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Compensate dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. To compensate for its vul-.
  2. To compensate, and soothe the ego.
  3. I’m willing to compensate you.
  4. She did, however, compensate for her.
  5. To compensate, one may use the adjusted R2.

  6. The car swerved, forcing Michael to compensate.
  7. Compensate for the added intensity of pressure.
  8. Not only will such a company fail to compensate.
  9. Yes, and I will compensate you big time for this.
  10. Traders need to compensate for this price movement.
  11. How did the chanter compensate for this deficiency?
  12. I will compensate you generously, King Olav said.
  13. She’s a little dense, but has the tits to compensate.
  14. No other success can compensate for failure in the home.
  15. The sale money will more than compensate for this charge.

  16. And we will never compensate for conflicts and weaknesses.
  17. He wanted TEPCO to either buy him a new farm or compensate.
  18. The most stunning clothes, however, will not compensate for.
  19. Was it a cultural thing? Torturing to compensate for size?
  20. To compensate for the prior hassles that went into compiling.
  21. It will also absorb excess salt, so compensate for this when.
  22. And, if you have to compensate at all, the amount is immaterial.
  23. The premium saved up on them all may more than compensate such.
  24. They are wonderful weapons Josef but they can’t compensate.
  25. Your brain tries to compensate, tries to get you back to normal.

