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Commit dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Do not commit this mistake.
  2. Urging them to commit evil.
  3. Same as we can’t commit.
  4. Who commit no crime but to.
  5. Commit thy way unto the LORD.

  6. While some companies do commit.
  7. Thereby they commit minimum of.
  8. Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery.
  9. CAROLEE WAS ABOUT TO commit murder.
  10. I really wished to commit suicide.
  11. You commit a time to work on that.
  12. Hardin was about to commit a crime.
  13. A thunderbolt should commit no error.
  14. Meb-be, was all Pa would commit.
  15. A: Commit to progress, not perfection.

  16. The Baroness would not commit herself.
  17. By faith, we will not commit adultery.
  18. To leave the city and commit yourself.
  19. Next, commit to two minutes on the bike.
  20. Violence was repulsive for her to commit.
  21. In the OT it was wrong to commit adultery.
  22. Those who commit crimes on Monday, commit.
  23. They will wait for you to commit yourself.
  24. He could hardly believe Dan would commit.
  25. To what extent are you willing to commit?

  26. It also is a good reason to commit murder.
  27. How dare I judge the man, and commit a sin.
  28. Commit to making dietary choices that are:.
  29. Constantly refer to it; commit it to memory.
  30. That he would commit them to a long memo is.
  31. I commit the address on the paper to memory.
  32. He threatened to commit suicide if I refused.
  33. This is better than continuing to commit evil.
  34. Did you, or did you not commit this offense?
  35. It’s me that won’t commit to him, silly!.
  36. She attempted to commit all of this to writing.
  37. As long as he doesn't commit crimes, you re-.
  38. Academics in physics commit every one of the.
  39. I really doubt that he would commit a murder!.
  40. They will commit suicide rather than surrender.
  41. Hurt her and I won't hesitate to commit murder.
  42. There are reasons why we sin and commit crimes.
  43. A man will commit a clever murder at the risk.
  44. They commit the crime, appoint the committee to.
  45. Whatever/wherever it is, just commit to using it.
  46. Do you know, I can never commit suicide, Alyosha.
  47. He is showing you that he’s not ready to commit.
  48. I therefore resolved to commit myself no further.
  49. Commit yourself to understanding why every tree.
  50. Man has even used tobacco to commit suicide and.
  51. I will immediately commit suicide in front of.
  52. I realized what the blunder I was about to commit.
  53. They would commit horrors you cannot imagine!.
  54. We don’t have more jet fighters to commit, sir.
  55. I want a test drive before I commit to anything.
  56. I promptly told him that to commit such slaughter.
  57. It can also be translated as You shall not commit.
  58. Plot a crime in case you actually commit that crime.
  59. I created this immense Medical Center to commit Dr.
  60. Commit and the surrender of this process day by day.
  61. Individuals that commit mass killings in schools or.
  62. He saw it and taped it so he could commit the crime.
  63. Titans are cast there if they commit serious crimes.
  64. Flee to Christ, and commit your soul to His keeping.
  65. During the day the young man went off to commit his.
  66. She was, I tell you, something to commit follies for.
  67. Therefore, you will continue to commit harm and evil.
  68. Normally, when we start a job, we commit ourself to.
  69. Commit them to memory; you will be seeing them again.
  70. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit.
