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Confound dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Enough of him, confound him!.
  2. Confound it, it's foolish, Tom.
  3. Confound the ignorant, and amaze indeed.
  4. Let us not confound loudness with emphasis.
  5. To confound a sad mind and lead sorrow awry.

  6. Confound it all! I understand now where the.
  7. What about? Confound you, don't tell me then.
  8. Silence, confound it! hissed the Dangler.
  9. I have a plan to confound the plan of the One Lord.
  10. He uses that which is foolish to confound the wise.
  11. Confusion); because the Lord did there confound the.
  12. Confound these civilities! I continually forget them.
  13. Well, I should hope not! Confound this dinner!.
  14. With the hush of my lips I wholly confound the skeptic.
  15. Nor had he ever heard him use the word confound before.

  16. They made very specific modifications to confound this.
  17. Questions as to why this had to happen only confound us.
  18. Oh, confound the sort of hats! You know that’s not it.
  19. What's troubling you? Confound it, speak up, can't you?
  20. Yes, confound the man! he may have upset the case altogether.
  21. What then is "faith" but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?
  22. To replace thought with revery is to confound a poison with a food.
  23. What then is faith but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?
  24. Confound this shoulder! It's going to be more nuisance than I thought.
  25. Well, I’ve to confound her so that she won’t have the wits to refuse.

  26. It cannot be permitted to confound survival of the soul with its eternity.
  27. The entire New Testament seeks to confound many of the basic tenets of the.
  28. We have learned to use the mystery of our beliefs to confound the white man.
  29. I am a little drunk, brother, only, confound him, he has some idea of his own.
  30. It should be clear that this is no mere coincidence and was done to confound.
  31. He will be sure to have it for his wedding, too! Enough of him, confound him!.
  32. He ended by imploring Zobeida not to confound the innocent with the guilty and.
  33. The danger of this type of design is that Order Effects will confound your results.
  34. She moved in zigzags, which did confound the beasts somewhat as they followed her.
  35. Confound it! There, said Solomon, making a dab at Miss Pross's lips with his own.
  36. Fascinating, aren’t they? Can you see how these scriptures may confound and confuse.
  37. It dawned upon him that the prospect of not finding a bride would confound him no end.
  38. It should be clear that this is no mere coincidence and was done to confound ancient.
  39. Rome to confound the understanding that the zodiac and Hebrew calendar were purposely.
  40. The worst and longest-running efforts to stamp-out and confound the wisdom flowing from.
  41. The end effect of this was to confound and delay the success of any efforts such as mine.
  42. Oh, confound the vapid thing! He’s absorbed in drying his feet, and never looks at her.
  43. Rome and cohorts to confound and misrepresent the purposes and meaning of the symbolized.
  44. Confound you handsome young fellows! you think of having it all your own way in the world.
  45. The Vatican and Christianity have long struggled to confound the wisdom of reincarnation by.
  46. He would resurface in the time of another Great War veteran who sought to confound the Empire.
  47. Just as I couldn't hope to extinguish the sun, these skeptics could not hope to confound God.
  48. It has been vitally important to Rome and its royal and aristocratic cohorts to confound the.
  49. Just as other pivotal symbolism was recast to confuse and confound ancient wisdom, the symbols.
  50. Sadly, much of this ignorance flows directly from long term and purposeful efforts to confound.
  51. Furthermore, the Vatican has gone to great lengths to confound the truth, hide its misdeeds and.
  52. Once again, wine is inserted here to confound the true meaning of the symbolism of cup and drink.
  53. Accordingly, the Vatican actively and purposely strives to confound the truth so they and their.
  54. Christianity was designed to confound these ancient messages, but other locales were also seeded.
  55. There are also other magical and alchemical associations that further confound the subject matter.
  56. What Stupendief do you mean, confound it all? cried Velchaninoff, stamping his foot with rage.
  57. Jesus Christ and Yahweh/Jehovah are all Strong Lies told to confound the truth about me, the long-.
  58. Indeed, some of the mysteries that confound scientists can be reasoned away by applying this model.
  59. Oh, confound the vapid thing! He's absorbed in drying his feet, and never looks at her---Linton!.
  60. Confound you and your Karl Ivánich! He took the glass with the drops and again went up to the cot.
  61. This state of affairs is used to confound efforts to forge a sane world free of ignorance and injustice.
  62. Do you want to be involved with God’s work at the end of the age? God uses the simple to confound the wise.
  63. The English have devised a system of weight measures with the apparent intent to confound the rest of the world.
  64. Yet it left him with a pricking sense—not of repentance—but that repentance might confront, might even confound, him.
