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Correct dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He had to correct that.
  2. It is not correct to.
  3. With the correct cel s.
  4. She had to correct her.
  5. My Lady you are correct.

  6. And boy was he correct.
  7. That is correct, I heard.
  8. See if you are correct.
  9. And he would be correct.
  10. If I am correct, you.
  11. Yes, Tom, you are correct.
  12. I correct him, of course.
  13. If you have the correct.
  14. If Newton was correct we.
  15. Find out what is correct.

  16. And the correct answer is.
  17. If the legend is correct.
  18. Caris did not correct her.
  19. No Jamie, he is correct.
  20. But I don’t correct him.
  21. NNS story had been correct.
  22. Was the correct for us BE.
  23. He knows the man is correct.
  24. Yes, you are correct, Ms.
  25. He was to be proven correct.

  26. I could see she was correct.
  27. My correct title is Mister.
  28. I will correct myself then.
  29. Sir, that is not correct.
  30. Write out the correct words.
  31. Yes son, you are correct.
  32. He set out to correct the.
  33. Aquarius knew he was correct.
  34. It's time to correct that.
  35. Bet he wants to correct.
  36. Yes that is correct, Jack.
  37. Is that correct? Yes, it was.
  38. Shitless is the correct term.
  39. Your master is correct, Toby.
  40. Your main point is correct.
  41. It is not correct or proper.
  42. This is the correct attitude.
  43. To attain the correct posture.
  44. That is correct, of course.
  45. But no, the flat was correct.
  46. Correct Answer: Choice B (12).
  47. Both your feelings are correct.
  48. Is that correct? I asked.
  49. Suddenly I knew he was correct.
  50. It was the correct assessment.
  51. Ms Bancour, is that correct.
  52. Hiram was shown to be correct.
  53. That is correct, he said.
  54. I had surgery to correct them.
  55. Please enter the correct code.
  56. Correct that course if needed.
  57. This view is not correct,.
  1. Some bad habits need correcting.
  2. I’m correcting it, she said.
  3. Correcting errors is not restricted.
  4. I aim to spend money on correcting the.
  5. I didn’t bother correcting him though.
  6. Correcting out of a desire to better the.
  7. The Muslim nation needs correcting conceptions.
  8. Error Checking and Correcting (ECC) functionality.
  9. Pilates address the body as a whole correcting the.
  10. For me this journey has a self correcting feel to it.
  11. Correcting any problems Reviewing the final results.
  12. Lezura translated; also correcting it to mynamather.
  13. They stop questioning and correcting the actions of.
  14. He apparently is skilled at correcting this condition.
  15. Spirit that is correcting us and teaching us how to be.
  16. Then he looked at me, and said, correcting himself,—.
  17. Am correcting the 10th chapter, it is about to be sent off.
  18. To the Senate, you mean, said Fanarin, correcting him.
  19. And by way of correcting him he struck his legs with his whip.
  20. Without correcting this, it increases the risk of a stroke.
  21. Various Possible Moves for Correcting Market Prices for Shares.
  22. You mean, who were my parents? Nathan said, correcting him.
  23. Use this study as the beginning of correcting this work of Satan.
  24. Were they going as far as they dared to in correcting the King.
  25. Thank You for looking after us, and for correcting our mistakes.
  26. This little trick is great for quickly correcting typing mistakes.
  27. No, this is not necessary, but there are ways of correcting the.
  28. Pa read it correcting the pronunciation and adding implied words:.
  29. We had been correcting and improving our rules for you benefit too.
  30. The Instructors were not pleased and spent much time correcting him.
  31. I wonder how he goes about correcting the errors in his programs?
  32. Correcting those events that they caused during their life time can.
  33. Aye, Trini said, not correcting for their previous momentum yet.
  34. Do not count on successfully correcting spraying urine if the cat is.
  35. Briz, Tom said, correcting himself, as the older man grasped his.
  36. No, don’t touch me, Garcia said, correcting her misunderstanding.
  37. Don't delay in correcting your records and contacting all companies that.
  38. He spoke respectfully, but he seemed comfortable correcting his superior.
  39. Everything serves only to introduce new abuses without correcting the old.
  40. Not at all sinister, she said, correcting herself severely; all most neat.
  41. And Science is self correcting, in that a theory may be held for thousands.
  42. Hey, what’re you — He tried correcting for the turn with both hands.
  43. Were they going as far as they dared to in correcting the King James Version?
  44. Samantha wasn’t involved in the play! Charlotte yelled, correcting him.
  45. Correcting myself, I said that I was much obliged to him for his mention of Mr.
  46. The Pastor is remarkable for his age, she said before correcting herself.
  47. Several pharmacological manipulations aimed at correcting the deficits in dopa-.
  48. Correcting the mistake will alter the way the humans have a clear concept about.
  49. That is,' added Frankie, correcting himself, `if there ever was such a man at all.
  50. I was aware of listening devices, yes, sir, he said, correcting to past tense.
