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Concede dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He will concede for her.
  2. It was hard for them to concede.
  3. And what will Destiny concede?
  4. I concede the food and the sleep.
  5. I concede, he bit out in a growl.

  6. I’ll concede it may not have been Mrs.
  7. Her Highness was forced to concede a, Yes.
  8. As ever I’m here to ask…do you concede?
  9. I'm afraid I cannot concede, Dither told her.
  10. Concessions are items that sellers concede to buyers.
  11. You choose, but the State does not consent nor concede.
  12. Marguerite was in no mood to concede her husband's logic.
  13. This is a very difficult hour Mitch, I'll concede that.
  14. I will concede, you were always a better teacher than I.
  15. XIII - to concede vacations and license to the members of.

  16. That was not something Ser Lucas was willing to concede him.
  17. So I’ll concede those signals are coming from the ship.
  18. Li’s pride however made it hard for him to concede defeat yet.
  19. I will never concede, roared Goliath in his mourning attire.
  20. I concede that it would have been better to be chased by unarmed.
  21. I however concede that the property is in need of some renovations.
  22. I knew Victor did too, but I found myself willing to concede to him.
  23. He had to concede that the American flyers had done a job that any R.
  24. For we would be forced to concede that the spirit craved water, that.
  25. Horan seemed to concede and held out his hand to shake on the agreement.

  26. For we would be forced to concede that the spirit craved water, that it.
  27. Vilda, I concede; I will listen to her when she gets here, he stated.
  28. But he had to concede that he couldn’t really be sure of anything anymore.
  29. Perhaps I should concede and say that the unknown is an intrinsically con-.
  30. I’ve already tried! I forced him to concede that you could be sub-prior.
  31. He called Bush back and announced that he was not going to concede after all.
  32. We frequently choose to keep what we have and know - even if we concede that.
  33. A: Even animal lovers concede that the animal must be restrained or terminated.
  34. It can have no pure right over my person and property but what I concede to it.
  35. What can be done by proclamation, I will readily concede we are competent to do.
  36. She might as well concede his condition would already have been beyond recovery.
  37. Fred had to concede that what the PR man was saying was close enough to the truth.
  38. Thus it suited Nixon to concede virtually everything the left wanted domestically.
  39. Even the great majority of conservatives and Republicans concede it was a failure.
  40. By noon, she was ready to concede she’d misjudged him, but he wasn't ready to hear it.
  41. For we would be forced to concede that the spirit craved water, that it gets thirsty or.
  42. Ingrid thought about this for a moment before being forced to concede that Jo-Jo was right.
  43. He is not yet ready to concede the nomination, particularly against an opponent he despises.
  44. I thought that her reputation was overdone, but I’ll concede now that I was wrong about that.
  45. Colling could now concede to himself that the book did find some reflection in his own behavior.
  46. The leadership of the BJP and the RSS had made up its mind and wasn’t going to concede an inch.
  47. As they catch their breath, Jet says playfully, Ok, I concede that you got more than your half.
  48. He had to concede his appreciation for the unusual nature and rarity of the blade’s fabrication.
  49. Of course, I grant you, to concede a point, you do knock across a simple soul once in a blue moon.
  50. If you use too little of your flair, the prospect will not be willing to concede his power to you.
  51. They would have to concede and she would be at their doorstep long before they were ready for her.
  52. I will concede to gentlemen every thing they ask about the injustice of France towards this country.
  53. Persisting, refusing to concede defeat, I’d somehow managed to rise up and carry on singing anyway.
  54. Even Caesar had to concede that it beat the plain old roast the late Mr Lynch had provided them with.
  55. Cashmere sweaters had always fascinated Ken, but he had to concede that this one approached perfection.
  56. I concede it’s possible my hatred hastened the changes, fed the wrong things, starved the right ones.
  57. At times he was driven to anger; other times he sang songs of praise, but never once did he concede defeat.
  58. To make matters worse, military officials now concede that mefloquine wasn’t even necessary in that country.
  59. In the end, of course, they had to concede that there was no case against the application and granted permission.
  60. Well, any one who had beheld his spiritual self would have been obliged to concede that it weakened at that moment.
  61. But even behaviorists seem to concede that if investors were rational, financial markets would be highly efficient.
  62. The Drong was reticent at first to even concede he was a Drong but he soon realised there was no point in denying it.
