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Connecticut dans une phrase (en anglais)

He lives in Westport, Connecticut.
The gentleman from Connecticut (Mr.
Connecticut with my parents and family.
Gneiss of the Connecticut valley, vi, 18.
I spent that time in Connecticut with my.
Connecticut, it sounded like he was saying.
Manhattan in Meriden, Connecticut, where he.

Lyell on, in the Connecticut valley, xlv, 394.
Dana, from the State of Connecticut, attended.
Talcose slate of the Connecticut valley, vi, 26.
North commuter train heading toward Connecticut.
I spent most of it in Connecticut and the rest.
Pearson) and the gentleman from Connecticut, (Mr.
She died in Danbury, Connecticut on April 8, 1997.
Ron’s cousin, Brenda, called us from Connecticut.
I went to Connecticut to spend time with my parents.
A remark made by the gentleman from Connecticut (Mr.
It had been said by a gentleman from Connecticut (Mr.
Scores, at least, just in this half of Connecticut.
I teach singing to the youths of the Connecticut levy.
James Hillhouse and Chauncey Goodrich, from Connecticut.
The panegyric which the gentleman from Connecticut (Mr.
Terraces of the Connecticut valley, xxii, 214; xlvii, 98.
Argillite, of the Connecticut valley, account of, vi, 35.
Connecticut, and he did not know where his girlfriend was.
Hillhouse, James, Senator from Connecticut, 3, 116, 166;.
Dikes, observed to have a crescent shape in Connecticut, J.
So, after spending time in Connecticut I finally had the.
Degradation of greenstone in the Connecticut valley, vi, 55.
She had floated back from Connecticut on a big white cloud.
In Connecticut and Rhode Island, they elected the governor.
He could still see that inviting stone wall on Connecticut.
Rob Kaufman lives in Connecticut with his partner of 22 years.
Coal, in Suffield, Connecticut, on the river of the same name.
Getting her mom to Connecticut might prove far more difficult.
The very proposition which the gentleman from Connecticut (Mr.
They went to a party in Norwalk, Connecticut, old Phoebe said.
This is the grotto the Connecticut coven of vampires call home.
Rensselaer Poly Technical Institute, in Hartford, Connecticut.
I could have easily stayed in Connecticut, and I would not be.

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