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Crack dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. It was open a crack.
  2. You will see a crack.
  3. The two of us crack up.
  4. But there was a crack.
  5. It was opened a crack.

  6. I saw some crack pipes.
  7. A crack of the air, a.
  8. There was a sharp crack.
  9. She was going to crack.
  10. She heard a loud crack.
  11. The door opened a crack.
  12. The crack in his brain.
  13. From the crack in my soul.
  14. There is a crack in the.
  15. Gary his fuzzy butt crack.

  16. He eyes through the crack.
  17. I stuck them in a crack.
  18. He opened it a crack wider.
  19. The crack of a pistol was.
  20. He wanted to crack through.
  21. His eyes came open a crack.
  22. Crack into pieces to serve.
  23. Wait, I’ll crack ’er up.
  24. We may be able to crack him.
  25. She heard a sickening crack.

  26. Old habits are hard to crack.
  27. The one over your butt crack.
  28. I heard the crack of a branch.
  29. Opening the door a crack, I.
  30. It was a crack in the ground.
  31. There was the crack of gunshot.
  32. No! You might crack the iron.
  33. Anointed a crack at everything.
  34. He too is helping to crack it.
  35. The crack of gunfire, intense.
  36. The old man was tough to crack.
  37. His eyes went back to the crack.
  38. It was a crack and want of glue.
  39. He starts to crack his knuckles.
  40. She’s a tough nut to crack.
  41. Eiess is a tough nut to crack.
  42. It would be a tough nut to crack.
  43. The news would crack your heart.
  44. She was bound to crack before me.
  45. At some point, she’ll crack.
  46. I heard the crack of a twig first.
  47. Claire felt herself start to crack.
  48. Not so much as a crack left to us.
  49. His neck broke with a thick crack.
  50. How will that crack the ice?
  51. Johnnie said she was a crack shot.
  52. Objects that can shatter or crack.
  53. He heard a crack, a shout, a thump.
  54. Then came a great crack of thunder.
  55. I crack open an eye and peer at him.
  56. Maybe a crack in the fortress wall.
  57. The first complication of the crack.
  58. My resistance was starting to crack.
  59. And people think crack is addictive.
  60. Afghanistan is a tough nut to crack.
  61. He felt his teeth crack, and blood.
  62. You put them in the mouth and crack.
  63. If they can crack it from there, OK.
  64. It gave way with a splintering crack.
  65. The brat had passed through the crack.
  66. And with that crack a place to begin.
  67. He tried to squeeze through the crack.
  68. And he’d crack us up in the process.
  69. She felt as if she was about to crack.
  70. From the wide crack in the shattered.
  71. His brother said he spent it on crack.
  72. Another crack and flash split the sky.
  73. I sprang over some shrubs into a crack.
  74. A crack of a whip sent the cart moving.
  75. The rifle roars with a deafening crack.
  76. To the crack heads it didn’t matter.
  77. Old beams began to crack mysteriously.
  78. It was probably caused by a deep crack.
  79. She opened the door the slightest crack.
  80. Dawn heard the crack of breaking bones.
  81. Finally finds one that’s open a crack.
  82. Crack! Something hit the top of the rig.
  83. A rustling puts a crack in the silence.
  84. That crack about Lord Horus—that.
  85. Joey fell over, feeling his armor crack.
  86. Heard the crack of several broken bones.
  87. I peered through a crack in the set wall.
  88. A crack appeared in the front windshield.
  89. A crack of thunder was the only response.
  90. The arm beneath broke with a loud crack.
  91. Still, it wasn’t necessary to crack it.
  92. I crack the door to check that Tee isn't.
  93. This was the little crack that we needed.
  94. They are an extremely tough nut to crack.
  95. He didn’t favor that crack with a reply.
  96. She was proving a difficult nut to crack.
  97. That’s when you found the crack?
  98. In fact, his sword was starting to crack.
  99. The crack was audible in the parking bay.
  100. They both head over and inspect the crack.
  1. It was a cracking day.
  2. Is this man cracking up?
  3. Josh heard a cracking sound.
  4. The ice was cracking down.
  5. Inspect for cracking and if.
  6. Ben could hear ribs cracking.
  7. You think I’m cracking up.
  8. The cracking sound shocked Finn.
  9. In a cracking voice, she replied.
  10. Skeets‘ rock face was cracking.
  11. He’s cracking himself up again.
  12. There were several cracking sounds.
  13. Old legal cronies cracking a magnum.
  14. I think he finished cracking an.
  15. In cracking the codes used for these.
  16. Ok, she said, her voice cracking.
  17. Brynne could not help cracking a smile.
  18. His hooves are splitting and cracking.
  19. My voice was cracking all over the place.
  20. The paint was cracking off the terminal.
  21. No! Jeremy said, his voice cracking.
  22. I heard a cracking sound of metal breaking.
