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Conjure dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I couldn’t conjure a family.
  2. Anything they could conjure off.
  3. And as you breathe in conjure up images of.
  4. You conjure up what your opinion is on 102.
  5. Sit and keep yourself quiet while I conjure.

  6. What possible bullshit story could I conjure up?
  7. I want to feel something emotion cannot conjure.
  8. You conjure up what your opinion is on the subject.
  9. We can conjure spells and communicate with nature.
  10. Once you conjure it in your imagination, it will come.
  11. They conjure up images about the consequences of change.
  12. The big fellow didnt even have the time to conjure up a.
  13. It was for the beholder to visualize it, to conjure it up.
  14. The flashing minds and eyes that conjure celluloid images.
  15. The words that he wanted to conjure up caught at the back.

  16. The sea may be many things but it couldn’t conjure up a.
  17. Now, she did not need to try to conjure up their old memories.
  18. But until then, I conjure you, do not mention or allude to it.
  19. In his final moments on earth, he desperately tried to conjure.
  20. Explanation: First conjure up what is the worst that can happen.
  21. It only took a few days for the folks in Little Town to conjure.
  22. Halfshaft duly obliged, snapping his fingers to conjure up a flame.
  23. From the ruined mountain, he can conjure up a thousand if he so wishes.
  24. Sheranara! she called in a voice only an Enthilesté can conjure.
  25. Well, you of all people should know the lies the media can conjure up.

  26. Everard King was already a name to conjure with in that part of the county.
  27. And you know full well that my only other spell is to conjure up a jet of water.
  28. Something more betraying and terrible and cruel than even his mind could conjure.
  29. For human society I was obliged to conjure up the former occupants of these woods.
  30. He lowered his head, exhaling as he tried to conjure up his parting words to Alex.
  31. Futures and options conjure up a lot of apprehension and puzzlement among investors.
  32. He could create fire, and he could conjure up water from thin air to put it out again.
  33. Images are positive reflections that you draw from, and usually your mind will conjure.
  34. Try to explore the associate so that you conjure up some ideas that associate with you>.
  35. The towers were another unfathomable wonder that imagination would have failed to conjure.
  36. Interpret my words with candour and answer me, I conjure you, with confidence and sincerity.
  37. Moshe tried to picture the scene but could only conjure up vague images of grand drama in a.
  38. Sleep eludes him as images of the bald headed man walking down the road conjure up in his mind.
  39. It was nearly impossible for me to conjure that image now as I sat on the high mountain saddle.
  40. But I had forgotten and even worse, could not, for the life of me, conjure an image of her face.
  41. I went to the cauldron of memory and tried to conjure that part of the dream in my mind’s eye.
  42. Answer me, I conjure you by our mutual happiness, with simple truth—Do you not love another?
  43. That would have been fine had she not at the same time been constantly coached to conjure up bad memories.
  44. Sir, I conjure you, I entreat now, sir, give me your most sacred word of honor, that you will not tell her.
  45. They will conjure up all sorts of indignant, ridiculous arguments to justify and defend their outdated beliefs.
  46. They conjure it all in the center of their bodies until it moved through their creases and consumed them entirely.
  47. For a time, he attempted to conjure up an inconspicuous hiding place, somewhere away from any unsuspecting thieves.
  48. Nevertheless, in Nevada, the past March, I’d seen that the cultists could conjure entities not born of this world.
  49. With that aim he shut his eyes in order to conjure an electromagnetic storm unlike anything he’d ever brought forth.
  50. Whatever humanity I might conjure up against it was all factitious, and concerned my philosophy more than my feelings.
  51. His magic level was such that it was still easier to just plink icecubes from a bucket than conjure them into the glass.
  52. The Elders had tried to capture the Witch before, but she would always conjure up spells and use magic to avoid capture.
  53. As to the golden baubles, they are but the expected trappings needed to conjure the image I want others to believe about you.
  54. Testament relate that King Saul humbly consulted the witch of Endor to conjure the ghost of the recently deceased prophet Samuel.
  55. Once out it seems to conjure up support from others who share in the same insecurity that it bubbled up from in the first place.
  56. The words that he wanted to conjure up caught at the back of his throat and his first sound was little more than a muffled cough.
