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Counterpart dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. It has a counterpart passage.
  2. By the way, how’s my counterpart in.
  3. The male counterpart stepped forward next.
  4. In a way it is the counterpart of ignorance.
  5. Donelson counterpart, wanted me to stay over.

  6. Vera smiled at her counterpart at the center table.
  7. Celtic counterpart of any kind in the dictionaries.
  8. Each physical being, has a non-physical counterpart.
  9. The crown prosecutor (counterpart to the American.
  10. The counterpart dark matter Earth, composed of low.
  11. The counterpart to this verse is Isaiah 24:1-6….
  12. But these ideals had no counterpart in actual life.
  13. And you can rest assured that my counterpart and I.
  14. It is an exact replication of its earthly counterpart.
  15. The concept of 1031 Exchange or some counterpart of it.

  16. This is the one thing it has over its latex counterpart.
  17. The ex post counterpart of the ex ante statement in (22.
  18. I myself saw my own counterpart when the timelines split.
  19. They were the Air Force’s counterpart to Puller’s CID.
  20. Honour Killings are the modern counterpart to Witch Hunts.
  21. The Canadian Lynx is smaller than its Eurasian counterpart.
  22. Beings which had no counterpart in the physical, but which.
  23. Standing tall above all else was a stone counterpart of the.
  24. In this she has her counterpart in the creole of New Orleans.
  25. AJ was sniggering to his counterpart who didn’t see the joke.

