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Cook dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Bru was a good cook.
  2. He was a good cook.
  3. The man was no cook.
  4. The cook, he be mad.
  5. You have a fine cook.

  6. To Cook in the Oven:.
  7. Give it to the cook.
  8. She looked at the cook.
  10. Cook said in a whisper.
  11. Cook for just a minute.
  12. It was his turn to cook.
  13. Rosie was a great cook.
  14. He could learn to cook.
  15. I love the way you cook.

  16. I could use a good cook.
  17. Cook to firm ball stage.
  18. Sara went in to the cook.
  19. You know that I can cook.
  20. She was a brilliant cook.
  21. He then went to the cook.
  22. Cook, his face was weary.
  23. You cook, fire the works.
  24. You are a very good cook.
  25. He looked up at the cook.

  26. A maid, a cook and a post.
  27. Cook looked at each other.
  28. Frugal Gifts for the Cook.
  29. Cook had not worried then.
  30. She was an excellent cook.
  31. Stir and cook for 1 minute.
  32. NEVER cook with flax oil!.
  33. Cook? I don’t cook, Mr.
  34. Cook rapidly for 5 minutes.
  35. He wants to marry our cook.
  36. Father Cook, 231, 233, 237.
  37. So, he can't cook, he tried.
  38. I saw the cook wiping her.
  39. Cook for another 3 minutes.
  40. Cook till thick as desired.
  41. How about I cook for you?
  42. She went to help Emeka cook.
  43. Cook noodles in salted water.
  44. Cook, an expert in the field.
  45. Cover and cook for sometime.
  46. Lower heat and cook for 15.
  47. Add cabbage and cook for 2.
  48. Cook said, shaking her head.
  49. Joseph Cook, of Boston, Mass.
  50. I’m just a fry cook, sir.
  51. Cook in a oven at 475 until.
  52. Cook another three and half.
  53. DISCHARGED COOK [on the oven].
  54. Discharged Cook (on the oven).
  55. Buy a cook book, follow the.
  56. Cook until chicken is tender.
  57. A Cook was preparing a dinner.
  58. Cook until sauce is thickened.
  59. Cook it with two level TBSP.
  60. We were starting to cook now.
  61. It takes them awhile to cook.
  62. His wife was a wonderful cook.
  63. Goddamn the day the cook left.
  64. Cook over low heat, stirring.
  65. Was it Peary or was it Cook?
  66. Cook and stir until thickened.
  67. Cook worked, but said nothing.
  68. Perhaps the cook tended to him.
  69. Cook uncovered for ten minutes.
  70. Cook over medium heat just to.
  71. The Rooskie's finished the cook.
  72. Cook for 2 minutes on low heat.
  73. The cook considered its options.
  74. Lower the heat and cook for 3.
  75. She showered, and went to cook.
  76. He turned out a first-rate cook.
  77. Cook says she is sure it was he.
  78. Ron Naylor, the Cook, prepared.
  79. Cook rice as in foregoing recipe.
  80. Is your cook close at hand?
  81. Mary would cook it up in a stew.
  82. Bring in the unfortunate cook.
  83. Cook for 5-10 minutes to blend.
  85. I hadn't time to cook anything.
  86. Cook and Pat; Huss and Virginia.
  87. Does embroidery as well as cook.
  88. Cook on low, low heat till 3/4.
  89. They set up their cook pot and.
  90. I’ll cook you something to eat.
  91. Anyone would, the cook said.
  92. Cook until just beginning to set.
  93. Having asked Rufus to cook up a.
  94. Is that okay? said Roger Cook.
  95. I’m not much of a cook, Max.
  96. Cover the pot and cook 25 minutes.
  97. Martini could cook like no other.
  98. Learning to cook it was also fun.
  99. He is a good Cook: he cooks well.
  100. Cook them in as little water as.
  1. We eat our own cooking.
  2. I have cooking to do.
  3. Drain off the cooking oil.
  4. Rob was cooking for dinner.
  5. You can share the cooking.
  6. After nine days of cooking.
  7. I’m not cooking for you.
  8. I wonder who does the cooking.
  9. Must be this home cooking.
  10. Cooking is another hobby and.
  11. One example of this is cooking.
  12. Method of cooking the paratha.
  13. Boy, I've missed your cooking.
  14. I do all the cooking in this.
  15. By means of usual cooking stove.