  57. And it’s the way some of them conjure up wealth to earn infamy that makes for the great human tragedy, he said with apathy.
  58. The definition: this is the claim to be able to conjure up the spirits of the dead through what are alleged to be scientific methods.
  59. And now tell me, I conjure you, has not imitation been shown by us to be concerned with that which is thrice removed from the truth?
  60. The closest anyone on Earth could describe it, if they even tried, was as an astral plane, a place to conjure anything you wished or.
  61. I stared at the picture, trying to conjure up the image of the man I saw with her that day, his head bent as he stooped to embrace her.
  62. In addition, the glistening sweat combined with revealing thong bathing suits left little more to conjure up, for his vivid imagination.
  63. Speaker, it is not my intention to detain you long; my principal object in rising is to conjure gentlemen to bring this debate to a close.
  64. Moshe tried to picture the scene but could only conjure up vague images of grand drama in a place he had never seen and could scarcely image.
  65. Don Quixote in his trepidation began saying, I conjure thee, phantom, or whatever thou art, tell me what thou art and what thou wouldst with me.
  66. They pretend that the spirits that they supposedly conjure up are sent by Al’lah to humanity, just as the messengers had been sent before them.
  67. It follows that the killing of enchanters can be made a reality by forsaking them and the sessions through which they conjure their hidden devils.
  68. The second floor was gone, as was most of one side, but there were still enough upright two-by-fours to conjure memories of what it had once been.
  69. He is completely egocentric, self serving, spoiled, and any other adjectives you can conjure up that come with being a child prodigy and celebrity.
  70. Still, when it came to Ingrid, he felt confident of his heart's ability to navigate any storm that circumstances--or best friends--could conjure up.
  71. I tried to entice them with the most decadent muffins I could conjure up, like muffins with Maltesers inside, or the rarer treat of licorice muffins.
  72. For some time I was lost in conjecture as to the cause of this, but yesterday an idea struck me, and if it is well founded, I conjure you to avow it.
  73. We can conjure up great compassion and love for that wounded child and then begin to see that the wounded child is still very much alive within the Mother.
  74. All that engineering comes in handy when dreaming up paranormal powers in future worlds or mixing science with fantasy to conjure slightly plausible inventions.
  75. He then reached the stage of being a spiritual medium, and tried to witness the embodiment or the voice of the spirit that they claim to be able to conjure up.
  76. Ah, Belinda, ’tis a Paradox of Lust that the deliberate Modesty of Nuns’ Attire may conjure more lascivious Visions in the Brain than the sheerest Nakedness!.
  77. Those seven men wielded great power, the like of which had never been seen before, and they could conjure up foul beasts from the underworld to do battle for them.
  78. With Richard being well over six foot tall, the image of their two friends, who were only small, carrying the large frame of Richard, it did conjure up a funny vision.
  79. Was there enough time left for her to learn? And even if there was, what if she were to go into the demesne of her own head, conjure up the Carlson Glass, summon Jo-Jo.
  80. Obviously you can conjure up an extreme example where the moral position appears cut and dried but in general it is true that most debates are complicated and not trivial.
  81. Here I was trying to act the part of detective when I had neither freed myself from my jail cell or restored my own soul through any feat of ability that I could conjure up.
  82. Because if I look in your purse, or find it anywhere in this hizzy, the pain you'll receive will be unthinkable, worse than any nightmare you could ever conjure up under that wig.
  83. He…he should’ve said something, stammered her husband, as around him one judge after another jeered and called him every sort of stupid ass that their imaginations could conjure up.
  84. He just stood there looking down at me in a lost way, the way a kid looks when he gets caught red-handed doing something naughty and is unable to conjure up a lie that will excuse his actions.
  85. Harry was elated on account of those two particular locales they had essayed during their journey merely for their very formidable access and the determination which one must conjure to tour them.
  86. Ah! Have pity on yourself, you miserable young child, who were sucking at nurse less than twenty years ago, and who have, no doubt, a mother still alive! I conjure you, listen to me, I entreat you.
  87. Dark turned to go pat, conjure, calm his dust-crone friend, but cracked to a halt at the crack of the rifle being reopened, the bullet ejected by Will's father, to assure the audience it was there.