  71. Seeing the one you love commit to someone else could.
  72. Those of forfeiture, because it cannot commit a crime.
  73. If you can commit crimes secretly: for 100,000 years:.
  74. I assure gentlemen that I meant to commit no sacrilege.
  75. I agreed to commit to attending regular meetings of Dr.
  76. I’ve always thought I could commit the perfect murder.
  77. I assure you, if that happens, she will commit suicide.
  78. A man is said to commit "rape" who, except in the case.
  79. Are you ready to commit to the lady? He whispered.
  80. Never did friend commit anything more sacred to another.
  81. The laws of Moses said, You shall not commit adultery.
  82. We’re talking treason and conspiracy to commit terror.
  83. But I suffer when I commit stupidities and he is free.
  84. Never allow the student to commit "assault and battery".
  85. One of the Ten Commandments: Do not commit adultery.
  86. That is the only way when you commit conventional forces.
  87. The thing is, I didn’t even commit my crime in the end.
  88. I was busy persuading a young lady not to commit suicide.
  89. If he could help it, he would drive her to commit suicide.
  90. Children can also kill and commit other heinous crimes on.
  91. Upon the husband’s death the wife would commit Sati in.
  92. In our desperation, we commit online suicide just to 754.
  93. The peculiar property of truth is never to commit excesses.
  94. Commit to going out and having fun, whatever way is fun to.
  95. They themselves did not commit the murder of non-believers.
  96. They are the only people here who didn’t commit any crime.
  97. Pastor Reverend James Harris attempted to commit suicide on.
  98. One of the soldiers knelt down with his sword to commit the.
  99. Some think that only Arabs are willing to commit suicide.
  100. Most pedophiles and mysopeds (child killers) commit several.
  1. She was the one committing it.
  2. Hm, I say, not committing.
  3. But I’d be committing a tort.
  4. He was not committing a random act.
  5. Committing suicide is a sever crime.
  6. If you do, youre committing a felony.
  7. And this leads to committing a wrong.
  8. Holt said without committing to anything.
  9. Jean Valjean began by committing a blunder.
  10. They are really committing a terrible error.
  11. It was a favorite way of committing suicide.
  12. I did not realize I was committing heresy.
  13. Because they would be committing national suicide.
  14. Captain Renic, Garcia said, committing himself.
  15. Yeah, we are in the middle of committing a crime.
  16. But, committing suicide is not the ultimate solution.
  17. Doing otherwise is the same as committing a bad deed.
  18. Too bad, Pretty Boy was killed while committing this.
  19. She acted involuntary while committing these murders.
  20. One by one she scanned them, committing them to memory.
  21. It was not as if I stopped committing crimes by choice.
  22. He memorized his face, automatically committing every.
  23. By committing such an act, one deserves the consequence.
  24. He scanned the documents, carefully committing them to.
  25. Is she the one committing the murders in the book?
  26. Now that you are being paid, you’re committing a felony.
  27. Yeshua, committing sacrilege? But he would never do that.
  28. The C in putting the smack down on your goals is committing.
  29. The moment you do that you are guilty of committing adultery.
  30. It can be turned around by committing to befriending the earth.
  31. The entire accumulation of undead are guilty of committing evil.
  32. Or even for someone committing blasphemy in taking me for a fool.
  33. And I wouldn't be committing a crime by fooling the police?
  34. How different would that be than unconditionally committing?
  35. Sometimes the President has difficulty fully committing himself.
  36. There is no question of committing suicide and benefiting the grave.
  37. He was adamant the guns he worked on were not for committing crimes.
  38. If I told you that committing crimes was wrong, you should have the.
  39. We need time to read it over and figure out what we're committing to.
  40. But, he’d brought this on himself by committing un-mandated actions.
  41. What are you affirming, believing and committing yourself to in this.
  42. But if I say 2473, you will have a hard time committing it to memory.
  43. The individual actually feels guilty without committing any violation.
  44. She is, but somehow she’s getting out and committing these crimes.
  45. The end result of this meeting is not robbing but committing adultery.
  46. By following through with these exercises, by committing to change, by.
  47. He’d had a fantasy about committing the Lindbergh kidnapping as a boy.
  48. I still would like to try one last thing before committing ourselves.
  49. She really ought to have sought confirmation before committing herself.
  50. Hearing that York was committing his life to God just made me so happy.
  51. She suffered as though committing an evil deed with full consciousness.
  52. Before committing to the investment, you should be able to review every.
  53. And yet he feared that he was committing the sin of pride to believe so.
  54. Unable to take notes, I concentrated on committing the details to memory.
  55. Scott realized he was committing to vote blindly on an unknown issue and.
  56. Don’t you realize that you’re in the middle of committing a crime?
  57. The landowner entered a complaint against them for committing a lawless act.