  26. For those who don’t, the rhino is the cougar’s counterpart.
  27. Dumpling Top is the counterpart of the Fry Pan Bottom formation.
  28. Serval’s mate Chresnia is the Dragon counterpart to Genivieve.
  29. In time, a volunteer, playing the male counterpart, will follow.
  30. Each sign We showed them was more marvelous than its counterpart.
  31. His counterpart was yet another guy who sheepishly smiled at him.
  32. The front panel of her vehicle collided with its beige counterpart.
  33. First Of Those Who Fight was no happier than his human counterpart.
  34. Too bad that Mallory’s counterpart in the North, Navy Secretary.
  35. Megan whispered something to her counterpart then unbuckled her belt.
  36. My oldest daughter has found a gentleman counterpart to her road of.
  37. This is what the counterpart passage from Isaiah is speaking of….
  38. The common proton has an antimatter counterpart called the antiproton.
  39. Our rice wine was considerably stronger than its Canadian counterpart.
  40. Could Guinier have a living counterpart in the real world? he wondered.
  41. It was created as the bearish counterpart to the Ladder Bottom pattern.
  42. It was a complete counterpart to the woman she’d been in the carriage.
  43. I could find no counterpart for them in any myth about man and creation.
  44. His wife was his spiritual counterpart, the female principle to his male.
  45. In the astral universe, we do not see by means of the astral counterpart.
  46. Ray Phillips was on the phone to his counterpart at the FBI – Art Lanham.
  47. My counterpart in the newly formed ABI Head Office was to be my friend and.
  48. Bogie was solid black, and his female counterpart, Bacall, was rust colored.
  49. There is a second, I said, which is the counterpart of the one already named.
  50. A contemporary spiritual teacher in the West had questioned his counterpart.
  51. The issue is not how tall the woman is, but whether her male counterpart is.
  52. At that very moment, common sense is replaced by its logic counterpart.
  53. Whitehead answered her while giving a brief look at his Australian counterpart.
  54. In fact, the Namibian worker can be as productive as their European counterpart.
  55. Sacrifice to-day may see the counterpart of the bread flash out into a line of.
  56. I was also told to hold my position by my Klingon counterpart, Garcia said.
  57. It was created as the bearish counterpart to the bullish Stick Sandwich pattern.
  58. Steam-pipes lead from the boilers through the counterpart into the moving valve.
  59. Gradually he will start seeing the counterpart astral bodies of his ‘living’.
  60. It has an earthly counterpart, but if you visited it you would see only a few.
  61. It was created as the bearish counterpart to the Three Stars in the South pattern.
  62. It was created as the bearish counterpart to the Unique Three River Bottom pattern.
  63. Figure 2-5 Each layer has logical connections with its counterpart in other systems.
  64. In Greek mythology, Poseidon is god of the sea, counterpart to the Roman god, Neptune.
  65. The Piercing Line or Piercing Candle is the bullish counterpart to the Dark Cloud Cover.
  66. Three Black Crows (CCE 128–131) is the counterpart of the Three White Soldiers pattern.
  67. She had done his friend a favor, would it count for anything to his stoic counterpart?
  68. The Two Rabbits pattern was created as the bullish counterpart to the Two Crows pattern.
  69. This pattern was created as the bullish counterpart to the bearish Deliberation pattern.
  70. There was quite a bit of talk about the warlord and his counterpart in the Elassan forces.
  71. The young man used a satellite link and a cell phone to contact his land based counterpart.
  72. World peace is contingent upon Reagan finding some way to relate to his Soviet counterpart.
  73. The comm officer called to his counterpart on the surface alerting him to what had happened.
  74. Research shows that more women suffer from sexual disorders than their men counterpart does.
  75. The unobtrusive blush of pink lipstick was a counterpart to polished nails of hands and feet.
  76. The Falling Three Method pattern is the bearish counterpart to the Rising Three Method pattern.
  77. The Falling Three Methods pattern is the bearish counterpart of the Rising Three Methods pattern.
  78. The real Monique’s counterpart didn’t appear to have any awareness of not being the original.
  79. Friendship is food to the emotional brain while knowledge is fuel to its intellectual counterpart.
  80. XX for the gals and XY for guys, the Y, of course, is missing one fourth of its female counterpart.
  81. You got it, Ready, Keys said and stepped to the counter to order his and his counterpart food.
  82. The bearish harami is equally unreliable as its bullish counterpart – reversing only half the time.
  83. Of course it could simply wait for another motile counterpart to come along and assume the place of x.
  84. The clock on the TV read 4:38PM when his counterpart came through the door of their home away from home.
  85. Sledge stretched out his weary muscles as he strode over to his counterpart waiting in her ‘20 Mustang.
  86. So the electron's antimatter counterpart is called a positron and has an opposite charge to the electron.
  87. In its little twelve-inch counterpart, every point of the ancient structure is preserved in exact detail.
  88. This must be a strange night to you, standing alone here with your counterpart on these street stones?
  89. Over a third of wizard’s spells have no counterpart in magecraft at all, and the disparity increases daily.
  90. Her actions are clothed under various medical terminology - she is the female counterpart of the male molester.
  91. In fact, that spy had been carefully left in place while his counterpart in Manchyr had been quietly eliminated.
  92. In counterpart, the agreed organization will receive the market price of those goods and products in Virtual Coin.
  93. As a result, calendar spreading with futures options is a less popular strategy than its stock option counterpart.
  94. He was of the opinion, (unlike his Russian counterpart Zhukov), that Berlin no longer had any strategic importance.
  95. It has a smooth face, which applies, and is kept by springs close to that of its counterpart fixed on the said axis.
  96. This is the bearish counterpart to the three white soldiers, a bearish version that is also reliable 80% of the time.
  97. I have spoken to my counterpart in the Alliance and he has assured me they will do everything in their power to help.
  98. The modern counterpart of the Jew Mattathias slew at the altar of the Idol would be the Jew at the altar of Liberalism.
  99. Standing tall above all else was a stone counterpart of the defronded palms, the obelisk of the great Pharaoh, Ramses II.
  100. The present day Coptic Christian-Egyptian entity appears to be the modern counterpart of the earlier Gnostic belief system.

    Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

  1. He had not yet achieved the complete mastery of his human mind; the Adjuster had not fully mastered and counterparted the mortal identity.