  88. I conjure thee, by what thou owest to thy most loyal goodness, that thou wilt become my kind intercessor with thy master, that he speedily give aid to this most humble and most unfortunate countess.
  89. Of course Christ the Son of the Creator could have presented Himself in this way, conjure Himself as an instant King and create an army out of thin air to crush a powerful empire if He had willed to.
  90. This Love that I now felt and received was larger than man himself can conjure, for it was not me that Loved, but He that lived within, and it could no more be dammed up than one could dam the ocean.
  91. The people of the Global Council still avoid such areas as much as they can, partly because of the sinister souvenirs they conjure and partly because of the millions of human remains still lying around.
  92. They believe that the prophets’ wonders were spiritual phenomena, just like those which occur in the room where they conjure up the spirits, and they say that they can recreate the prophets’ wonders.
  93. Perhaps, not only to attain her but also to conjure away her dangers, all that was needed was a feeling as primitive and as simple as that of love, but that was the only thing that did not occur to anyone.
  94. He lauded almost extravagantly my nether extremities, my swelling calves in silk hose drawn up to the limit, and eulogised glowingly my other hidden treasures in priceless lace which, he said, he could conjure up.
  95. Why not?! Since I have heard that there are those who can conjure up spirits, why don’t I conjure up my friend’s spirit?! I would just pay a few pounds and then have the chance to find out what is in his mind.
  96. I CONJURE and confirm upon you, ye strong and holy angels, by the names On,Hey,Heya,Ja,Je,Saday,Adonai and in the name Sadai, who created four-footed beasts, and creeping things, and man, in the sixth day, and gave to Adam.
  97. After his cross-country trip, Joe spent the rest of the summer of 1934 in the still half-finished house on Silberhorn Road in Sequim, desperately trying to conjure up enough money to get himself through another school year.
  98. He was quite fearful of another reoccurrence of the awful vitriolic voices, especially in company; he didn’t know how many more times he would be able to conjure up excuses on the spur of the moment to conceal his condition.
  99. Ursempyre was still looking at the Patriarch dumbfounded, not as much because of the Patriarch’s ability to instantly and at will seemingly conjure whatever items he pleased, but more so because of what he was saying, or trying to imply.
  100. The beginning: during the nineteenth century, many groups appeared in the United States of America and practiced this sort of magic, whereby they pretended to conjure up the spirits of dead people by various means, with the goal of revealing unseen matters.
