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Complicate dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. To further complicate it: by.
  2. It might only complicate matters.
  3. He did not complicate his existence.
  4. Doing so would only complicate things.
  5. Oh my, that does complicate things.
  6. We have talked about how we complicate.
  7. That was going to complicate things further.
  8. Admitting that would only complicate the issue.
  9. And I am afraid that I may complicate it further.
  10. But why complicate? Just know that you are above.
  11. Pluto in this aspect tends to complicate child birth.
  12. God knows how my frustration would complicate things.
  13. I don’t want to complicate things here by trying to.
  14. Why did you have to complicate things? I whispered.
  15. Concerning her gang-rape, it would complicate matters a.
  16. You don’t want to complicate this, do you, A-Rey?
  17. Don't over analyze, all it does is complicate things.
  18. He'll hurt much less without me to complicate his life.
  19. This should complicate things for Moses when he gets back.
  20. This is where many investors will try to complicate matters.
  21. Our mind is inherently complex and likes to complicate things.
  22. These events significantly complicate the backtesting process.
  23. Don’t you think that would complicate things? It was bad.
  24. Why have I done that? Why complicate my life? He thought.
  25. To this list we must add a few failures that may complicate issues.
  26. Isn’t that going to complicate things somewhat? Killian asked.
  27. If we have to stop to dress up for dinner, that will complicate things.
  28. To complicate matters, these unworthy people are getting paid quite well.
  29. This does complicate the investment and exit strategies somewhat as these.
  30. There are however a few factors that would complicate such a mission for me.
  31. There’s nothing that you can’t handle, but they tend to complicate things.
  32. There are always petty fatalities of the sort which complicate domestic dramas.
  33. In other words, don't overthink and complicate the process, copy,paste and send.
  34. I understand the fix I’m in and I don’t want to complicate matters further.
  35. Differences in accounting methods also complicate the ability to make comparisons.
  36. There is no need to add to it no need to complicate it you know what your truth is.
  37. He didn't know her too well, and having her with him could complicate the situation.
  38. They complicate things too much, she said, They always overlook the obvious.
  39. She had a job not to giggle, but decided not to complicate matters by trying to explain.
  40. To complicate things further, Monsignor Leoceonne knew Julianne, had known her since infancy.
  41. Show up for work, but don’t over complicate things by worrying about your little hubby here.
  42. Also his time there was limited and he did not want to complicate the serenity he had briefly found.
  43. That will only complicate matters, said Purnima unenthusiastically, for me and you as well.
  44. At this point, it would just complicate things and cause additional stress to go looking for a place.
  45. They were not from the same nation and a relationship could complicate matters for her in the future.
  46. To complicate the situation, his wife was also a problem drinker; plus, she was a drug addict to boot.
  47. Besides, the libido of the folks, the embodiment of kama, invariably varies to complicate life further.
  48. Look, I like you as a friend, but I don’t want to complicate our lives with a romantic relationship.
  49. It came as a dreadful shock to me; we were close friends … I didn’t want to complicate our friendship.
  50. To further complicate matters, very inactive, illiquid instruments will often have extremely wide spreads.
  51. No more confusion, no more muddy lies from Sebastian to complicate things; just the pure honest to God truth.
  52. As humans, we tend to complicate things that seem to be too simple, because we think there has to be more to it.
  53. Those who "step out" in the frantic forties and foolish fifties complicate the picture for their younger observers.
  54. However, in other cases the influence of certain factors may significantly complicate the accomplishment of this task.
  55. This was going to complicate things but she had made a promise to her new friend and she wasn’t about to let him down.
  56. It could complicate things for her as well, considering what the Law of Moses had to say about marriages with foreigners.
  57. It would have opened a new front of conflict that would not only complicate my life but endanger my encounters with Amed.
  58. She really hoped he didn't know her intimately, that was going to complicate the designs her loins already had on this meeting.
  59. Events that transform companies can complicate things when you're focused on, say, having an 8 percent weighting in industrials.
  60. But there are still other considerations that greatly complicate this apparently simple rule for successful operations in stocks.
  61. To complicate matters further I am led to believe that Baron Rexsalve' daughter Eugenie is currently on The Journey and in your Knot.
  62. Doctor, I am not sure how to put this; though this discovery of yours is exciting for us, it will complicate things for you, I said.