  16. She was in the kitchen cooking.
  17. Pour out cooking fat when done.
  18. A History of Cooks and Cooking.
  19. He anointed them with cooking.
  20. Humphrey returned to his cooking.
  21. The grease can come from cooking.
  22. So what are you cooking?
  24. Suppose you learn plain cooking.
  25. My cooking is not bad either.
  26. They're either at work, cooking.
  27. She’s in the kitchen cooking.
  28. Benefits of Cooking with Children.
  29. You’re in charge of cooking.
  30. Cooking & Baking Recipes From the.
  31. I’m the one cooking, did you.
  32. Cooking was one thing Phyllis had.
  33. I glared at him and went on cooking.
  34. Some Tips for Cooking with Children.
  35. Pare and core about 8 cooking apples.
  36. Her momma was in the kitchen cooking.
  37. Cooking techniques are also important.
  38. Heat the pan and add the cooking oil.
  39. About time you guys did some cooking.
  40. He couldn’t smell anything cooking.
  41. On her way to the cooking area, she.
  42. They adored cooking with their father.
  43. That cooking step takes about an hour.
  44. There is something about your cooking.
  45. Her only interest was in cooking and.
  46. When cooking, never overcook your food.
  47. I spent the next ten minutes cooking.
  48. She was cooking a chicken in his honour.
  49. Coat a baking sheet with cooking spray.
  50. Spray the wax paper with cooking spray.
  51. The toxin was not destroyed by cooking.
  52. What had you planned on cooking?
  53. The chef doesn’t eat his own cooking.
  54. Place the ice cubes in the cooking pan.
  55. Heat the pan and pour the cooking oil.
  57. Coat 2 baking sheets with cooking spray.
  58. I was cooking up stories about the past.
  59. Fashioned Way, Meatless Cooking the Old.
  60. You should try your cooking too!’.
  61. He shared with me the labors of cooking.
  62. Yes, another blog about food and cooking.
  63. Others included Natural Cooking the Old.
  64. Cooking, or Cooking during the Civil War.
  65. This was how he prepared crab for cooking.
  66. Cooking was her main homemaking weakness.
  67. It made us feel like were really cooking.
  68. The smell of the turkey cooking was grand.
  69. The smel of rabbits cooking were making.
  70. While these are cooking, put two TBSP of.
  71. She also conducts cooking classes at the.
  72. The music could be heard over the cooking.
  73. My mother is still in the kitchen cooking.
  74. The idea was to save cooking in the oven.
  75. Your mother has been cooking a lot lately.
  76. At a quarter to seven, she started cooking.
  77. You really impressed him with your cooking.
  78. Kitchen after the stupid cooking show on tv.
  79. I’m in the middle of cooking roti!.
  80. There were different cooking method options.
  81. Preheat wok over high heat with cooking oil.
  82. He had cooking to do and residents to serve.
  83. Cheryl could smell Tynice cooking in the pot.
  84. The first cooking I ever learned was Indian.
  85. Sylvia and her father took over the cooking.
  86. My mother did ALL the cooking, he said.
  87. Their father was in prison for cooking meth.
  88. The smell of her cooking on a winter morning.
  89. Zoleka freshened up, then she started cooking.
  90. There was a large lump of cooking lard on a.
  91. Heat a wok or skillet and add the cooking oil.
  92. Me working at clinic and you cooking at home.
  93. What's cooking? Do you know how to cook?
  94. While it is cooking, sauté the onions in 1.
  95. Healthy Cooking with Functional Food Choices.
  96. Would this cooking spray have helped Clinton?
  97. A restaurant might have a cooking contest for.
  98. Half stepping, whether in cooking or in your.
  99. Lightly oil the grill plate with cooking spray.
  100. I noticed that cooking wasn’t on the list.
  1. So, I cooked up two.
  2. Add the cooked brown rice.
  3. I have cooked the patties.
  4. I cooked good Irish stew.
  5. She cooked his food, and.
  6. Meat and how it is cooked.
  7. For he knew he was cooked.