  63. Surrender the few children and save the many, they suggested, knowing that such an Ignist as Verios would never concede.
  64. She knew it had to stop here; he’d made his choice there was no point trying to fight for him when he would not concede.
  65. Raul’s parents in particular, needed to hear him concede that their son had done right when he reported his whereabouts.
  66. He will not concede that his new belief is not based on facts, cold reason, historical necessity, or reality as he imagines it to be.
  67. We are not ready to concede that the Roman Catholic Church has been the friend of freedom, of education, of human rights and of progress.
  68. Even in the vast emptiness of Smith-time the itch eventually returned, and Smith was forced to concede a fundamental philosophical point.
  69. After forcing the pagan to concede that point, we are told to ask whether the universe itself had a beginning, or was always in existence.
  70. She might as well concede that Gerrid was now effectively dead, no more than a biological data-store barely capable of autonomic functions.
  71. When Jo, without any hesitation, starts on the fourth example, by which time we are all helpless with laughter, he has to concede her point.
  72. Maybe we should make the best deal we can, concede that they will hold the ground, attempt to retain only those souls we can bring into heaven.
  73. Brereton didn’t like this egomaniacal aspect of his commander, but he had to concede that he was a competent strategist and a strong-willed commander.
  74. Their sales staff finds themselves in a destructive race between their company and the competition as to which side will concede the most to the client.
  75. Catkin had never before in his life surrendered to anyone and even with his existence in immediate danger he was not about to concede to the townspeople.
  76. As well as she knew Curt she would have never imagined he would be this unreasonable—not even willing to concede the possibility that some of it might be true.
  77. Those who criticise most accurately on the constitution and most unwillingly concede resulting powers, will admit them to a certain extent even in our Government.
  78. We concede without argument, that God has never created anything He cannot destroy…But the question is not one of omnipotent power, it is rather what God wills.
  79. When the end of their workday arrived without incident, and Jan returned from his post to join the evening meal, Colling was ready to concede that Elizabeth was right.
  80. Reasoning, therefore, upon the known nature of things, and the plain interests of Great Britain, it was foretold that, during its continuance she would concede nothing.
  81. But in what does this superiority consist? Push, aplomb, finery, what? We cannot concede that it lies in exceptional accomplishments, or in any rare degree of scholarship.
  82. I have to concede that you have a point in suggesting that the man has got out of step with the times, and that he could get in the way of your plans to relaunch Millennium.
  83. I concede the ink-spots, the little boys, the monotony, the tram-bells, the regrettable number of years; they are all there, and you with your vivid imagination see them all.
  84. These new Hindu breeds have come to believe that the country is theirs own, and thus are in no mood to concede further demographic ground to India’s minorities so it seems.
  85. Those who admit that that ground has been undermined by the preceding argument will concede that the Universalists may justly be required to provide some new point of departure.
  86. Or, more simply, they lack the ability to concede that, while their setup might have been as attractive as a Swedish au pair, it just didn’t go the way they expected it to go.
  87. I have to concede that the couple of times he has lost his rag with me (and invariably for valid reasons) he has always apologised … and he has been remarkably patient with me.
  88. The two men were pretty quick on their toes for their age, and Rod had to concede that all those pints at the Rising Sun had not left him at the very peak of physical fitness.
  89. It did not appear to him that he was being watched, but he did concede that the authorities may have become more subtle in their surveillance techniques since his last visit to Warsaw.
  90. Modi will not concede it, but he had been anguished by his years of political ‘isolation’; now, he finally felt politically ‘acceptable’ and his rehabilitation was tinged with pique.
  91. It was more comfortable for him to speak, though, so he responded aloud, You know what, I’m not really ready to concede that point, so I’m just going to put this stuff in the car first.
  92. What is there about it that teaches eternal torment? We all concede that according to the word of God the wicked will be punished in the future state, and are apprised of it in numerous scriptures.
  93. David spoke of the perishing of thoughts in death, which is virtually denied by the antidestructionists, who are forced to concede by their interpretation of scripture only a transference of the thought.
  94. Dewey however had to concede that Churchill seemed to have taken that position only as a result of a revolt by a majority of his cabinet and party, who had panicked at the receipt of the Soviet ultimatum.
  95. Wanting to gain more to secure against imaginary threats and concede less and less as if to avoid the feared erosion and/or both became the credo of man that narrowed the give and take zone of human harmony.