  1. Sometimes our invisible counterparts (e.
  2. Uar and all his royal counterparts, simply.
  3. It had a million counterparts around the world.
  4. Chinese child beggars like their counterparts in other.
  5. They complain less than their human counterparts, and are.
  6. And if he compared himself to his American counterparts in GE.
  7. Like his 17th century counterparts, he was sure that somewhere.
  8. Compared with their real-world business counterparts, affiliate.
  9. Early man was smarter than his modern counterparts, she snapped.
  10. Our counterparts will have to deal themselves with their own problems.
  11. The external senses are exact counterparts of the internal astral senses.
  12. Every employee shall watch his counterparts that safety procedures are being.
  13. They passed through, and traversed several chambers, counterparts of the first.
  14. Wits student with a burgeoning campus life, I did what all my counterparts were.
  15. Landlines or home phone services usually cost more than their VOIP counterparts.
  16. Lion Men chased after us on all fours with the speed of their feline counterparts.
  17. The Russians had then convinced their Ukrainian counterparts to let them have him.
  18. These Judeofascists have Gentile counterparts such as the Kennedys and the Clintons.
  19. Antonio the Avaricious, like the majority of his counterparts, was just plain…that.
  20. They healed almost instantly, and were faster, more powerful than their counterparts.
  21. Still, this is not to say that stage hypnotists are not as genuine as their counterparts.
  22. That’s what they call INSCOM and its counterparts in the Navy and Air Force within NSA.
  23. Professional women are typically regarded as equals to their male business counterparts today.
  24. Today, Random House and most of its major counterparts refuse to accept unsolicited material.
  25. Currently, most heavy, sour crudes are priced relative to their lighter and sweeter counterparts.
  26. Can you believe that inspection? Wayne asked, while they waited for their adult counterparts.
  27. In this respect most Moderate to Liberal Republicans vary little with their Democratic counterparts.
  28. I had slain monsters for over a year, but those bulky counterparts didn’t match this scene of horror.
  29. A barrier will be placed between them and what they desire, as was done formerly with their counterparts.
  30. They resembled their earthly counterparts but were like holograms, with mist swirling within their forms.
  31. Mexican authorities called in their American counterparts and an international team to investigate the matter.
  32. The seal judgments are much milder than their latter trumpet and bowl counterparts, giving people time to repent.
  33. The bishop and his counterparts did not seem to share the belief that just because I had not aged that I was a witch.
  34. But worst of all is the fact that hurricanes moving to the north move much faster than their southern counterparts.
  35. There was genuine warmth of feeling between soldiers of the Western Allies and their Soviet counterparts at this time.
  36. By my thirtieth summer, they had counterparts in each village in charge of counting grain and building storage structures.
  37. They may be more criminal than their counterparts, but I don’t believe that the Republicans have a monopoly on crookedness.
  38. Joint Chiefs, in particular, distrusted their British counterparts; they were much more focused on the growing Japanese threat.
  39. It was both odd and awe inspiring to witness the interplay going on between the gigantic whales and their tiny human counterparts.
  40. Either Dows had pounded strict radio discipline into her pilots, or those were more mature and quiet than their male counterparts.
  41. Secondly we use the English Law principle of signing in counterparts which is alien to South African law but it works none the less.
  42. The southern foundries were far more efficient than their northern counterparts, and not just because of the more salubrious climate.
  43. For the futures markets, the price movements on EC, BP, and AD are identical to their cash counterparts in EURUSD, GBPUSD, and AUDUSD.
  44. Weekly options on indexes, stocks, and exchange-traded funds settle in the exact same manner as their standard expiration counterparts.
  45. He had debating skills but on many occasions, he just didn’t have the political weight to take on his more influential counterparts.
  46. The range was at least three thousand yards, and Dohlaran gunpowder and gunfounders alike were inferior to their Charisian counterparts.
  47. Unlike many of its natural gas counterparts, which have populations in the tens of millions, Qatar has a population of about one million.