  8. Same story you cooked up.
  9. As if she has ever cooked!.
  10. At home he had never cooked.
  11. It was cooked to perfection.
  12. He cooked for me that night.
  13. Remove once cooked and let.
  14. They cooked and ate together.
  15. They cooked the liquid with.
  16. Henc, I rarely cooked supper.
  17. Your vat of oil is cooked.
  18. At least not to cooked rabbit.
  19. Jo cooked lasagne for us, Mum.
  20. I would have my sausage cooked.
  21. Be sure they are cooked through.
  22. Include hot cooked brown rice and.
  23. There was a scent of cooked pastry.
  24. Mix carefully with the cooked rice.
  25. Gabriel cooked, but I didn’t eat.
  26. The roots are edible raw or cooked.
  27. The cooked root is excellent to eat.
  28. Oh man the meat is perfectly cooked.
  29. You cooked, it's the least I can do.
  30. I cooked her a good meal, the first.
  31. My mom did dishes and cooked, Kenzie.
  32. No doubt, it was cooked and prepared.
  33. I came closer and smelled cooked flesh.
  34. That they cooked it all up in here.
  35. This sauce wasn’t even cooked either.
  36. Boil the haddock in water until cooked.
  37. You are meat cooked on a barbecue spit.
  38. Bring a home cooked meal at the office.
  39. Has a bad taste unless correctly cooked.
  40. Drain the cooked eggplant on paper towel.
  41. The following recipe can be cooked in a.
  42. Pay attention to how your food is cooked.
  43. I cooked the meat, sliced it up as part.
  44. It is done when the rice is fully cooked.
  45. They are cooked with the stomach still in.
  46. The porkers enjoyed cooked roo and there.
  47. Something he had cooked, more than likely.
  48. Once it is cooked, beat the egg, add some.
  49. And how would you like that cooked?
  50. By now the egg should be completely cooked.
  51. It’s probably all cooked, cold or rotten.
  52. The steaks are cooked and the beer is cold.
  53. He cooked and I helped by doing the dishes.
  54. She even cooked a Bengali meal for me once.
  55. Serve in the dish in which they were cooked.
  56. Shrimp and crablets should be cooked first.
  57. Arange symmetrically over the cooked pears.
  58. Everything is cooked in front of the guest.
  59. Clarence cooked them a special Sunday lunch.
  60. Vasudeva stood by the stove and cooked rice.
  61. In the evening they cooked an excellent meal.
  62. Cooked the shrimp and crabs in a hot boiling.
  63. How he managed to get it cooked was a secret.
  64. She figured that if she cooked his ‘fav’.
  65. My boy Jed, he likes his meat well cooked.
  66. In the late afternoon, she cooked a big meal.
  67. It is normally mixed with plain cooked rice.
  68. Zoleka wondered if she had cooked enough food.
  69. The legumes cooked in almost no time and the.
  70. Once cooked drop in the cooked fish and serve.
  71. Never mind he had never cooked lobster before.
  72. They cooked chaos twice (and then phoned for.
  73. Meat (how it is cooked) and childhood cancers.
  74. We cooked my fish, but we did it at her place.
  75. They then baked it, and then cooked over the.
  76. When cooked and cooled, dice into 1 inch cubes.
  77. They always got the best of whatever Mom cooked.
  78. I even cooked occasionally to give her a break.
  79. I cooked scallops Provencale with a salad and.
  80. Pears should be cooked through, but still firm.
  81. Once it is cooked, add the tomato, and continue.
  82. They decided to stay in, so he cooked her a meal.
  83. In the snackbar, Jesse was singing as she cooked.
  84. He laughed and told me he never ate cooked meat.
  85. Once cooked allow the spinach to stand 3 minutes.
  86. When all the water is gone the quinoa is cooked.
  87. After all, isn’t the goose already cooked?
  88. Faith and Una cooked the meals and waited on her.
  89. This family, which cooked and cleaned, received.
  90. Cooked two ways and with different sides options.
  91. He baked, cooked, sewed, planed, and mended boots.
  92. D -81-on a stove anymore we need it cooked in the.
