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Copious dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Bridey was a slow and copious eater.
2. Copious tears of my excitable young years.
3. Having copious amounts of live rock in your.
4. The hero opened his mouth and sucked up copious.
5. Use copious amounts of water to dilute and wash off chemicals.
6. I could always rely upon the copious amounts of documents, in-.
7. I shook my head and he put the can back into his copious pocket.

8. He was keeping copious notes on the findings of the test flights.
9. For example, copious abundance of water can be evident everywhere.
10. It is often associated with high fever and copious ear discharges.
11. Copious as stars and glad as morning light the torrents of her joy.
12. On the way here, in my copious free time, I designed a workshop.
13. Which he guessed had plenty to do with copious amounts of morphine.
14. Robin and Marian, who had been taking copious notes, stood to leave.
15. The woman was crying copious amounts of tears while washing the linen.
16. Mikhail wiped the copious sweat from his forehead as he exited the car.
17. Klaus talked for a good fifteen minutes while Canaris took copious notes.
18. As he poured it out and rubbed it on himself there were copious amounts.
19. Grunt rubbed his hand over his head, dislodging copious amounts of flaky skin.
20. She allowed me to review copious notes and transcripts from her work with Mr.
21. History will recall that I drank copious amounts of coffee without being called.
22. Personally, he preferred to bury it under copious quantities of cream and sugar.
23. Almost all of them had copious amounts of blood splattered across their clothing.
24. Nerissa helped serve seven courses, along with copious amounts of the finest wine.
25. Miner’s explanation that he reconstructed his copious notes from memory is troubling.
26. For three days I never left my room, and saw no one, but found relief in copious tears.
27. Chandraketu looked up, still on his knees, his hands folded in a namaste, copious tears.
28. Everything depended on her intercepting Galeron before he turned over his copious notes.
29. We’re here to collect copious amounts of this nation’s currency with minimal interaction.
30. Nitrate of silver produced a white precipitate so copious, that the solution was thick with it.
31. After hot showers and splashings of antiseptic on copious grazes, we were asleep within minutes.
32. There’s a copious amount of blood on her shirt, but barely anything on the ground beneath her.
33. He would take copious notes and show up at the instructor’s office during regular office hours.
34. He had met her in a pub, they had chatted for several hours and drunk copious amounts of alcohol.
35. He’s been missing for over a year, Noble went through copious notes, drawing out the essence.
36. Calmly, Jim put a fist into his copious and richly treasured pockets, rummaged, and held out his hand.
37. Roosts and nesting sites will often be indicated by copious droppings on the boughs or ground beneath.
38. A few male Clan warriors entered the room, dressed all in black with copious shark’s-tooth adornments.
39. The gift of continuance was given me in copious plenteousness, and the time was exhausted before I was.
40. It was recovered by fisherman Andrew Leaper (UK), skipper of the Lerwick fishing boat Copious, at 60° 6.
41. But evidently the lunar deity has been consuming copious amounts of Amrita and consequently turned on them.
42. Despite the copious amounts of snickering she was doing internally at his vexation, she wisely muted herself.
43. The woman was trembling, horrified at what might happen to her, and copious tears were pouring from her eyes.
44. A very informal debate among all the attendees, you might say, lubricated with copious amounts of mead and ale.
45. Again, he addressed his remarks to the man from the Attorney General’s Department, who was making copious notes.
46. The glowing tip of the cigar poured out copious amounts of smoke, and this pleased Tom, this generous outpouring.
47. Copious amounts of crushed stone disappeared up their noses, until their eyes were red and pupils small and glassy.
48. Spilling copious amounts of blood, and able to do nothing but groan, Silvero wasn't even able to attempt a defense.
49. Like a copious historic fact let down from heaven stood the gigantic farce, woven into the very fibers of the brain.
50. They would come into the engine room and simply watch what everyone was doing, writing copious notes in their books.
51. He had made copious notes and straightened up to clear away all the reference books and documents he had been studying.
52. Maldynado was supposedly leading a fencing practice, though copious amounts of chatter punctuated the clanks of metal.
53. There is a copious amount of blood by the window frame, some inside but most on the wall and path immediately outside.
54. The same varieties of the cabbage do not yield abundant and nutritious foliage and a copious supply of oil-bearing seeds.
55. Yes, they had cats in the cabin; it reeked of cats and there were copious amounts of cat hair all over the couch and sofa.
56. As the sweat flowed in copious streams, he developed a rhythm that pushed his physical limits and thereby eased his sorrow.
57. After passing copies of the CIA report around the table, he made copious notes on a lined pad while he waited for them to read it.
58. The banker's speech was fluent, but it was also copious, and he used up an appreciable amount of time in brief meditative pauses.
59. It still rumbled quietly and smoked tenuously, and it’s copious outflows of lava and ash had hardened, making it noticeably larger.
60. The success of marriage is in continuous and copious enhancement of prosperity, defined in terms of the sense of collective well-being.
61. What hSkaiya had was nice enough, but this was connoisseur quality with copious, long-lasting fumes that packed more rush than a big bong.
62. These five hundred elephants were when infuriated by the copious draughts of frankincense to be led up to the execution of death upon the Jews.
63. Officers hunched over too-small desks in the drama room, making copious notes and recordings; typing countless facts and opinions into lap-tops.
64. Her mouth was open slightly, an ululating moan of desire emerging from it, along with a copious stream of drool running down one side of her chin.
65. She made copious notes on her recorder: dates, symptoms, longevity, fatalities – anything that could help her measure the severity of the situation.