  1. As if conjuring it from thin.
  2. His reverie kept conjuring up strange scenes.
  3. Shahu greeted him with conjuring and terrific voice.
  4. The locket set my brain to conjuring up ideas about.
  5. Colin peered closer, conjuring up Atkinson’s image.
  6. He was conjuring up visions of her face as she talked.
  7. My region has been tormented by Ankharet’s conjuring.
  8. He said quickly conjuring a fabricated story in his head.
  9. In the meantime, I was conjuring up a specific plan of.
  10. I’m sorry, Taj said, conjuring a hint of fearfulness.
  11. This is because the creative mind is conjuring up new ideas.
  12. Emma sprawls on the bed, her hands conjuring shapes in the air.
  13. The Propaganda of Conjuring up Spirits,[49] or the New Spiritism.
  14. Their minds were probably conjuring up all sorts of improbable scenarios.
  15. We're dismal enough without conjuring up ghosts and visions to perplex us.
  16. And Tris, conjuring weapons out of thin air to attack her worst nightmares.
  17. I think you work a subtle conjuring with the soft voice of you, and your harps.
  18. Trusting his brother, his glowing countenance comforting, Hanor tried conjuring strong.
  19. The mind-executioner stood, arms raised as if conjuring the stars and gods to come to him.
  20. The mages gathered around the fallen oracle, conjuring light spheres that lit the midnight hall.
  21. The words of the clown swirled in his ears, conjuring an image of himself as the witch’s pet.
  22. Escrocevitch was a person of general utility and was especially good at all kinds of conjuring tricks.
  23. As Richard himself was conjuring, he realized, when he should have been finishing his article, his book.
  24. All this time the Philistines were conjuring and enticing, to find what and where his weakness could be.
  25. Religious moral retrogression and deterioration are associated with the appearance of sorcery and conjuring.
  26. A person may have gone and witnessed this supposed conjuring of spirits, and may have believed what they saw.
  27. The haphazard conjuring of Ankharet have proven to be more than a nuisance to the harmony of our regions.
  28. The mindless cretins were responding to a cheap spectacle that was part conjuring trick and part Punch and Judy.
  29. Killian was lit up in runes, casting fire at the oracle, and Loken had his hand on the ground, conjuring another.
  30. Suffice it to say that he got struck off after performing conjuring tricks at his nephew’s tenth birthday party.
  31. Wellingsworth, sir," spoke Doug with swelled tears in his eyes, "we're so sorry for conjuring up all those demons.
  32. To think I falter what tasteless conjuring they conducted over the eons, instilling this insatiable thirst in them.
  33. At any rate, religious and moral impotence or regression is always associated with the emergence of magic and conjuring.
  34. I awoke just before dawn in a high attic servant's room and lay conjuring the great day in the morning this was promised to be.
  35. Conjuring, she wove the spell to fix the broken bones and torn flesh but could do nothing yet to fix the flagging core of his strength.
  36. Hypnotism may be one of the methods relied on by these conjurers, which resembles and converges very much with the conjuring up of spirits.
  37. But American politicians were still conjuring up his image to boost their electoral ratings in the 1990s and beyond, so Camelot hasn’t entirely vanished.
  38. Several years earlier Prince Chechevinski had taken a deep interest in conjuring and had devoted time and care to the study of various forms of parlor magic.
  39. What if the torrent had kept pouring into their Great Water all this time? It was beyond him to even try conjuring up what it might take to bring it to a stop.
  40. The wow of wobbly piped carols played in the background as badgering commands came over the speaker, conjuring images of a pinched man shouting into a tin can.
  41. He should have been preoccupied with finding a solution, but instead he found himself conjuring up Maria’s image, strangely anxious that their date go smoothly.
  42. Naturally gifted, he had mastered some of the most difficult tricks, and his skill in card conjuring would not have done discredit even to a professional magician.
  43. Back at the boulders the only light came from a fire that shed a soft, flickering glow, conjuring images of mysterious creatures that usually appeared only in dreams.
  44. Her imagination was into the stratosphere, wildly conjuring deceitful plots and terrifying images of the madmen behind the curtain, in the closet, under the bed and in every shadow.
  45. Yet this belief and this inclination to magic and conjuring have now found access to the means for an increase in publicity through modern methods of communication and the Internet.
  46. Jasper and Killian complained about Lord Kikritan all the way to the dinner hall, conjuring up anecdotes from other apprentices who had suffered his irascible, unlikeable personality.
  47. There I wandered about for many a year, and at last came back to the Punjab, where I lived mostly among the natives and picked up a living by the conjuring tricks that I had learned.
  48. The phenomenon of magic and conjuring has become widespread and is continuing to spread in the age of material progress due to the weakness of the lofty religious side of our spirits.
  49. It was then that he understood that for all of the magical pessaries that he destroyed and all the conjuring hens that he soaked, the single and sad piece of truth was that he was dying.
  50. It racked me to recall past happiness and the greater peril there was of conjuring up its apparition, the quicker the thible ran round, and the faster the handfuls of meal fell into the water.
  51. It racked me to recall past happiness, and the greater peril there was of conjuring up its apparition, the quicker the thible ran round, and the faster the handfuls of meal fell into the water.
  52. If we were over there, if we were standing near the Eiffel Tower, we would see Sacre Coeur all lit up on the hill, he said, allowing the vision he was conjuring for her to come to life for himself as well.
  53. A chance occurred where, by the simple expedient of neutralizing the cut, mere child's play for one so skilled in conjuring, he was able to turn the scale in his favor, winning back in a single game all that he had already lost.
  54. In the morning, Connacher and Blackfin emerged looking quite pleased with each other and exhausted as well they should be–after spending two days conjuring spells that had lit up the walls of the tent like a beacon from a lighthouse.
  55. Thus every sort of confusion is revealed within us; and this is that weakness of the human mind on which the art of conjuring and of deceiving by light and shadow and other ingenious devices imposes, having an effect upon us like magic.
  56. Their propaganda then spread throughout the Muslim and Arab worlds, where sessions of conjuring up spirits are still held in homes and clubs, during which the attendees receive messages written down on paper, supposedly without the prompting of the medium or psychic.