  58. He stepped in and pushed Viella away committing himself to receive the blow.
  59. It is one thing having an affair, quite another committing to a relationship.
  60. That is, with their fellows who were their partners in committing wrong doings.
  61. Boniface Rucagu had been one of many of those committing genocide, a genocidaire.
  62. Sophie reached out, her hand tracing his face, committing his features to memory.
  63. And whether it is stated as transgressing Buddhist ethics, committing one of the.
  64. He had listened to the magician’s plans intently, committing every word to memory.
  65. And this is one way we can without committing lives and treasure in vast quantities.
  66. As Prez Porn, KoK illegally walked down the street committing the crime of anonymity.
  67. The person who commits adultery will not reason out situations before committing them.
  68. If I think a vampire is committing a crime, I can shoot first and ask questions later.
  69. Try never to be alone together, that way you can never be tempted into committing a sin.
  70. By committing the unforgivable sin of forgiving what cannot and should never be forgiven.
  71. Committing mistakes are common phenomena of man but these mistakes can cause heavy cost.
  72. He was found guilty in a Jordanian court, in his absence, of committing terrorist crimes.
  73. Also in 60:12:9 and 60:12:10, there is mention of not committing fornication or adultery.
  74. This manifestation is a sign that people will start committing adultery in this location.
  75. Eventually you will reach the point where committing to working out will not be difficult.
  76. This is done by simply committing to daily practice of stress management (deep relaxation).
  77. I have repented for committing adultery; I have repented for all that I have done in secret.
  78. Musketry and grape-shot alternated, but without committing great ravages, to tell the truth.
  79. People stop committing crime to get drug money because drug prices go down in the free market.
  80. Wilson can be charged for his participation, whether it’s committing the act or as an accessory.
  81. Committing mistakes are ordinary course of life, no one can completely avoid the mistakes in life.
  82. Instead I looked at her lovely face, her shoulders and breasts, committing every detail to memory.
  83. Progress was very slow; he had to be certain the trail was his, before committing to the next step.
  84. Because they know they are guilty of committing a sin by secretly violating a living human’s aura.
  85. Fritz was committing fraud, and he was instructing ZJ as to how he would become complicit in the crime.
  86. It was the idea of committing a murder in spite of police protection and a sophisticated alarm system.
  87. He was not only for committing the subject, but for following it up with a full and prompt examination.
  88. At least he wouldn’t be plagued by such troubling images of what amounted to a man committing suicide.
  89. It was their way of detaching themselves from the atrocities they were committing upon their fellow man.
  90. What I couldn’t reconcile was why Soneji was committing crimes that appeared to be acts of desperation.
  91. Committing suicide is no more or less negative or positive than any other action taken on the earth plane.
  92. He may accomplish the act which has been suggested to him, or he may awake at the moment of committing it.
  93. However, it is always as well to have a look at him before irrevocably committing yourself into his hands.
  94. A violent rapist, has no fear and the least twinge of conscience which is a standard for committing murder.
  95. Nations with armies, committing mass murder upon each other… as safely as possible, and laughing about it.
  96. Before you place your first trade, read books, study, and explore before committing real money to the market.
  97. There are kids committing violent acts in schools all over America, and you’ve just threatened your aide.
  98. We see when the woman who got caught at committing adultery was brought to Jesus, how He handled that situation.
  99. When she had gone, Sonia began to be tortured by the dread of his committing suicide, and Dounia too feared it.
  100. But in this instance, you pushed him to confess to a crime that he denied committing, isn’t that true?
  1. She was committed to it.
  2. What he is is committed.
  3. But he was committed now.
  4. He had them committed to.
  5. I have committed no crime.
  6. If you are committed and.
  7. I want you to be committed.
  8. What Are You Committed to?
  9. They were committed to one.
  10. Rape: When And How Committed.
  11. I committed to the endeavor.
  12. The act was committed in a.
  13. And then he committed murder.
  14. But had he committed murder?
  15. The sin was being committed.
  16. They had committed mass murder.
  17. While we may be committed to.
  18. Alexia committed a crime too.
  19. Illegal or not, I am committed.
  20. Committed suicide a week later.
  21. But you're not committed to it.
  22. She was committed to this union.
  23. I committed a terrible crime.
  24. Now, he was on board, committed.
  25. The University is committed to.
  26. In fact, he had committed murder.
  27. But when is this fault committed?
  28. I concealed a sin you committed.
  29. Lea committed suicide last year.
  30. He committed what was called the.
  31. The fifth thing is being committed.
  32. You committed the perfect crime.
