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Confirming dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Next to it a CONFIRMING RAIL.
  2. He had no way of confirming the.
  3. After confirming it was null, they.
  4. Thank you both for confirming that.
  5. I shared a confirming glance with Mary.

  6. Confirming price as well as the trend.
  7. But thank you for confirming his identity.
  8. Next Small spoke, closely confirming Sutton.
  9. You are confirming to us why we were hired.
  10. Confirming to him that she did care for him.
  11. So He had the Father confirming His identity.
  12. God was without doubt confirming to me that.
  13. Are you confirming me as prioress? she.
  14. For his observation was constantly confirming Mr.
  15. He looks at Ava, confirming his sincere intention.

  16. He moved on after confirming there was no pursuit.
  17. Alfie nodded unhappily, confirming this to be true.
  18. I said, though speechless, nothing more confirming.
  19. She nodded confirming and they continued their talk.
  20. Confirming her suspicions he whispered Your move.
  21. Again, we always use our estimates as a confirming.
  22. There are three steps to confirming this higher low.
  23. Confirming (and dis-confirming) when, where, and how.
  24. Confirming this, he tossed another easy smile her way.
  25. Phoebe into his arms, confirming that his protection.

  26. Show me where there is evidence confirming a factor.
  27. Yet they were all confirming what Dominex had reported.
  28. Reports had come in confirming the success of our plan.
  29. The doctors are always confirming; they confirm anything.
  30. Markham confirming his approval of Tom’s vacation plans.
  31. So again, God was confirming His leadership and direction.
  32. It was from the restaurant, confirming their reservations.
  33. This is useful in confirming reversals and timing of trades.
  34. All right, he said immediately, confirming her instinct.
  35. Looking at Tom, confirming he understood the translation, he.
  36. This may end up confirming what we already know, but it has.
  37. Birkeland currents – confirming that these are magma bodies.
  38. Then Ishan pulled at the ridge, confirming its purpose to Hank.
  39. She checked the time, confirming that she was six minutes late.
  40. They spoke of the repression of certain confirming information.
  41. A local pharmacist was easily talked into confirming his identity.
  42. Yuri’s people already seated in the tourist bars and confirming.
  43. A female voice then spoke softly, confirming his first impression.
  44. The dream seemed to be confirming that bridging the conscious and.
  45. The gun's "CONFIRMING RAIL LOCK" button changes from red to green.
  46. It was my choice, she said, confirming his earlier suspicions.
  47. Volume is the oldest confirming indicator used by technical analysts.
  48. After confirming the existence and accuracy of the Catalog of human.
  49. Then I received a statement from my bank, confirming my first payment.
  50. Confirming both candlesticks was the overall movement in the A/D line.
  51. Several similar-sized objects were discovered quickly confirming the.
  52. I have cited earlier (in Chapter 8), enough examples confirming this.
  53. I would however call it confirming something before passing judgment.
  54. So will I see you for the coaching class today? I was confirming.
  55. Thoughts of the victims being Tardanians from Tardoc needed confirming.
  56. The confirming signals strengthen the indicated reversal in each case.
  57. Roycen became silent, drifting his eyes away, confirming Edward's fear.
  58. Sam whispered to Molly, We will have a late night confirming what we.
  59. Confirming bank: The Bank which adds confirmation to an LC is termed as.
  60. Moments later Dempsey's voice boomed back loud and clear confirming that.
  61. He said he had received an email this morning from Konchesky confirming.
  62. This is the Christian linear way of life confirming the apocalypse of St.
  63. Meeting lines confirming the previous signal, even though price then fell.
  64. Even with the Aenar confirming the story, Bliss just couldn’t believe it.
  65. Rapp glanced at Coleman, who gave a subtle nod, confirming the information.
  66. The price is too volatile and the lack of confirming signals is troubling.
  67. These confirming indicators followed the leading indicator provided by RSI.
  68. He sent an e-mail to Sharon once again re confirming that he wanted to end.
  69. Yes, very odd, said the Dangler, denying nor confirming what she said.
  70. Nikita looked to Kletsova, confirming that they were all seeing what she saw.