  26. No fancied benefit can compensate for the evil of such examples.
  27. She instinctively increased her anti-gravity drive to compensate.
  28. Individual Strength May Compensate for Inherent Weakness of a Class.
  29. To compensate for the reduced premium, additional spreads are sold.
  30. Hopefully it would compensate them for the herd they had given up on.
  31. They were careful to compensate Stripehead for the loss of limelight.
  32. I compensate for that by whistling or not looking at them in the face.
  33. To compensate it completely, the common returns ought, over and above.
  34. Many affiliate marketing programs compensate their affiliates in either.
  35. It’s as if he’s trying to compensate for all the time he couldn’t.
  36. How could the United States government ever compensate any of us with.
  37. We need a Reservoir of liquid metal to compensate for other two shrinkages.
  38. Joseph turned the gas to compensate for it but it only increased in speed.
  39. When an atom moves the size of the atom must shrink to compensate for the.
  40. To compensate, you’ll need to eat more protein to counteract this effect.
  41. It was a hollow victory and could never compensate for his missing brother.
  42. He had no idea about what angles to fire from or how to compensate for wind.
  43. He had devised a make-believe illusion to compensate for everything that was.
  44. They would mention the additional staff hired to compensate for the problems.
  45. Therefore, he had devised a number of activities to compensate his frustration.
  46. The above advantages compensate for the rare occasions when it runs with O (N2).
  47. Storage tanks require venting to compensate for the dynamics of changing water.
  48. Pardon the intrusion, Jeremiah beseeched, to compensate for the woman’s.
  49. We pillage the public liberty, in order to compensate for legislative negligence.
  50. I wish I could do something, even now, to compensate her for those wretched days.
  51. Now, Cass, you need to concentrate on trying to compensate for what she is doing.
  52. In today’s modern legal system: money is used to compensate for human suffering.
  53. I’m afraid I’m off the menu, but I’ll find another way to compensate you.
  54. In his panic he over swung the steering wheel to compensate and at the same time.
  55. He had crabbed his plane five degrees to the right to compensate for the crosswind.
  56. A 1 percent absolute advantage doesn’t compensate for the terror of the wild ride.
  57. Is there any way you could compensate the royal treasury for the loss of a thousand.
  58. In order to adapt they begin to compensate for these deficiencies by becoming morally.
  59. The conversion feature has most often been offered to compensate for inadequate security.
  60. However, it was put to them that the winter weather conditions would compensate for this.
  61. She shifted her grip on the idol to compensate as the red clay grew soft under her fingers.
  62. What arrogant rock star Angel didn’t? Maybe he was trying to compensate for something else.
  63. The money would end up in the church's coffers and Harald would compensate Peter for the loss.
  64. It also reflected the need to compensate shareholders with some compendium of benefits rather.
  65. Her electrolytes were low, but the intravenous solution they were giving her should compensate.
  66. Most are not going to keep a regular job, unless they really can bite the bullet and compensate.
  67. All evolution is transversive, changing systems' relationships as organisms compensate and adapt.
  68. Well, when we look at an object in bluish light, the brain produces extra red to compensate.
  69. If I can't, then I'll just have to compensate manually for an undershot of 1,9-2,3 ins per 850 ft.
  70. And how you were probably trying to compensate for something else being less than proportionate.
  71. To compensate for the high prices you can revel in the warmth of summer and have an outdoor wedding.
  72. I only hope that she will have a tranquil happiness that will compensate her for her entire life of.
  73. Because if they’d felt a lack of gratification, they would have to find a way to compensate for it.
  74. We will,' the UPS said, 'But by then we hopefully have the Eryx to compensate for the lack of gravity.
  75. On the contrary, if the advantages should much more than compensate the difference, everybody would.
  76. He also says that to compensate me for my inconvenience they will launder all my clothes free of charge.
  77. To compensate, management starts borrowing money and trying to open new restaurants as soon as possible.
  78. Ben would be easily satisfied with a nominal payment to compensate the surrender of his waterfront dream.
  79. Trying to compensate for the loss of balance, Ethan swerved low and punched Father Likembe in the stomach.
  80. It’s a sight I will see a lot of in this town, as if fiction can compensate for the worries of the poor.
  81. It threw Star’s helicopter around like a leaf in a storm, the stabilizers working overtime to compensate.
  82. To compensate for this lack, he treats his other feelings more importantly, satisfying them above all else.
  83. There is an attempt to compensate for weakness, insecurity, and fulfillment with a less favorable response.
  84. He had not yet finished with the detective, and if all went well, he could compensate Marsh for his trouble.
  85. Less liquid assets do compensate for their illiquidity and tendency to lose money amidst liquidity droughts.
  86. To compensate for the troubles the family is suffering from, parents tend to avoid correcting their children.
  87. You don’t get the best view of the screen from way back there, but there are other benefits to compensate.
  88. She had to compensate for his devoted, unconditional fervor with a passion that she knew she wasn’t feeling.
  89. As it stands, however, they’re baubles and in no way do they compensate you for your father’s sad loss.
  90. That’s a new experience for a bullish trader and should more than compensate for limiting your profit potential.
  91. If you have missed any of the above then, make sure that you can compensate it properly and heal your relationship.
  92. At 30 to 1 odds, the bet must be a bad one because the odds do not sufficiently compensate us for the risk involved.
  93. This obviates the need to compensate for Spectral Dilation of the cycle amplitude as a function of the cycle period.
  94. Otherwise, you’ll need to compensate for the higher cost of living where you reside by saving up a larger nest egg.
  95. He came to use for assistance in coming to a mutual agreement for you to compensate him and leave the refugees alone.
  96. The ships themselves had long been confiscated by the allied victors to compensate them for those sunk by our U-Boats.
  97. As you achieve a big landmark, take out your list and instantly compensate yourself with one of the products on the list.
  98. To compensate for the vulnerability of the crops, the implied volatility seasonally expands greatly into the summer months.
  99. If your space is not as quiet as it needs to be for meditation, you can compensate for this in two ways that I find useful.
  100. Normally, to compensate for this, she would have invited friends over to celebrate, but all her friends had abandoned her.
  1. He knows that he’s compensating.
  2. There were no compensating benefits either.
  3. Then he added, Think he’s compensating?
  4. There is a compensating advantage, however, in the.
  5. I’ve gotten used to compensating for it with the power.
  6. And unless you’re compensating for these added calories through.
  7. And unless you’re compensating for these added calories through exercise.
  8. Too many of these situations without the compensating positive strokes can cause a gradual.
  9. When he approached the desk, his mind was already compensating for my appearance, like filling in a blind spot.
  10. I am compensating for the common belief that air has only 10% nitrogen in it; when it actually has 78% nitrogen.
  11. As long as I know the risks I'm taking and the stock prices are compensating me to take those risks, I can live with that.
  12. I am compensating for the common misperception that what is good about the air is that there is it is made up of 21% Oxygen.
  13. It is the work of Nature which remains, after deducting or compensating every thing which can be regarded as the work of man.
  14. Park did not imply that the amount of the compensating balance could be a deal breaker, but he made no concessions on the spot.
  15. Meeting people such as them was an aspect of the job that went a long way towards compensating for its few, but grave, failings.
  16. The loan itself probably required compensating balances of 10 percent to 20 percent of the notes outstanding to be kept on deposit.
