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Contingent dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The contingent was to travel.
  2. At other times the contingent.
  3. One contingent included a group.
  4. Given the contingent view of the.
  5. England contingent of that organisation.
  6. A contingent of Adams men rode in behind.
  7. The fresh contingent raged in full of hell.
  8. A large contingent of Egyptian foot soldiers.
  9. While the rest of the contingent soaked up the.
  10. The smal contingent of graduates marched to the.
  11. Are we not the closest contingent to that scene?
  12. The contingent of guards had flipped desks over 269.
  13. The delegates from the northern contingent sat quietly.
  14. The female contingent of the Bellimont household stood.
  15. The Egyptian contingent of his group hadn't fared as well.
  16. A large contingent of Teriz was marshalling in the lower.
  17. There was also a contingent of military vehicles waiting.
  18. With a security contingent of eight, they were outnumbered.
  19. Any offer of employment is contingent upon the results of a.
  20. The national contingent led by the badminton team said that.
  21. The material universe he says is made up of contingent beings.
  22. With you and your crew as my guard contingent and the guides.
  23. Vatican contingent and held the rank in the ‘Swiss Guard’.
  24. All the places round about furnished their contingent of insects.
  25. Apparently the great hospitals had each sent down their contingent.
  26. A contingent of prayers, blessings, and speeches followed afterward.
  27. There was also a full contingent of sailors on the ship, of course.
  28. Early next morning the mood was dampened by a large army contingent.
  29. He was part of the contingent that intended to execute me and others.
  30. As the commander of the Marine contingent, he needed her cooperation.
  31. Jeff, along with the rest of the Duniway contingent, watched in rapt.
  32. What is now Galahad’s room would house the contingent of bodyguards.
  33. Despite the full contingent of hall monitors on patrol, a snowball or.
  34. We will have a full contingent of my father’s men within two days.
  35. We can try but there will be a large contingent of angels around her.
  36. Was, during the Great War? That special contingent he was part of?
  37. Still, a sizable contingent planned on making the trip from Eretz to Earth.
  38. Athens sent a small contingent of troops to help in the fight against Darius.
  39. The antechamber was fairly large and manned by a small contingent of guards.
  40. CS was presented contingent to the operant response but without drug infusion.
  41. Of course they would have every contingent in place to ensure he was thwarted.
  42. Rachel led a contingent of thirty heavily armed women to the planet’s surface.
  43. Let us, then, look at this matter, along with some interesting items contingent.
  44. For example, your offer may be contingent on the home passing a home inspection.
  45. He seems to be pulling the local Italian contingent who love their coffee shops.
  46. A troop of Kingdomers was being attacked by a larger contingent of foreign troops.
  47. In other words, your happiness is not contingent upon what you do or what you have.
  48. A contingent of foot soldiers had been ordered over the hill to observe the commotion.
  49. There’s a full contingent of orbital batteries on that side, Data agreed with.
  50. In a few weeks, we will hold only what is necessary for our contingent here, Commander.
  51. Moshe had assigned Yigal's contingent to ride in the van with Youssaf, Moses, and the.
  52. Now, the advance contingent drew up at the wide place in the river where the camels had.
  53. Eric could see a larger contingent of goblin reinforcements closing in on Lucy's location.
  54. A South Boston Irish contingent joined the demonstration, as did a small group of Chinese.
  55. They had tired of waiting for an opportunity to gain income, which was contingent upon Mrs.
  56. World peace is contingent upon Reagan finding some way to relate to his Soviet counterpart.
  57. The fleet has been called back and a large contingent of Mothers has been sent to contain it.
  58. A contingent of guards, the wizard and the Governor were stamping down the hallway towards me.
  59. My upcoming retirement was contingent on the fact that she and I were building a life together.
  60. Information on the number of agents in the security contingent, perhaps? He thought to himself.
  61. When the contingent of P I’s from Eretz arrived on site, they were hailed on an open frequency.
  62. This was the best way I found to make sure that our contingent arrived here quickly, Brigadier.
  63. The next evening, she entered the Taj Palace Durbar Hall with a large contingent of Trinamool MPs.
  64. We destroyed a large contingent of Egyptian soldiers that had probably been sent to intercept.
  65. A small group of bystanders and a larger contingent of uniformed police officers crowded the scene.
  66. A large contingent of his Guard has disappeared as well, likely moving to join him in the Outlands.
  67. Navy contingent positioned on Yankee Station in the South China Sea off the coast of North Vietnam.
  68. Sadly, it was a contingent of far fewer souls than years before that I finally led free of the city.
  69. He fell to the ground in front of the rescuer crew and the media contingent that were staring in awe.
  70. When the country’s affairs were in order, Calragen sent his contingent across the Daynens to Lorila.
  71. High-end platforms were set up at vantage points along the road for the large media contingent to use.
  72. Such contingent bond interest will therefore be excluded from the net deductions or the fixed charges.
  73. Kerry reckoned he would need the larger force, but he still needed to leave behind a sound contingent.
  74. A large contingent of Egyptian foot soldiers milled around in some confusion at the bottom of the hill.
  75. Pressed to subscribe her contingent, she smiled, blushed a little, and thus complied with our desires:.
  76. By the time the Angel contingent had emerged from the cab on Baxter Street, the press was waiting for us.
  77. They too will buy, either on stops or with contingent orders when the market violates the previous high.
  78. The REMF contingent Monaghan and crew cleaned up on were civilians hanging out at Mimi's bar on Nguyen Hue.
  79. Relieved, my attention shifted to the Valley Lander contingent of cavalry, who had pulled up all around us.
  80. A smaller contingent of perhaps two hundred riders waited to the rear, presumably as a quick reaction force.
  81. The bearded man’s head remained intact upon his neck as he smiled slightly at the contingent of guardsmen.
  82. He had barely escaped Kingdom Pass with his head after the great loss of troops his contingent had suffered.
  83. All the trees, birds, water in the sea, clouds scudding across the sky and humans, are all contingent beings.
  84. Nevertheless, that peace was fragile and contingent on diminishing resources amongst a burgeoning population.
  85. You can have a contingent of marines escort you to the boundary, then Garh can keep watch the rest of the way.
  86. But since our experience clearly shows that things do exist, this must mean that not all beings are contingent.
  87. Reagan / Bush contingent triggered an even larger result than was seen in what we know as the Iran-Contra affair.
  88. She had imagined, for some reason, that his other life was as contingent as the one he’d been leading with her.
  89. He had fought with the Mexica contingent in Grandfather’s campaigns and had also served under Juchi and George.
  90. Of course, this was contingent on his ability to properly choose the right businesses and operate them efficiently.
  91. We destroyed a large contingent of Egyptian soldiers that had probably been sent to intercept us, and do us in!.
  92. Jane Martindale was always a smart dresser but today she had pulled out all the stops to impress the northern contingent.
  93. His family was in a turmoil, his youthful friends in division, and the entire Jewish contingent of the town in a hubbub.
  94. Carius often wondered if he would be ready should the final battle calls come while he still lead the Rift’s contingent.
  95. Stan didn’t know how much he could trust him or his contingent of security guards, even after the death of General Veck.
  96. Deane gave a nod to the leading agent who was part of the British Royal Party security contingent and looked over at Olsen.
  97. We already have a large contingent of former German Army officers in and around Bloemfontein, the town we are heading to.
  98. They’d received word that a contingent of Calderans had broken through the defenses at the caverns’ only known entrance.
  99. Just the fact that we won’t need to provide a military contingent every year for the King’s army will save us a fortune.
  100. The ferry finally reached the dock where a small contingent of five soldiers greeted them, having already seen their approach.

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