback, though, because Dizzie is Dizzie’s real name—her dad was a jazz fan.
37. People said it was the greatest comeback in the history of professional football, and it may well have been.
38. He was gathering his wits for a comeback when Conrad Cosgrove burst into the near-empty courtroom, shouting.
39. His comeback was supposed to begin with a series of concerts, the first to be held in London on July 13th 2009.
40. However, Reduction made a better comeback in early 1971, rising to 50% above its 1969 close, against 30% for Products.
41. So even though I had the perfect comeback, I trekked over to him and kissed him more deeply than he had ever pashed me.
42. Kurt had read in his historical research how the area had made a dramatic comeback after the steel mills were dismantled.
43. Charly gained composure at this proof even school principals could put themselves in the wrong—she had a comeback prepared.
44. Ordinary investors were fleeced by big institutions that manipulated the markets to their own advantage and they had no comeback.
45. A few days before the Cabinet formation, I had interviewed Shourie and got the distinct sense that he was preparing for a comeback.
46. Close cousins to monetary indicators are making a comeback in financial conditions indices that include money and credit aggregates.
47. Allah be with you Michael, I will always love you! Only a few days afterwards, the King of Pop was supposed to have made a comeback.
48. The state BJP unit was totally demoralized—the party had been out of power in UP for seventeen years with little hope of a comeback.
49. They are still straining, forty years on, for the Muslim religion and fanaticism have made a forceful comeback in Egypt and the Arab world.
50. Brands always have a better ability to make a comeback because quite often fashions come and go and stocks with brands can oscillate accordingly.
51. I was about to comeback with a smart-aleck comment, but as I looked at Akua peering at me tiredly, I understood what he was doing, being a friend.
52. Everyone burst out laughing, and laughed even harder when they saw the look of panic on Massie and Tiffany's faces, neither of them had a comeback.
53. Spelt, an ancient variety of wheat, is now making a comeback due to the fact that it is more easily digested than some of the more modern varieties.
54. You can go a long time losing at the stock-trading game and still maintain enough capital to mount a comeback once you've gained the necessary experience.
55. Paul had led the first nine holes by ten strokes, but Tim made a few pretty amazing putts during the last eight holes, which resulted in one heck of a comeback.
56. In 2011, the cod were still not what they had been but they were starting to make a comeback, as witnessed by Carl Safina, who hauled in a few decent sized cod.
57. That was really trippy! The comeback is swift and always comes with a hint of regret that couldn’t have stayed longer, but I guess life is here and now.
58. Presently: it is making a minor comeback because businesses are finding out that they can compete better when their corporate infrastructure functions more cooperatively.
59. Lately there"s been a lot of talk about the once mighty Death Row Records making a comeback and in the world of hip hop, for me, that"s the biggest news I"ve heard in years!.
60. He stared so intently into her jet-black sunglasses that he completely missed the amazing comeback by his team's opponents that resulted in the match ending in a five-all draw.
61. As all the ladies of the house bore witness to Gladys’s seeming comeback, there was a feeling in the air that salvation from her never-ending misery might finally be possible.
62. There were acres of Viennese torte under mountains of whipped cream, exotic imports from the tropics such as pineapple and oranges, and even the lowly banana made a joyful comeback.
63. Reported earnings have made a comeback after the equity bubble years; other alternatives have been developed but none has a history as long as that available for reported earnings yields.
64. A day of infamy, it was, when the indecencies of former generations of trolls were allowed a comeback amongst a generation that on a better day would have considered themselves to be above such things.
65. I’d shared the bill with Charles a couple of times after his comeback at the Cinegrill in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in the early ’90s and wrote the song I Wonder How She Knows for his album Someone to Love.
66. The semiconductor business was trying to make a comeback by putting more functionality into the optical and more-or-less permanent part of the system and a cheap, replaceable 'yingolian crystal' that cost less than an iron.
67. This invention of destroying the earth through harming it by ‘farming’ it… ultimately destroyed the ecosystems of the Mid East so thoroughly that after thousands of years; this area has yet to make an ecological comeback.
68. She was jailed, her party split, she was written off, and yet, quite remarkably, she made a comeback in three years, her fighting spirit best exemplified by the enduring image of her on an elephant striding across the floodwaters of Belchi in Bihar to meet marooned Dalit villagers who had been brutally attacked.
69. Another such basis is the restriction of common stock investments to businesses that enjoy strong financial positions so that the company will have staying power, possible comeback ability, and no likelihood of defaults on corporate debt obligations, in the event that future results are much worse than the analyst’s forecast.
70. So the unbelievers can not touch him with harm as he is God's messenger (pth), and he has not died yet, but he and his mother (pth) are sleeping in a cave like the people (sleepers) of the cave, whereas our Master John (pth) had died, and he shall not comeback, therefore, the Almighty defended him by the word: "peace be on him".

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