  17. What is called gross profit, comprehends frequently not only this surplus, but what is retained for compensating such extraordinary losses.
  18. And into the bargain I’ll bet your mother told you that women must bear ‘these things’ because of the compensating joys of motherhood.
  19. Like the rent of land, it is a neat produce, which remains, after completely compensating the whole risk and trouble of employing the stock.
  20. Confident that his portfolio of Procter & Gamble stock easily collateralized the loan he sought, he opened the point of compensating balances.
  21. He felt a bit silly for being so polite, but it seemed appropriate as a means of compensating for the rather rude behaviour of the Minion Droid.
  22. We have, it is true, repeatedly argued against the acceptance of an admitted risk to principal without the presence of a compensating chance for profit.
  23. Bleak and black hills lay on every side of them, compensating in some degree for the additional toil of the march by the sense of security they imparted.
  24. Through the control stalks, with his hands resting lightly on them, he tried to get an idea of the stability, and how hard the ship was compensating for the load.
  25. Perhaps we are a little disappointed with the fixed fractional results, which seem to have increased volatility of returns without compensating for the extra risk.
  26. By the extraordinary exportation which it occasions in years of plenty, it must frequently hinder the plenty of one year from compensating the scarcity of another.
  27. Buying and selling upon credit, and the different dealers compensating their credits with one another, once a-month, or once a-year, will supply it with less inconveniency.
  28. But the portion of this profit, necessary for compensating the risk and trouble of the employer, would likewise remain the same ; that risk and trouble being in no respect altered.
  29. A fourth part, it may perhaps be thought is necessary for replacing the stock of the farmer, or for compensating the wear and tear of his labouring cattle, and other instruments of husbandry.
  30. Shouldn’t autopilot mode be on? Surely it would be more consistent in terms of flying than me at the moment, because I can see myself either over or under compensating way to easily!.
  31. Finally, the Fifth Amendment prevents the government from confiscating private property that is needed for governmental purposes without fairly compensating the citizen who owns the property.
  32. Whether you are in the depths of a recession or at the heights of a roaring bull market, it always recommends you withdraw exactly the same amount per year (other than compensating for inflation).
  33. So; if I speak about the air as though there is 98% Nitrogen in it; instead of 78%… it is only because I am compensating for the distorted misperception that the air has only 10% Nitrogen in it.
  34. One of the reasons the stock market produces a higher average return than, say, putting the money into a building society or a bank savings account, is to offset this danger by compensating investors.
  35. Women have been always taught, not exactly that they are slaves, but that they are in an inferior position, which is also supposed to have compensating advantages; and to this position they have conformed.
  36. The break-out of the ships was a supreme example of meticulous German planning and efficiency; defeating the hasty last minute improvisations of the British, however, there were compensating advantages for the British.
  37. When Park finally signed the loan agreement a few days later with its negotiated compensating balance, he leaned back, smiled and said: ‘Thanks a million!’ He had his money and a track record of how to get more.
  38. More traditional brokerage firms, meanwhile, began emphasizing financial planning and integrated asset management, instead of compensating their brokers only on the basis of how many commissions they could generate.
  39. My sight, smell, taste, and voice pitch also need to be compensated for, and without a compensating spell, my lungs would be far too tiny to supply sufficient breath to my body, since my air requirements remain undiminished.
  40. An acre of potatoes is cultivated with less expense than an acre of wheat; the fallow, which generally precedes the sowing of wheat, more than compensating the hoeing and other extraordinary culture which is always given to potatoes.
  41. Considering the usual demand for comfort and perhaps military-aimed items such as these, an increase in demand was easily written off as merely the result of folks compensating for the stress of suddenly living on an ‘occupied’ planet.
  42. During this short period, its only effect must have been, by encouraging the exportation of the surplus produce of every year, and thereby hindering the abundance of one year from compensating the scarcity of another, to raise the price in the home market.
  43. When there is no probability that any such repeal can be procured, it seems a bad method of compensating the injury done to certain classes of our people, to do another injury ourselves, not only to those classes, but to almost all the other classes of them.
  44. Resolved, That the said committee inquire likewise into the expediency of making provision for compensating the militia or volunteers, who may have been called out, or whose services may have been accepted by the Executives of either of the territories of the United States.
  45. The far greater part, almost the whole, they pretended, of this annual importation of gold, was not on account of Great Britain, but of other European nations; the fruits and wines of Portugal annually imported into Great Britain nearly compensating the value of the British goods sent thither.