  51. All either did was vocalize their thoughts in the hopes of correcting the situation.
  52. Children were known to retch when he stood by them correcting a geometrical problem.
  53. While correcting this error, E Boat 40 mm guns opened fire to inflict further damage.
  54. He does not rush to embody them in form and then spend his time in correcting defects.
  55. After correcting the book in this way, the "Spiritual Censor" allowed it to be printed.
  56. You could even suggest an appointment with the physician for correcting any sexual issues.
  57. It is a necessary viewpoint of unity instead of separation, thus correcting that viewpoint.
  58. Is it possible that we could balance the budget and make a start toward correcting this problem.
  59. The authorities were forced to commit our proof-reader in the process of correcting this e-book.
  60. Now I understand the secret of correcting the attitude of others and that is to correct my own.
  61. The sales head laughed heartily correcting him that lizards were more fortunate than humans as.
  62. Correcting students’ errors in the EFL classroom is an issue of concern for every EFL teacher.
  63. Soon he was correcting my pronunciation and with much effort we were able to communicate slowly.
  64. Paragraphs with notes explaining the reason for correcting the marked verses are fully italicized.
  65. You are getting to be rather conceited, my dear, and it is quite time you set about correcting it.
  66. When you are quite done correcting me, snapped Magatha as he placed his fingers on the scroll.
  67. Excuse my correcting you, sister, but it grieves me that they seem to have neglected your education.
  68. It also exerts a healthy pressure on the kidneys, thereby correcting any disorders in their function.
  69. I was thus truly negligent in not visiting you earlier and correcting such a sad state of affair.
  70. She recognized the buttons for correcting red eye and softening lines, but the others were a mystery.
  71. Many thanks to him for fine-tuning my recollections and pointing out problems that needed correcting.
  72. It's her old woman's silliness,' said the cornet, explaining and apparently correcting his wife's words.
  73. Correcting a golf slice is not difficult, but may require plenty of practice, patience and more practice.
  74. May God grant us such great humility and Christ’s love in correcting any brother or sister in the Lord.
  75. I remember that he was annoyed by the way she was trying to memorize something and he kept correcting her.
  76. Many programs that abend can just be started over after determining what the problem was and correcting it.
  77. To compensate for the troubles the family is suffering from, parents tend to avoid correcting their children.
  78. But small black mob attacks are happening regularly in London? asked the presenter as if correcting him.
  79. He started to call me an asshole, paused, began correcting it to arsehole, and then just gave up entirely.
  80. She has dedicated virtually every waking minute of the last 9 years to correcting the injustice I have suffered.
  81. Soon economic forces and sharp-eyed value investors will begin the process of correcting the market’s mistake.
  82. Correcting her aim, she fired a second burst as the enemy pilot made the mistake of concentrating solely on Jesus.
  83. As we show in the next chapter, statisticians have methods for correcting for the values taken by these covariates.
  84. Zorandi was having trouble keeping a steady course, his suit’s fusion units were constantly correcting deviations.
  85. I’m in charge of our punishment division, so I’ll be around if you need me, correcting those who shatter the law.
  86. Panicked, I grabbed a bottle of correcting fluid, excused myself from class and deleted ‘Singing Cup…Richard Stone.
  87. Abundant in the forests of India, Vidarikand finds its way into many health tonics, correcting a wide range of conditions.
  88. A more high tech way to assist you in correcting your swing plane is a laser light that fits onto the end of the club handle.
  89. By not correcting the error, we happened to drop out of hyper in the middle of the formation and attack a major enemy force.
  90. Let's start with correcting conceptions, the first conception that needs to be corrected is: What is the right way of Sufis?
  91. Alberuni might have had a correcting influence on Ghazni’s mind regarding the so-called Hindu idol worship had he preceded him.
  92. Then he turned to another disciple and proposed her correcting my translation, so that the text will return to its original style.
  93. Once when correcting a pupil's study, Bruloff just touched it in a few places, and the poor dead study immediately became animated.
  94. He used God’s Word and pointed to Christ’s character when correcting, rebuking, and instructing for justice (2 Timothy 3:16-17).
  95. Feltus found the remark curious but merely attributed it to the reverend’s faith in the Almighty correcting all wrongs in his own way.
  96. Everyone had given up on correcting Milo every time he referred to the Europans as Europeans—even poor Graham, who actually was European.
  97. Or, perhaps his teachers had simply spotted some trends that she herself had come to notice and wanted to work with her in correcting them.
  98. Grey was here, Wickland replied, his voice stern and filled with confidence, giving the impression that he was correcting a schoolchild.