  65. Bacon) made a poor attempt to confound this policy with the non-intercourse and non-importation agreement of 1774 and 1775.
  66. To the stock option trader who is used to visualizing calendar spreads, the futures option variety may confound him at first.
  67. On the last day of your Week of Disasters, a member of the other crew chose blinding rain and darkness to confound your soldiers.
  68. With the constellations of space they confound the stars of the abyss which are made in the soft mire of the puddle by the feet of ducks.
  69. That his son-in-law, so long connected with the Court, should confound anything royal, even if it was only time, quite took his breath away.
  70. Had I been inclined to superstition, I should have certainly thought that I had to do with some siren whose business it was to confound the.
  71. Small circles, made of thought, confound us thinkers, but that centripetal force, that tensile string of fallibility binds us to their dizziness.
  72. But confound this tumid, queasy feeling--this restlessness, swelling, and heat--it was jealousy! jealousy! jealousy! which he had sworn never to feel again.
  73. But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; (1Cor.
  74. Of course his training had been extensive: the ability to tolerate the ghostly interferences and the unsubstantial feel of surrounding matter was nothing that would confound him.
  75. They both astonish and confound most of the travellers through this region; and although objects of familiar examination to ourselves, they have not been collected or described by our citizens.
  76. Confound it all! I understand now where the unpleasantness is of being deceived in a legal marriage, but it's simply a despicable consequence of a despicable position in which both are humiliated.
  77. When they are advanced by the merchant or manufacturer, the consumer, who finally pays them, soon comes to confound them with the price of the commodities, and almost forgets that he pays any tax.
  78. This confound is similar to the universe existing of 4 per cent atom-energy, and 96 per cent unknown non-atom-energy (that keeps galaxies in formation and accelerates the expansion of the universe.
  79. Confound it all! I understand now where the unpleasantness is of being deceived in a legal marriage, but it’s simply a despicable consequence of a despicable position in which both are humiliated.
  80. I'd like to write the great names on this page, the names of the poets, first and greatest of the gods, to raise it to dignity and confound the ghost of Prior, but I won't out of consideration for you.
  81. In the common-stock arena the partialities of the market have tended to confound the conservative viewpoint, and conversely many issues appearing cheap under analysis have given a disappointing performance.
  82. But confound them all now! They won't notice me, and I need a little fresh air, for you've come just in the nick of time--another two minutes and I should have come to blows! They are talking such a lot of wild stuff.
  83. Outside it's raining, here it does not rain; outside it's cold, here there's not an atom of wind; outside there are heaps of people, here there's no one; outside there ain't even the moon, here there's my candle, confound it!.
  84. On the other hand, sir, supposing the right to be in the United States, I beg gentlemen not to create so forcible an interest against the rights of the United States as will infallibly be embodied against it if we confound the two.
  85. How wonderful it would be, we both agreed, were medical science able to discover remedies for ―incurable‖ diseases like Alzheimer‘s, ALS, Paralysis and inscrutable forms of Cancer that continue to confound medical authorities.
  86. Lowly and common men and women were used in this forwarding, and none had any particular talent to do so, but then looking quietly about this matter, God always seemed to use the simply things of life to confound the so-called wise.
  87. Having ascertained the end or object, they abandon the power; or, rather, they confound the power and the object of it together, and make the attainment of the object, and the execution of the power given to accomplish it, convertible terms.
  88. Can a betrothed man pay such visits? Is such a thing possible and with such a betrothed, and before the eyes of all the world? Confound it, I have some honor! As soon as I began visiting Grushenka, I ceased to be betrothed, and to be an honest man.
  89. The correlation of the sciences, the consciousness of the unity of nature, the idea of classification, the sense of proportion, the unwillingness to stop short of certainty or to confound probability with truth, are important principles of the higher education.