  23. Mitch made a show of cracking his knuckles.
  24. I could feel bones cracking underneath mine.
  25. My remark forced them both to be cracking up.
  26. They creaked and made faint cracking noises.
  27. There was an audible noise of bone cracking.
  28. I could hear his ribs cracking like kindling.
  29. The woman went on cracking nuts and laughing.
  30. Leaves swallowed him up, cracking and bending.
  31. She was dangerously close to cracking herself.
  32. There was a loud cracking sound to the kick—.
  33. Very funny, said Abigail, cracking a smile.
  34. The cop felt better that he had Buddy cracking up.
  35. Not now, Sean answers with a cracking voice.
  36. Cracking stiff joints and loosing wasted muscles.
  37. The cracking sound of crushed bone was deafening.
  38. This time he heard and felt a small cracking sound.
  39. Glasses, lamp, to prevent the cracking of, xxi, 165.
  40. The blind Arkenian hit the wall, cracking the stone.
  41. He jerked with the sound of every cracking gunshot.
  42. Later, I was told that I drank up a storm, cracking.
  43. Get out of here! he yelled, his voice cracking.
  44. But we didn’t wait for the cracking booms to stop.
  45. He then showed a text to Josh who began cracking up.
  46. Now the handlers charged Roman, cracking their whips.
  47. The doors opened with a cracking sound, though much.
  48. He sat down hard, cracking his elbow on a stair edge.
  49. On Monday he had wondered why the beams were cracking.
  50. Before the Barbeg answered the sound of cracking wood.
  51. All of a sudden, this wall of separation was cracking.
  52. It seems that the police are really cracking down on.
  53. No, I’m fine, whined Rufus, his voice cracking.
  54. Puller couldn’t go on because his voice was cracking.
  55. My throat is cracking with a craving I cannot explain.
  56. There were horses, wheels, shouts; whips were cracking.
  57. I will return! Ailia screamed, her voice cracking.
  58. The cracking and crunching and snapping slowly receded.
  59. Vance in High school cracking his fingerjoints, teaching.
  60. He hadn't finished speaking when a cracking sound occurred.
  61. In the distance he hears more cracking in rapid succession.
  62. If the bone starts cracking, that is the time to remove it.
  63. He was the king of coconut cracking back home on the beach.
  64. I didn't know if she was cracking under the stress or what.
  65. He could hear the voices talking to him and cracking jokes.
  66. Thanks Peter, she whispered, her voice cracking with.
  67. Case is dismissed then The judge say while cracking.
  68. There was a gruesome cracking sound as Kyle re-set his nose.
  69. He could almost hear the ice cracking from around his heart.
  70. Chris? I asked, my voice cracking on that one syllable.
  71. Suddenly there was a cracking sound that echoed loud by.
  72. A minute had not elapsed, when the sound of the cracking of.
  73. Well, it was a marvelous day, he said, his voice cracking.
  74. Mick tossed the chocolates onto the back seat, cracking open.
  75. Heralded by a courier in advance, and by the cracking of his.
  76. Claire could hear Dylan cracking up from behind the other girl.
  77. There came a cracking retort and not knowing whether it came.
  78. This time there was a faint cracking sound, but nothing that.
  79. How deep is the sea here? he asked, his voicing cracking up.
  80. And suddenly her limbs turned to jelly and she was cracking up.
  81. I fell into the boat cracking my head painfully off the bottom.
  82. The thought of Reese and that scared old lady has me cracking up.
  83. I heard a cracking sound as though his head had broken the fall.
  84. Then there was a loud cracking, louder than the loudest thunder.
  85. There came a sound like that of ice cracking in a cold winter night.
  86. Suddenly he heard of a cracking sound, therefore he turned his head.
  87. She was looking at me—and that’s when I heard a cracking sound.
  88. It happened almost two years ago, he said, his voice cracking.
  89. One of the two was a heavy set young man who delighted in cracking.
  90. Inside the cave, there was the sound of cracking and splintering rock.
  91. He growled and rolled off of her, readjusting his head and cracking.
  92. He turned quickly and started to gallop in a storm of dust, cracking.
  93. The cracking and booming of the ice indicate a change of temperature.
  94. And I was puzzled why he was cracking jokes here looking at his watch.
  95. I think this can be restored, she said, tears cracking her voice.
  96. I can’t leave! he shouted, his voice cracking with the effort.
  97. The cracking of twigs and heavy panting sent a chill through his body.
  98. Look Catwhiskers, there’s one egg, its cracking; look there’s a.
  99. They were cracking crab legs with their hands, putting shells in a bowl.
  100. Chevalier's head violently to the side, and the sound of bones cracking.