  99. Fail Boy was in my office correcting my firm before heading to imaginary greener pastures because he did not possess the secret sauce of TO.
  100. They treat His doctrine just as men of overweening self-conceit treat their inferiors, correcting them in their speech: You mean so and so.
  1. Then I do stand corrected.
  2. For him I corrected her.
  3. I stand corrected, I said.
  4. Corrected some typos and errors.
  5. I stand corrected, it seems.
  6. In the morning I corrected Art.
  7. The corrected symbols for the.
  8. Well then I stand corrected.
  9. It can be corrected by surgery.
  10. He is, she corrected herself.
  11. Instead being of corrected, it.
  12. The car corrected its aberrant.
  13. Adams my mother corrected her.
  14. Someone has to, he corrected.
  15. He will try, Garcia corrected.
  16. Why hadn’t he corrected the man?
  17. Doctor Lloyd, he corrected her.
  18. Bomb shelter, she corrected me.
  19. To-day I corrected the 10th chapter.
  20. He corrected her: With a mulatta.
  21. Areola, the guide corrected him.
  22. The servant will not be corrected by.
  23. No, it’s not, Garcia corrected.
  24. No, not happy, Kate corrected herself.
  25. Hacked sir, Bridge corrected him.
  26. And how is the error to be corrected?
  27. That was a rabbit, Sis corrected.
  28. An awful crank, she corrected herself.
  29. We have good news, corrected Greg.
  30. Bull Terrier, Smith corrected him.
  31. Because of the bond, he corrected.
  32. On the contrary, Lester corrected.
  33. Sweeny then caught and corrected himself.
  34. Her father, Jacob, she corrected sternly.
  35. What’s his job? I corrected myself.
  36. Borodinó, the other corrected him.
  37. He has! Moses corrected his brother.
  38. Heroine Sir, Thompson corrected him.
  39. Have made no entries; corrected something.
  40. I meant the going part, I corrected.
  41. We have defeat, the CEO corrected him.
  42. It can be corrected by surgery and must.
  43. Old Earth influence, Nancy corrected.
  44. On these occasions we never corrected them.
  45. My dad was mortal, she corrected him.
  46. You did this, Barron quickly corrected.
  47. Not Thomas anymore, Hal corrected himself.
  48. When we compare the corrected cross shown.
  49. I stand corrected then, he whispered.
  50. Beauty and Truth, the woman corrected.
  51. Govicide Agent Hiss, he corrected her.
  52. To-day I corrected the preface to Carpenter.
  53. This mistake can be corrected by training.
  54. No, not exactly, Feltus corrected him.
  55. Herb woman, Peggotty corrected gently.
  56. No, we can’t all go, Greg corrected.
  57. You are, actually, Jason corrected him.
  58. Six and a half inches! I corrected her.
  59. To-day I corrected the Carpenter translation.
  60. But you did, Joseph, she corrected him.
  61. Dating someone seriously? He corrected.
  62. My class teacher corrected me several times.
  63. That’s humankind, Betsy corrected her.
  64. Eyes, on the road, Garcia corrected her.
  65. Biblically speaking, Alex corrected him.
  66. Dust floated everywhere, Amaranthe corrected.
  67. Next, the corrected four elements and zodiac.
  68. It corrected 50 percent with three waves down.
  69. Numbering of Note 234 corrected from 324.
  70. They are, besides, much more easily corrected.
  71. It is called enhancement, Jane corrected.
  72. A few typographical errors have been corrected.
  73. It might have corrected itself spontaneously.
  74. He doesn’t think any more, he corrected.
  75. However, the National Forest Service corrected.
  76. The gentleman was corrected by his colleague (Mr.
  77. I went back to the helm and corrected our course.
  78. Any more in love with a heku, her mind corrected.
  79. He also made sure she corrected him on his speech.
  80. Everyone has a problem that needs to be corrected.
  81. Oh, no, not this time, Higgins corrected him.
  82. Most other translations have corrected this change.
  83. Try and stay with us, Kletsova corrected him.
  84. A lot of older people have poorly corrected vision.
  85. He corrected himself, Moses won't have you!.
  86. Selene and Takina, the Amazon Queen corrected.
  87. Which is where I came in, Cyrellius corrected.
  88. McCoy didn’t say that, Garcia corrected her.
  89. I stand corrected then, not just a pile of salt.
  90. Inaccurate information must be corrected or deleted.
  91. No, not now, she corrected in a steady voice.
  92. Have you heard anything, Rose corrected gen-.
  93. Your ex-husband, Gaskill corrected me again.
  94. They’re not hallucinations, Deanna corrected.
  95. Have built, he corrected, Have built a gate.
  96. He has corrected the calendar and touched your eyes.
  97. What has happened in the past can be corrected today.
  98. They call it recruitment, Whitey corrected him.
  99. No, uhhh, the bad donkey, Victor corrected him.
  100. I said a few sports, Starret hastily corrected.
  1. A father corrects his child.
  2. Ana, he corrects himself.
  3. Merman, corrects the guardian.
  4. The condition corrects itself in time.
  5. Build a new flowchart that corrects the.
  6. Twenty-three point six, he corrects.
  7. Installation of vents corrects the problems.
  8. She corrects his latest minor transgression.
  9. It’s not forbidden, Julia corrects him.