  46. Inside and outside the tiny house must conform to one law—elimination of non-essentials; and the person who has a clear idea of his individual needs and has also the strength of will to limit his needs to his circumstances, will find in his tiny house a satisfaction more than compensating for any sacrifices he may have made.
  47. Moves out of these patterns should be both cleaner and stronger than corresponding moves out of simple pullbacks; a failure out of a complex consolidation is much more likely to lead to a sharp reversal and complete failure of the pattern, so further stops tend to result in larger losses with no compensating factors of probability or reward/risk.
  48. Since our prescriptive freedoms oftentimes support, within the boundaries of ―reasonable‖ limits(s), an individual‘s right to choose his or her own poison, why shouldn‘t government have it both ways by advancing concurrent strategies that seek to raise revenue through sin taxes for purposes of promoting ―health‖? Perhaps even more troubling is the recent outbreak of class action suits by enterprising litigants who, properly informed of the potential risks associated with cigarette smoking, beforehand, are presently seeking financial restitution against tobacco companies compensating them for smoking related diseases brought about by their own pre-determined actions.
  1. We deserve to be compensated.
  2. That compensated his mother for much.
  3. A classic, compensated psychopath, he.
  4. ACCOMPLICES, - The Compensated Psychopath.
  5. Th e situation can be compensated by means.
  6. Luckily, Haik was in top form and compensated.
  7. The more psychopathic compensated psychopaths.
  8. They stopped in at the tailor's, he compensated Mr.
  9. But the flow of information more than compensated.
  10. Compensated psychopaths are probably the most reliable.
  11. My adult strength was compensated by the kid’s agility.
  12. And I’ve never been compensated with the gift of prophesy.
  13. Tightening poses should always be compensated with stretch-.
  14. Rest assured, you'll be highly compensated for your services.
  15. The beautiful sunrise at Marina Beach compensated for the 5 a.
  16. Should they be compensated and even rewarded for their active.
  17. And every soul will be fully compensated for what it had done.
  18. However - any limitations in language can always be compensated.
  19. I was readily compensated for this delay by fascinating research.
  20. Anyone who is directly compensated to write about a product by an.
  21. The 36 billion dollar pay-out compensated for a slightly reduced.
  22. Chinese population -certainly all of these people were compensated.
  23. It follows that the preachers had to be compensated for their services.
  24. He compensated by throwing himself into the work piled high on his desk.
  25. What she lacked in brute strength she compensated for with speed and skill.
  26. Deficient safety cannot be compensated for by an abnormally high coupon rate.
  27. What compensated in the false balance of her intelligence for these and such.
  28. Part of the answer is that neither has been compensated for Spectral Dilation.
  29. I compensated for my lack of focus on selling by pursuing my love of knowledge.
  30. Compensated psychopaths have played significant parts in society and in history.
  31. What Robert lacked in experience he more than compensated for in energy and grace.
  32. Clearly, whether or not the spoils can readily be compensated for is a significant.
  33. An important principle of the Capital Asset Pricing Model is that risk is compensated.
  34. How are senior managers compensated, and how did they gain their ownership interest?
  35. You will always be compensated according to the value you're able to deliver to other.
  36. Your parent foundation will be fairly compensated for the true value of your hospital.
  37. MEANS YOU! Those who participate in this, our ‘Day of Judgment’, will be compensated.
  38. Let’s begin by exploring the background of the management team and how they are compensated.
  39. Those in charge of Mainstream physics feed students lies in order to be compensated for their.
  40. In contrast, the BJP told their candidates that any fund crunch would be compensated by the party.
  41. So this way, he concluded, we both get compensated without leaving the paper high and dry.
  42. Some melting at the North Pole was more than compensated for by additions to the South polar icecap.
  43. Greg’s piloting ability was exemplary and more than compensated for his merely adequate marksmanship.
  44. Those persons that will be returned will be compensated for their work and suffering by the German state.
  45. The Antars believed in being compensated for their genius; stockholders could wait for price appreciation.
  46. How was each of the individual sources compensated for? In particular, was the sample simple or stratified?
  47. His wife was with their second child and he made sure that Melvin's time at the livery was well compensated.
  48. For example, an executive officer might be compensated even if he or she did not meet the performance targets.
  49. They have their shortcomings but these are partly compensated by their simplicity and real-time observability.
  50. Music filled the place of moral harmony, and compensated for the absence of 'melody in the heart unto the Lord.