  96. That it might rather have been the result of that bane of our profession, news ‘management,’ I hate to even consider, though I must, in all honesty, concede it possible, our leaders being the cowards such usually are.
  97. When she and her consort entered the last stronghold of the Council and the Prime Minister, it was to force the last living member to concede defeat as he begged for the lives of not only his family but that of the citizenry.
  98. He was the first to concede this notion engendered a fair amount of arrogance and conceit among some of its members and there were a number of federal officers who openly considered their State counterparts the poor relations.
  99. A Conscience‘s immune system, however, continues to inform itself in proportion to its inestimable failings, that, despite efforts to disclaim or otherwise rationalize an individual‘s failings, will not concede a moment‘s reprieve.
  100. Under such construction of scripture we stand in the midst of a mighty fog, being forced to concede that if the saints at death enter into a place of happiness, whether with or without a body, they have previously been judged and rewarded.
  1. Conceding these folk were.
  2. She nodded, conceding the point.
  3. Credit Rating and seen them conceding.
  4. The knight nodded, conceding to her point.
  5. I nodded conceding that he had a point there.
  6. The Californian shrugged and nodded, as if conceding the point.
  7. Amy was conceding Carthage, finally forgiving me for moving back here.
  8. Conceding this was the final chance for Nole and Bane to go back home, he.
  9. Finally conceding, the captain said, Fine, I shall tell you what I know.
  10. He watched Flint's lip curl a little and then a conceding nod with the frown.
  11. I popped another beer, conceding the fact that I would never be able to keep.
  12. Lowgri dropped what was left of his sword and held his hands up, conceding the duel to Nem.
  13. That’s two questions, said Rudolph glumly, conceding a point, requiring one answer.
  14. In the end, I gave up, conceding that it was an improvement on recent behaviour even if it caused an atmosphere at times.
  15. Not much love was lost between her and Rhea but it was either that or conceding that her son was a cuckold pure and simple.
  16. But many old and new political leaders were on Sunday night conceding the previous deal may have been shattered beyond repair.
  17. If we always censor our behaviour in front of friends, it"s conceding that it"s only OK for us to be lovers if we pretend we aren"t.
  18. She probably wouldn’t have handed me something dirty to wash my face with, but still, I hesitated before conceding that I really didn’t care.
  19. The 2ème Bureau had allied itself with the Binh Xuyen, gradually conceding to it effective control of the majority of the city of Saigon and of the Cholon District.
  20. Keeper David James (UK) played 170 games without conceding a goal playing for Liverpool, Aston Villa, West Ham, Manchester City and Portsmouth from 16 August 1992 to 1 March 2010.
  21. I did notice that I got the largest slice of pie for dessert, and this fact was not wasted on Hal, as I saw him doing the mental math, conceding me the larger arc of pie; or was it pi?
  22. To yield to that pressure, or to any thing which should foster, in this country, the idea that it was an effectual weapon of hostility, was nothing more than conceding that she was dependent upon us.
  23. Even conceding GH’s point that investors are increasingly focused on stocks for the long run and will manage to push the Dow up past 36,000, one has to ask just how free of risk stocks would be at that point.
  24. Wopsle, conceding his fin with a gracious dignity, was immediately shoved into a dusty corner, while everybody danced a hornpipe; and from that corner, surveying the public with a discontented eye, became aware of me.
  25. I'd expected that she would have been more conceding, that the way this world had affected everyone in it, including me, was something she would have to get used to; adjust her little moral world for, not the other way around.
  26. Staggering or layering options throughout different contract months not only provides diversification but also allows an investor to experience option expirations nearly every month (conceding, of course, that she will have to cover a few of them).
  27. Conceding the argument that the war in Iraq, which I support by the way, has shifted momentum from the administration‘s domestic agenda, its reluctance to advance meaningful Immigration Reform in the wake of 9/11 has Conservatives and ―Moderates‖, alike, shaking their heads in disbelief.
  28. Unless America and other Western European nations are willing to level the playing field by conceding a portion of its (civil) liberties and placing national security and (public) safety ahead of the ‖unalienable‖ rights of (private) individuals, the Free World could conceivably wind up with neither!.
  29. Conceding that such a survival is contrary to the analogy of death in all other animated beings around us; that it is contrary to the original intention of God in the curse of death threatened at first to Adam in paradise; nay, even maintaining with Delitzsch that the survival of the soul or spirit in death is of the nature of a miraculous or abnormal provision, arising out of the economy of redemption, with a view to future resurrection; they nevertheless hold that it is impossible by fair means to eliminate the idea of a surviving soul from the Bible.
