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Concatenation dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Bind variable colon (:) should be used while expression on concatenation.
  2. As a result of this unfortunate concatenation of attitudes, there was much collusion between some Jews and the Russian invaders of Poland in 1939 and again in 1945.
  3. It could not have been done in the absence of free trade, of the fortuitous concatenation of a new continent, of the Industrial Revolution, and of English cultural heritage.
  4. The machine had begun, and a moving concatenation of three horses and the aforesaid long rickety machine was visible over the gate, a driver sitting upon one of the hauling horses, and an attendant on the seat of the implement.
  5. It was a pictorial sheet, and Jo examined the work of art nearest her, idly wondering what fortuitous concatenation of circumstances needed the melodramatic illustration of an Indian in full war costume, tumbling over a precipice with a wolf at his throat, while two infuriated young gentlemen, with unnaturally small feet and big eyes, were stabbing each other close by, and a disheveled female was flying away in the background with her mouth wide open.

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