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Contain dans une phrase (en anglais)

Is very hard to contain.
The systems also contain 0.
We can at least contain it.
I can barely contain my own.
Most old religions contain it.
It will contain three scripts.
They need to contain it, not.

She tried to contain its power.
Imagine trying to contain Beth.
Josh came forward to contain me.
Con couldn't contain his outrage.
He could hardly contain himself.
He could barely contain himself.
A prayer may contain a request.
I can just barely contain it.
He knows what the hearts contain.
What did the 2nd drawer contain?
Does the brain contain the whole.
Till then, he must contain himself.
That vase could not contain one.
Jesus could barely contain himself.
God knows what the hearts contain.
It may contain header information.
We have to contain this situation.
Most of the plays of Lope contain.
Tarmon could hardly contain himself.
She couldn’t contain the feeling.
Sperm whales do not contain baleen.
Edmund could barely contain himself.
Canned cat foods contain up to 80.
I contain all, nothing contains me.
Phishing emails may contain links.
Adelaida could not contain herself.
It appeared to contain the bedrooms.
Sonic's mozzarella sticks contain 0.
Yet, he could hardly contain himself.
Jonah could contain himself no longer.
Moshe could contain himself no longer.
It did not contain such claim at all.
Vincent plopped the bag containing the.
That is called containing the situation.
The tin case containing these tools was.
Interestingly, the region containing the.
Here was the place containing all her future.
I felt a heat containing the colors of autumn.
The downtown core was very clean, containing.
It's nothing of the kind, containing only 448.
Also, view those zones as containing and built.
Put up for sale in cases containing twenty-four.
Craving was manipulated with a video containing.
I’d forgotten where I hid the slip containing.
The locker was in the hall containing the airlock.
Water containing more than 1000 mg/Litre ions SO4.
And there came to them news containing a deterrent.
The cook drove the chuck wagon (containing food and.
Travis pulled out another zip-lock bag containing the.
Instead of the dice containing dots there were names.
I succeeded in containing the fury and held her tight.
To obtain a report containing the gross amounts billed.
There were four cases in all, three of them containing.
Females lay several egg cases containing 30-50 eggs ea.
And he held out the envelope containing the four letters.
Beside him was a wooden jug, presumably containing water.
And like I said, dreams are all about containing the wild.
A raft floated ashore one day containing a very sick man.
Saints as they climbed into the field containing the sheep.
His hand lay on his bag containing the letter and envelope.
The corridor was well-lit, containing interview rooms and.
Containing the new addresses of all the cuckolds in Dublin.
The van containing the police officers and their securely.
You are the highest form organism containing consciousness.
Lithepoul, who was holding a box containing several golden.
The library is a fine room, containing thousands of volumes.
The trendline containing the downtrend has not been violated.
A rack containing various boots and shoes stood by the door.
Underneath was a hollow space containing an ironbound chest.
She gave him a queer smile containing traces of embarrassment.
They each carried a backpack, containing essential provisions.
Once the fire got going there was going to be no containing it.
But she contained her anger.
The box contained what Tom.
I felt we had him contained.
Block2 is contained in block1.
He contained such power and.
It contained a few gold coins.
Beth contained in a silver jar.
The sermon which is contained.
One contained bear meat swim-.
The third cage contained clowns.
It contained twenty Bank of St.
What it contained surprised me.
It contained a bloodstained rag.
Maybe they have it contained.
Self contained, with a staff of.
Both rooms contained double beds.
Each comment contained some truth.
And they often contained carvings.
His Comedias are contained in vols.
This one stroke contained the.
It contained Marius' hundred cards.
The basket contained bread loaves.
I was hoping they contained it.
However, it could and was contained.
That contained only fifteen numbers.
It contained a pair of long pistols.
May the insights contained in this.
It contained everything they would.
Moshe's mount would not be contained.
All of it is contained in the trauma.
They contained supplies for the mess.
Plated baskets contained fresh rolls.
Page 16 contained a photo of Richard.
The box contained just a single match.
What miracles this house contained!.
The ground floor contained scattered.
The next closet contained shelves of.
Each room contained a separate family.
That RoboBox, sir, contained the virus.
The city contains all of.
It contains a variety of.
The Handle Contains The Ink.
It contains the essence of.
It contains only two stories.
The list contains each page.
It contains a huge number of.
And it contains all knowledge.
The Torah contains many simi-.
Each mind always contains the.
This book contains her wisdom.
It contains the keys you will.
My soul contains ingrown hairs.
It contains money sealed in wax.
I fancy it contains her letters.
Yes, it contains the string "a".
It contains all the words that.
Each plan contains something of.
Their version contains the same.
Yes, it contains the string "war".
It contains all you need to know.
I contain all, nothing contains me.
The Koran contains nothing original.
Every marriage contains two hearts.
The Staff contains Beings at very.
En contains all X such that X > an.
Every cell in your body contains 6.
Eo contains all X such that X≤ai.
It contains the germs of dissolution.
Bible contains the books of the Old.
That map contains valuable advice.
This website contains the following:.
It also contains steroidal saponins.
This list contains bargain securities.
That is what God’s command contains.
Each category contains three concepts.
Contains potassium for general healing.
It also contains the token, which you.
The real row contains the elapsed time.
Each vial contains seventy little pills.

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