  51. A warm voice and smile compensated for the wrinkles, so Sebastian took the proffered hand and waggled it about.
  52. His new position, he had been informed, was to be compensated by a salary over which he simply gaped when told.
  53. Upaya had begun a vigorous counterattack and his catlike speed compensated for Ishtar’s overwhelming fortitude.
  54. Prudent investors accept risk only for situations in which they will be compensated with higher expected returns.
  55. You can gain great insight into the character and motivation of managers by understanding how they are compensated.
  56. That too has to be compensated by the duration of time reducing the time aspect by the margin that the space expands.
  57. Their helplessness at the situation was compensated with more battery leading to the child’s incorrigible behavior.
  58. Other professionals who are probably less well compensated than investment bankers and attorneys include the following:.
  59. A senior executive heavily compensated with stock options has a vested interest in favoring stock buybacks over dividends.
  60. Always remember that you are compensated for bearing risk, and buying during a prolonged bull market is certainly a risk.
  61. Prior to 2008–2009, bank management caused the banks to take risks for which they were not close to adequately compensated.
  62. As always, each addition will bring additional complexity into the tool, so be sure that you are compensated with real value.
  63. He was not as clever as his father or his uncle Buonaventura, so he compensated by being extremely cautious and conservative.
  64. But every thinking being needs to earn some resources at times, and I’m being more than fairly compensated, I assure you!.
  65. The loss of control by governments, in the case of the Internet, was compensated (and then some) by increased economic productivity.
  66. Think about your life without having to reference anyone anything; your car, your house, your knowledge, all compensated for in full.
  67. Like all subterranean life, it had lost the power of sight, but this had no doubt been compensated for by nature in other directions.
  68. Having the umbrella policy meant that he was able to be fairly compensated for injuries that will plague him for the rest of his life.
  69. Make sure the registered investment advisor is compensated on a percentage of your assets under management, not for buying mutual funds.
  70. The escapement was mounted on gimbals to maintain a level position and the pendulum automatically compensated for changes in temperature.
  71. Oil companies are responsible for bringing precious energy products to consumers, and for this service they’re compensated — handsomely.
  72. Global symmetry demands that where there is a local violation of symmetry in one universe, this is compensated in some other mirror universe.
  73. It isn’t often—how express the light mockery that danced on his lips!—that my accidents are so charmingly compensated as this is.
  74. Now really it seems to me that I am a much-tried woman, and any peace I have enjoyed up to now is amply compensated for by my present torments.
  75. This would have compensated for his lack of training and experience in the military sphere, particularly as regards strategy and grand tactics.
  76. But skilled traders find that they are compensated for these risks by quick profits and a good expected value over a large set of these trades.
  77. Surely your medical experience would tell you, Watson, that weakness in one limb is often compensated for by exceptional strength in the others.
  78. She had no lips at all and compensated this by stenciling on a large red, greasy mouth that now popped open in delight, now shut in sudden alarm.
  79. The buzzer sounded, and as the match began Lyil noted that Ben's quickness and finesse more than compensated for his broad shoulders and stout chest.
  80. Vedara jammed the pair of throttles to their stops and the hard thrust pressed both women back in their seats before the grav-suppressors compensated.
  81. When you meet with a lawyer, you will have to sign an agreement that spells out how the attorney will be compensated and how the expenses will be paid.
  82. By having a high cash balance, one is suggesting that he has some wisdom or knowledge about timing the market for which he or she should be compensated.
  83. When 100Base Ethernet increased the speed of an Ethernet network by ten times, the standard compensated by reducing the maximum diameter of the network.
  84. In keeping with Colony Service policies, those members of the Queen Elizabeth’s crew who wished to stay would be compensated and assimilated into the.
  85. Their relatively low muzzle velocity was however compensated by a high rate of fire and by the very short distances at which the impulse cannons were used.
  86. If top executives are compensated based on share price, they naturally prefer buybacks over dividend payments as a means of distributing cash to investors.
  87. Though it’s not readily quantifiable, it’s certainly a huge and legitimate loss to the beneficiaries – a loss for which they deserve to be compensated.
  88. The people who had suffered would be compensated a little, thanks to his efforts, and now it was those who had caused the suffering who were feeling the pain.