  90. Indeed, place this reversed skull (scaled down to the human magnitude) among a plate of men's skulls, and you would involuntarily confound it with them; and remarking the depressions on one part of its summit, in phrenological phrase you would say—This man had no self-esteem, and no veneration.
  91. In examining whether or not he was bewitched: if this was indeed true, then after they had thrown down their cords and staffs he would not say to them: …God will certainly confound it…, because one who is bewitched cannot attack, and with that saying, he was challenging them and mocking what they were doing.
  92. What struck him, you see, was that only that subject seemed to interest you; now it’s clear why it did interest you; knowing all the circumstances … and how that irritated you and worked in with your illness … I am a little drunk, brother, only, confound him, he has some idea of his own … I tell you, he’s mad on mental diseases.
  93. Did the magicians prosper and bewitch him as they bewitched the people’s eyes? Here is what happened with the magicians: When the magicians came, Moses said to them ‘cast down what you want to cast down’ and when they had thrown down (their cords and staffs), Moses said ‘magic is what you have done’, and Al’lah will surely confound it.
  94. They, certainly, didn't matter; while as for his own friends, those friends who had behaved badly to him on Vera's death, not only didn't he care twopence for their criticisms but he could hardly wait for the moment when he would confound them by producing for their inspection this sweetest of little girls, so young, so devoted to him, Lucy his wife.
  95. To this purpose, God must be expunged from the public consciousness lest His presence confound the prescribed arrangements of mechanical processes where two plus two may not necessarily add up to four nor does it have to provided such dubious calculations preserve the implausible standards of an unthinking individual who has been summarily reduced to rote.
  96. The first is, that that odious and supremely infamous claim will be put upon a ground which it is by no means entitled to occupy; and I entreat my friend from Georgia, and those whose minds are unalterably made up on the Yazoo question, not to give their enemies such a prize as they must have on us, if we agree to confound the Yazoo claim with that before the House.
  97. Ah, confound you! What a change you have made in yourself! A good reason for taking to a man, that he shows you what you have fallen away from, and what you might have been! Change places with him, and would you have been looked at by those blue eyes as he was, and commiserated by that agitated face as he was? Come on, and have it out in plain words! You hate the fellow.
  98. But seeing that he was not likely soon to cease I made haste to put him on shore, and thence he continued his maledictions and lamentations aloud; calling on Mohammed to pray to Allah to destroy us, to confound us, to make an end of us; and when, in consequence of having made sail, we could no longer hear what he said we could see what he did; how he plucked out his beard and tore his hair and lay writhing on the ground.
  99. For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called: But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:.
  100. We are so accustomed to confound art with nature that, often enough, phenomena of nature which are never to be met with in pictures seem to us unreal, and give us the impression that nature is unnatural, or vice versa; whereas phenomena of nature which occur with too much frequency in pictures seem to us hackneyed, and views which are to be met with in real life, but which appear to us too penetrated with a single idea or a single sentiment, seem to us arabesques.
  1. They didn’t find it confounding.
  2. What's a little bitter confounding.
  3. And there was Frank confounding him by.
  4. So confounding in the ways of your compassion.
  5. Amidst confounding rites and rituals the king was prepared.
  6. But there was a change in Gatsby that was simply confounding.
  7. Adding to the confusion and confounding the medical community’s understanding.
  8. Seeing the note produced a sudden confounding of his already baffling ruminations.
  9. This is based on both the misinterpretation and purposeful confounding of ancient.
  10. The three Isabels, overshadowed and clear cut in a great smoothness confounding the.
  11. The love was confounding and beyond overwhelming; it was incredulous to say the least.
  12. I CAN’T SPEAK, he proclaimed, confounding the medical advice with a hoarse shout.
  13. Why in God‘s name they would want to deny their children an education was confounding to me.
  14. This paradox is so confounding that in a sense it uses math to imply no one can ever get anywhere.
  15. The movie was over budget almost before it even began filming! Making matters even more confounding, Dr.
  16. We said earlier that volatility is the most confounding input in our effort to know the value of an option.
  17. We're back at the giver? her feet grew into the ground confounding her beginnings, destroying her own foundations.
  18. He would apprize his friend from Georgia of an error which he had fallen into, in confounding monopolies with patent rights.
  19. For example, when my firm was analyzing the market share size of Western Union, there were several confounding factors in play.