  93. Place the cooked tortellini in a large mixing bowl.
  94. Having enjoyed the meal I had cooked for them one.
  95. Ananya cooked the vegetables while I worked the atta.
  96. Real cooked dinner was considered great extravagance.
  97. Diane and Teresa had cooked us up some of your food.
  98. She cooked a great meal, then she went to freshen up.
  99. The smell of cooked meat and wood smoke hung thickly.
  100. Fry the meat dices (or heat the already cooked meat.
  1. Chapter 89: The Frog Cooks.
  2. Lots of cooks in the kitchen.
  3. A History of Cooks and Cooking.
  4. She only cooks it because Dad.
  5. We have excellent cooks here.
  6. He is a good Cook: he cooks well.
  7. Katherine's mother cooks the fruit.
  8. The Vikenvor had three full-time cooks.
  9. Lee cooks them up with butter and salt.
  10. She was a nun as other women are cooks.
  11. I was wondering if the cooks required.
  12. The cooks that use salt and oil say it.
  13. They often thought of their cooks in St.
  14. Amy cooks lobster every year for Nick.
  15. When one of the cooks tried to take the.
  16. Antoine said his dad cooks their meals.
  18. They don’t trust cooks to be there alone.
  19. Only think--I've engaged twenty-five cooks.
  20. Spaghetti is a favorite kind with most cooks.
  21. Mary cooks much better; but it's her day off.
  22. She cooks the same way,’ he rattles them off.
  23. Kwenda were excellent cooks and they fed us well.
  24. Even the two cooks and the two handymen from the.
  25. The exotic cooks pay anything for the lowland stuff.
  26. I’ll be sure to relay your praise to the cooks.
  27. Besides, too many cooks in the kitchen and all that.
  28. I will outsource this and hire a company that cooks and.
  29. In inviting more and more cooks into the kitchen, Tor-.
  30. On the wings, we have a Peranakan who cooks up brilliant.
  31. He slow cooks meatballs in sauce and bakes veal Parmesan.
  32. Mac said, Somebody’ll try to kill the cooks, I guess.
  33. The cooks were men from whom hard labour was not expected.
  34. He looked like he really would be afraid of the cooks now.
  35. Having a nice slave wife who cooks him food on the griddle.
  36. Shanghai Red cooks up his muck on the south side of the.
  37. The traditions of the cooks and why there are so many cooks.
  38. All right, I have to go now and see what the cooks are doing.
  39. The cooks, for making cafeteria food bad only 35% of the time.
  40. The militias also need cooks and stewards to accommodate them.
  41. In that case, triple everything, including cooks, I said.
  42. And what a vulgar price to pay for a dal that my mom cooks.
  43. The cooks filled the containers with mush as the line filed by.
  44. Cooks rats in your soup, he appetisingly added, the chinks does.
  45. They said all the Viets split a half hour before, even the cooks.
  46. All day he slept in the servants' kitchen or trifled with the cooks.
  47. He then ran through the cooks, throwing bowls at the king as he went.
  48. It gave him a chance to talk to some of the cooks while he was at it.
  49. Mama still cooks delicious hamburgers and watches General Hospital.
  50. In this way, food cooks in its natural juices to retain the nutrients.
  51. One of the cooks remembered when Alfred and Viktor first found Kadak's.
  52. The cooks of the Deaconess Hospital cafeteria arrive with the janitors.
  53. Although you might be smart not to get swindled by the Yoonbarla cooks.
  54. Who cooks their dinner and what from? Mostly you know nothing about it.
  55. The cook, he cooks the dinner and the supper; I put it on and wait it.
  56. A court off the third level of the khume is called Jillaroo Cooks Court.
  57. It was wartime, and there were opportunities for people trained as cooks.
  58. The cooks and maids form a single line, and Nixon stops to shake each hand.
  59. Healthy cooking requires cooks to adopt certain healthy habits including:.