  89. This drawback can be compensated for by the joint use of the Sharpe coefficient and the previously mentioned risk indicators (particularly, maximum drawdown).
  90. Police apprehensions for suspicion turned loose should be compensated with an apology and some gift, like tokens for free parking at any metered site for a day.
  91. I see! What if the catholic Poles living in ex-Jewish houses were to be compensated financially? Couldn’t they then return to their previous residences?
  92. In the extremely rare instances in which the Japanese compensated the POWs for their work, payment amounted to almost nothing, equivalent to a few pennies a week.
  93. Crewmen bent over the big brass traversing handles, following the captains’ hand signals as they compensated for Eraystor’s forward movement through the water.
  94. It sort of compensated for the lack of intellectual stimulus of the café … but the only men I met through that were either married or middle aged optimistic nerds.
  95. Although he was at least fifteen years older than his wife, his alert determination to make her happy and his qualities as a good lover compensated for the difference.
  96. If it was more than compensated, more corn-land would be turned into pasture ; and if it was not compensated, part of what was in pasture would be brought back into corn.
  97. The trade in raw wool was still suffering from interference by the king, and the Italians came only every second year, but the new business of weaving and dyeing compensated.
  98. When the unfortunate Chabi was sent there, all were removed back to Higuey and well compensated for their discomfiture, but warned of dire consequences should they ever return.
  99. That doesn’t preclude, however, that he was compensated either in cash, a wire transfer, or check directly from Versailles Ventures or that he was compensated in some other way.
  100. Since higher inflation should be fully compensated by higher nominal earnings growth rates, changing inflation rates should have little impact on stock prices or valuation ratios.
  1. And say it compensates.
  2. It means that every next asana compensates the effect.
  3. I don't know that eighteen has anything that compensates for that.
  4. However, as we will observe, Fed-Ex compensates for this detriment with a.
  5. I dont know, I answered, but I think that perhaps he compensates in making.
  6. When that happens, Earth compensates by adding new soil to the area to restore her balance.
  7. And when we look at the same object in reddish light, the brain compensates by producing extra blue.
  8. This compensates for the loss incurred by the carrier extension bits and brings the network back up to speed.
  9. The other, on the right, has smaller antlers, but the shape of the branches more than compensates for their reduced size.
  10. The market compensates investors for risks that cannot be diversified away, like the risk of investing in stocks versus bonds.
  11. These additions almost always result in a more volatile bottom line, so make sure that the additional upside compensates on a risk-adjusted basis.
  12. Business people (merchants, manufacturers, railway proprietors, bankers, land-owners) believe that they do a good which compensates for the harm undoubtedly done by them.
  13. It isn’t easy getting this kind of food, but being a soldier means having certain privileges, though that hardly compensates for the responsibility that goes with the job.
  14. To them this amusement compensates the small difference between the taxes which they pay on account of the war, and those which they had been accustomed to pay in time of peace.
  15. Buying back Apple in this manner is typical of O’Neil’s aggressive style in correcting mistakes in a decisive manner that quickly compensates for the prior mistake of being shaken out of the stock.
  16. A word of warning is in order, too: if you do something like this, make sure the extra information gained from the tool compensates for the additional complications—simplicity is greatly to be desired.
  17. He is thus enabled to furnish work to a greater value; and the profit which he makes by it in this way much more than compensates the additional price which the profit of the retailer imposes upon the goods.
  18. Those who hold the intermediate unconsciousness of the soul, even those who hold the dissipation of the soul in the first death, maintain truth which more than compensates for all their (possible) errors on this subject.
  19. It affords a good rent ; and the landlord sometimes finds that he can scarce employ his best lands more advantageously than in growing barren timber, of which the greatness of the profit often compensates the lateness of the returns.
  20. The usual effect of such bounties is, to encourage rash undertakers to adventure in a business which they do not understand; and what they lose by their own negligence and ignorance, more than compensates all that they can gain by the utmost liberality of government.
  21. The Disguise Illusion I’m casting follows the surface of your hands and the soles of your feet, and compensates for size differences by altering the Illusion’s posture and limb positions accordingly, and if necessary, it changes the apparent position of any object you’re touching or holding.
  22. The emperor, the king, the president of a republic, the prime minister, the minister of justice, the minister of war, the minister of public instruction, the bishop, and all under them who serve the state, all live free from the struggle of mankind for existence, having laid all the burden of this struggle on someone else, on the ground that their non-activity compensates for this.

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