  57. Maybe he was simply insane; his mind conjuring up something to divert from the contemplation of death, and temporal eradication besides – the total ceasing of his existence; the mind going to the most extraordinary lengths to give him what mattered most in life: hope.
  58. I had left behind me - what? Youth? Adolescence? Romance? The conjuring stuff of these things, 'the Young Magician's Compendium', that neat cabinet where the ebony wand had its place beside the delusive billiard balls, the penny that folded double, and the feather flowers that could be drawn into a hollow candle.
  59. In fact someone had sent his mother a long anonymous letter to warn her that he was "ruining himself with a married woman," and the good lady at once conjuring up the eternal bugbear of families, the vague pernicious creature, the siren, the monster, who dwells fantastically in depths of love, wrote to Lawyer Dubocage, his employer, who behaved perfectly in the affair.
  60. Mustafa Mahmood is one of those who gives his opinion, telling us: I don’t believe in the truth of such news (of conjuring up the spirits of dead people), and I think that the one they invoke in such sessions is not the spirit of the dead person, but that of the jinn who accompanied him throughout his life, and consequently, he can imitate his voice and unveil his secrets.
  61. The baroness had been tolerably composed until the name of Villefort had been pronounced; but then she became pale, and, rising, as if touched by a spring, she stretched out her hands as though conjuring an apparition; she then took two or three steps towards her husband, as though to tear the secret from him, of which he was ignorant, or which he withheld from some odious calculation,—odious, as all his calculations were.