  10. Time corrects many errors in holding performing loans.
  11. Ya mean my mom and her husband, he corrects me with disdain.
  12. But know this, I am also He who corrects and disciplines those He loves.
  13. We are far more lethal weapons, Ryodan corrects, and we have you.
  14. Charles corrects himself at the same time apologising to Nana, Sorry Nana.
  15. She corrects him with an icy glare and tone, It's my special-secret-place.
  16. Love gives more protection than a law, it corrects everything that was wrong.
  17. He never corrects people by only pointing out things that they’re doing wrong.
  18. When the price corrects I buy at 150 and move my stop (on both positions) to 125.
  19. Corrects acidity of the stomach, allays fever and gently operates upon the bowels.
  20. It’s much larger than average, the man with thinning hair corrects himself.
  21. It goes off course then instantly corrects, goes off course then instantly corrects.
  22. For whom the Lord loves He corrects, Just as a father the son in whom he delights.
  23. When the price corrects again I buy at 250 and move my stop (on all my positions) to 225.
  24. When the price corrects again I buy at 200 and move my stop (on all my positions) to 175.
  25. The regulator samples the air, figures out what’s wrong with it, and corrects the problem.
  26. When God corrects, or rebukes, it is always to accomplish the purposes of His love in our lives.
  27. The postscript is, therefore, to be found in few copies ; it corrects several errors in the book.
  28. If I read Proverbs correctly, one of the key components of a father is that he corrects his children.
  29. My mother corrects him, No, she was Queen Bumble Bee, and she was the only one in her group with a line.
  30. If the market corrects we would expect our shares not to do as badly as the market as they are already crunched.
  31. The effective stop distance will widen as the price rises, before the price corrects and a new stop level is noted.
  32. However, just because the market corrects the day after a follow-through doesn’t mean the follow-through was false.
  33. This gives you some idea of where the stock can trade within a normal uptrend and will keep you in when it corrects sharply.
  34. Zechariah 11:17) - He takes heed, he is steadfast, keeps qualified, and corrects his own faults, as David did his (Psalms 51).
  35. These invariably move in the opposite direction when the other side (buyer versus seller or vice versa) corrects the exaggerated movement.
  36. Even the cheapest security in an overvalued market can be a bad investment, if you believe that it could become much cheaper if the market corrects.
  37. Since bedwetting often corrects itself in part or in full with time, a combination of some treatments and some patience is often necessary for success.
  38. A rational man knows—or makes it a point to discover—the source of his emotions, the basic premises from which they come; if his premises are wrong, he corrects them.
  39. The reason is that the stock corrects and falls back sharply to its absolute low three times rather than twice, as with a double bottom, or once, as in the strong cup with handle.
  40. Do you not remember that it is written: `My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord; neither be weary of his correction, for whom the Lord loves he corrects, even as the father corrects the son in whom he takes delight.
  41. By this magnific love for the Possessor of Perfection (glory to Him), the spirit will be colored with a stain of perfection; and only such kind of love corrects man’s morals and changes the state of spirit from one to another.
  42. Through this magnificent love for the Possessor of Perfection (Glory to Him), the spirit will come to be colored with a stain of perfection; it is only this kind of love that corrects a person’s morals and changes the state of their spirit from one condition to another.
  43. With that, it corrects the flaw of the current economic model, generating income mainly for the billion of excluded human beings through the passive activities or active activities that exist in any country, without breaking its economy, without any capital loss or work and without there is vinculum to the employment.
  44. This modern branch of mathematics, unknown to the ancients, when dealing with problems of motion admits the conception of the infinitely small, and so conforms to the chief condition of motion (absolute continuity) and thereby corrects the inevitable error which the human mind cannot avoid when it deals with separate elements of motion instead of examining continuous motion.
  45. Lord knows I’ve resisted correction many times, but the more I experience His love, the more easy it becomes to receive it because I realize that He is correcting me so that I can experience more of His love for me! What a great motivator to help us receive correction! Sure He also corrects us when we’re being selfish towards others, but even then the more His love flows through us, the more it will increase in our lives as well.
  46. The Lord corrects us but with justice,.
  47. Corrects the ill aspects of planets evil,.

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