  71. Brontes nodded back at him, confirming the new-comers had friendly intentions.
  72. Set to his seal: Affixed his seal; firmly believing and confirming what is said.
  73. So the Smidge is part of this… I said out loud, confirming my suspicions.
  74. What’s so bad about healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and confirming a.
  75. What We inspired in you, of the Book, is the truth, confirming what preceded it.
  76. I do, however, have three separate confirming messages, all delivered by wyvern.
  77. The two men exchanged a silent, confirming nod - a nod that no one else noticed.
  78. Thank God for that, the Pastor said before confirming what he already knew.
  79. However, movement approaching either line may be used as early confirming signals.
  80. Headwaiter withdraws from the table by confirming that the desserts wil be served.
  81. This is a decisive proof confirming that he (pth) and his mother have not died yet.
  82. He had an affair? he said as if merely confirming what she had already said.
  83. Waiter withdraws from the table by confirming that the hot beverages wil be served.
  84. Many times, though, it is best to wait for a confirming close on the following day.
  85. Confirming the vintage year and appel ation of the wine and col ects menu from the.
  86. She glanced down at his left hand, confirming that the gold band was a wedding ring.
  87. You’ll each be given new contracts of employment to sign confirming the new terms.
  88. Eventually you are sitting in the saddle, but not before confirming the softness of.
  89. Write a thanks for confirming e-mail that is sent to the requestor as soon as.
  90. The chart of Exxon Mobil demonstrates how ATR is used as a confirming price indicator.
  91. This third day is a confirming close day with respect to the bullish or bearish case.
  92. Conversely, if it is confirming the price move, OBV should move in the same direction.
  93. The market is continuing its rise, with a long white day confirming the bullish action.
  94. Now we are looking for confirming signals with further pivots and finally a break out.
  95. In this case, OBV is confirming the strength of the underlying trend, be it down or up.
  96. I am requesting that Congress immediately enact legislation confirming this suspension.
  97. The staticy voice came back again, confirming Zelena earlier suspicion that whoever she.
  98. This crossover is a confirming indicator for the MACD, as the MACD will fire off faster.
  99. She allowed Sebastian to push her hands a little lower, confirming what she already knew.
  100. She gave a confirming nod and told me that in the after death existence, the entity could.
  1. That confirmed it for him.
  2. And you just confirmed it.
  3. He confirmed from his part.
  4. This was confirmed when he.
  5. It has not been confirmed.
  6. Fires confirmed in med bay.
  7. Brander confirmed that he did.
  8. Then the other test confirmed.
  9. My desk calendar confirmed it.
  10. Carol confirmed that they were.
  11. We have confirmed that rumor.
  12. The tests confirmed that some.
  13. So he says, Ava confirmed.
  14. What I saw confirmed what the.
  15. Her worst fears were confirmed.
  16. My men haven't confirmed it yet.
  17. We also confirmed the presence.
  18. The medic confirmed he was dead.
  19. It certainly is, he confirmed.
  20. It will work! she confirmed.
  21. All my suspicions were confirmed.
  22. Oh, my worst suspicions confirmed.
  23. A savage growl confirmed his words.
  24. That strength confirmed you were.
  25. And everything now confirmed this.
  26. The report confirmed my suspicions.
  27. You have confirmed our suspicions.
  28. We’ve had the samples confirmed.
  29. This was confirmed when MacDonald.
  30. Here her suspicions were confirmed.
  31. His first impression was confirmed.
  32. The chief confirmed his worst fears.
  33. I nodded as my hunch was confirmed.
  34. I’d had a lot of confirmed kills.
  35. She confirmed she will do the same.
  36. I confirmed all of his assumptions.
  37. That is correct, Olin confirmed.
  38. Yes, Ivar confirmed it yesterday.
  39. My suspicion was confirmed by the.
  40. It confirmed what they'd suspected.
  41. Then it was confirmed at the trial.
  42. Stokes confirmed by nodding his head.
  43. They confirmed the novel's accuracy.
  44. Buey Dan confirmed it was his smoke.
  45. I confirmed that I was his grandson.
  46. Through only the confirmed leading.
  47. This merely confirmed my suspicions.
  48. Introductions confirmed this to be.
  49. We confirmed all that with the NYPD.
  50. However, it has never been confirmed.