  63. It would be …’ she didn’t look at me as she spoke ‘… very difficult for him if Lily were to complicate his life at this point.
  64. Then I fell for you and did that complicate things! Suddenly, I could see the dead end Karen and I had … and there was no honourable way out.
  65. She was focused on moving fast, and she did not want to complicate her mission by entering into a passionate entanglement – or by refusing so to do.
  66. Why go on tilting at windmills? Should I continue to complicate my life and the lives of those around me, just to prove a point? Yes, I am transgender.
  67. The need to rely on an outside service provider for WAN communications can enormously complicate the process of designing, installing, and maintaining the network.
  68. So, if the child has to keep his mouth shut, how can he eat? To further complicate matters, the mother of the child chimes in with, Hurry up and finish your supper.
  69. Then, to complicate the ruin, she cut it down one third, and confidingly sent the poor little romance, like a picked robin, out into the big, busy world to try its fate.
  70. Life found that people had always tried to complicate her meaning, it still amazed her now the amount of philosophical man-hours that went into that one simple question.
  71. That phenomenon and the possibility of storms or tempests could somewhat complicate some tourists’ visit, negatively affecting their health, though such cases are rare.
  72. There were other people on the premises - nuns and patients in the hospital, monks in their own quarters – and Ralph did not want them to appear and complicate matters.
  73. I hadn’t received a single word during that time and feared he didn’t love me anymore and to further complicate matters, I was almost certain I was pregnant with his baby.
  74. Attractive and available as Emma might be, relationships with EA’s ranked as a sure way to complicate your career at BB&T, and in some cases had been enough to terminate it.
  75. And did you close the windows before you left? Feltus suggested though he secretly hoped she would answer in the negative, as the opposite would complicate his other theory.
  76. Tools do not solve problems: they only complicate human existence and end up destroying everything around us, while creating more problems and more tools to create more destruction.
  77. In order not to overly complicate the current example, we will assume a constant interest rate across expiration months, as well as uniform implied volatilities across exercise prices.
  78. The confusion with security analysis and valuation analysis comes from the idea that most investors complicate the proficiency to make exact estimates with the proficiency to make accurate ones.
  79. One of the elements that complicate the implementation of a clustering solution in a failover configuration is that each of the computers in the cluster requires access to the applications and data running on the other computers.
  80. It would be possible to create a domain structure using the IP address bytes in their regular order, but this would complicate the administration process by making it harder to delegate maintenance tasks based on network addresses.
  81. She was afraid that her daughter, who had at one time, as she fancied, a feeling for Levin, might, from extreme sense of honor, refuse Vronsky, and that Levin’s arrival might generally complicate and delay the affair so near being.
  82. Although this procedure may seem to complicate a report, it is in fact a salutary antidote against the oversimplification of common-stock analysis which resulted from exclusive preoccupation with the single figure of per-share earnings.
  83. She was afraid that her daughter, who had at one time, as she fancied, a feeling for Levin, might, from extreme sense of honor, refuse Vronsky, and that Levin's arrival might generally complicate and delay the affair so near being concluded.
  84. But we must point out that even prior to the unprecedented bull market that began in 1949, there were sufficient variations in the successive market cycles to complicate and sometimes frustrate the desirable process of buying low and selling high.
  85. This attitude is common among high-brow individuals who, inspired by their own (conceited) self-importance, are oftentimes likely to complicate simple matters for their (own) intended purposes of being ―misunderstood,‖ or for others, a cover-up for their ineptitude!.
  86. It would still be a delicate issue to approach, especially now that the suspects were well aware of his intentions; their apprehension at either being suspected or being convicted would only complicate the matter as they deliberately attempted to avoid the subject at all costs.
  87. It was a mystery I’d confront again and again in those months Carmine’s daughter lay in the hospital, and one that would complicate considerably my attempts to understand how she’d got there: every single thing that touched her seemed entangled with some ecliptic other half.
  88. The invention of creating a legal system where you can own ideas based upon who was supposed to have thought of it first; has not only opened the floodgates for lawyers to cheat everyone and complicate the system so applying for any patent becomes more expensive than the idea is worth.