  30. Maybe the corporate health sector symbolizes the Goring Syndrome like nothing else; the assorted diagnostic reports sought by the self-serving doctors that rob their patients’ savings would only serve the auxiliary health services; even conceding that the capital involved in setting up a corporate hospital is mind-boggling, begging for returns on investment, that the doctors there allow themselves to turn into con men to trick the sick is in deed sickening; I wonder how these are better than the pimps fleecing the whores; in spite of their daytime black deeds, the fact that they are able to sleep at nights shows that they have self-anesthetized their collective consciences; even as Hippocrates could be turning in his grave, wonder how these fare in hell as and when they reach there.
  1. In the end, Josh conceded.
  2. But he conceded that price.
  3. She conceded that with a shrug.
  4. Or maybe not He conceded.
  5. Not bad, Sam, she conceded.
  6. Ed and Grace conceded the same.
  7. She just as playfully conceded.
  8. Ned Land conceded this himself.
  9. You are now, conceded Zach.
  10. Hobaugh conceded, is the ice.
  11. Something is off, he conceded.
  12. Alex is sweet, she conceded.
  13. Point taken conceded Damon.
  14. He may have, Kifter conceded.
  15. Britain conceded nothing to the US.
  16. This is true, Aazuria conceded.
  17. So it would seem, Alex conceded.
  18. Still, she conceded, I could be wrong.
  19. I get the gist of it, he conceded.
  20. She would not, he conceded, be far wrong.
  21. That might sound fun, he conceded, but.
  22. West Ham have just conceded another goal.
  23. The technician had finally conceded defeat.
  24. The rapists were overconfident and conceded.
  25. They conceded much and undoubtedly, had Dr.
  26. I hadn’t thought of that, she conceded.
  27. He was a ladies’ man, Janet conceded.
  28. All right, he conceded with a curt nod.
  29. It was all very wonderful, Faye conceded.
  30. All right, I conceded, probably, yeah.
  31. He conceded Ok, I will jus write her a note.
  32. Some might, the medical officer conceded.
  33. He conceded that his boss had a point and he.
  34. Joe once conceded that he could not draw a cat.
  35. That once conceded, I return to my exhortation.
  36. Jimmy had finally conceded with the questioning.
  37. Not when you put it like that, he conceded.
  38. Mitchell conceded through the shock of his attire.
  39. I have lived a sheltered life, Bane conceded.
  40. That is a little creepy, the wizard conceded.
  41. It was worth the price, I generously conceded.
  42. If the wind comes up, Sir, Stahdmaiyr conceded.
  43. Delmage stepped back and conceded to the detectives.
  44. Not the smoothest plan in the world, Sam conceded.
  45. The conceded he was the smartest person in the cohort.
  46. Kissinger gone to Hanoi, they would have conceded more.
  47. It must be conceded that the four Greek writers did not.
  48. It finally conceded his inability to further stand the.
  49. I was splitting hairs, the staff sergeant conceded.
  50. Aphrodite conceded after telling Psyche how ugly she was.
  51. Yeah, okay, that might be better, he conceded, dryly.
  52. They both shook their heads and conceded it had been futile.
  53. Yes, you did, Clyntahn conceded in that same sour tone.
  54. I suppose you’re right, Tony, conceded the President.
  55. It was four o’clock in the morning when he conceded defeat.
  56. His tenderness for her as he conceded the milk was nurse-like.
  57. Yeah, I guess I’ll have to, conceded Ray, grabbing a.
  58. Then with a deep sigh of resignation, she grudgingly conceded.
  59. Okay, Jerry conceded, I understand what you’re saying.
  60. Darek conceded and followed them out, closing the door behind.
  61. You’ve the knack of winning arguments, conceded Sathyam.
  62. Perhaps, Briz conceded slowly, But who would want such.
  63. See's owners were holding out for $30 million, but soon conceded.
  64. She conceded to the man but had done exactly what she needed to do.
  65. I guess you would have had no way of knowing, the man conceded.
  66. He’d felt the fear pouring off her and conceded no one was that.
  67. Flicker gave a shrug, as if to say she conceded to Asia’s point.
  68. You may have your chosen cha’Dich, Gowron finally conceded.
  69. Suddenly he was telling all as though he had conceded his position.
  70. If you have the nerve, it’s no business of mine, I conceded.
  71. This is the most fun I have had in a long time, Sheila conceded.
  72. Perhaps, Bram conceded, But he could not have been sure of.
  73. It had been a long day at the lab and consciousness quietly conceded.
  74. That’s what I thought, Barron conceded as he put on his Stetson.