  48. However, the medians were all positive, and the 1st and 3rd Quartile returns were all higher than their counterparts in the long straddles.
  49. The Japanese saw no other option than kamikaze attacks; their aircraft and aircrews being totally outclassed by their American counterparts.
  50. Throughout European history the poor masses and peasants of England were treated far worse than their counterparts on the Continent ever were.
  51. They made things hell and we were all for quite lives as I’m sure our German counterparts were however it was the Staff that stirred things up.
  52. One major difference between the ISO formats and informats and their standard counterparts is that the ISO standard allows for missing components.
  53. Just like their local counterparts, international buyers would love to work with real estate investors who show a healthy dose of professionalism.
  54. Andorians, their skins white as snow, but other than that, indistinguishable biologically speaking from their blue counterparts, with two exceptions.
  55. Unfortunately, there is even more at stake than the lads of the Third World being feminized to the same degree as their counterparts here in the West.
  56. Their language was definitely an Indo European base using those wedge shaped Cuneiform characters and words exist today in our European counterparts.
  57. As I walked on to my next class, I wondered if Rory and Devon were in cahoots and did they both plan to battle their counterparts that day as a pact.
  58. Arbitrage is possible because assets are not unique works of art but have close counterparts in other assets or mixes of other assets (Scholes, 1972).
  59. Also, any of them whose spirit had more than one quality in common with the Envoy (cpth) surpassed the others and gained a higher rank than his counterparts.
  60. He warned that both the radical fringes of youthful society and their counterparts on the extreme right are endangering America’s free universities.
  61. Although both strangles have essentially the same P&L profile, in-the-money options tend to be less actively traded than their out-of-the-money counterparts.
  62. That platoon’s riflemen were engaged in a spirited, close-range exchange with their AOG counterparts, and more Temple Boys were being drawn into the firefight.
  63. Maybe the actions of the gun crews weren’t as polished or as quick as their counterparts in the distant past may have been, but they were getting the job done.
  64. The pure savagery of the rich English elite against their own poor; made the atrocities of their Continental counterparts look like a mild, enlightened benevolence.
  65. The Muslim rich, like their counterparts in any religious group, wouldn’t, any way, share the religiosity of ‘the God mad’ poor though they make pretence of it.
  66. What to Look For Bullish weakly trending markets are not quite as obvious as their strong counterparts, but with some experience you should be able to recognize them.
  67. I’d have Barry work with his counterparts in Fairfax to determine if there were any unusual paint marks or scrapes or dents not attributable to the accident theory.
  68. I had no other associations then for the sound of mortar fire, for the cascades of color swimming up to meet their counterparts in the face of the swollen brown river.
  69. The animals such as the horses, cattle, deer, and mountain goats were often smaller than their counterparts on the surface, with the exception to that being the predators.
  70. Option traders, even ones who sold naked puts, could have exited at almost any time, most likely at a fraction of the losses incurred by their futures-trading counterparts.
  71. He praised without modest his skills in this profession and emphasized the recognition granted by his counterparts, skin bleachers, during the time spent on such lofty task.
  72. These vehicles, which have no counterparts nowadays, had something distorted and hunchbacked about them; and when one saw them passing in the distance, and climbing up some.
  73. In the end the plunamic splits would have come to assume male-female dimension with the stronger qunams tending to be male plunams and the weaker, their female counterparts.
  74. As just one example, the huge iron kettles of the Church’s commissaries were heavier, more cumbersome, and required far more fuel than their lighter Charisian counterparts.
  75. He dragged it back to 102, and left it lined up in perfect uniformity with all its ground-floor equivalents, which were all directly underneath their second-floor counterparts.
  76. Perhaps the rationale behind this is that unlike their British counterparts, most American generals were not trained to consider political objectives as part of military strategy.
  77. For now, I will call this our soul- self, because not all entities are at the same level of evolution, or necessarily able to communicate proficiently with their physical counterparts.