  89. Molo believed that asking him about his Pilgrimage was a bad idea; the dark-skinned man would erupt in a series of prayers and gestures, reciting long stories of tradition as well as many other minutiae that would only complicate his efforts at understanding whatever useful information and knowledge he could offer.
  90. However, I am sorry to disappoint you, but this will not amount to any realization of Aspects of the Quality ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence! This is not the deep intellectual activity in search of the Truth which must occur regardless of whether it will suit your beliefs or not, whether it will help you or, on the contrary, will complicate your existence.
  91. The word, directed toward its object, enters a dialogically agitated and tension-filled environment of alien words, value judgements and accents, weaves in and out of complex interrelationships, merges with some, recoils from others, intersects with yet a third group: and all this may crucially shape discourse, may leave a trace in all its semantic layers, may complicate its expression and influence its entire stylistic profile.
  92. Such manifestations are particularly dreaded by the government at the present time, because the men who protest often belong not to the so-called lower, the uneducated classes, but are men of average and even superior education, and because these men explain their refusals, not by some mystical belief peculiar to the individual, as in olden times, nor do they complicate them with superstition and fanaticism, like the sects of the Self-burners or Bieguni, but assign as the reason for their refusals the simplest, most obvious of truths, patent to and admitted by all the world.
  93. If you reached the third step, try to complicate your meditation,.
  1. He was complicating.
  2. Factors Complicating Efforts to Exploit General Market Swings.
  3. The three main complicating factors are briefly described here.
  4. I’m sorry that this is complicating your life more than usual.
  5. Complicating matters was the fact that negotiations with the various.
  6. She didn’t need him coming in her life again and complicating things.
  7. If revisions are aimed at complicating the wording so as to elaborate.
  8. Roy, darling, you’re complicating things way too much for yourself.
  9. One complicating factor is that this trader was not consistent in his risk.
  10. Complicating everything is that she only has one kidney, and they were factoring in all.
  11. In a nutshell, it did nothing more than complicating the lives of legit email marketers.
  12. There is usually more noise on lower time frames, so be aware of this complicating factor.
  13. What may make a settlement more likely is not just the other conflicts complicating the war.
  14. The wind had picked up, causing more and more dunes as he went, further complicating his journey.
  15. However, complicating things was that, in many ways, she had actually good reason to be paranoid.
  16. Yet the main complicating factor is the large black market for money transfer, or the informal segment.
  17. Further complicating his dilemma was the fact that his killer was on the planet Eretz, the planet of the Jews.
  18. Complicating matters, the Mexican government had passed a law making it treason to negotiate with the United States.
  19. I had no time to explain all this to the viscount; besides, there was nothing to be gained by complicating the position.
  20. NOTE One potentially complicating factor to this arrangement was when you connected 10Base-T hubs using thin Ethernet coaxial cable.
  21. That allowed us to explain the material clearly and to avoid cross effects complicating the analysis of criteria forecasting qualities.
  22. You and your spouse, partner or current love are basically in harmony, but there could be dramas in your lives that are complicating things.
  23. One of the challenges complicating the dancing was that the heat shield on the under side of the P I ships had to stay toward the Q ship.
  24. Further complicating things, it is difficult to calculate the exact amounts of fixed and variable costs: Even management has difficulty calculating exact amounts.
  25. Complicating matters at this time for Marilyn was that, during a recent gynecologist’s exam, certain problems were discovered that might make having children difficult.
  26. She tried to put off having a child as long as she could after she wed, but circumstances had a way of complicating any plans, and so now the festival part would be Ninsan’s to do.
  27. This is complicating isnt it but all you have to know is that what shows on the statements after this month is 20k down from what it actually has made :) - you'll see where I withdrew on the statement.
  28. Complicating her decision process was the fact that she was now sure that someone, either from the Vesta Corporation or from the TCN, possibly Rear Admiral Parwan himself, had leaked her flight plan to those pirates.
  29. Complicating matters further, ever since the retreat of the glaciers the southern end of the British Isles had been tilting downward while the north end rose—there was no certainty where land and sea had interfaced in the past.
  30. No one knew a man better than Petra Cotes knew her lover and she knew that the trunks would remain where they had been sent because if Aureliano Segundo detested anything it was complicating his life with modifications and changes.