  75. After a swim canned things aren’t really so awful, she conceded.
  76. Very interesting, Feltus conceded as he digested this information.
  77. That, Rock Point conceded sourly, is entirely too close to true.
  78. I suppose there could be something to that, Cayleb conceded slowly.
  79. Belle conceded with a sigh of resignation that those were apt descriptors.
  80. Bohm conceded that most of the time one could ignore the vast cascade of.
  81. Brock conceded with laughter, Yep, you’re probably right on that one.
  82. That’s a good point, conceded Ariella I hadn’t thought of that.
  83. Although he eventually conceded the point, it didn’t stop him moaning at.
  84. Fair enough, but that’s what I will be doing from now on he conceded.
  85. Eventually they conceded and began to browse around the colorful flower shop.
  86. But when they left the compound he conceded to make use of support crutches.
  87. Harry could not recollect asking for questions, but conceded that he'd lost.
  88. Matthew wondered why he couldn’t have come on his own and conceded that he.
  89. I guess it’s possible, she conceded, but she had trouble believing it.
  90. It is now conceded it is not that, but is classified as a neural dysfunction.
  91. Jerry conceded and agreed to move to the only place where Sheila felt at home.
  92. Maybe not, Wickland conceded, but you had better give it to me anyway.
  93. This point had been conceded to the accusation and could no longer be disputed.
  94. She conceded, I guess a woman could wield a can of spray paint as well as a man.
  95. Wrong again, Credit conceded as they followed the path of the car down the dike.
  96. Merthin had insisted on four pence, and in the end Godwyn had conceded the point.
  97. Yes, most experts conceded that fat cells – once created – are there for life.
  98. He conceded that it was a different world from dreary industrialized Slough and St.
  99. It was however, he conceded, very handy, it being situated on the edge of the town.
  100. Finally Mitchell conceded, walking stealthily across the sparsely populated street.
  1. In the new rules, no one concedes.
  2. Power concedes nothing without a demand.
  3. While the Diabetes Association concedes that.
  4. Each sovereignty concedes a certain quantity of itself, for the purpose of forming the common right.
  5. Kinsela said, Your Honor, the defense concedes that the defendant expressed feelings of love for the witness.
  6. Bonnie modestly concedes that while she is smart, that Dale was the smartest, and Dixie, like her Dad, read the most.
  7. On November 4, 1980, the landslide is so great that Jimmy Carter concedes the election before the polls even close in California.
  8. He concedes that crime and punishment are here adjusted by human reason, but said it could not obtain under the Divine Government.
  9. No, he concedes, but that is because, in the years since what you call the wars of the mountains and even in the current battle situation, the mountain people have been regaining their strength.
  10. We really focused on social media only at the end of 2013,’ concedes Congress MP Deeepinder Hooda who was in charge of the party’s social media cell, while also fighting his own election from Rohtak.
  11. When it comes to love life, nothing worthwhile can happen in a man’s life unless woman concedes, said Lalitha as though to make Roopa privy to the ingrained characteristics of the feminine fecundity.
  12. It was he who persuaded me to teach the boys to be proud of their manhood and refuse to become feminised snags, because that’s a form of castration, concedes female domination and turns youths into angry young men, prone to violence and contempt for women.
  13. I find it quite troubling whenever an (activist) judge eagerly concedes the legal ―rights‖ of a terrorist (at the risk of endangering the lives of law-abiding citizens) who would otherwise nullify, without pause, the very laws that he or she conveniently utilizes for his or her own (legal) advantage.
  14. Then his wife busies herself, grows passionately fond of handling coin, gets her fingers covered with verdigris in the process, undertakes the education of half-share tenants and the training of farmers, convokes lawyers, presides over notaries, harangues scriveners, visits limbs of the law, follows lawsuits, draws up leases, dictates contracts, feels herself the sovereign, sells, buys, regulates, promises and compromises, binds fast and annuls, yields, concedes and retrocedes, arranges, disarranges, hoards, lavishes; she commits follies, a supreme and personal delight, and that consoles her.

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