  51. She confirmed to me that it was true.
  52. That’s the plan, Paul confirmed.
  53. Yes, Sir, the officer confirmed.
  54. Confirmed, came the voice in his head.
  55. Yes, they are, Ignace confirmed.
  56. This was confirmed at the buffet too.
  57. I can see it too, Eye confirmed.
  58. This one confirmed on the close at 51.
  59. The very same, confirmed Forsyth.
  60. A nearby official confirmed it for him.
  61. The man’s an idiot, he confirmed.
  62. The money is here, he confirmed.
  63. His own nagging feeling was confirmed.
  64. I nodded as I confirmed my suspicions.
  65. He confirmed this with the Controller.
  66. I was confirmed in that belief by the.
  67. Honest! That will be confirmed soon.
  68. It is indeed! the Sage confirmed.
  69. This fact is confirmed by the Mishnah.
  70. For now, yes, the Elder confirmed.
  71. He appeared to be a confirmed bachelor.
  72. It’s the truth, confirmed Edwin.
  73. And we confirmed it with an ultrasound.
  74. At last we had fully confirmed tidings.
  75. He is telepathic, Spock confirmed.
  76. Each placed he visited confirmed that.
  77. The duty sergeant confirmed that he was.
  78. Its confirmed, they are on these tapes.
  79. A ten-year study confirmed improvement.
  80. They confirmed she is real and do exist.
  81. That is correct, Fennsen confirmed.
  82. The last confirmed kill for an eastern.
  83. They did indeed, Stohnar confirmed.
  84. Yeah, that type, Graisco confirmed.
  85. We are, confirmed Captain Rathbone.
  86. That's when I confirmed we have company.
  87. At least that much was confirmed to him.
  88. Petersen Lindsay confirmed that his FBI.
  89. His suspicions were confirmed soon after.
  90. Schubert, unanimously confirmed by the U.
  91. The empty parking lot confirmed his hunch.
  92. Over the next hour I confirmed two things.
  93. So you’ve confirmed it? said Kaye.
  94. A minute shake of the head confirmed this.
  95. What Tsu then said confirmed that to her.
  96. She confirmed that she wasn’t ready to.
  97. Bill calls me Cecil, Cecil confirmed.
  98. Well, he’s done it, confirmed Will.
  99. His embarrassment confirmed her suspicion.
  100. The smudge in the background was confirmed.
  1. This pretty well confirms it.
  2. Not at all, she confirms.
  3. He confirms the open invite, and.
  4. It confirms the initial reports.
  5. Late for breakfast only confirms it.
  6. But one glance confirms I’m wrong.
  7. A look at a sample bid confirms this.
  8. Our research confirms our worst fears.
  9. The card validates and confirms WOC-.
  10. John confirms this in Revelation 13:1.
  11. This silent pledge confirms their secret.
  12. Volume confirms price trends effectively.
  13. What you have just said confirms my words.
  14. Information from Shan Hai Jing confirms this.
  15. Well, that confirms my theory of Taelba's.
  16. It also confirms continuation of the uptrend.
  17. This also further confirms, however, that so.
  18. It also further confirms the identity of the.
  19. The rest of the crew confirms Wong’s finding.
  20. A last glance at the clock confirms my fears;.
  21. The Shapiro-Wilk test confirms with a z value of 8.
  22. The regression analysis confirms these observations.
  23. Judas condemned act confirms the free will thinking.
  24. This confirms the promise You made to me on 03/28/06.
  25. Then the article confirms that the bones are ground.
  26. This confirms what is evident in the Hubble Constant.
  27. This is what Kepler’s formula confirms in a3 = T2k.
  28. My contact confirms the Federal Army is near Shiprock.
  29. She eventually comes out and confirms that the sirens.
  30. Haldeman, however, confirms that Butterfield wrote him.
  31. The Tribulation now confirms the two models in actions.
  32. A secular materialistic age of today confirms Marx idea.
  33. We can research the story and it always confirms itself.
  34. Shrimad Bhagwadgeeta confirms it in the following shlok:.
  35. Door staff confirms they drove it briefly that afternoon.
  36. This confirms that the stock is in an oversold condition.
  37. A very small wound in my upper arm confirms my suspicions.
  38. His example confirms, therefore, again what we’ve seen.
  39. Which confirms something Westwood wrote is highly relevant.
  40. China earlier this month confirms its plans to expand in the.
  41. King, in interviews and essays, confirms some of these ideas.
  42. I guess this confirms we were doing this for the Brazilians.
  43. It only confirms that Ashu does not love me, or why would.
  44. Rising volume near the right edge confirms the power of bears.
  45. From our point of view, this once again confirms that at some.