  31. These trades can offer outstanding reward/risk profiles, but, especially in short-term trades, it is important to remember that realized losses can sometimes be many multiples of the intended risk, significantly complicating the position sizing problem.
  32. A complicating factor was that many of the interwoven business units were legitimate operations that genuinely did not know what the parent company was doing and merely provided supplies to the other businesses as part of their own day to day operations.
  33. Nevertheless, we hope that the reasons stated at the beginning of this chapter convinced you that this approach, intended to mitigate the effects of various complicating factors, represents an integral part of the criteria effectiveness evaluation process.
  34. Now there is such an irrational mixture of beliefs and disbeliefs, they hope to hide the fact of their existence by complicating things into a snarled mass of illogical knots which can never be untangled because of their hidden hands affecting the outcome of all things.
  35. THE grave question in the title of this chapter is often discussed as if it were identical with that of the final salvation of all men; but the two lines of inquiry altogether differ, and nothing but confusion of thought can ensue from complicating them in one examination.
  36. Complicating matters, newly elected AZ Attorney General Bruce Babbitt who eventually was elected AZ Governor before serving as Bill Clinton’s Interior Secretary, telephoned me asking if we would be willing to stop over at Dixie’s parents’ house in Scottsdale en route to MS while he tried to convince newly elected Gov.
  37. In his experience in World War Two and in the Korean War, the various units of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Army Air Force couldn’t coordinate a joint operation without wanting to constantly refer to their respective higher commands, often delaying the planning of operations by days and greatly complicating coordination.
  38. Indeed, the Holy Qur'an has come with the highest and most perfect level of demonstration, organization and legislation, and within the limits that the Almighty has accepted to mankind where man should not turn wholly to the lower life and let it absorb all his bodily, spiritual, and intellectual abilities, for the foundation of the religious society and the atmosphere which man should live in and which agrees with his beliefs is that whose civilized standard should not come to the level of complicating and consuming all man's powers for only his lower life, since reaching such level produces dissension, injustice, pain, and wretchedness, exactly as we see nowadays, and such standard of living is considered corruption and causes corrupting, contenting oneself with the present life, and turning away from the aim which man has been created for.