  1. He cracked a black whip.
  2. It was cracked and dull.
  3. The cracked walls of the.
  4. Derrick cracked an eye open.
  5. The NRA cracked down on a.
  6. The gun cracked once, twice.
  7. Then he cracked me across.
  8. This one cracked the glass.
  9. It cracked open after that.
  10. Matt cracked open the door.
  11. The staff cracked and broke.
  12. Her neck bubbled and cracked.
  13. A twig cracked now and then.
  14. Alicia cracked open two sodas.
  15. The ship is cracked, so only.
  16. He cracked open the curtain.
  17. The ice cracked with an odd.
  18. The road cracked beneath them.
  19. A woman cracked the door open.
  20. His voice cracked with emotion.
  21. Is it? His voice cracked.
  22. I cracked a mussel and ate it.
  23. When the ice cracked you fell.
  24. My voice cracked and splintered.
  25. The ground was cracked and dry.
  26. Her voice cracked as she spoke.
  27. One of the glass panes cracked.
  28. Houston licked his cracked lips.
  29. Sven’s scar cracked his smile.
  30. It has cracked during the night.
  31. The glass cracked, and then an.
  32. At this, he genuinely cracked up.
  33. Amin’s stone cracked the door.
  34. Three of the panes were cracked.
  35. Two dead hearts cracked in half.
  36. Her lips looked dry and cracked.
  37. That was the day Marilee cracked.
  38. My face was red, my lips cracked.
  39. The blinds were cracked and torn.
  40. The earth cracked and split open.
  41. His spine cracked audibly as it.
  42. His bones cracked with indecision.
  43. Suddenly her whole world cracked.
  44. Twigs cracked and leaves crunched.
  45. She cracked wicked jokes or made.
  46. Bones cracked and tendons snapped.
  47. They snapped, pulled and cracked.
  49. And bled into the cracked crevices.
  50. Her knees cracked as she stretched.
  51. She cracked it open and listened.
  52. He cracked his knuckles one by one.
  53. Lydia cracked two eggs into the pan.
  54. But this wasn’t cracked pottery.
  55. Her knuckles cracked against metal.
  56. The weather has really cracked up.
  57. His skin was cracked and weathered.
  58. A wicked smile cracked his face as.
  59. Our heads came together and cracked.
  60. His skin was pale and cracked with.
  61. Jill’s door was cracked half open.
  62. Azura cracked her knuckles one by one.
  63. The same bell, the same cracked note.
  64. Her golden staff had cracked like a.
  65. I cracked the second shell and read:.
  66. On the highway of cracked confidence.
  67. His head cracked ice, and he stilled.
  68. He cracked it open and peered inside.
  69. A voice cracked back over the headset.
  70. Placid stood and cracked his knuckles.
  71. Crash! Wood cracked, with some shouts.
  72. She could see the cracked lenses of L.
  73. I’ve cracked my head with that case.
  74. I notice the faceplate is cracked and.
  75. We cracked it and that's what it says.
  76. The occasional twig cracked underfoot.
  77. The large man suddenly cracked a smile.
  78. Her lip was still swollen and cracked.
  79. I-I guess I can, Bernice cracked.
  80. When he spoke again his voice cracked.
  81. The sun had cracked the plane of the.
  82. I mean, the girl cracked her own ribs.
  83. He said— Justine cracked up again.
  84. My voice was cracked and dry and faint.
  85. I haven’t even cracked the cellophane.
  86. Perry’s face changed, cracked open.
  87. Voices cracked and sputtered from the.
  88. The remaining shop window cracked and.
  89. His stern face cracked in a small smile.
  90. Uncle Hobart cracked open a can of beer.
  91. The photograph was cracked and fragile.
  92. Swollen eye, split lip and cracked ribs.
  93. I cracked my beer and grabbed a new one.
  94. Because after they cracked that code….
  95. It cracked and staggered back, and the.
  96. So he’d only cracked the bones of one.
  97. All the while, Hesper’s cracked voice.
  98. Dacian’s face cracked in a wicked smile.
  99. He cries out, his voice cracked and wild.
  100. As he did the wax seal cracked and some.
  1. Can you see any cracks?
  2. My voice cracks with fear.
  3. The cracks in the ground.
  4. There were two loud cracks.
  5. There were cracks in the wall.
  6. Cracks appeared in the ground.
  7. Skip the cracks in the street.
  8. There were cracks in his skin.
  9. And the earth that cracks open.
  10. I hear more cracks from the whip.
  11. Porcelain cracks in this weather.
  12. With two deafening cracks two of.
  13. HEY! a loud voice cracks out.
  14. I hear a bang, and the glass cracks.
  15. Sean cracks his knuckles one by one.
  16. These cracks in the floor of my mind.
  17. They’ll see the cracks in my powder.
  18. Small cracks appeared in the buildings.
  19. Formation of cracks in massive concrete.
  20. They can move through the cracks in walls.
  21. Long straight cracks appeared and widened.
  22. It also highlighted the cracks and flaws.