  1. I conjured him by his kinship.
  2. Or rather she was conjured away.
  3. He conjured that face at the window.
  4. He conjured up the scene before them.
  5. You can imagine the visions it conjured.
  6. Of course, I conjured up all kinds of this.
  7. She conjured the image of him in her mind.
  8. He conjured up a small flame on his fingers.
  9. Black Francis and the images conjured by them.
  10. He conjured up his mothers countenance in his.
  11. I conjured her family waiting at a picnic table.
  12. Of course, Rango conjured up an amazed voice.
  13. Halfshaft had conjured up a two-inch flame on his.
  14. As if she’d conjured it up, her cell phone hummed.
  15. As if Ant had conjured Uncle, he appeared silently.
  16. His words conjured up images that struck at her core.
  17. At first, I conjured up the courage to peer out of my.
  18. Actually, I have conjured up everything, and anything.
  19. All the words I had conjured on the train had vanished.
  20. Conjured by the real Ciere, who is still on the ground.
  21. For Dave, the term conjured up feelings of helplessness.
  22. Henry conjured a small light in his hand and moved to the desk.
  23. Oh, so this is a dream—one that you conjured from my past.
  24. As if conjured by his thoughts, she popped up on the caller ID.
  25. Upon my arrival I conjured up the strength to run to the nearest.
  26. Now those two fools have conjured the whole nutty group, and they.
  27. Except this was no supernatural entity conjured from another world.
  28. An epic-scale vortex was conjured just outside the orbit of the planet.
  29. Without hesitation, the mahu conjured up the magic from his flute and.
  30. Hamilton’s hand would kill Ned, but Locke’s mind conjured the idea.
  31. Newspaper conjured a demonic meaning into all of this, and the sect of.
  32. And as if conjured from his imagination she was on the same beach as he.
  33. It even conjured images of what she would call "The True Business Woman".
  34. He drew out a blank piece of paper and conjured the image of the man in his head.
  35. Sam stared in repudiation, as the demon conjured yet another hammer from thin air.
  36. Paul put his hands on his hips and laughed at the picture conjured up by George's.
  37. I said nothing and she broke into a new tune that conjured up the spirits for sure.
  38. The witch has conjured a dark army, Esmeralda said, her hand caressing the orb.
  39. As if the people that used to live here in ages past conjured their food out of thin air.
  40. The bright shield winked out of sight the moment she conjured it, and her face brightened.
  41. The woman’s eyes glared fiercely and she conjured with one hand and in it appeared a cup.
  42. The protective shield Holly had first conjured back in Oregon was Legion’s secret weapon.
  43. Then Zack conjured up some snot buggers from his nose, and had them form into a wall of goo.
  44. Trask stopped short, amazed at the comically distorted picture conjured up by his bruised ego.
  45. Immediately my mind conjured up the whispers that accompanied my first entering of this house.
  46. From their hands they conjured balls of wind that met our fireballs and sucked the flames out.
  47. The clean spring water conjured up images of gurgling through rocks and stones and damp earth.
  48. Even when you looked up at me and smiled, I thought perhaps I had conjured you out of thin air.
  49. The carvings etched into the stone conjured more memories from the last few days with Ruaidhri.
  50. I’ll throw in a Locutus of Borg, Dionysus said, swirling a drink conjured out of thin air.
  51. It was overwhelming beyond what they had or even could have conjured up in their own imaginations.
  52. Zarko smiled as he conjured up a vision of the two of them skimpily clad and flexing their muscles.
  53. When you look at change with patience and courage, all that you had conjured up proves to be wrong.
  54. If others would take the time they‘d see I‘m not the monster they‘ve conjured in their minds.
  55. Kahn, the great Kahn by whom all the forces of the underworld had conjured, was completely unnerved.
  56. I had spied upon a ceremony for which they conjured demonic entities to witness their human sacrifices.
  57. With the power of a magical spell and a room filled with glowing smoke, the genie conjured up a look-alike.
  58. Immediately it conjured up intimate and romantic images of a very tranquil and idyllic rural Greek village.
  59. Justin took the lead as he had always done, having no clue that his former friend was the devil he conjured.
  60. Peter moved his hands from under the thick sand and conjured up a black hole that the sand monster sunk into.
  61. How different it had all been from the litany of possibilities his limited experience could have conjured up.
  62. She couldn’t see what was causing the sound but her mind conjured up the inevitable image of walking trees.
  63. Lezura conjured up her honoi, channeled it in her hands, and she squeezed harder as she concentrated even more.
  64. I took her hand and waited as she conjured up all her strength and power from the witches and warlocks in the room.
  65. With the humans, I conjured up lightning and rain, sending bolts, shocking their weapons, causing them to explode.
  66. As if she’d conjured him up, he came jogging out of the hotel looking like he’d stepped out of the pages of GQ.
  67. And so he conjured up a fictitious story, believing that his friends ran away and that his parents were never alive.
  68. Suzy had conjured up a lovely lunch of salad, olives and tuna steak drizzled with lemon, a nice start to the afternoon.
  69. The scene at the lake she knew had been conjured up, by her fear of the muddy thing she’d seen earlier that morning.
  70. The show was over, the magic had gone, waiting to be conjured up in another theatre, in another city, on another night.
  71. Not knowing whether it would do any good or not, Donna cleared her thoughts and conjured an image of Jared in her mind.
  72. Have you noticed that out of all the illusions Guntram’s conjured to scare you, I haven’t been one of them?
  73. I wondered if she was really in there or had she left and went somewhere to exaggerate whatever story she had conjured up.
  74. I walked up and down my room hastily and perturbed, while my imagination conjured up a thousand images to torment and sting me.
  75. He claimed that he had conjured up the spirit of one of the chiefs of a Native American tribe, whose name was the White Buzzard.
  76. After passing several hours, we returned hopeless, most of my companions believing it to have been a form conjured up by my fancy.
  77. Unable to picture anything worse than the Fae, my mind conjured up the image of hundreds of them, all snarling as they came for us.
  78. Standing over six feet tall and appearing to weigh hundreds of pounds, it was far beyond anything Scott's imagination could have conjured.
  79. The Unquenchables had done their best to be worthy of the name, for like elves they had worked by night and conjured up a comical surprise.
  80. Standing over six feet tall and appearing to weigh three hundred pounds, it was far beyond anything Scott's imagination could have conjured.
  81. He closed his eyes and conjured up the vision of the snow-raven, feeling the feathers and whiteness and strange unknowable warmth in his mind.
  82. But the feebleness of Ralph’s efforts has meant that he can see into the courtyard, he can witness what powers Gelahn has conjured from the air.
  83. He made me drink from another cup he conjured out of the air and this one sank deep into my belly as a nugget of heat that made me limp and boneless.
  84. He had felt it when he had conjured up the time tunnel beneath Mount Leiden, and a few times at Spartan Castle when the Grand Wizard was showing off.