  60. The cooks left the stoves where they were boiling beans and chunks of beef.
  61. Osip was one of the four cooks chosen by the prisoners in our two kitchens.
  62. Of cooks and cook-maids there were over fifty, all clean, brisk, and blithe.
  63. Off they went to help the cooks unload the gear for that peculiar profession.
  64. The cooks were feeding the first line-ups of men, and fuel was being unloaded.
  65. Women have served as schooner captains, cooks and lighthouse keepers in the U.
  66. It required constant vigilance to keep sleazy people from targeting the cooks.
  67. Dyinholm cooks here every Nightday, sometimes Afternoonday lunch and supper too.
  68. Two short-order cooks and a busboy stuck their heads out of the kitchen to watch.
  69. His cooks, and his coachmen, and his servants began to leave him for the merchant.
  70. She was interested in his business and talked of his methods and a lot about cooks.
  71. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson freely admits that she cooks because she loves to eat.
  72. Frank, you sure were not lying to me! Both your mother and Linda are amazing cooks.
  73. Eileen mentioned that I should call Mindy Fox, who was in charge of the guest cooks.
  74. After the jog there was breakfast, tasty meals done by the cooks with exotic flavors.
  75. The housekeeper, the old nurse, the cooks, coachmen, maids, footmen, postilions, and.
  76. He wears a clean clout and braids his waist-length hair around his head when he cooks.
  77. He left him near the friendliest of the cooks with instructions to rest until Morningday.
  78. Eighty independent Irish cooks give way to a professional chef and half-a-dozen attachés.
  79. In fact, I'm starting to believe that Starlight has some of the best cooks yet to be seen.
  80. Cooks had gas stoves, not open fires, and in a few places waitresses showed you to tables.
  81. They found that the dining car, while still attached to the train, had no cooks or waiters.
  82. Even his cooks, coachmen, and all his other servants forsook him and joined the merchant.
  83. Klowa used up the last of his funds snacking on the tasty morsels the Plaz's cooks turned out.
  84. It was a good place to people watch and a couple of the cooks were quite tasty for the price.
  85. The two cooks who arrived before us are both ill with something that is sapping their strength.
  86. An old proverb actually says that, while God sends the food to men, the Devil sends the cooks.
  87. All of the cooks have been… he broke off suddenly as he realized that he has said too much.
  88. As it gets late and the crowds thin, we'll find some cooks still out where there's a bathroom.
  89. And so he needs a little wife at home who also cooks him nice meals and washes his underwear.
  90. You’ll choose from the many dishes available from a menu that Alilia’s cooks have provided.
  91. I have two of the best cooks in the county helping, she said before glancing up at the clock.
  92. Cooks, generally, are an anxious and complaining lot, and Josiah was not an exception to that rule.
  93. These included pilots, navigators, electronic and computer technicians, cooks, laborers, and others.
  94. They talked of canoes for rent, produce markets, and lots of public cooks set up in plazas everywhere.
  95. But among the cooks and drivers I was always cheerful, while our ladies and gentlemen used to worry me.
  96. When you put the whistle on, the steam is trapped inside and the food cooks very healthily by steaming.
  97. The purpose of the program was raising funds by selling their new cookbook, WNED Cooks: Q Is For Quick.
  98. From the rear, cooks appeared with jugs of beer and wine, and surgeons rushed to attend injured noblemen.
  99. My dad makes the meal – it’s the one time a year that he actually cooks – but it’s not a big deal.
  100. He did not want to be of any unnecessary bother to them and cooking for a vegan would challenge most cooks.

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