  33. What crime have they committed? I.
  34. I have just committed a wrong, sir.
  35. All powers to You are committed.
  36. They all want to have me committed.
  37. I’m committed for that time.
  38. They committed suicide without me.
  39. So quickly the crime was committed.
  40. For years you were committed to a.
  41. The government has committed that.
  42. How to stay committed in exercising.
  43. The inner Guru is not committed to.
  44. Now, he had recently committed murder.
  45. My grandmother was a very committed.
  46. Gary had even committed it to memory.
  47. I have committed no crime whatsoever.
  48. She committed suicide by gunshot to.
  49. You said he had committed atrocities.
  50. Secondly, you’ve committed a crime.
  51. Be committed totally 100% to what you.
  52. Western National Life is committed to.
  53. They have committed the perfect theft.
  54. You have never committed a mortal sin.
  55. The boy's father later committed sui-.
  56. Once we deliver what we have committed.
  57. I have committed to writing my various.
  58. You’ve always been committed to the.
  59. They were completely committed to God.
  60. Once committed, there was no going back.
  61. I only committed these acts during the.
  62. They have committed a serious offence.
  63. I have committed murder, Cardiff thought.
  64. After all, what crime had he committed?
  65. Crowded by crime committed by the blind.
  66. Why? Because my life is committed to Him.
  67. Harry had totally committed himself and.
  68. A brooch committed a man to nothing, it.
  69. Well, the act had already been committed.
  70. The sin they should never have committed.
  71. Smith had committed murders: Atlanta, St.
  72. They are committed to living a full and.
  73. In fact, you actually committed the deed.
  74. Those who committed excesses in the lands.
  75. Three of them had to be committed?!.
  76. In fact, you actually committed the deedt.
  77. So he hadn’t committed any crime?
  78. Thomas committed himself to his schoolwork.
  79. Men have committed murders in their sleep.
  80. After all she could have committed suicide.
  81. Our forces are already committed to battle.
  82. How to become more committed in exercising.
  83. They are committed to the ongoing presence.
  84. My parents want to have me committed again.
  85. It’s a normal state and committed a crime.
  86. Even, he had committed such a great blunder.
  87. They are committed to an ongoing program of.
  88. It was France who committed this monstrous.
  89. Well her mother committed suicide yesterday.
  90. The Canadians are committed to negotiating.
  91. Trouble over what? Has someone committed a.
  92. But Sam is utterly committed to the project.
  93. It was how the second murders were committed.
  94. Stellar and Agatha of having committed this.
  95. The evidence proved Ash had committed treason.
  96. And his wife committed suicide later that day.
  97. If child has committed a wrong, father is.
  98. You were in Arkansas when you committed that.
  99. Our company is very committed to helping and.
  100. I hadn’t committed an act so outrageous to.
  1. Writing goals commits you to.
  2. I think that Dorothea commits a.
  3. If one commits murder, he cannot.
  4. By the time he commits, we will.
  5. And he who marries her commits adultery.
  6. This is a situation where a man commits.
  7. Also, in the song, Tom commits suicide, but is happy.
  8. We both know he commits cyber-crime on a daily basis.
  9. Whoever commits a sin will be repaid only with its like.
  10. It’s always the other side that commits the atrocities.
  11. When a citizen lies to a public official, he commits a crime.
  12. Coaching helps bridge this gap, and the executive commits to.
  13. He’s being honest and the day he commits to you, he’ll stop.
  14. Saul then commits suicide (or rather attempts to commit suicide).
  15. Whoever commits aggression after that will have a painful punishment.
  16. But if he put his wife away and marry another he also commits adultery.
  17. The high places of Aven (vanity) represents their religion which commits.
  18. The priests sign a covenant that commits them to follow the Laws of Moses in full.
  19. The person who commits adultery will not reason out situations before committing them.
  20. Whosoever commits sin transgresses also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.
  21. To a man not swayed by passion that welfare is never certain, but he who commits such a.
  22. On another hand, the man who draws far from his Provider commits destructive and wrong doings.
  23. The mental state of the perpetrator of these crimes differs from that of one who commits murder.
  24. The one that set the fire, poisoned the water and commits all the murders, are they done by you?
  25. O wives of the Prophet! Whoever of you commits a proven indecency, the punishment for her will be doubled.
  26. God’s envoy (cpth) says: The eye commits adultery when it looks at women (save the unmarriageable ones).
  27. All sins can and should be forgiven, but once your partner commits sexual immorality, then you should divorce.
  28. Intellect is used as the sword with which Ego commits a slow and agonizing suicide; the death of a thousand cuts.
  29. Saul started to sin to such an extent where God did not answer his prayers and he goes and commits even bigger sins.
  30. So, every man that commits an action unpleasant for himself or he refuses to be dealt with, he is but a transgressor.