  85. Was he really there, or had she conjured him up like some guardian genie out of a fairy tale? He sure looked real—if someone so gorgeous could be real.
  86. You need to discover what it is that scares you more than anything, so that it may be conjured at the proper time and projected onto your childhood compeer.
  87. The images he conjured up was of a sophisticated underground operation; one where Miami's various criminals desperately sought to create totally new identities.
  88. Hilderich conjured the image of the builder of the gate being asked why the colors in his gate seemed all wrong, and the childish thought brought a grin to his face.
  89. Finally, I was almost ready to persuade myself that this experience had been part of some evil dream, and that my abnormal condition might have conjured up an hallucination.
  90. Caesar was holding the nugget Mary had conjured from the earth, and Johnny was taking little rushing steps this way and that, but neither of them had heard a word she'd said.
  91. Another common usage is to sprinkle it on the doorstep of the one to be conjured, or to place some in a bag that is hidden on the intended victim's property or hidden in the.
  92. Hurriedly reviewing the situation, he conjured up visions of some outcast hippie commune that had evolved from its love culture to one of fear, hermitry and defensive violence.
  93. Of course, it had only been a silly dream, something her subconscious must have conjured up based on this mythology she must have read a long time ago and had forgotten all about.
  94. It is possible that visions of this character were conjured up in their minds by the singing, for the words of the song gave expression to their ideal of what human life should be.
  95. Dim and wonderful is the vision I have conjured up in my mind of life spreading slowly from this little seed bed of the solar system throughout the inanimate vastness of sidereal space.
  96. Evan’s classroom, where she found Brett, his teacher and a man who looked about 40 years old, wearing a faded blue sweater and jeans - not the image she had conjured up for herself!.
  97. He'd started all of this, and the rage that stirred up inside her as she conjured up a mental image of him just having a casual night with Dylan while she was dying inside was too much.
  98. Olmec spoke further, of dark and mysterious matters, of black magic and wizardry conjured out of the black night of the catacombs, of weird creatures invoked out of darkness for horrible allies.
  99. While composing the letters, Robert had conjured up a picture of the headmaster; recalling conversations, turns of phrase, the letter written to his parents, and harangues from the stage at assembly.
  100. The gentleman from Massachusetts, in imitation of his predecessors of 1799, has entertained us with Cabinet plots, Presidential plots, which are conjured up in the gentleman's own perturbed imagination.
  1. Conjures the wandering stars, and makes them stand.
  2. Sin conjures up situations that are likely to kill mind.
  3. The whole notion of happily ever after often conjures.
  4. Origin: This idiom conjures up the image of a stranded canoeist.
  5. Attainment of sanctity elevates, but the mind conjures up one.
  6. She said that the feeling or panic that cancer conjures up may lessen but it never went away.
  7. For us hunters, the Yukon River conjures up images of a hunting paradise; but it was not always so.
  8. If the future didn’t exist, would you care about it? It’s precisely your caring and worrying about the future that conjures up its existence.
  9. Then suddenly I felt—anew—a feeling very old and rank: the heaviness of ignorance that levels from its gross domain what lurid, selfish, loveless thoughts it conjures up to keep souls down.
  10. He vows and declares, Monsieur, that the other whale, the dried one, is far more deadly than the blasted one; in fine, Monsieur, he conjures us, as we value our lives, to cut loose from these fish.
  11. Of the five entrances to the park, we chose the West entrance, in the state of Montana that derives its name from the Spanish word Montaña (Mountain), and which conjures visions of natural marvels.
  12. The idea of having your will or estate go through probate conjures up visions of money that should have gone to your heirs being peeled off and divided up for the state’s administrative services in seeing to your last wishes.
  13. It will grow I know sweeter every year, but it is too big ever to be perfect and to get to look so immaculate that the diseased imagination conjures up visions of housemaids issuing forth each morning in troops and dusting every separate flower with feather brushes.
  14. The book of the road, has bought and brought me over, from my break-up with the Holy Ghost; for the world And the synchronized idiot in seismic force, in recognition by the elements; a soulless head of whispers and a vision full of infatuation, he conjures up a giant storm ten years long, in the thunder & the perfect mind.

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