  23. A few cracks were heard; bones were broken.
  24. Cold seeped through the cracks of the door.
  25. Freezing nights had widened cracks of the.
  26. The cracks are certainly beginning to show.
  27. Twice he looked out through cracks in the.
  28. But then, peering through the cracks of my.
  29. A few more cracks were heard and the entire.
  30. More smoke rose from the cracks in the floor.
  31. The light of dawn came through the cracks in.
  32. Silvery cracks suddenly appeared beneath his.
  33. Finally, however, the cracks started to appear.
  34. They were old, leathery lips with a few cracks.
  35. Hrun glanced up at the widening cracks and sighed.
  36. Her fingers drifted toward one of the many cracks.
  37. She cracks them over the head with a baseball bat.
  38. He cracks Justin’s head against the floor again.
  39. Victoria finally gives up and cracks a thin smile.
  40. All of the fields are dried up and full of cracks.
  41. Her voice cracks and her fingers dig into my arms.
  42. As if on cue, cracks start to appear on the sphere.
  43. Plaster cracks with the fading echo of low voices.
  44. His feet ached from pressing into the stone cracks.
  45. As they did so, they seemed to leave behind cracks.
  46. Coconut Cracks The Code For A Tasty Tropical Fruit.
  47. DO NOT try to remove the egg! If it cracks it will.
  48. The wise cracks were not quite as sharp and cutting.
  49. The hole’s black breath made cracks in my thoughts.
  50. Something in Ralph’s head cracks open and he gasps.
  51. When fixing cracks in walls and ceiling size matters.
  52. The pale-haired man sees and a smile cracks his mouth.
  53. Tall weeds growing in cracks snagged at the left fork.
  54. She passed repairmen plastering over cracks in cement.
  55. There are cracks in the wings and some of the rivets.
  56. The candlelight flashed through the cracks in his door.
  57. There was a story being told through the cracks around.
  58. And further cracks were appearing everywhere he looked.
  59. As the ceiling cracks, they know they have to get away.
  60. District were , as he stated, falling through the cracks.
  61. It was not long before these small cracks became bigger.
  62. Slow drips of water fell from the cracks overhead as a.
  63. There are hairline cracks and there are the major cracks.
  64. Drens cracks a joke with the man and explains who we are.
  65. Abi’s voice cracks as she describes how her father died.
  66. The one most common repair in painting is cracks in walls.
  67. Afterwards I got as close as I could to the aligned cracks.
  68. Tiny cracks have developed and the truss itself is warped.
  69. He went to the box and checked the other bats for cracks.
  70. The result was a massive burst in the center of the cracks.
  71. If that cracks, the river will fill the chamber in seconds.
  72. Grass sprouted from the cracks in it and snaked along the.
  73. Through the cracks in the blinds, I can see a light-ish sky.
  74. Weeds had sprouted in pavement cracks, finding the smallest.
  75. That it is so dense that the sun hardly ever cracks through.
  76. It may have been only a trick of the wind in the cracks and.
  77. After stuffing the cracks with hay she’d picked up off the.
  78. Creamy brown walls with cracks of time were etched into the.
  79. When he did he noticed the cracks forming along the fuselage.
  80. We suspect both have large cracks allowing radiation to escape.
  81. What? she asks in a weak voice that cracks as she speaks.
  82. Then new cracks appeared, and the force of Chaos blasted its.
  83. It cracks the glass, imprinting broken rings in the windshield.
  84. Cracks are characterized by a length, width, radius, and front.
  85. We even saw plants growing up through the cracks in the paving.
  86. The eyes of a son could never see the cracks appear, until now.
  87. When an arch is weak, it cracks in a characteristic pattern.
  88. When she landed, cracks ripped along the aged stone of the tombs.
  89. Water cascaded over a round hole at the center of a web of cracks.
  90. I’m tired of hearing Mammy grumble about the cracks in the attic.
  91. There were bumps, and cracks, and he was lost to the depths below.
  92. Cracks are becoming apparent but I have not allowed them to reach.
  93. Panicking, Andrew shouted, It’s coming through the cracks!.
  94. Contemplation : So what if there are cracks in the mirror of life?
  95. The cracks in the floor are large enough to put your hands through.
  96. Sniffing authentication traffic and cracks the hashes it retrieves.
  97. By the pattern of cracks in the woodwork just before the collapse.
  98. He is burning hot and his body twists and cracks as he falls to the.
  99. Alex was starting to see some cracks in their resolve as a result of.
  100. For the other major kind of cracks things get a little more involved.

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