  20. Henceforth, he considered the institution of the papacy (as) the enemy of Christ, confound(ing) Christianity by pretending to rule it.
  21. Since all the inputs with the exception of volatility are knowable, you might think that volatility is the most confounding and important of the inputs.
  22. As to the first assertion, it is a miserable fallacy, confounding coincidence of interest with subjection of will; things in their nature palpably distinct.
  23. The third day Nikolay induced his brother to explain his plan to him again, and began not merely attacking it, but intentionally confounding it with communism.
  24. Roger had faced difficult situations before, but none was as de grading, devastating and confounding as this one, for it defiled deeply rooted beliefs and could wreck many lives.
  25. Closing the password box and right-clicking on the icon, Wickland selected Properties in hopes of gaining some further insight into the nature of this folder, the title of which was ambiguous and confounding.
  26. We focus on the wrong endpoints; participants and coinvestigators see through our blinding schemes; the effects of neglected and unobserved confounding factors overwhelm and outweigh the effects of our variables of interest.
  27. It was tempting to think of that expensive Mercenary publicly airing his boots in the archway of the Blue Boar's posting-yard; it was almost solemn to imagine him casually produced in the tailor's shop, and confounding the disrespectful senses of Trabb's boy.
  28. Let there be no mistake as to our meaning: we are not confounding what is called "political opinions" with the grand aspiration for progress, with the sublime faith, patriotic, democratic, humane, which in our day should be the very foundation of every generous intellect.
  29. Both in Plato and Aristotle we note the illusion under which the ancients fell of regarding the transience of pleasure as a proof of its unreality, and of confounding the permanence of the intellectual pleasures with the unchangeableness of the knowledge from which they are derived.
  30. I have adverted to this branch of the powers of the Federal Government as a means of dispelling the obscurity which has been thrown over the constitutional question, to which I shall soon come, by confounding the powers of Congress over the States, with their powers over the territories.
  31. The erroneous impressions with regard to this bank have arisen from ignorance of facts, relative to the practical fiscal operations of the Government, and from confounding an original, independent power, to establish banks and corporations, with a necessary auxiliary to the execution of the powers given.
  32. The mistake has arisen from confounding God’s action towards us in grace (and the new corresponding rule of conduct, which forbids vindictive or compensatory behavior to those who offend us) with God's action in law, and His dealings in judgment with those who, having refused His mercy, must feel the weight of His justice.
  33. If they had been at home, settled at Lowick in ordinary life among their neighbors, the clash would have been less embarrassing: but on a wedding journey, the express object of which is to isolate two people on the ground that they are all the world to each other, the sense of disagreement is, to say the least, confounding and stultifying.
  34. At those times, I would decide conclusively that my disaffection to dear old Joe and the forge was gone, and that I was growing up in a fair way to be partners with Joe and to keep company with Biddy,—when all in a moment some confounding remembrance of the Havisham days would fall upon me like a destructive missile, and scatter my wits again.
  35. It was for the instant confounding and bottomless, for if he WERE innocent, what then on earth was I? Paralyzed, while it lasted, by the mere brush of the question, I let him go a little, so that, with a deep-drawn sigh, he turned away from me again; which, as he faced toward the clear window, I suffered, feeling that I had nothing now there to keep him from.
  36. Disgruntled Catholics, (including the Clergy), operating within the Church, are precursors of The Antichrist; unwittingly paving the way for his eventual return; preparing a spiritual wasteland, confounding all aspects of Church doctrines and teachings superseding authoritative truths with (spiritually) vague and uncertain ecclesiastical notions pandering to the whims of an uninformed Conscience; discrediting revealed wisdoms and traditional customs inspired by the Holy Spirit.
  37. But that there should he three distinct Persons in the Godhead; that One of these should lay aside the 'form of God’ and descend to be born of a Virgin, so as to become part of the integral personality of the Christ; and that this occurred 1877 years ago in Palestine, in the Son of Mary,—is a proposition of prima facie incredibility so confounding to sense and reason that the tendency of the thinking public, learned and unlearned, has ever been largely in the direction of skepticism or resolute denial.