  31. Therefore, the Law of Karma teaches that responsibility for unskillful actions is born by the person who commits them.
  32. God says: He that does good does it to his own advantage; and he that commits evil does so against his own adventage.
  33. In practical terms he always commits resources with money he does not have and do that by borrowing against the contract.
  34. Alas, one couple commits double suicide because neither could any longer bear the thought of living apart from the other.
  35. Who knows? A person who commits suicide is not thinking rationally, but I suspect we’ll find out that life insurance was a factor.
  36. Whoever then knows a calamity of this kind afflicting a man and does not save him commits a great sin and becomes guilty of his blood.
  37. To a man not swayed by passion that welfare is never certain, but he who commits such a crime always knows just where that welfare lies.
  38. The Chinese had a saying that had been in her mind for a while, troubling her: Society prepares the crime; the criminal only commits it.
  39. When this person commits a single sin, Al’lah the Almighty drives affliction upon them, so that they may retreat from their wrongdoing.
  40. There is no step, no crime or petty fraud he commits, which in the mouths of those around him is not at once represented as a great deed.
  41. Whoever puts away his wife and marries another commits adultery and whoever marries her who is put away from her husband commits adultery.
  42. One commits larceny by taking something of value without consent and with the intent to permanently deprive the rightful owner of the object.
  43. Sometimes, the procedure is presented as if the killed animal commits an act of self-sacrifice and wishes to be eaten by its worshipers.
  44. Any evil that cannot project/exteriorize/avoid/deflect/deny the awareness of its own sins and corruption: kills itself goes mad commits suicide.
  45. For she does not restrain her tongue with which she commits iniquity; but on hearing these words she will control herself and will obtain mercy.
  46. But then, when the man commits burglary in order to break images which are not his own, that brings it away from the doctor and on to the policeman.
  47. If a person commits a crime against a person he or she does not know, it is not as bad and the crime would be if committed against his or her mother.
  48. Why not? As we explained in the book, an insurance policy might not pay out if the holder commits a suicide bombing, so it would be a waste of money.
  49. Only somebody who is really stupid commits a crime… that was before i learned that all human society and all human civilization is a criminal crime.
  50. Someone who does this by threatening the person with a deadly weapon commits aggravated assault because the fear involved is fear of more grievous injury.
  51. Why he commits this deed,;� we must still do some searching,� Steve comments as he rises from his chair and has Linda jot more facts on the chalkboard.
  52. What about you have a child that commits suicide, and you can't understand all the dreams you had for that child are all gone? This is the real world we live in.
  54. These can be overcome while in the physical body, yet if one cannot and commits suicide, there are those in the world of spirit waiting for them as they cross over.
  55. Their analysis may be correct—gold may rise to its target price—but the beginner is doomed because he commits too much of his equity and has very thin reserves.
  56. Face it; everyone inside this corrupt system who enables it to keep on functioning is also collectively responsible for the evil which this system commits as a whole.
  57. And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced commits adultery.
  58. Then suddenly, out of the blue, he’s diagnosed with schizophrenia, commits attempted murder and receives not a single visitor for the whole three months he’s been with us.
  59. If a behavioural problem could have been dealt with at a young age and, later on, the child commits some crime or heinous act – the karma will be yours as much as the child’s.
  60. In fact, no one commits himself to anything by being present, whereas, absence might mean hostility, and there are lots of the women in the organization that believe in suffrage, now.
  61. The man who gives to the individual beggar commits a grave offense, but there are many societies and institutions soliciting alms, to aid which is none the less injurious to the community.
  62. One commits the murder and takes all the trouble while his accomplice lies on one side shamming a fit, apparently to arouse suspicion in every one, alarm in his master and alarm in Grigory.
  63. The ministers and elders seemed to have overlooked the highly inconvenient statement of Jesus [19] that the man who commits adultery in his heart is as guilty as the man who does it in deed.