  78. Having gone through the first year of high school in Ithaca, I missed my friends and my female counterparts at Ithaca High School, since Lawrenceville was not coeducational at the time.
  79. Games such as Grand Theft Auto III, Splinter Cell, Enter The Matrix and Hitman all use a third-person camera perspective but are otherwise very similar to their first-person counterparts.
  80. Women keepers contributed to the annals of Lighthouse Service and Coast Guard history with dedicated service and life-saving exploits that paralleled the careers of their male counterparts.
  81. The Mounties had arranged this unique device for their counterparts in the United States to watch and also provided a discreet listening device concealed as a fountain pen in his jacket pocket.
  82. Every Roman Emperor for 700 years tried to build for eternity, and destroyed the statues of their predecessors just as assiduously as their Egyptian counterparts had done for five thousand years.
  83. Thus, drawing too many parallels between the environmentalist movements of the late 19th century and their counterparts in the second half of the twentieth century - would probably prove misleading.
  84. Later research shows that the degree of substitutability varies (some stocks to be included have close counterparts, while others have much lower correlations—and thus have greater arbitrage risk).
  85. After a nationally broadcast warning, the commander made a conference call to all his coalition counterparts (including the respective nations’ leaders), going through the motions of standard procedure.
  86. They stood independently from the drugs cartels dotted around the country and kept a vigilant watch on the surrounding country side in case their greedy counterparts decided to take some of their action.
  87. For the ancient Egyptians believed that their earthly districts, cities and temples had heavenly counterparts of the same name; in fact, the whole geography of this world was duplicated in the world to come.
  88. A notable element of all these East-West rivalries was that the western representatives nearly always seemed to embody certain attributes that stood in stark contrast to those of their eastern counterparts.
  89. Anyone will tell you he can play rings around many of his more famous American counterparts, and, by the way, was on the rock and roll bill with Eddie Cochran shortly before he lost his life in a car accident.
  90. Steel, aluminum, and copper may not be as glamorous as their precious metals counterparts — gold, silver, and platinum, covered in Chapter 15 — but they’re perhaps even more precious to the global economy.
  91. There are tentative plans in the works for such things, but so far, my counterparts from the other races have only co-operated in organizing Healers for the civil defense corps that are being formed everywhere.
  92. For while the culturally effeminate might cringe at any truth beyond their beloved pseudo-truth that there is no truth, their Islamic counterparts aren’t as assured of the propriety of keeping one’s beliefs to oneself.
  93. However, corresponding counterparts of SLUI-SLUU (SLOU-SLII-SMII) that represent SVOO-UU-Entities participate to one extent or another in the process of internal Involution of VVU-Forms within the RESOSCONTIONAL Branch.
  94. He was the first to concede this notion engendered a fair amount of arrogance and conceit among some of its members and there were a number of federal officers who openly considered their State counterparts the poor relations.
  95. If there was an inter-jurisdictional issue causing a bottleneck in people’s ability to respond, for instance, he suggested the experts should try picking up the phone and talking to their counterparts across the borderlines.
  96. Competition from abroad, sometimes subsidized by governments or able to take advantage of labor costs many times lower than their domestic counterparts, drained the value out of the bricks, mortar, and equipment of these firms.
  97. In contrast, the women of the 99th Wing had so far proven to date to be well-seasoned veterans, with generally at least twice the amount of flying hours than their male counterparts, apart from being superbly led by Ingrid Dows.
  98. It occurs to me to wonder just how many of Americas voting public are aware that the students of so-called schools of education, whenever compared with their counterparts in any other academic field have, invariably, the lowest S.
  99. Our armed forces – like their counterparts in the intelligence community, Department of Homeland Security and law enforcement – have a professional duty to know the enemy and develop appropriate responses to the threat doctrine.
  100. Those women volunteers, being generally older and more mature than their male counterparts and also having more flying experience, had in turn made superior transport plane and helicopter crews that Ingrid was too happy to use right now.

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