  1. On His Dream But Confounded.
  2. But it's a confounded nuisance.
  3. Misgab is confounded and dismayed.
  4. Scary? Why? I was confounded.
  5. They must not be confounded together.
  6. The man in spectacles stood confounded.
  7. She was mortified, shocked, confounded.
  8. All ready for the confounded aeroplane.
  9. You faced the wisest and confounded them.
  10. Cara, where are those confounded pills?'.
  11. What is this? Hallen said, confounded.
  12. What a confounded time this first act takes.
  13. Let them be ashamed and confounded that seek.
  14. Confounded, the substance on his finger was.
  15. They have long purposely confounded the truth.
  16. They heard confounded voices shouting directions.
  17. Where’s that confounded bridge? I grunted.
  18. Who is this? he asked, confounded that he.
  19. Here again justice and expediency are confounded.
  20. She looked the very picture of confounded innocence.
  21. Wages, therefore, are in this case confounded with profit.
  22. His friends and followers were confounded and overwhelmed.
  23. I’m late to another meeting with those confounded Trebs.
  24. And I found some confounded ones that dangle in midair!.
  25. Hamath is confounded, and Arpad, for they have heard evil.
  26. Wiggles was still confounded as to the nature of her intent.
  27. And I found some confounded ones that dangle in midair!’.
  28. Couldn't wait until morning to tell me his confounded stories.
  29. These doctors are probably totally confounded by his recovery.
  30. Both rent and profit are, in this case, confounded with wages.
  31. The Breton woman positively confounded the Stormcloak soldiers.
  32. That hole in the roof but meanwhile it's a confounded nuisance.
  33. Can I have the cigarette or what? White asked, confounded.
  34. Couldn't wait until morning to tell me his confounded tall tales.
  35. The words of the confounded old man seemed to have shaken Pugatchéf.
  36. They started laughing and throwing rocks, which confounded me worse.
  37. To all this, not a word of answer; I sat mute, confounded, terrified.
  38. I suppose it was some of them confounded old maids at the Glen, was it.
  39. He had even lashed three of the confounded things to the Tiger�s Claw.
  40. Why if I weren’t in this confounded chair I should box your ears!.
  41. Ethan’s confounded look was exaggerated by his dumbstruck tone of voice:.
  42. Please be ready, so that I will not have to camp on those confounded stairs.
  43. I find myself confounded by this McGill business, I admitted to the Adj.
  44. So confounded by his mourning, he was barely aware of what was going on inside.
  45. His face was motionless, unable to look anything other than utterly confounded.
  46. I've got to stay for this confounded supper, but I shall be home early tomorrow.
  47. Cinchona, on the different kinds of bark confounded with, De Candolle, xvii, 388.
  48. Are they… branches? he asked, confounded by the size of the main supports.
  49. Only let's get at what you do want, without all these confounded dictionary words.
  50. Alyosha stood speechless and confounded; he had never expected what he was seeing.
  51. Moreover, finding her situation humiliating, she continued to be confounded no end.
  52. Through this control, they have thoroughly confounded history to hide their tracks.
  53. The mayor was confounded "Why is she here and not in Boston? Why did she come here?".
  54. I become confounded with his soul, and with him I pass from one condition to another.
  55. Confounded by the unexpected invasion, what had happened? Kifter was running towards.
  56. I should like to see a specimen of the tribe before we leave their confounded country.
  57. All of these terms and related symbolism and concepts have been confounded over time.
  58. Heathcliff, perceiving us all confounded, rose, and expeditiously made the tea himself.
  59. As to the fourth method—that of interesting—it also is frequently confounded with art.
  60. Nuttall, who appears to have confounded the two species in these, and some other instances.
  61. I’ve now delivered dramatic proof that the Vatican and Christianity purposely confounded.
  62. The whole family was startled and well-nigh confounded by the news brought by the messenger.
  63. This order, as it will be seen, was not to be confounded with the Benedictine nuns of Citeaux.
  64. The truth about them and their philosophies were purposely confounded and recast by Rome and.
  65. He turned his confounded gaze upward, noting the clouds sliding against the darkening expanse.
  66. Another thing most people don’t grasp, because it has long been purposely confounded, is the.
  67. Another symbol also confounded by the efforts of Rome is the sun, which is directly tied to the.
  68. Had he made an error? Was this not God’s will? He listened to his thoughts and was confounded.
  69. Pivotal aspects of this history have been significantly obfuscated and confounded by the Vatican.
  70. People understood things about reality that have been mostly lost to history and confounded by the.