  64. And further, teaching that the US commits “imperialism” and “massacres” in third world nations is preposterous, but it has a deep-seated effect on miseducated and believing young minds.
  65. Sometimes when the criterion performance commits an error, the strategy selected on the basis of its value appears to be less profitable than the rejected one (cells highlighted only by circles).
  66. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elemental truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans; that the moment one commits oneself, then providence moves too.
  67. Is it not your opinion that a righteous man commits sin when an evil desire arises in his heart? There is sin in such a case and the sin is great" said she; "for the thoughts of a righteous man should be righteous.
  68. While I mourn the loss of any life, I temper that mourning with the contempt I hold for anyone who commits the selfish act of suicide, an act which only creates a lifetime of pain and sorrow for the loved ones left behind.
  69. Written as a play in story form, this novel traces the story of a man ignorant of his own sterility, a wife who commits adultery to give her husband a child, the father of that child, and the outsider whose actions affect them all.
  70. A human, as you say, cleanses his sins, because not only does he repent what he has committed in his life, but what’s more important, because he no longer commits and doesn’t want to commit, for him these actions have become alien.
  71. Another revolutionist, a materialist, becoming convinced of the stupidity of existence and the hopelessness of the struggle against reaction, commits suicide in his cell, while an old sectarian prisoner dies happily, invoking the Lamb of God.
  72. In this natural state, man, who, even before he actually sins, is a sinner before God by original or inherited sin, commits manifold actual transgressions; but he is not absolutely without power of will towards good, and is not always doing evil.
  73. Every one of his speeches she commits to memory, and can, therefore, give him any missing word at any critical moment, and in this way she is even more helpful than the capable and intellectual Lady Vernon-Harcourt was to her distinguished husband.
  74. The United States must act as an independent nation, and assert their rights, and avenge their wrongs, according to their own estimate of them, with the party who commits them, holding it responsible for its misdeeds, unmitigated by those of another.
  75. A real religious person is one who acts according to the truth and what is right, and according only to what emanates from the Qur’an and its sublime precepts and teachings, whereas he who commits any breach of the Qur’an is not truly a religious person at all.
  76. And I said to him "Sir if anyone has a wife who trusts in the Lord and if he detect her in adultery does the man sin if he continue to live with her?" And he said to me "As long as he remains ignorant of her sin the husband commits no transgression in living with her.
  77. It was said that he who puts away his wife should give her a writing of divorcement but I say to you that everyone who puts away his wife except for the cause of adultery has made it lawful for her to commit adultery and whoever takes one who is put away commits adultery.
  78. A Christian may suffer from external violence, may be deprived of his personal freedom, may be a slave to his passions,—the man who commits sin is the slave of the sin,—but he cannot be controlled or coerced by threats into committing an act contrary to his consciousness.
  79. In addition, the messenger (cpth) said that a person who commits suicide is an unbeliever, and that a person who commits suicide by drinking poison will see themselves continually drinking poison and suffering the resultant pain from the time they leave this life until the arrival of Doomsday.
  80. Can a man take fire to his bosom, and his clothes not be burned? Can one walk on hot coals, and his feet not be seared? So is he who goes in to his neighbor’s wife; whoever touches her shall not be innocent … Whoever commits adultery with a woman lacks understanding; he who does so destroys his own soul.
  81. This ideal of glory and grandeur—which consists not merely in considering nothing wrong that one does but in priding oneself on every crime one commits, ascribing to it an incomprehensible supernatural significance—that ideal, destined to guide this man and his associates, had scope for its development in Africa.
  82. Hearing this, Sancho said to him, Your worship should bear in mind, Senor Don Quixote, that if the knight has done what was commanded him in going to present himself before my lady Dulcinea del Toboso, he will have done all that he was bound to do, and does not deserve further punishment unless he commits some new offence.
  83. Terrie Moffitt's developmental theory of crime argues that "life-course-persistent offenders" make up only 6% of the population but commits more than 50% of all crimes and that this is due to a combination neuro - physiological deficits and an adverse environment that creates a criminal path that is very difficult to break once started.
  84. And so we see the merchant (who often goes further and commits acts of direct dishonesty, selling adulterated goods, using false weights and measures, and trading in products injurious to health, such as alcohol and opium) boldly regarding himself and being regarded by others, so long as he does not directly deceive his colleagues in business, as a pattern of probity and virtue.
