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Condensate dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. We'd need a cargo-pod full of condensate.
  2. A figure formed by the condensate tells the type of your.
  3. You already have my thoughts entangled with that condensate in your jar.
  4. Somebody has to, it's not the hardware that's the condensate, it's my thoughts.
  5. We’ve already shown that thoughts are a fourth order condensate, Thom said.

  6. This, of course, imparts great importance to the cleanliness of the Pure Steam condensate.
  7. What I've seen so far with a fourth order condensate is quantum information being created.
  8. If what I was told while in encapsulation was real, a human soul is a fifth order condensate.
  9. Darryl had refined his math that pointed the way to simulate a fourth order condensate in logic.
  10. Typically, filters are now jacketed to prevent condensate or water from blocking the hydrophobic.
  11. These purity attributes are measured on the condensate of the article, rather than the article itself.
  12. There was quite a bit of debate about how much helium four condensate there really could be out here.
  13. He had done two other experiments with that body, so he already knew it had plenty of active condensate in it.
  14. She felt the instruments reading the state changes in the condensate chamber as a gentle current drawing her in.
  15. Yes, and before I go report to the captain, I want you guys to get started on a fifth order condensate detection pistol.

  16. It was showing the entangled fifth order condensate that had been that Chinese man’s soul before he was frozen in the cryoslicer.
  17. We believe the mind of god, or the ‘OS’ as you call it, is a sixth order condensate, as unknowable to us as your God is to you.
  18. It’ll require some help from your contact on the ground and a fabrication program for that hand-held fifth order condensate detector.
  19. Your antimatter condensate is the only significance your expedition has to God and it is a trifle that has caused blurred thinking in only a few.
  20. He says he managed to get a fourth order condensate contained, he has the largest chamber cooled and he’s having some trouble with the instrumentation.
  21. Fear would not let him think; and this fear condensate in his bowels extended its claws over his body and gave him a pale grayish color to his complexion.
  22. And this is the strangest result, he said, the equations seem to make it possible to solve for the total number of fifth order condensate quasi bosons.
  23. It was the parallel nature of those loops that allowed them to mimic a condensate in some way that Darryl's equations understood, but none of the rest of them did.
  24. He wouldn't be able to meet with any of them about this til Monday morning, but if they gave their approval he was going to need another batch of antimatter condensate.
  25. If you accept that a soul is a fifth order condensate, a quasi-boson in other words, yes, that seems to be what this data says, He looked to Arthur questioningly.

  26. She had to make some assumptions about how a fourth order condensate detector could be modified to detect fifth order, but she hoped it was a straightforward extrapolation.
  27. They were still setting up the instruments to tune into the atoms in the mini veron store that were entangled with the fourth order condensate in his largest antimatter trap to date.
  28. We will detect their presence, and any copy that is made, just as the fourth order condensate detector discovered the copies of information being made when free will was in operation.
  29. We don't need a fourth order condensate to entangle the dark bodies, we can entangle the virtual particles created in the veron store and dispense with that massive and hungry equipment.
  30. From what little he could see, it appeared that the first step of her time-slice invocation in this store was yet another hardware indirection, this time via Thom’s condensate chamber.
  31. A forth order condensate is like us building a virtual processor that runs simulates inside it, and in their simulated, simulated realm they build a virtual processor and run souls in that.
  32. He knew that she insisted he be very careful to make sure nothing could get from his condensate read-out chambers to any of the buses in her systems without going thru the filters she put on.
  33. According to Danah Zohar, one of the fields within the quantum vacuum is thought to be a coherent Bose-Einstein condensate, that is, a condensate with the same physics as the ground state of human consciousness.
  34. We have no evidence that the impactors have not been captured by some other entity, unrelated to the condensate state changes, and cleansed of most of the condensates, either deliberately or as a by-product of that capture.
  35. No, you’re in a part of the heaven on the condensate substrate that is populated with people who’ve kept to the ways of ancient Atlantis, specifically the state temple of Knossos in the echo corresponding to what you call 1648bc.

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