  1. It was all so complicated.
  2. It was all too complicated.
  3. It is all very complicated.
  4. Oh it's complicated it is.
  5. His life was so complicated.
  6. Could be a bit complicated.
  7. The when is more complicated.
  8. It was all just so complicated.
  9. This was much more complicated.
  10. But since the complicated web.
  11. Things are complicated on field.
  12. Massie: It's sort of complicated.
  13. It was a very complicated trade.
  14. After that it gets complicated.
  15. His life was indeed complicated.
  16. It was not a complicated process.
  17. Women are complicated, life is.
  18. It isn't really that complicated.
  19. Love is complicated this month.
  20. It had to be a complicated latch.
  21. It is a very complicated plan.
  22. Oh Hillary, it so complicated.
  23. We make it sound so complicated.
  24. Nothing as complicated as that.
  25. It’s very complicated, the law.
  26. It was a complicated relationship.
  27. Delhi never gets this complicated.
  28. Life was quite complicated enough.
  29. It's a bit complicated to explain.
  30. Like I said, it’s complicated.
  31. It's a little more complicated.
  32. Marriage is even more complicated.
  33. That’s where it gets complicated.
  34. Sounds complicated, but it’s not.
  35. It’s not complicated it is good.
  36. Very complicated, softly whistled M.
  37. The information can get complicated.
  38. This is where things get complicated.
  39. It’s all a bit complicated really.
  40. Do not make this overly complicated.
  41. Do you think it is too complicated?
  42. Why? Maybe it seems too complicated.
  43. These things are always complicated.
  44. Why was everything so complicated?
  45. Women are too fucking complicated.
  46. My life is really complicated, Sonia.
  47. Complicated or dangerous? Not at all.
  48. He’s not a very complicated person.
  49. At this point it can get complicated.
  50. Down gaps are a bit more complicated.
  51. Trend Trader: That sounds complicated.
  52. Soneji was more complicated, smarter.
  53. STD`s that are more complicated and.
  54. There is nothing complicated in it.
  55. That might be a bit more complicated.
  56. It’s more complicated than that.
  57. Love is more complicated this month.
  58. It's a bit more complicated than that.
  59. Tree trunks complicated this darkness.
  60. Well, that was a little complicated.
  61. Oh, its more complicated than that.
  62. Things were already complicated enough.
  63. The method was not at all complicated.
  64. This might seem a little complicated.
  65. He’s very complicated and mercurial.
  66. But lets not get too complicated here.
  67. It would be dangerous and complicated.
  68. The more complicated answer is sort-of.
  69. But, the relation is more complicated.
  70. The complicated psychology of revenge.
  71. But that will make things complicated.
  72. It is very complicated, she said.
  73. That makes things extremely complicated.
  74. Antti’s book is complicated and dense.
  75. And that is when things got complicated.
  76. It’s a bit more complicated than that.
  77. Things are more complicated around that.
  78. It doesn’t have to be that complicated.
  79. Buyers today are much more complicated.
  80. Now this is another complicated story.
  81. What’s so complicated about that?
  82. Hazel’s thoughts were not complicated.
  83. He said it had gotten too complicated.
  84. Oh, that's a very complicated question.
  85. Single parenthood can be very complicated.
  86. Now, things became a bit more complicated.
  87. God's world things are not as complicated.
  88. Sounds complicated, but it’s not really.
  89. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry.
  90. Everything was suddenly very complicated.
  91. This is where the story gets complicated.
  92. Like I said, it’s all very complicated.
  93. They don’t need such complicated stuff.
  94. Maybe his Mother had found it complicated.
  95. This is getting too complicated he thought.
  96. There had been small complicated problems.
  97. And as a result, we were complicated, too.
  98. The present is always so complicated and.
  99. The reducing of a complicated appearance.
  100. But it can’t be anything too complicated.
  1. Which only complicates things.
  2. It changes and complicates the.
  3. It complicates life, Fielding, R.
  4. This complicates things, Smith said.
  5. This lack of realization complicates mourning.
  6. Despite of our face that complicates the game.
  7. Despite of our face that complicates their case.
  8. This complicates an already tricky love situation.
  9. Also personal independence often complicates love.
  10. Your presence here, though welcome, complicates that.
  11. His presence complicates matters and makes things much worse.
  12. This innovation further complicates the picture of the Universe.
  13. Ah, but you have had a major fire, which complicates things.
  14. The use of TWS mode complicates the communication process enormously.
  15. This feature considerably complicates the comparison of such strategies.
  16. Arbitrary Control of Dividend Policy Complicates Analysis of Common Stocks.
  17. Well this complicates things, Damon said, and hit the table, trying to.
  18. Big, rawboned Irishman who looks like Liam Neeson, he tails Mac and generally complicates her life.
  19. Cross-sectional strategies, too, are often based on multiple indicators, and this again complicates analysis.
  20. But you have to understand that it unduly complicates the situation now that your brother has escaped from DB.
  21. And, guess what, it complicates my life that much more, and now that you’re aware of the complications, you have a choice.
  22. What complicates matters is that among Muslims who are aware, Mohammed Ali Jinnah is regarded as a hero, along with Mahmud of Ghazni and Aurangzeb.
  23. And the same loyalty (patriotism) which makes possible the evolution of the territorial state, vastly complicates the evolutionary development of the government of all mankind.
  24. There is another factor involved, which complicates my attempt to properly discipline this turbulent and difficult young woman: as a scholar, and as a visual artist, Leoba is greatly gifted by God.
  25. Although the return is usually reduced by a risk-free rate, we prefer to neglect it (using a risk-free rate complicates calculations without adding any supplementary benefit in assessing the strategy performance).
  26. Since effective resolution of the parametric optimization problem requires selecting a single optimal node, including each additional utility function into the optimization system complicates this task significantly.
  27. Although the process is simple, what complicates life and reality for most everyone is that the originally associated experience gets overlaid thousands, upon thousands of times whereby the original event can no longer be consciously remembered.
  28. I should also add that the zero interest rate boundary (nominal rates cannot fall below zero or investors prefer their mattresses to banks) complicates yield curve analysis, including the relation between curve steepness and economic growth prospects.
  29. Instead of transmitting by means of a melody the feelings he has experienced, a composer of the new school accumulates and complicates sounds, and by now strengthening, now weakening them, he produces on the audience a physiological effect of a kind that can be measured by an apparatus invented for the purpose.

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