  71. He has encouraged much of the Capataz's confounded nonsense—the high-strung, exalted old beggar!.
  72. This unexpected, and to them perfectly unintelligible sally on Zina's part had utterly confounded them.
  73. I saw that what I said was operating to an effect, and that the two troublesome members were confounded.
  74. His sufferings were hailed with the greatest joy by a knot of spectators, and I felt utterly confounded.
  75. Garcia, alien abduction stories could be attributed to mass hysteria, no doubt confounded by Iotia’s.
  76. Indeed, Ervyn Peake used many words throughout this current story that simply confounded the young upstart.
  77. This sudden valiance, like the desperate valiance of a partridge protecting its young, confounded them both.
  78. His whole gains, however, are commonly called profit, and wages are, in this case, too, confounded with profit.
  79. That confounded cough of mine had come on again; I fell into a chair, and with difficulty recovered my breath.
  80. The two agree in every essential detail and none of the others could be confounded by an expert who studied them.
  81. What's the object of an infernal lie of that sort? That confounded pick-pocket was quite capable of believing you.
  82. They had brought the original complaint against him and it confounded them to hear his voice urging their protection.
  83. That night, when he placed all the cards before her, Sneha was too confounded to comprehend whether to scoot or carry on.
  84. Herbert Pocket (for Herbert was the pale young gentleman's name) still rather confounded his intention with his execution.
  85. I had him in my sights during the months he flew in a net under that confounded lighter-than-air animal that blindsided me.
  86. Confounded, difficult, stubborn, little female, I angrily raged to myself, as I let my head fall forward against the pillar.
  87. My Lord Provost, I was surprised, and beginning to be confounded, at the explosion which the two gentlemen have committed.
  88. They looked at one another and their thoughts, confounded in the same agony, clung close together like two throbbing breasts.
  89. But he answered and said to me Do not be confounded but receive strength from the commandments which I am going to give you.
  90. The master seemed confounded a moment: he grew pale, and rose up, eyeing her all the while, with an expression of mortal hate.
  91. The notion gave me a miniscule quantity of gratification, but I was confounded with the way the werewolf moved over my brother.
  92. Gonzalez placed a tiny dictating machine at the edge of his desk, and then drove his stare deep into Mitchell's confounded eyes.
  93. He tried to remember more of what the voice had been saying to them, but he had been utterly confounded by its meager explanations.
  94. The managers did not hesitate; without wasting time in asking how these confounded communications came to be delivered in an office.
  95. Let them be confounded and turned back that hate Zion, and be as the grass upon the house-tops, which withereth before it groweth up.
  96. He broke into their hiding places, thwarted their schemes and confounded their criminal deeds, until they were beaten into submission.
  97. God will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded; therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed.
  98. Burning with impatience, Raskolnikoff brandished the hatchet, ready to strike the corpse and sever the confounded string at the same blow.
  99. While Celia instinctively rocked him gently, the girl nodded with bewilderment before speaking in a confounded voice as low as a whisper:.
  100. And really, after a day or two of confusion worse confounded, it was delightful by degrees to invoke order from the chaos ourselves had made.
  1. It confounds me that once level-headed.
  2. It is this point that confounds many Christians.
  3. And no one confounds us the Savior who have.
  4. I can’t call what Christian does flying, and he confounds me by going up not down.
  5. He is apt to denominate, however, his whole gain, profit, and thus confounds rent with profit, at least in common language.
  6. And I or you pocketless of a dime may purchase the pick of the earth, And to glance with an eye or show a bean in its pod confounds the.
  7. The force is necessary, and the arms, of course; but the war is really won by the man who sits back, like one cheating at cards, and confounds the enemy with his trickery.
  8. It confounds together all the inhabitants of a parish, good and bad, as equally regenerate persons, leading to a general acknowledgment of worldly virtues as Christian graces, and lowering the supernatural system of spiritual religion to a level which suits the average ungodliness.
  9. The true antidote to materialism is not found in a bold ignoring of facts as to the generation of human nature, or as to its structure and functions; much less in setting up a metaphysic which confounds survival with eternal duration, and even maintains survival of the soul by arguments which revolt the judgment of many of the foremost philosophers of the age.

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