  46. Science also confirms that approximately 10,000 years BC there.
  47. The Rebuke of Conscience, I believe, confirms the existence of God.
  48. This confirms that a call and put condor are essentially the same.
  49. The Noble Qur’an confirms that learning magic is only for devils.
  50. They have noticed, Ava confirms that, they know that you are here.
  51. Diedie comes back with deep purple eyes and confirms our suspicion.
  52. This confirms to the CIA that Buckley was tortured, and has broken.
  53. That also confirms that the uninterrupted row of dates every 16-17.
  54. Nevertheless, NASA confirms the moon and earth is parting in a way.
  55. The cruel finding on the island of Kos in March, 2008, confirms this.
  56. Out of the corner of his mouth, Unks confirms his affection for Cass.
  57. One screen confirms my registration and another lets me choose a room.
  58. When the weekly NH-NL rises above plus 2,500, it confirms bull markets.
  59. The signature of the tenant on this agreement confirms the following:.
  60. Provided that, of course, your qualified doctor confirms that you’re.
  61. Our own analysis of EVA confirms this near-term inability to correlate.
  62. Intel Wing confirms the Avenger is inbound to board us, six clicks away.
  63. His word, the Bible proves this, It consistently and repeatedly confirms.
  64. When the weekly NH-NL rises to the +2,500 level, it confirms bull markets.
  65. This confirms that genes do play a part but other factors are at play too.
  66. It confirms my suspicion that he’s been practicing his text all morning.
  67. Oh, I read a lot, but what I read usually just confirms what I knew anyway.
  68. The USS HUNTSVILLE tracking ship confirms having us firmly on its radars.
  69. Provided that, of course, your qualified doctor confirms that you’re able.
  70. The intensity and focus represented here confirms the creative axe is honed.
  71. By maintaining Π in relation to the same position Π had Π2 confirms time.
  72. When a 13-day EMA of Force Index reaches a new high, it confirms the uptrend.
  73. When a 13-day EMA of Force Index falls to a new low, it confirms the decline.
  74. This confirms the fact that a call and put butterfly are essentially the same.
  75. The obviousness and crudity of the contradiction confirms them in this belief.
  76. Paul confirms this fact in Hebrews 11:5 and then in 2 Kings 2:11, we can read.
  77. The note from the Governor’s office confirms that Tyler and Davis are there.
  78. The maxim: ‘Do as you would be done by’ confirms the actions of our officer.
  79. It confirms my belief that Star Trek fans are generally a kinder, gentler bunch.
  80. Gerard sometimes confirms this information and may add that he is an only child.
  81. Again, the breakdown neither confirms the pattern nor indicates lack of support.
  82. As we have seen, the scientific evidence confirms that in the beginning, God.
  83. The thought of tossing the PC out the window at times only confirms this reality.
  84. Thatcher’s biography confirms that also her seasons have exactly alternated as.
  85. Josephine was an ordinary woman, as I explained earlier, it further confirms that.
  86. Glenn’s biography confirms the same patterns we’ve seen in other chapters: his.
  87. This also confirms that there is no such thing as co-incidence, only God incidence!.
  88. Paragraph 3 confirms the principle that parties to this Convention may, on the one.
  89. The Time Patrol documentary thus only confirms the opinion the Muslims had of Jesus.
  90. Elizabeth I’s biography confirms that also her life’s seasons alternated the way.
  91. He is on his mobile and Davie confirms that Shaun has had a good night at Caligula's.
  92. The first article confirms my fears: "Fires and Firefights Level Coptic Territories".
  93. Provided that, of course, your qualified doctor confirms that youre able to start a.
  94. Callas’s biography confirms that the good and bad seasons in her life alternated in.
  95. Fain confirms these details—The cold seems to be the only cause of future anxiety.
  96. I will tell you what I know once they are there and my officer confirms their presence.
  97. This confirms that a silly act by the Security Forces can indeed create a new terrorist.
  98. When he can get a word in edgeways, Simon confirms that he’s made a note of the dinner.
  99. Listen to what seasoned prophets are saying and see if it confirms what you are hearing.
  100. For as natural law states and reason confirms, something cannot be made from nothing.

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1. Or to confirm I simply.