66. On too many occasions I hear of research that produces a conclusion that I or someone else could have arrived at without spending copious sums of money.
67. He could no longer swallow his copious drool and his face was being pressed into the ground by a relentless force so potent that movement was impossible.
68. Bloody years of infighting in which the empire’s copious enemies could strike while the soldiers were distracted choosing sides and fighting each other.
69. These kind and gentle words, in addition to the copious amount of tears shed by the wife would wipe away all her negative emotions and feelings of sadness.
70. For the next hour Teller and Brigit sat in the dining hall and parried polite queries as they drank copious quantities of ice cold water and nursed their injuries.
71. It is arranged in the order of administrative divisions and districts; but copious indices enable the student to bring together any particular line of investigation.
72. Then one night, when everything was still and there were copious rain pouring on their almost empty streets, a mother was heard looking for her six year old daughter.
73. Luigi’s was sold and now Robyn and Daniel fought daily with the Rand Lords while Luigi stewed in the renamed ‘Larry’s Linguini’ over copious amounts of Bicardi.
74. Ray met up with his crew later that day in his local and distributed the remaining ‘missing’ diamonds and copious amounts of beer, easily done in the circumstances.
75. Their main argument is for the copious bleeding caused by both the exit wound and the entrance wound - which makes it easier to track the animal and hastens its death.
76. As she reached the back lawn, Booker came through a set of French doors, stuffing copious papers into his briefcase, hurrying along the gravel path towards the helipad.
77. He was treated for serious burns to his face and eyes at Backus Hospital even after a female EMT neighbor had flushed his eyes with copious amounts of water at the condo.
78. Ralph Greenson, and while doing so took copious, nearly verbatim notes—many, many pages—reconstructing word for word every statement she made during the sessions.
79. Tradition, copious imbibing of the precepts of bishops, were impelling her towards that action frequently fatal to the permanent peace of families, the making of a clean breast.
80. After taking a shower, they had a copious breakfast at a café nearby including fresh fruit, ham, cheese and tomato omelette and several whole wheat toasts with orange marmalade.
81. It is then carefully wiped with clean linen, and afterward washed in copious streams of cold water, to whiten it, and render it more transparent; it is then put to dry in the shade.
82. They would call us coward prodigal children, copious generations, lacking in self-confidence probably for abandoning the sense of value and dignity, which our ancestors were known for.
83. Once a mine is up and running, miners first have to blast and drill through copious quantities of rock before any metal can be recovered and this is only getting more difficult over time.
84. As long as they kept the horses fed with copious quantities of thawed carrots and dried apples and gave them lots of attention, the horses appeared to be content to do whatever was asked of them.
85. I just let her understand in an underhand manner and copious compliments that I liked her looks, her body and her undoubtedly fervid temperament and I think she understood and enjoyed my attentions.
86. But, sir, the most copious source of error that I have witnessed during the various debates upon the proceedings under the act of the 1st of May, is found in the extent of the Berlin and Milan decrees.
87. The journalists and photographers present around the Palace of Westminster were however quick enough to smell a juicy story in the making and took copious pictures of the group assembled around Nancy.
88. We stayed long enough at the police-station to learn that a search of his clothing revealed nothing save a few shillings and a long sheath knife, the handle of which bore copious traces of recent blood.
89. Harrison, as resident agronomist, found having a literate assistant who not only took copious notes, but who was genuinely interested in his work and was fun to be around too good an opportunity to let go.
90. Now, in certain orchids similar viscid matter is secreted, but in much larger quantities by one alone of the three stigmas; and this stigma, perhaps in consequence of the copious secretion, is rendered sterile.
91. Taking copious notes, he finally set his choice on a family of weapons that had used a concept called ‘Metal Storm’, which had been designed in Australia but then had been adopted by the American Colt Company.
92. He let go of Philo who instantly regained some sort of composure, however drained he was of his vitality close to the point of death: his heart was barely beating and his every breath had become copious and painful.
93. I spent the last minute wrapped in the copious folds of Brunhilde’s sari as she stroked her belly and licked her lips, still chanting those weird wordless songs, accompanied by the laughs and screams of excited kids.
94. A small portion of this solution, on being tested with nitrate of barytes, gave a copious white precipitate, with oxalic acid, a white cloud; with ammonia, a slight white cloud; with muriatic acid, a slight bluish tinge.
95. The music was loud, the beer was copious, blind Henry was officiating at the discovery of the empty tomb for the fourteenth time, and Constance, half loaded and half-undressed, was biting my ear when the door to my small house burst wide.
96. Whenever, by disasters, the ordinary sources of supply are exhausted, or the unavoidable objects of expenditure exceed the revenue, a more copious and permanent aliment will be found in the wealth and capital of the citizens than by loans from banks.
97. The earlier dated were embarrassed and short; gradually, however, they expanded into copious love letters, foolish, as the age of the writer rendered natural, yet with touches here and there which I thought were borrowed from a more experienced source.
98. The earlier dated were embarrassed and short; gradually, however, they expanded into copious love-letters, foolish, as the age of the writer rendered natural, yet with touches here and there which I thought were borrowed from a more experienced source.
99. I must not omit to remark, that two wells, situated in a longitudinal line from north to south, with regard to each other, and also in a lower spot of ground, never failed entirely, although they diminished considerably, and now yield more copious supplies than any others.
100. It contains frequent and animated references to the punishment of the wicked; and being composed in the 'lofty style of the Asiatics,’ we might anticipate amplification in the detail, and a copious vocabulary of curses to pervade those portions which describe their doom.

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