  85. Incidentally the murder of Lizaveta served indeed to confirm the last hypothesis: a man commits two murders and forgets that the door is open! Finally, the confession, at the very moment when the case was hopelessly muddled by the false evidence given by Nikolay through melancholy and fanaticism, and when, moreover, there were no proofs against the real criminal, no suspicions even (Porfiry Petrovitch fully kept his word)--all this did much to soften the sentence.
  86. Theses teachings have absorbed a great deal of the real wisdom in the participative thought of the Middle Ages and of the Orient; they are utterly unsatisfactory, however, as unitary conceptions, rather than as simply compilations of particular insights of participative thought through the ages, and they commit the same methodological sin that historical materialism commits: a methodical indiscrimination of what is given and what is set as a task, of what is and what ought to be.
  87. Then his wife busies herself, grows passionately fond of handling coin, gets her fingers covered with verdigris in the process, undertakes the education of half-share tenants and the training of farmers, convokes lawyers, presides over notaries, harangues scriveners, visits limbs of the law, follows lawsuits, draws up leases, dictates contracts, feels herself the sovereign, sells, buys, regulates, promises and compromises, binds fast and annuls, yields, concedes and retrocedes, arranges, disarranges, hoards, lavishes; she commits follies, a supreme and personal delight, and that consoles her.
  88. It is very possible that the high qualities of the masses are not such as are described in La petite Fadette and in La Mare au Diable, but these qualities exist, that I know for certain, and the writer who describes the masses, as Maupassant does, by telling sympathetically of the "hanches" and "gorges" of Breton domestics, and with contempt and ridicule the life of the labouring people, commits a great error in an artistic sense, because he describes the subject from only one, the most uninteresting, physical side, and completely overlooks the other, the most important, spiritual side, which forms the essence of the subject.
  89. John 8:34-47 Truly truly I say to you whoever commits sin is the servant of sin and the servant stays not in the house for ever but the Son stays forever; therefore if the Son shall makes you free you shall be free indeed; I know that you are Abraham’s seed but you seek to kill Me because my word has no place in you; I speak that which I have seen with my Father; and you do that which you have seen with your father; If you were Abraham’s children you would do the works of Abraham but now you seek to kill Me a man who has told you the truth which I have heard from God; This Abraham did not do so! You do the deeds of your father; if God were your Father you would love Me because I proceeded out and came from God; neither did I come of myself but He sent Me; Why do you not understand my speech? even because you cannot hear my words? you are of your father the Devil and the lusts of your father you will do; he was a murderer from the beginning and did not stay in the truth because there is no truth in him.
  90. It has been said: “Whoever shall put away his wife let him give her a document of divorce” but I say to you that whoever shall put away his wife unless from the cause of fornication causes her to commit adultery and whoever shall marry her who is divorced commits adultery; Again you have heard that it has been said by them of old time: “You shall not swear by your self but shall perform your oaths to the Lord” but I say to you do not swear at all neither by Heaven because it is God’s throne nor swear by the Earth because it is His footstool nor by Jerusalem because it is the city of the great King; neither shall you swear by your head because you cannot make one hair white or black but let your communication be: “Yes yes” “No no” because whatever is more than this comes from the evil one; You all have heard that it has been said: An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth but I say to you that you do not resist an evil one; but whoever shall strike you on your right cheek turn the other to him also;.
  91. If any of her brothers or any of her sisters get physically hurt or injured by somebody in their relationship, that's when Dana would interfere and take action, just like she did when Sheena had hurt Robert! Dana had never bothered Sheena before that incident! She never interfered in Sheena and Robert's relationship until Sheena threw that rock at Robert's head, causing Robert to land bleeding in the hospital! That's when Dana interfered! But I believe that Dana was out there at the college to follow Sheena, Teresa, but she is not going to admit it to anybody! Dana is not going to admit to anybody that she was following Sheena! She's not going to incriminate herself! Dana never ever admits or talks about the violence that she does or the violence that she commits! If a person asks or questions Dana about the violence that she's accused of, she'll just tell the person that she doesn't want to talk about it! And she'll only tell them that one time! If the person dares to ask or question Dana about it again, she starts to blow up into a rage!.
  92. That the moment one definitely commits oneself,.

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