2. Confirm my faith in the.
3. Please confirm that I am.
4. Let me confirm this, Mr.
5. I needed him to confirm it.
6. Yeah, I can confirm that.
7. The clinic could confirm it.
8. His next words confirm this.
9. But he managed to confirm it.
10. Try to confirm what we have.
11. Runt nodded to confirm all this.
12. There was this to confirm the.
13. Volume must confirm the trend.
14. Others even arose to confirm it.
15. Can you confirm and advise?
16. The DNA tests should confirm it.
17. We confirm this does not affect.
18. I cannot confirm the rendezvous.
19. Can you confirm that is true?
20. Athletes need a B test to confirm.
21. Now he could confirm his identity.
22. They will confirm the misdiagnosis.
23. Please send me an email to confirm.
24. How can you confirm your statement.
25. I thought I'd confirm it if I could.
26. His fire will confirm you on that day.
27. She did not have to confirm it for me.
28. We can confirm this through an example.
29. They confirm Brinkley is in his office.
30. Unfortunately, I can’t confirm that.
31. Linda was able to confirm that a new.
32. Further studies are needed to confirm.
33. Your email should confirm the date and.
34. To confirm my suspicion, I phoned Mrs.
35. His searing stare confirm her suspicion.
36. He can confirm what I tell you as truth.
37. I was hoping to confirm his name…God.
38. Julia was quick to confirm that with her.
39. He wanted me to confirm his calculations.
40. I glanced at the entrance to confirm this.
41. If they are accurate, I will confirm them.
42. He had plenty of witnesses to confirm his.
43. This would confirm the gravity of the news.
44. They also confirm, however, that the last.
45. The only thing she could not confirm with.
46. Can you give me a lift when I confirm?
47. He shall confirm a covenant with many.
48. I’m afraid I can’t confirm or deny that.
49. I felt, the Spirit should confirm to me if.
50. Detective Rooks would not confirm if formal.
51. I can confirm that they would be superfluous.
52. To further confirm the divinity of the babe;.
53. And Guinier would confirm it when he saw her.
54. Tap Delete Event a second time to confirm it.
55. Use another indicator to confirm the breakout.
56. Nayak was informed to confirm the day of shoot.
57. Always confirm the trend, especially reversals.
58. Galatians 4: 4 and Matthew 5: 17 confirm this:.
59. I called Koflanovich to confirm our appointment.
60. At this moment in time I cannot confirm that.
61. I gazed into the tank to confirm what was true.
62. I’m sure you can confirm this after our call.
63. Tech that seemed to confirm her accent was fake.
64. Confirm that an apple should drop from the tree.
65. Heavens to confirm the prophetic words they gave.
66. We’ve not been able to confirm that as of yet.
67. I'll believe that if the DNA tests confirm it.
68. It seemed to confirm every negative judgment I.
69. They hadn’t found any way to confirm my story.
70. It would almost confirm he knew about this one.
71. My job was to confirm that their hideout was in.
72. On a whim, Abanir flew to the river to confirm it.
73. You confirm or asset that what you intend to do.
74. It just produces a sound to confirm connectivity.
75. May I ask if you can confirm these statements?
76. His silence only tended to confirm her suspicions.
77. STEP 10 would invite you to do that, and confirm.
78. Yes they officially confirm it, Diane D says.
79. To confirm this theory of the case, we must quote.
80. Can’t confirm or deny that those exist either.
81. Confirm, Rapp said over his fake hearing aid.
82. God can confirm his word in many ways but rather.
83. I read that lately, and all the doctors confirm it.
84. Have users confirm their order before buying then.
85. To confirm is to verify the accuracy of information.
86. You could even use one method to confirm the other.
87. A dermatologist should be consulted to confirm the.
88. We cannot confirm the official reports at this time.
89. Candlesticks may confirm this coming price movement.
90. It is necessary to confirm everything with the bible.
91. To have her confirm it brought the tears to my eyes.
92. I will confirm or deny such later, Garcia said.
93. She was asked to confirm her name and date of birth.
94. Have I been summoned here just to confirm that?
95. We had to confirm his fears that Hades was after you.
96. I cant confirm that, yet, but I think I know how to.
97. Worse case is they confirm there’s a second hitter.
98. Time above the level and volume confirm the breakout.
99. Citizen Gabelle was called to confirm it, and did so.
100. But I fail to see evidence to confirm this assertion.